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Member since: 2002
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What is this "tape" thing?

Trump is more paranoid than Nixon and more corrupt than Reagan, but does anyone here really believe that if Trump recorded Comey, which he probably did, he used tape? A man who lives on Twitter must surely be using digital audio recorders with memory card storage, and he would have used the Genuine NSA-Approved Data Destruction Method of beating the card to dust with a 16-pound sledgehammer to eliminate any record of his conversations with Comey.

It appears a mysterious virus is destroying taste buds in the Big Apple

There appear to be five Pizza Huts, a couple dozen Papa John's Pizza stores and at least as many Domino's stores in the City of New York. Please tell me they make sure you're from out of town before they sell to you.

Why are people being allowed to work in the WH for free?

I've noticed a strange coincidence as of late

Why is it that every time some negative information about the Covfefe Kid enters the news cycle, terrorists blow something else up?

Someone who's near NYC needs to see this and review it here on the DU


"PharmaBro: An American Douchical! is a story about greed, the American Dream gone wrong, and what happens when evil "pharma bro" Martin Shkreli tries to f*** with a certain hip-hop group and their pal Bill Murray."

It runs until June 18 at Players Theatre, 115 Macdougal Street in NYC. Tickets are $45 to $65.

Trump says he doesn't want other countries to laugh at us anymore

Which was his reason for pulling the US out of the Paris Agreement.

Gee guys, if Trump doesn't want other countries to laugh at us, wouldn't building a Republican People's Temple work better?
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