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Interesting! The NY bombing suspect is a US citizen


His name is Ahmad Khan Rahami. He was born in Afghanistan in 1988, moved with his family to the US (it doesn't say when, sorry, but it was quite a while ago because...), and obtained his US citizenship.

Here's what's really interesting to me: in 2002, Rahami, his father Mohammed Sr., and Ahmad's brother Mohammed opened a fried chicken joint styled First American Fried Chicken. (Don't visit their Yelp page if you want to preserve your fading hope for humanity.) In 2011 they filed a federal suit against the city and the cops for "a reckless disregard and deliberate indifference for plaintiff's constitutional rights of liberty, due process and equal protection." The cops' side of the story: the restaurant was a persistent neighborhood nuisance. It stayed open all night and drew "large, loud crowds." The City Council voted to impose a 10pm closing time because the crowds at the restaurant were keeping the neighbors up all night. Naturally, the Rahamis ignored it.

He's also got a rap sheet - obstruction of justice and resisting arrest are his favorite crimes.

He seems to be more a generic American asshole than an international terrorist.

Keith Olbermann says Hillary is wrong

Hillary says half of Trump's supporters are in a "basket of deplorables." Keith posits they're all deplorable.

Bundy Trial: Ammon Bundy's Facebook feed has convicted him

Fortunately, this is the last day of testimony for the week. So, next installment is Monday.


The prosecution introduced Ammon Bundy's Facebook account as evidence today. There is a lot of it - over 300,000 pages - and much of it is damning.

To Washington teabagger Gavin Seim, who asked, Im getting conflicting messages on the 2nd. On the one hand its being called a rally and protest. On the other hand its being called a call to action. Can you clarify that? he responded he would never go to a rally unarmed.

The next one is a little confusing. It's supposedly from "Brandon Thomas." Brandon Thomas plays guard for the Detroit Lions. Brandon Curtiss, however, is founder and president of sovereign citizen group 3% of Idaho and is known to have provided "armed support" to the Malheur takeover, so I think we're talking about Mr. Curtiss. He actually tried talking Ammon out of his plan to seize the refuge: I think you ought to make it more clear, that people should not take this as a green light to stand against the feds like was done at your familys ranch. Bundy replied that what he planned was "more than just a protest."

(This is sad: Mr. Curtiss has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due, in no small part, to having spent all his family's money supporting the Bundy bunch. Curtiss owns a property management business that's also being sued because it collected rent and late fees from tenants then kept the money for Curtiss' personal use. How the hell can anyone get themselves that deeply into total bullshit?)

Today we also learned that Ryan Bundy, Kenneth Medenbach and two unknown assistants went to the Bureau of Land Management office in Hines, Ore., and posted signs there stating the office was permanently closed.

Bundy Bunch trial update: Clothes make the man


Not much to report today, apparently; the big news is Ammon Bundy's attire. He's started wearing jail scrubs to prove he's a political prisoner. Judge Brown told the jury not to make any inferences based on the clothes he chose to wear to court.

Bundy Bunch trial: And...we're off!


Ammon and Ryan Bundy, not dressed as cowboys, stepped into the courtroom today for the first day of the end of their lives.

From what I can gather, here are the arguments we will hear over the next few weeks.

The government's position is pretty simple: The Bundys fomented and led a conspiracy to seize and occupy the Malheur refuge.

The Bundys' position is all over the map. They are peaceful activists fighting to rebirth Rural America. The Hammonds were illegally reimprisoned. The government has no constitutional right to own land, therefore they have no standing to bring this case. They're good religious Americans who ought not be tampered with. They were enforcing the law by holding the refuge. They're deeply suspicious of the government, who is fundamentally violent.

The Bundy Bunch jury has been selected


Twelve jurors plus eight alternates. The prosecution thinks the case will last long enough that all eight alternates will eventually be used.


The Bundys will be wearing business casual rather than cowboy garb.

The gavel drops on Tuesday.

Donald Trump's super secret plan to defeat ISIS - REVEALED!

He's going to offer to pay each ISIS fighter $25,000 to not make any more attacks, but they have to report in person to get their money. When the ISIS fighters come to pick up their money, Trump will spring up from behind a rock with a bandana tied around his forehead and an M60 machine gun*** slung over each shoulder and - rat-a-tat-tat - ISIS will be no more.

Naturally, Hugh Shelton* and Peter Schoomaker** would think this plan (1) about as batshit insane as it's possible to get and (2) completely incapable of success, but what do they know?

* General Henry "Hugh" Shelton was a Special Forces officer who retired as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
** General Peter Schoomaker was a Special Forces officer who retired from the Army then was brought back on active duty by Shrub to be Chief of Staff of the Army. He is very good.
*** An M60 machine gun is one of the worst pieces of shit the Army ever put in the field. They also weigh 23 pounds unloaded, so the odds of the Pillsbury Doughboy "springing" anywhere with two of these bastards attached to his corpulent carcass are somewhere between "none" and "worse than that."

On the lighter side: Jury selection in the Bundy Bunch trial has begun

And you may want to read Ryan Bundy's insane "Statement by verified declaration" at


Some highlights...

He says he's not a person, a child or a human being.

He believes he's entitled to $800 million to restore him to the wholeness he enjoyed before he was arrested. Further, he believes the government must set him free immediately.

He believes district courts have no jurisdiction over him.

It's pretty standard sovereign citizen bullshit.

Not content to let Hillary steal the spotlight, Trump also unveils new campaign plane

NEW YORK (Spurious News Network) -- After enduring months of complaints from journalists that the press corps and Donald Trump's ego will not both fit on Donald Trump's customized Boeing 757, the Trump campaign responds in spectacular fashion.

Donald Trump led us on a tour of the cavernous craft, and described it in typically Trumpian fashion.

"Believe me, I know airplanes. They're my favorite way to get around, and this is the finest airplane you can buy. Look around you. Isn't this great? There's more room on this plane than I know what to do with!"

The press was slightly underwhelmed. "I think this is a little tight," said a reporter from Fox News. "Between Donald's massive sense of self-worth and the drums of orange paint he brings with him everywhere he goes, we're still sitting in each other's laps. It is a massive plane, though, and easy to get lost in."

Trump explained the airplane was a campaign contribution from an 'enthusiastic supporter.' "The owner of this airplane really believes in me and my campaign, and wants to do everything he can to help me Make America Great Again!"

There is one Antonov-225 cargo jet in existence. It belongs to the Russian government.

Hillary is running a fantastic campaign

When the Trump campaign does something stupid, like send the Jews for Pat Buchanan guy out to tell America the only thing that can save us from a taco truck on every corner is Dustmop Don, our side turns that shit back on him within minutes. Which is what you have to do to beat a bully.
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