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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 53,231

Journal Archives

Did you ever serve in the military? Tell us your story.

How you got in.
Funny or weird things you experienced.
I was air national guard and more about that later.

Wonder how many of us are here? DU Seniors?

This forum seems to not have many posts.
Surely there's something interesting you'd like to talk about?

Making points (husbands)

Guys, if you're like me, you need to make as many points as you can so you can lay them off when you lose points.
And you WILL lose points.

Today I made some points.
Miz t. had been straight out all day.
Errands, grocery shopping.
It's especially hard for her now because I don't drive anymore.
ARMD - Age Related Macular Degeneration.

We were planning on Shrimp Alfredo with a Caesar salad tonight.
She came rolling in about 5:30.
I helped her unload groceries (POINTS!).

"Look, why don't we do something simpler tonight. The Alfredo will keep. There's some sausage and cabbage left over from last night. How about that and a salad?"
I was gonna do it for you but, yeah, that would be so nice. Thank you."


P.S. I appreciate the thanks, but it's not like I'm demanding at all or rule this house with a whip.

I am now bulletproof! They can't suspend my driver's license.

I turned in my license and now have a state 'non-driving' ID card.

Can't see well enough to drive now.
ARMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration).
I quit driving last summer.

Please do your kids a favor and give up your license before they have to ground you.

P.S. Wonder why we call it a 'driver's license' and the Brits call it a 'driving license'?
Should it be a hunting license or a hunter's license?

A question for geezer guys born in the 40s and 50s.

1. Did you belong to the YMCA?
2. Did you learn to swim there?
3. Were you required to swim naked?

I did, I did, and I was.

It seems there was a 'concern' about germs back then.
Germs AND soap particles that could be brought in in bathing suits.
I have read that water purification/filters were fairly primitive.
All were required to shower before entering the pool.

The 'Y' pool in Birmingham, Alabama had a tile surround.
We liked to get a running start ("NO RUNNING ALLOWED!)" and slide damn near the length of the room on our naked slick butts.

Was this policy weird?

A Righteous Rant:

I quit driving last June. Macular degeneration. Just couldn't see well enough to drive and wasn't safe.
'Danger to myself and others.'

What the hell, I'm almost 80 and don't mind being chauffeured by my lovely wife.
She's an excellent driver, but she does make me sit in the front passenger seat with her instead of giving her direction and instruction from the back seat.

Last week it dawned on me that I should take myself off of our automobile policy to save some money. If I'm no longer insured I shouldn't be paying premiums to insure me, right?
No, as it turns out, wrong.

I have USAA insurance. I got it when I was a brad new USAF 2nd Lt. I've had USAA on cars, boats, and house for 58 years.

When I told them to take me off the policy, I asked how much money that would save.
Answer: "It will actually cost you three dollars a month MORE" because I will no longer get some discount that I had been getting as a former member of the military.
It's wrong, and it's crazy.

I've just cut their liability in half.
Only one person, with an excellent driving record , will be driving our now only car.
I'm pissed.

Tribute to cast iron pans.

Great article.


Sec. State John Merrill should resign NOW.

The woman he's been having an affair with tells all.


Got my first covid shot yesterday.

Had to wait 3 weeks after I finished radiation therapy (prostate cancer). Needed time to build my immune system back up.

Get the next one on our 52nd wedding anniversary, April 12.

Zero side effects from the injection.

When you reach a 'certain age'...

"Because I don't want to" becomes a perfectly valid reason.
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