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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 50,852

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Cooking with Clara: Depression era cooking

This lady is a treasure. I'm sure she's long gone by now, but it's great that her cooking videos live on.

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My letter (email) to Bradley Byrne

Yeah, I really sent this just now.
R, 1st Dist.
What can I say?
I'd had a few drinks.

Haven’t heard from you in a while.
Hope you’re OK.

I guess there’s enough going on in D.C. to keep you pretty busy, let alone what’s happening here at home.
Boy, President Trump just seem to be stepping into one pile of poo (or pee) after another.
That guy sure is unlucky.

The missus said that he should dial it back on the tweets.
I told her that’s part of his God given 1st Amendment Rights.
She said it has nothing to do with God.
I guess she’s right. She goes to church a lot.

That Stormy Daniels. Isn’t she a caution? I swear.
She’s not invited to any White House functions, is she?
I don’t think you’d want to her and Melania in the same room.
As a prominent past president would say, “Wouldn’t be prudent.”
I bet the fur would fly.

Did you know that Kay Ivey is running for governor?
I’m serious.
Somehow she thinks she had something to do with Governor Dr. Doctor Bentley being ”relieved of his responsibilities”.
(I think that’s how the official press release read.)
And she’s got a TV commercial running that really bad mouths Washington D.C.
I guess nobody told her that a big part of the money we need to run the state comes from...you guessed it...Washington D.C.

Listen, speaking of her, do you know ANYTHING about her?
Boy, we sure don’t.
She’s like The Stealth Candidate.
Married? Divorced? Widowed? Gay? Straight? Kids? Grandkids?
She has no history.

All we know is that she hates Washington and “libruls”, loves her some Confederate statues and monuments, and won’t debate any other Republicans running for governor because she’s too busy throwing a spade of dirt at a ground breaking or throwing out the first pitch at a Birmingham Barons’ baseball game.

OK, this has gone on too long.
Just one more question: Do you think Roy Moore will run for the Republican nomination for governor?
If so, do you think he’ll win?
Would you support him?
OK, that’s 3.

All the best,

Virus-free. www.avast.com

Michael Cohen CEO of MLA Cruises, LLC

Wonder what that was all about.
Some nefarious bidness, I betcha.


Home/Miami Beach/MLA CRUISES, INC.

Company Info

MLA CRUISES, INC. is a Foreign Profit Corporation. Company Number assigned to this company is F03000001449. US Federal EIN/TIN number of this company is 03-0511351. Last event in this company was registered on Friday 16th September 2005 - is twelve years, seven months ago. MLA CRUISES, INC. was incorporated on Monday 24th March 2003 so company age is fifteen years, twenty-eight days. The company registration status is INACTIVE.

MLA CRUISES, INC. register office address is 1280 FIFTH STREET, MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139. Company mailing address is the same as principal address. You can find this business by geo coordinates: 25° 46' 27.7" N , 80° 8' 26.6" W.

We have no data about company previous names.

Key Data
Company Type Foreign Profit Corporation
State DE
Company Number F03000001449
FEI/EIN Number 03-0511351
Last event date twelve years, seven months ago
Registered Agent Name COHEN, MICHAEL
Principal Address

GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 25° 46' 27.7" N
Longitude: 80° 8' 26.6" W

Mailing Address
Authorised Persons

No authorised persons in our database.
Name Title
Name history

No historic name in our database.
Name Field Date Effective Date Description
REVOKED FOR ANNUAL REPORT 2005-09-16 2018-04-18

So...Hannity is one of Donnie Two-Scoops "boys".

Loyal to the Don, he was free to call on Cohen for legal advice and opinions for no charge.
"He never billed me."
"I just asked advice about real estate."
Hey, we're both Don's boys, right?

I'll give The Donald plugs and support on my TV show and I'll get free legal advice.
You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.
Cozy, cozy.

<Gomer voice> "Way-yul SUH-PRIZE, SUH-PRIZE!

The 'West' has been trying to domonate/subjugate/control the Middle East for 200 years.

The Brits, the French, the Germans, the Russians.
Even the Spanish and the Portuguese have taken a crack at it.
All have failed.

Because we no longer live in a tribal society, we don't understand what that entails.
As long as the tribal culture exists in the middle east (and it has thrived for CENTURIES) they will never want or "need" the sort of 'democratic' government that we keep trying to force on them.

But of course then WE come along and surely we know better than all the others because we ARE the bestest most badass country ever and we're smarter than all the rest put together and...here we are.

Yeah, I know this is old news for most of you.
But it just pisses me off that MY native land is too damn stupid and arrogant to
1/ LEARN from others' examples of abject failure OR

I quote Rudyard Kipling:
"Now it is not good for the Christian’s health to hustle the Aryan brown,
For the Christian riles, and the Aryan smiles and he weareth the Christian down;
And the end of the fight is a tombstone white with the name of the late deceased,
And the epitaph drear: “A Fool lies here who tried to hustle the East.”

I rest my case.

Wanna make some REAL baguettes? Heeeere's JULIA!

God, I love this woman.

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Donnie Two-Scoops new nickname: "Spanky".

Oh this is goood.

Hey Donnie! I can whip your ass!

I'll be 77 soon.
I'm not quite as spry as I used to be, but I can sure whip your fat ass.
Bring it on.
You won't last one round.
I'll go straight for the bone spurs.
Yeah, I know all about your Achilles heel.
You're toast.

Where have all the geezers gone?

Long time passin'.
Where have all the geezers gone?
Long time ago?
Where have all the geezers gone?
Gone to grave yards every one?

Damn, I hope not.
Anybody home here?

"Mexicans are like professional mountain climbers."

Quoth Donny Two-Scoops today in San Diego.
His Orangeness was there to inspect examples of border walls.

See, they need to be REALLY high because Mexicans are like "professional mountain climbers".

Next thing ya know they'll be getting licenses to pilot helicopters.
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