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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 39,142

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I don't think Trump will pardon Manafort

We know Trump likes people who don't get caught, which Manafort did. Trump doesn't accept failure in his associates. (Sons-in-law who overextend themselves in the real estate market are a different story.)

But more importantly, by not pardoning Manafort it sends a clear signal that he had nothing to do with all the crimes being committed in his administration, and the people who committed them are in jail where they belong.

My response to Trump's Space Force

Why is Trump trying to make the government bigger?

I realize Trump is just trying to leave his mark on the government. (Arguably Trump has already made his mark on the government, but a gallows, a sandblaster and a pressure washer full of boiling acid will get that off.) This is ridiculous. We already have what he wants: an agency for civilian uses of space, one for military uses and one for space-based spying. Trumpís bunch will simply add headcount and admin expenses and step on the service space commands and the National Reconnaissance Office.

Eric Dubay will be the first Secretary of Space Force

Among the things Eric Dubay, founder of the International Flat Earth Research Society, believes:

1. The earth is flat.
2. Antarctica is not a continent at the bottom of the world, it's a ring of ice 150 feet high surrounding the disc-shaped earth.
3. The earth is covered with an impenetrable glass dome.
4. No one has ever left the earth's atmosphere, and the government will kill anyone who reveals this. (However, the government allows Eric Dubay to remain alive so the veracity of this claim is in question.)
5. The sun and the moon are both 35 miles in diameter. The sun is 3000 miles from the surface of the flat earth, and the stars are 100 miles above that.
6. Anyone who doesn't believe every word Eric Dubay says is a government agent bent on enslaving the whole of Earth's population.


7. Eric Dubay is not on weird drugs, but anyone who is a "globetard" must be.

Considering who we've got in the White House, I can't think of anyone more appropriate.

Presidents' children can be indicted

Regardless of what Trump toady Kavanaugh thinks about the indictability of Republican presidents (as his history proves, he has no problem indicting Democratic ones), itís clear Trumpís three criminal spawn have no such immunity.

And since theyíre up to their reptilian little eyes in Russiagate, haul Ďem in.

The Masterpiece

While vacationing in Europe, Mary bought a $25 million masterpiece.

Her friend looked at the painting and told Mary, "you know you can't bring that back to the US. Trump will slap a 200-percent tariff on it. It's a nice painting, but it's not worth $75 million."

Mary knew of a conservator who can remove paintings from atop other paintings, and had a portrait of Donald Trump applied over the masterpiece. So concealed, she made her way to the airport with her treasure.

A week after returning, she got a frantic e-mail from the conservator: "I removed the painting of Trump and the $25 million masterpiece. I'm back to a painting of Trump. When should I stop?"

I hope Kiki dumped that guy's ass for writing such a lame-ass song

This is a can of floor wax

Donald Trump buys it to use on the floors of Trump Tower.

He knows what it costs.
He knows what's in it.
He knows who sold it to him, and where he can get it cheaper.
He knows the name of the guy who brings it in.
He knows the people who apply it.
How much they apply.
How often they apply.
What closet they store it in.
How to dispose of the empty cans.
And, thanks to his building logs, he knows everyone who walked on it.

In July 2016, this woman walked on a coat of that wax into a meeting to discuss how the Russians could help Trump steal the November election. Trump says he doesn't know a damn thing about that meeting.

If you think Trump knows less about a conference that could potentially change the direction of his life than he does about janitorial supplies, think again.

Finally, a GOOD Jon McNaughton painting

A vaguely unsettling thought comes to mind re. Trump's followers

The kind of country Trump wants is not compatible with private gun ownership. What happens when his controller Putin tells him it's time to collect up all the guns?

Too good not to share: Trump has something named after him

No link, but the Idaho Department of Lands had to fight nine small (under an acre) forest fires started by lightning over the weekend. They are:

Moses Mountain Fire, on the Coeur d'Alene Indian Reservation
John-John Fire in the Johns Creek area
Hornet Fire in the Johns Creek area
Pine Strike Fire at Peterson Point
Vanderpool Fire near Emida
Charlie Creek Fire near Emida
Loop Fire in the Alder Creek area
Tribto Fire in the Alder Creek area


Cheeto Fire near Pierce Creek, outside Fernwood
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