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It's amazing that the majority of men manage to go about their lives without ever assaulting...

...or otherwise pressing unwanted attention on women and girls. (I hope it is obvious that I mean that ironically, even sarcastically)

I just think there are a certain percentage who let any kind of power-over go straight to their heads, and apparently if that's combined with any kind of sociopathic tendencies they get promoted repeatedly and elected repeatedly. Beats me why. Because there are certainly a lot of decent men available.

I'm a spell-out-the-rules and make people sign them kind of person. I worked in Human Resources back when it was called Personnel. I was in the Labor Relations unit, where people went to file grievances. Later on I spent years on the County Affirmative Action Commission, and then Civil Service Commission. If anyone at either the County or the University broke rules about sexual harassment, race, gender orientation, or any other form of discrimination, the one thing they could not do was plead ignorance. All new hires from the janitor to the CEO were given a copy of the employee manual, and were required to take group classes (later, online) emphasizing the legal nature of their behavior. They had to sign things saying they understood.

It pisses me off no end that the US Congress, which passed anti-discrimination legislation in the first place, specifically exempted themselves. Both they and the hugely profitable creative industries have got to get their shit together and make this a priority, or nothing will change. They have to make rules for themselves, with teeth, and actually enforce them.

As for Al Franken -- jeez. SNL is one of the most popular variety shows of all time, and you would think no one ever actually watched the thing at all, the way people are carrying on. Same with USO tours, which have always been geared toward a young male audience yearning for flirty girls and boob jokes. People are shocked, shocked! that there is raunchy humor involved. Unless there there is a whole line of much more credible accusers (than the first one) against Franken waiting in the wings, I'm going to have his back. The GOP is salivating much too much over the prospect of reducing the numbers of Democrats in the Senate, on any pretext whatsoever.

Sorry for the rant, Stinky. It's not aimed at you.

Best president of my 70 years. Exceptional character and intelligence, zero scandals or indictments

Loved and respected his wife and daughters.

Went into his office every damned day of his presidency and worked for us, trying to make the country and the world a better place.

Dragged down every damned day by Republican obstructionists, and, based on my experience at DU, by whinging "progressives" who couldn't get over his not having a magic wand to make their every wish come true on Day One.

Held his head high, never complained, kept working. Killed Osama bin Ladin, who Dubya let escape at Tora Bora.

Got the ACA passed while Ted Kennedy was still alive.

Worked on the Paris Climate Accord and made sure we were a part of it.

Worked on a nuclear deal with Iran to make sure they stopped developing weapons, and returned their own money to them.

Tried to close down Guantanamo, but was blocked by the GOP.

Tried to get a 21st Century multi-nation Pacific trade deal passed, which would have helped rein in China's aspirations, and you would have thought he was selling puppies to them for soup the way some here carried on.

And on and on, while every single day people on the Right and Left bitched and moaned. Barack Obama came in after we had 8 awful years of Dubya. Obama kept the entire economy from collapsing into another Great Depression.

And now look what we have in Washington DC. Look at the fcking nightmare we have in DC.

Why you want to engage in shit stirring (sorry: "judging" ) regarding Barack Obama at this particular moment I can only speculate, MatthewG. But I will tell you this: History will not be kind to Dubya. History wll not be kind to Trump, nor will it be kind to the American people who brought him in to power. History WILL be kind to Barack Obama.

We record her show, as she is must-watch in our house. I've liked her a long time...

Ever since reading her post-Palin book.

Then watching her and Steve Schmidt during the Trump campaign -- wow. Did anybody in this thread watch their commentary at the RNC when Trump-Pence were nominated, with that appalling dark apocalyptic speech DTs gave? They were both as stunned as any of the rest of us. Steve Schmidt started talking about the US Constitution and the rest of the foundational documents, and how Trump and his followers and his enablers were a stark danger to everything this country stands for. He told the story the way I would have. And he choked up. He choked up and couldn't go on for a moment.

I am so glad that they found a home at MSNBC. We need their voices, not just for their pov and information, but to remind us that sane conservatives are our allies in wanting the best for this country.

This is nothing new. "Soft on Communism" was Dick Nixon's first smear against opponents...

...long before he ran for President.

For a certain segment of the GOP it's always been their go-to smear: Democrats are soft on crime, soft on Communism, insufficiently supportive of the military, and unpatriotic. Then Gingrich came along and taught them how to twist words in the best fashion of Goebbels. I watched over years as "Liberal" went from being a fairly neutral descriptor to a dirty word by the time Dubya got into office.

It did not happen all at once, but now a good man like Steve Schmidt talks about "the moral rot at the core of the Republican Party," and it is true. The Republican Party of small-town bankers and Dwight Eisenhower is in ruins -- and inasmuch as the country needs two healthy political parties to function, it is bad for us all on every level.


Candidates who don't embrace the (D) after their name and the Democratic Platform...

...are not going to win Democratic elections.

Claiming we just had a Socialist sweep is disingenuous at best.

Well, my Goddess says human beings have free will and brains, and that there are consequences...

...for the decisions we make, both as individuals and as a society.

In other words, their god is not the only deity, and I find their interpretation lacks a lot.

However, I've read the Bible, in more than one translation. The Old Testament makes it clear that humans have been given free will. The New Testament has quite a lot in it about loving your neighbor as yourself, taking care of the vulnerable, forgiving others as you hope to be forgiven yourself. Jesus goes on and on in that vein. I like that, and find that philosophy very admirable. Whenevef I find a Christian living by those precepts, it makes me glad to know them.

Moving on, though -- you can try to "abolish religion," but that implies a totalitarian regime that only increases human suffering and denies people freedom of thought. In the 20th century both the Soviet Union and Communist China outlawed religion, and the results were disastrous. It was just one more form of oppression.

This is America. The Constitution gives us many freedoms, including freedom of thought and worship. As Thomas Jefferson wrote (paraphrasing here) "How does it harm me if my neighbor believes in 20 gods -- or no god at all?"

Every right has limitations. First Amendment is hedged about with them

I daresay fewer people have died from libel than from firearms, yet libel is one of those limitations on the right to free speech.

Once again, it's just money, and SO EASY for the Russians to supply that. A literal sell-out...

These traitors don't even hate America, land of their birth. America is simply irrelevant to their thinking and way of life, which is all about money. They have no ideology to pursue -- we have not even been betrayed by ideological fervor. They sold us out for money without a trace of guilt or shame.

The story of Judas Iscariot and his 30 pieces of silver doesn't even apply here, because Judas' betrayal was about ideology, and the money was completely incidental. He felt horrified and ashamed for what he had done, and committed suicide.

What on Earth do Trump and his ilk even feel? It was only ever money. (Except General Kelly -- that was rage. )

Well, DoctorPepper, the DU community has been here a long time. "Some of us"--even "a lot of us"...

...have studied the issue of electronic hacking very closely. It's not a new subject, and not repeat, not, a tin foil hat conspiracy theory. When Senator Max Cleland of Georgia, a war hero who lost two legs and an arm in Vietnam, lost his Senate re-election bid, the vote totals in a bunch of counties were as follows 18181818. On electronic voting machines.

So in the 2016 election, all the shit that went down and all that is being revealed this week -- let's just say that "most of us" old time DUers are shocked and sickened -- but NOT surprised.

Why should they pay for what was given to them for FREE? Who was paying the "volunteers"?

Who had been paid in the past by the Russians, for one thing and another? Who owed the Russians for favors?

Not the Clintons. Not the DNC. Not the Clinton campaign.

The Russians promised "dirt" on Hillary, and what did they deliver? To this day, a gigantic nothingburger of weaponized stolen emails.

What do the Russians have on Trump and associates? According to Steele, enough Kompromat to sink a battleship. So far, nothing provided by Steele has been disproven, and a great deal of it has been solidly proven.
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