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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 51,149

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For John Cleese fans:

A great interview.

Fintan O'Toole: Trial runs for fascism are in full flow

Babies in cages were no ‘mistake’ by Trump but test-marketing for barbarism
- Fintan O'Toole, The Irish Times

To grasp what is going on in the world right now, we need to reflect on two things. One is that we are in a phase of trial runs. The other is that what is being trialled is fascism – a word that should be used carefully but not shirked when it is so clearly on the horizon. Forget “post-fascist” – what we are living with is pre-fascism.

It is easy to dismiss Donald Trump as an ignoramus, not least because he is. But he has an acute understanding of one thing: test marketing. He created himself in the gossip pages of the New York tabloids, where celebrity is manufactured by planting outrageous stories that you can later confirm or deny depending on how they go down. And he recreated himself in reality TV where the storylines can be adjusted according to the ratings. Put something out there, pull it back, adjust, go again.

Fascism doesn’t arise suddenly in an existing democracy. It is not easy to get people to give up their ideas of freedom and civility. You have to do trial runs that, if they are done well, serve two purposes. They get people used to something they may initially recoil from; and they allow you to refine and calibrate. This is what is happening now and we would be fools not to see it.

Read on:

OK, how can the Dems stop or even slow down the SCOTUS nomination?

As the minority party in the senate, I know of no way.
If you know better, please explain.
Thank you.

I wrote a review of the Red Hen.

Looked up their menu so I could know what I was talking about.
Went to their yelp page and wrote a GLOWING review.
Also mentioned that the rest room spic and span.

Corey Lewandowski doubled down Wednesday on his "womp womp" comment.

Corey Lewandowski doubled down Wednesday on his “womp womp” comment he made on Fox News on Tuesday night.

“Lots of Fake News today. I mocked a liberal who attempted to politicize children as opposed to discussing the real issue which is fixing a broken immigration system. It’s offenseive [sic] that the MSM doesn’t want to talk about the fact these policies were started under Obama,” the former campaign manager for President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning."

Once an asshole, always an asshole.

Oh hell, Lewandowski gives a bad name to assholes.

WTF is "womp womp"?


Sent to my repug congressman. Feel free to copy.

I’m a father and I know you are too.
I’ve been a father for 47 years.
And a grandfather for 16 years.

I cannot imagine what it would be like for our daughter to be taken from her mother and I when she was only a year or two old.
Seriously. I can not even imagine it.

It dredges up memories of Hitler’s Germany and the ‘final solution’.
Thankfully you’re not sending them to the ovens.
But you, the Trump Party, are taking these babies away from their parents at a time in their development that is most damaging.
If you want to raise a whole generation of damaged human beings, misfits, and even criminals at our southern border, this is the way to do it.

Come on man.
As a father and an American, won’t you do the right thing and stop this madness?
I’m begging you.


Sessions on children being separated from their parents

(paraphrase, don't have exact quote)
"If they didn't want to be separated from their children they shouldn't have brought their children with them."

So...if they didn't bring their children...then they'd STILL be separated from them.

What am I missing here?

We just shucked and 'de-cobbed' a half bushel of corn.

36 ears.
Silver King from a local farm.

Sweeter than sweet.

Shucked, de-silked, cut from cob, bagged, and frozen.

Took most of the afternoon, but worth it.

My veins hide.

Had some blood taken for lab work today.
The older I get, the harder it is to find a useable vein.
He found a 'good' one and as soon as the needle went in, the vein went flat.
Good thing I'm not 'needle-shy' and have a fairly high pain threshold.
He was digging for paydirt and kept saying "Sorry, man. Sorry, man."

And I kept saying "It's OK, it's OK."
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