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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 35,612

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One small problem with Bernie's healthcare plan

This is a Harvoni tablet. It cures Hep C, if you take 84 of them over 12 weeks.

They cost $1125 each. That's not a misprint: over a thousand dollars for one pill.

Insurance companies are routinely denying coverage for this drug, and a lot of other high-cost treatments. They can't afford it.

Now...if Bernie's plan is going to cover things like thousand-dollar-per-dose pharmaceuticals that you take for twelve weeks in a row, the $3 trillion the current healthcare regime costs the US will look like a drop in the bucket.

Is a Valentine's Day sale at a mattress store just a bit too...well, OBVIOUS?

Bernie Underground is already predicting "fraud" on Tuesday

Because as we all know, the only way anyone could beat the Wise and Benevolent Senator Sanders is by screwing with the vote totals.

This is a question every Bernie Sanders supporter must answer

"Bernie Sanders is currently the beneficiary of an anti-Hillary Clinton ratfucking assault that would make Donald Segretti cringe. How can you possibly say he has clean hands in this matter?"

The IRS' computer has been fixed; it's accepting e-filings again

Yesterday I did my taxes through one of the online services. (I'm not going to recommend it or any other because my return is too damn simple to really tell how they do, but I've been using the one I go to for several years and always get my refund quickly. And in this day and age of 0.001% interest on savings accounts, I get exactly the same amount of interest from the IRS that I do from my bank, so I don't mind letting them use it for a little while.) Last night, we got the news that the IRS' computers were screwed up. Today I got the "return accepted by the IRS" notice from the tax provider's computer.

Something we will ALL like: Here's the Bundy Bunch indictment!


Paging Dr. Kubler-Ross...Dr. Kubler-Ross, you have a call on the white phone...

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was the psychologist who came up with the "stages of grief" model named after her. It was introduced in her book On Death and Dying. It was subsequently applied to any situation where grief is a factor.

The five stages, which are not necessarily consecutive and don't always all happen, are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance.

So...in the light of last night's caucus, how are Bernie's fans doing?

They're denying Hillary actually won. "She won on coin flips!" "More caucusers went with Bernie!"
They're mad that she did. (No examples will be given. You've seen 'em.)
They're bargaining their asses off..."Bernie had no organization and no name recognition and he only came eight delegates from tying her, that's just as good as a win, isn't it?"
And they're depressed as hell that the "Corporate Democrat" could even come close to their "pure Democrat" in the delegate totals.
Forget "acceptance." That won't happen.

You folks want to see a really cute family?

This is US Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman, her cardiologist husband James Beckerman, MD, and their two children. Judge Beckerman's the one who just ordered Ammon and Ryan Bundy held without bail. She is renowned in Oregon judicial circles for being truly fair and impartial even with people who REALLY need to be in prison.

Onmel: Who thought THIS was a good idea?

Our friends at Merz North America, which is a pharmaceutical company, have introduced the new drug Onmel to treat the scourge that is Toenail Fungus. No, really. That's what it does.


It'll cure your toenail fungus if it doesn't kill you first: This shit has a Black Box Warning!

According to it:
ONMEL can cause serious life-threatening side effects, including:

Heart failure. Don't take this if you have had heart failure, including congestive heart failure, and call your doctor right away if you have any of these symptoms of congestive heart failure: shortage of breath, swelling of feet, ankles or legs, sudden weight gain, increased tiredness, coughing up white or pink phlegm, fast heartbeat, or waking up at night more than normal for you.

Serious cardiovascular effects. And then they give you a list of thirteen different drugs it cross-reacts with, one of which is "ergot alkaloids," which means if you drop acid you shouldn't take this either.

It also causes liver failure and death, nerve damage, hearing loss, increased liver enzyme in blood test results, upper respiratory infections, UTIs, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, headache, tiredness, throat pain, back pain...and, at $230 for seven tablets, starvation, car repossession, eviction, credit card default, deprivation, humiliation, debtor's prison and deportation, dark depictions, dire predictions, life as seen in Dickens' fiction, empty pockets, court dockets, may cause eyes to pop from sockets..and you can cure your toenail fungus with tea tree oil applied topically so what's the point anyway?

What's this place gonna be like the week after Bernie drops out of the race?

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