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Question for New England DUers

This is the MBTA commuter rail system.


Where on that map can I find the best lobster roll?

If you have a diesel car, this is for you

For many years now, the government has mandated all diesels use Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) to reduce the amount of oxides of nitrogen in your car’s emissions. (Gas cars have it too. This is about a diesel maintenance procedure.) Since all diesels create soot, all diesels clog their intake manifolds with a rather unpleasant mix of carbon black and oil fog from the crankcase vent.

If you don’t clean it out, it’ll starve your motor for air. You’ll burn more fuel and create more pollution.

You have to remove it from the engine to clean it. If you break this shit loose and it falls into the engine, it’ll ruin the motor.

The process is simple, if time consuming.

Remove everything that’s blocking the intake manifold. Remove that too.

Clean it out.

Put everything back where it was.

The hard part (unless you’re doing it on a VW Bug and have to feel your way around) is getting all that crap out of the manifold and the EGR valve. The “redneck” way is to squirt some brake cleaner in the manifold then, with an air hose in one hand and a propane torch in the other, set it on fire. What I did was to use brake cleaner to loosen up the crud then use a pressure washer to blow it out. If you have a cast iron manifold, oven cleaner works but it’ll eat an aluminum manifold.

I see some illogic in Trump's self-pardon theory

The PGIC believes he can pardon himself. Hold on there a second.

Trump needs to have been convicted of a crime to be pardoned of anything (Ford’s preemptive pardon of Nixon notwithstanding) and he can’t even be brought to trial for corruption, collusion and...uhh, what’s the name of another crime he committed that starts with C?...while he’s still president.

Unless Trump is actually a follower of Karl Lentz and Anna Von Reitz (two sovereign citizen gurus who claim a criminal can establish a court to try his own offenses) there is no way he can think he can pardon himself. The constitution allows presidents to issue pardons, not deposed criminal ex-presidents.

DEA raids two chemical supply firms for selling Fentanyl on the internet


The two companies are:

1717 CheMall Corp, operated by 52-year-old Wei Xu, was located in Mundelein, IL.
Ark Pharm Inc, operated by 53-year-old Liangfu Huang, was located in Arlington Heights, IL.

Ark Pharm sold, according to their LinkedIn page, "building blocks, scaffolds and other advanced intermediates. We provide various heterocycles including azetidines, indoles, imidazoles, pyrazines, pyrazoles, pyridazines, pyridines, pyrimidines, piperazines, piperidines, pyrrolidines, thiazoles and triazoles." If you surf the discussion boards where drug discovery chemists meet, you'll find that Ark Pharm was a respected supplier of these products - they had good prices and good quality.

According to the complaint, the DEA made several purchases of fentanyl and fentanyl precursors from both companies. Before you could buy, either company required you to fax a signed disclaimer that said you'd use the drugs for "laboratory use" only. Neither company was licensed to sell narcotics.

The Equal Rights Amendment needs to be rewritten before it's ratified

We recently heard the good news that the Equal Rights Amendment, which is this:

Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.

just received its 37th ratification from the great State of Illinois.

In 1972, equality of sexual orientation wasn't on our legislative radar. If anything, the opposite was true - it was more than fine to discriminate on the basis of orientation. We've grown up since then, and the ERA should have language reflecting that added to it.

Interesting 100-year-old article about food rationing during WWI

One of my papers runs a column of news that was published in it fifty or 100 years ago this week. This was from the Pend d'Oreille Review of May 29, 1918:

In the recent survey of the flour situation in Bonner county (Idaho) it was found there are about 20 barrels in the hands of private individuals over the amount now allowed. In all cases where such excess was found it was due to the fact that the parties purchased a year's supply of flour last fall. Such action at the time was simply proof of good thrift. But the retention at this time means serious loss to those fighting our battles across the sea.

Therefore every one in Bonner county who has flour in excess of one sack is asked to turn in excess to his dealer. Dealers are ordered to settle for such flour on the basis of the present wholesale price. All persons knowing of any one refusing to return their flour is asked to send such information to the county food administrator, who will proceed against such individuals under the law.

(We also learn that a new food administrator had been appointed to replace one who resigned...possibly because he was being ordered to punish flour hoarders?)

I didn't know until now they had this kind of food rationing during World War I. During the Second World War I know you could only buy certain amounts of goods...but I can't imagine being in a situation where you had to sell your food back.

The most Canadian way to get rid of bears

If you fly the flag Monday, please do it correctly

Every Good Republican is going to fly a flag on Memorial Day in honor of Our Fallen Servicemembers. And 99 percent of them are going to do it wrong.

The Republican way is to raise the flag to half-staff at sunrise, leave it there until it gets too dark to see, then bring it down and wait till the next Holiday of Overt Patriotism comes along...Flag Day on June 14. Every year I like to drive around at 2 pm Memorial Day, and every year the flags in my heavily-Republican-infested city are at half-staff.

Don't be like Republicans. This is how to do it.

Just before 6 am, go outside with your flag. If you can bring another person or three to help hold it, so much the better. Attach the flag to the halyard.

At 6 am, "briskly" raise the flag to full staff. Count to three, then "reverently" lower it to half staff. In this case, "briskly" means "as quickly as you can without looking like you're in a flag-raising race" and "reverently" means "about half as fast as you raised it."

At exactly noon, briskly return the flag to full staff.

At 5 pm, reverently lower the flag to the bottom of the pole. Fold it and put it in a safe place.

On days when the flag is flown at half-staff all day, briskly raise it to full staff, then lower to half staff, in the morning; in the evening, briskly raise it to full staff then reverently lower it all the way.

A small bit of good news: fake "judge" Bruce Doucette gets 38 years



Bruce Doucette is one of the pioneers of the "citizen grand jury" movement. For at least 10 years, he traveled the country representing himself as the "Superior Court Judge of the Continental uNited States of America" ("uNited" is how he spells it) teaching sovereign citizens to set up "common law courts."

This is what the bastard would do.

If a sovereign citizen got arrested - you could make a Geico commercial out of this shit..."if you're a sovereign citizen, you get arrested all the time, it's what you do" - Doucette and his merry men would try to bully the local justice system into dropping the charges. If that didn't work, his "Continental uNited States Marshals" would threaten to arrest the officials and bring them before an extralegal "common law court" that would sentence them to death. They would then file liens - Trump-style liens, the biggest liens, hundreds of millions of dollars worth of liens - against the officials' homes, cars and other property.

Doucette went to Oregon during the Bunkerville Standoff to try to raise a citizen grand jury to try all the officials in the area for crimes against...well, humanity I guess. It didn't work.

Last year, the feds had a revelation: Doucette was working primarily in Colorado. Colorado has good anti-sovereign citizen laws and a populace that can't stand the bastards. The feds asked the Colorado attorney general to take the case. In April 2017, this indictment was handed down: https://www.scribd.com/document/344449620/People-of-the-State-of-Colorado-vs-Bruce-Doucette-et-al

The charges:
1) Pattern of racketeering-participation in an enterprise
2) Conspiracy
3-6) Attempt to influence a public servant
7) Extortion
8) Conspiracy to commit extortion
9) Offering false instrument for recording
10) Retaliation against a judge
11) Retaliation against a prosecutor
12-14) Attempt to influence a public servant
15) Extortion
16) Conspiracy to commit extortion
17-18) Retaliation against a judge
19-22) Attempt to influence a public servant
23) Extortion
24) Conspiracy to commit extortion
25-30) Attempt to influence a public servant
31) Extortion
32) Conspiracy to commit extortion
33) Retaliation against a judge
34) Criminal impersonation-gain a benefit
35) Tax evasion-failure to pay
36) Failure to file a return or pay tax
37) Attempt to influence a public servant
38) Extortion
39) Conspiracy to commit extortion
40) Retaliation against a judge

The defendants:
Bruce Doucette
Stephen Nalty (currently serving 36 years after this conviction)
Janis Blease
Steven Byfield (currently serving 22 years after this conviction)
Laurence Goodman
David Coffelt
Harlan Smith
Brian Baylog

Doucette received these consecutive sentences:
20 years for participating in a racketeering enterprise
5 years for attempting to influence a public servant
And sentences of 4, 5 and 4 years for retaliating against three different judges
He also received a lot of concurrent sentences the SPLC didn't name.

The prosecutors wanted 45 years, but they're okay with 38 - he'll die in prison.

Jared Kushner's Harvard classmates are NOT happy with him


“Mostly, I feel low-grade, constant horror as I watch attacks on refugees, minorities, my most at-risk patients, women’s rights, and the environment, and new threats of nuclear war,” wrote one of Kushner’s classmates who said her grandparents were Holocaust survivors. “Shame on you, Jared Kushner.”
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