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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 50,715

Journal Archives

By Du definition, I guess I have an assault rifle.

It looks like this:

Fairly benign, hunh?
It's a Mossberg .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle.
The little thingy hanging down in front of the trigger is the magazine.
It holds 10 bullets.
How fast can I fire those bullets?
As fast as pulling the trigger 10 times.
About as fast as you read that and made sure there were 10 bangs.

After that I'd have to remove the now empty magazine and reload it.
That would take a few minutes.
I could have another (or more) pre-loaded magazines.
It would only take a few seconds to remove the empty clip and insert the loaded one.

My point is that if we limited the capacity of magazines, I'd be fine with that.
It would be a bit inconvenient, but OK.

If we wanted to go to NO semi-automatic firearms, I could live with that too.
Sure, I could go back to a bolt-action, single shot .22. It would be kind of a pain, but I could do it.
But I feel that I am in a very small minority on that.

Just wanted to try and help clarify things.

A Valentine poem to Donnie Two-Scoops

Dear Donnie Two-Scoops

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Kelly may be leaving
How about you?

'OK honey, but first I hafta do this interview with CNN.'

At first I thought "I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS!" and then I thought "Yeah...yeah I do." <sigh>

A CNN 'reporter' is with a mom WHO IS ON THE PHONE WITH HER DAUGHTER, a student at the shooting school.
"You're where? At the Marriott? OK, I'm on the way as soon as I do this interview with CNN."
While she is talking to her daughter the 'reporter' asks "Can you tell us what she's saying? How do you feel right now?" (paraphrasing.)

The mother hangs up and turns to the 'reporter'.
She says a few words and then her phone rings again and little brother (I guess) answers it.
"Mom, it's (daughter)."
"Tell her I'll be right there as soon as I do this CNN interview."

I would have been at least halfway to where my daughter was by then.

If there is one, what's the most effective way to contact your congressman?

I've heard emails are disregarded.
What's the best way to register an opinion and really be heard?

Hello ALEXA?

My son-in-law is a bit of a gadget freak.
I do love him, but when he finds a new gadget he wants us to have it too.

That's why we have a Keurig coffee maker.
I still use my Mr. Coffee.
I guess I'm too impatient, but I like a whole pot of coffee, rather than waiting for an individually brewed cup.
My bad.

That's why we have a 'Dot'(?).
Anyway, her name is 'Alexa' and she answers questions.
You always have to address her as "Alexa".
If you just ask a question you'll just get stony silence.
"Alexa! What's the temperature?"
"The temperature in Bumptey, Bump is 47 degrees. Today's high will be 63 degrees. Tonight's low will be 42 degrees.

I glanced out the window at my completely solar, analog thermometer and sure enough the temp was 47 degrees.
However there was no forecast temperature provided.
Oh well.

There may be more to follow.

Yet another geezer joke:

Charlie and Wilma were watching a "Breaking Bad" marathon when, during a commercial, Charlie said "How about some ice cream?"
Wilma said "Sure. Want some Nutella on it?"
"Terrific, thanks."

Several minutes later Wilma handed Charlie a bowl of oatmeal.
"Thanks, hon. But you forgot the raisins."
barump bump

Old men

I was at a meeting of a local volunteer group at our town's nature preserve this morning.

I was talking to a fellow geezer I know, when one of our geezer friends walked out into the foyer and looked around.

I grinned and said "When you're an old man in unfamiliar surroundings the first thing you do is locate the men's room."
"Too true."

The Button: A Nuclear Fable

"When the first nuclear-alert alarm sounded, at approximately two-thirty in the afternoon, the President flipped the switch that locks the doors to the Oval Office with tamper-proof dead bolts and then dove under his desk. His cell phone skittered across the floor during the dive; he was carrying only the cheeseburger hed been eating. Diving under the desk was precisely what hed been taught to do during atomic-bomb drills at that military boarding school where well-off parents sent their incorrigibles and slow learners. Within seconds, though, he realized that he was stuck. The Oval Office desk was larger than his desk had been in high school, but so was the President."

Hooray for Calvin Trillin!
More and it's hilarious.
And probably true.

My new obsesession: Renewing cast iron cookware.

I have a 10 1/2" skillet/frying pan (#8 Lodge, but old), a #7 griddle, and a smaller 6" #3 WagnerWare frying pan that I inherited from my grandmother.
I'm 76, so...
I have a larger #8 griddle I got when my uncle died and we cleaned out his house.

The two griddles have a 'gate mark'. That's a 4 inch straight 'scar' on the bottom where they were broken out of the molds. That means they were cast between 1850 and 1870 or 1890.

This video will tell you how to refurbish groddy old ironware and reseason it. Worked great for me.

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