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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 54,190

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Ever had haggis?

Haggis (Scottish Gaelic: taigeis) is a savoury pudding containing sheep's pluck (heart, liver, and lungs), minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, and cooked while traditionally encased in the animal's stomach[1] though now an artificial casing is often used instead.

I got a can of haggis from The Caledonian Kitchen on Amazon.
It ain't cheap, but I've always been curious about what it would taste like.
I plan to fry up some and have it with a couple of fried eggs.

BTW, just found that the air fryer make great bacon and fried eggs.

Who has afib?

I was just diagnosed about 3 months ago.

Anybody watch Cowboy Kent Rollins cooking videos?

I'm hooked.
Just as much to hear his quirky way of speech and Oklahoma accent as for his recipes.

He's the 'official' Chuck Wagon Chef of the state.
I went to USAF pilot training at Vance AFB in Enid, OK for a bit over a year, so it's kind of a nostalgia trip for me also.



OK, it's time for another "I remember..." post.

Here goes. I remember...

When you had to use hand signals for turns and stops in cars

When your airline meal tray had a free sample pack of cigarettes, usually Winstons. Four or five smokes.
Oh, and the whole airplane was a 'smoking area'.

Cockpit door was locked only for take off and landing. The rest of the flight it was open house. "Come on up and get the cockpit tour."
We'd even let a passenger sit in the pilot's or co-pilot's seat for a photo op.(I'm a LONG retired airline pilot.)

Knickers! I wore corduroy knickers with knee socks in grammar school. They made a "swoosh swoosh" sound when you walked. I've never understood the purpose/need for knickers.

I was raised in Alabama in the 40s and 50s and WE DID NOT HAVE SWEET TEA! If you wanted sweet tea you put sugar in it and stirred like hell. We had a long handled spoon that was called an 'ice tea spoon' to stir the tea with and no matter how long you stirred there would still be a detritus of sugar grains in the bottom of your glass.

OK, your turn.

If you're taking Eliquis...

Found out I have afib and am taking Eliquis.
My cost with UHC AARP Medicare Advantage was $6.04 a day.
2 ea. 5mg tabs daily.

I found the generic, Apixaban, at a Canadian pharmacy for about $3.75 a day. Still steep, but better than 6 bucks.

BTW you cannot buy Apixaban in the U.S. at any price.
Big pharma has congress on a short leash.


What's your take on Alabama's chances this season?

I'm not optimistic.

Who has an air fryer?

We finally got one and we really like it.
Any recipes, suggestions?

How have you guys been?

Been gone for a while.
Just life.
One thing and another.
How is our bunch doing?

Does tfg now have to register as a sex offender?

Just wondered.

What have you guys heard about the RSV virus?

I've read that a vaccine is on the way.
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