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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 40,008

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Having given an evening's thought about the "vegan rap"...

You know, this...thing.


I have come to the conclusion that this atrocity makes one pine for the high quality and production value of Chuggo's magnum opus, "C'mon Fuck a Guy."

Is it too soon to discuss something re. GHWB?

A very large reason the Republicans are as bad as they are, is Poppy Bush's campaign manager Lee Atwater.

Fun way to fritter away a few moments

Fill out online quizzes the way Donald Trump would.

Shutting down the government for a president's funeral is a tradition

Reagan's funeral caused the same thing:

Every president since FDR received a one-day government standdown.

When Trump dies, padlock all flags at full staff for 30 days

And make sure before the bastard goes we know where his grave is going to be, so the area can be properly permitted as a hazardous waste dump.

I didn't know this, but...

When I was looking up Poppy Bush's military record, I learned he and Barbara Bush had the nation's longest presidential marriage - 73 years. And remember, Bush's family was very rich and old-money; he could have gotten out of going to war pretty easily but not only did he voluntarily sign up but he requested (and got) very hazardous duty.

How about Adam Schiff for president?

Jim Acosta's one question at the next WH press briefing should be...

"Mr. President, during the 2016 campaign you promised to put Hillary Clinton in jail for conducting official government business using private email servers so many times "Lock Her Up" became one of your campaign slogans, one you used almost as many times as "Make America Great Again." In recent days it has come to light that your daughter Ivanka Trump has also conducted official government business using private email servers. The question is, have you locked up Ivanka Trump yet and if not, why not?"

Worst haircut?

Candidate 1: Donald Trump

Candidate 2: Anton Chigurh

Better prediction: Trump refuses to leave the White House on 1/20/2021

Trump has fucked up so many things since he's been in office, the Republicans will have to throw the election to be sure the Democrats have a halfway decent shot at repairing the damage. However, they won't tell this to Trump out of fear he'll start a nuclear war just for the hell of it. After the new Democratic president is inaugurated, Trump will run upstairs, barricade himself into the Oval Office and they'll have to take the door off its frame to get him out.
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