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Troll pwned!

Everyone's second-favorite troll, Colorado "congresswoman" Lauren Boebert, recently sent a tweet asking AOC to "effectively protect our schools with armed security."

Many, many respondents informed Airhead that the Uvalde school HAD armed security (they have their own police department), and the first person Ramos shot was the school cop standing outside the school that tried to keep him from going in.

Question about arming teachers

Now that we've had the 1000th mass shooting so far this year, the Hard Right wants to arm all the teachers in every school to stop it from happening again.

This is to be expected. According to the Hard Right, there is no problem that can't be solved with more guns. You have crab lice? A frosted-over windshield? Maxed-out credit card from buying too many guns? Strap 'em on and head on out boys, a gun is the solution to all that ails you.

Now consider. You have a school. It has six grades, each with four classes. This school team-teaches so it has 48 classroom teachers, plus a librarian, a principal, maybe a vice principal, school secretary, guidance counselor, lunch ladies...let's do a round number and say 60 staff, all of whom the Hard Right needs to be armed.

This school can't afford construction paper for its teachers. It can't afford a globe. It can barely afford toilet tissue, and it wouldn't be able to afford lunch if the federal government wasn't subsidizing that program. But...all of a sudden it's supposed to be able to afford $30,000 worth of guns?

Fuck you, Thom Tiillis. Fuck you very, very much.


Third article down as of when I posted this:

GOP Sen. Thom Tillis warned Democrats against having a “reflexive reaction” in the wake of the Texas school shooting that left 15 people dead, by trying to pass laws that would impinge on Second Amendment rights, saying he is confident in the coming days it will be learned that there were “signs” the 18-year-old shooter was “at risk.”

Senator Tillis, you piece of shit! Every fucking time someone commits a mass shooting, the fucking Republicans say the same thing. And it's time to stop it.

MAGAt Head Detonation Alert: New Names for Army Posts Announced


The Army currently has ten installations named after Confederate generals. The panel President Biden convened to rename these bases after someone besides Confederate generals has made its recommendations.

If these names hold:
Fort Bragg, NC is currently named after Braxton Bragg, a Confederate artillery general renowned for being the worst prick to ever wear the uniform. It will become Fort Liberty...because, you know, there aren't any Airborne generals to name the place after. (The father of the Airborne is William C. Lee. They can't name the base Fort Lee for two reasons - there's already a Fort Lee, which you will see soon, and everyone in the AO will think they renamed Bragg after Robert instead of William. I would have preferred Fort Ridgway after General Matthew Ridgway, who served as commander of two of the biggest units on this base, Fort Schoomaker after Peter Schoomaker, the first Special Forces officer to be Chief of Staff of the Army, and his brother Eric, who was Surgeon General of the Army, or Fort Shelton after Henry Hugh Shelton, the first SF officer to become Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.)

Fort Polk, LA, is currently named after Leonidas Polk, an Episcopalian minister who became a Confederate general. It will become Fort Johnson, after SGT William Henry Johnson, a Black soldier who earned the Medal of Honor during World War I. I suspect the troops will quickly nickname this place Fort Dick, which as anyone who's ever seen Fort Polk will agree is totally understandable.

Fort A.P. Hill, VA, is named after Ambrose Powell Hill Jr., a Confederate general who died during the Third Battle of Petersburg. It will become Fort Walker, after Mary Edwards Walker - the only woman to have earned the Medal of Honor.

Fort Hood, TX, is named after John Bell Hood. He replaced General Joseph E. Johnston, a move historian Bruce Catton describes as "probably the single largest mistake that either government made during the war." In place of this fuckup, the base will become Fort Cavazos after GEN Richard Cavazos, the first Hispanic four-star Army general. I would have preferred an armor officer - Cavazos was infantry - but Richard Cavazos was a good man.

Fort Gordon, GA, is named for Major General John Brown Gordon, a slaveholder and attorney who was a good general on the wrong side of the war. It will become Fort Eisenhower after President Eisenhower.

Fort Lee, VA, is named after Robert E. Lee, who you already know. It gets named after two people: Lieutenant General Arthur Gregg, who was the Army's Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics - a fitting choice as this base is all about logistics - and who is also still alive as of this writing; and Charity Adams, the first Black Women's Army Corps officer.

Fort Pickett, VA, is named after George Pickett, the West Point Goat of 1846 and the most boneheaded general the Confederates had. It will become Fort Barfoot, a Native American who earned the Medal of Honor in World War II.

Fort Benning, GA, is named for General Henry L. Benning, who would fit right in with today's Republican Party. It will become Fort Moore after LTG Hal Moore, the subject of the book and movie "We Were Soldiers." General Moore was a great officer. No objections here at all.

Fort Rucker, AL, is named for Edmund Rucker, a Confederate cavalryman. It will become Fort Novosel after Michael Novosel, an Army aviator and recipient of the Medal of Honor who flew in World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam Conflict. (I guess Fort Mackmull after LTG "Fat Jack" Mackmull, the father of Army Aviation, was out of the question because Fat Jack Mackmull was WAY too entertaining.)

Except for the whole "Fort Liberty" thing, I think they did a good job.

Let us pray

Dear God:

Today is the Georgia primary election.

In the 14th Congressional District, five people are currently challenging the horrific troll Marjorie Taylor Greene, whose only function in life seems to be keeping the dust from getting to the seat of her chair.

Please let ANY of those people beat her today. The world will be much better off if you do.

Thank you, and amen.

Dinesh d'Souza is having a Q&A session about his new movie

Apparently if you saw his new work of fiction and have any questions, you can dial in to ask them.

Assume before you go in that "exactly what the fuck is wrong with you, Dinesh?" "what is your major malfunction, numb-nuts?" "does lying pay better than working at McDonald's?" and "did you pull this shit out of your ass or do you have an even worse orifice for that?" are examples of questions they are not looking for.

Are a couple of the recent congressional votes politically exploitable?

Congress recently advanced the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act to the Senate. Every Republican and four Democrats voted against it.

The House recently passed the Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2022, which allotted $28 million to help alleviate the baby formula crisis. 192 Republicans voted against it.

It seems to me that we could beat the Republicans like the red-headed stepchildren that they are over their declaring war on their constituents in an attempt to "own Brandon"...but will we?

Thank you God! Brad Little wins Idaho R governor primary!


The two top candidates in today's primary were the incumbent governor Brad Little, and his Trump-endorsed lieutenant governor Janice McGeachin. If you don't know about McGeachin, let's just say this: every damn time Gov. Little had to leave the state on official business McGeachin would attempt to overthrow him. Happened three times.

The third most prominent candidate was Ed Humphreys, who ran on a platform of repealing the state income tax.

ABC is reporting that with 78 percent of the vote in, Little beat McGeachin 55-29, with Humphreys taking 12 percent and five other candidates splitting the rest.

Unfortunately, Ammon "I promise to work from home if elected because I'm permanently trespassed from the Statehouse" Bundy is running as an independent so we're going to have to wait until November to see Gov. Little kick his ass at the polls.

A little wardrobe advice requested

The North Idaho Pride Alliance sponsors an annual event, "Pride in the Park," every June in City Park in Coeur d'Alene. It's pretty popular among liberals of all genders and orientations. I haven't ever been because I work Saturday nights, but one of my grandnieces goes every year and says it's great.

This year, a right-wing organization is going to hold their "Gun d'Lane" rally on the same day at a park very close to City Park, and their event is after the Pride Alliance's because the gun humpers are planning to go to the Pride event and walk around.

So...if you were going to dress up a middle-aged tattooed heterosexual white guy with pierced ears and no fear of fashion so as to totally piss off a bunch of right wing troglodytes, and you couldn't put him in a floor-length gown or six-inch stiletto heels because said middle-age heterosexual white guy doesn't have time to change before going to work and he's got to haul 30-pound stacks of printing plates down a flight of stairs all night, what would you put him in?

Could a nationwide abortion ban imperil state-level marijuana legalization?

At the current time cannabis stands in a weird legal gray area. According to the federal government, cannabis and its derivatives are in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act and, therefore, completely illegal nationwide. However, several blue states have enacted state-level laws that make the product legal within their borders - and the feds turn a blind eye to their doing this.

The Left notices that the GOP, if Roe is indeed overturned and the Republicans take back both houses of Congress and the White House, intend to institute a nationwide abortion ban. On this, the feds are NOT going to turn a blind eye to California or Hawaii trying to legalize abortion within their states.

Discuss among yourselves: if the federal government decides to crack down on states allowing abortion within their borders, will they also crack down on state-level weed legalization?
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