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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 39,831

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Better prediction: Trump refuses to leave the White House on 1/20/2021

Trump has fucked up so many things since he's been in office, the Republicans will have to throw the election to be sure the Democrats have a halfway decent shot at repairing the damage. However, they won't tell this to Trump out of fear he'll start a nuclear war just for the hell of it. After the new Democratic president is inaugurated, Trump will run upstairs, barricade himself into the Oval Office and they'll have to take the door off its frame to get him out.

FedEx Phishing Scam - do not be deceived

In recent weeks there have been a huge amount of emails claiming to be from "FedEx" that say they can't deliver a package to you because they don't have certain necessary information.

DO NOT DO THIS! FedEx receives all the information they need to deliver a package to you when they accept it for shipping, and they don't send their customers unsolicited emails.


Please make everyone you know aware of this. With the upcoming end-of-year holidays a lot of people will be fooled into giving up their personal information.

Trump and the Tiny Golf Course

Donald Trump was making his 300th campaign trip in a Midwestern state when he saw a sign, "Golf Course Here" with an arrow pointing right. Trump is drawn to a golf course like flies to a lantern, so he ordered his chauffeur to turn in. When he got there, he found the course covers two acres and has three holes. Trump demanded to speak to the manager.

"What makes you think you have the right to call this a golf course? This is very embarrassing that you call this lousy little park a golf course."

"Now, Mr. Trump, I agree it's not the biggest golf course in the world, but we're awfully proud to have one in this little town and everyone around here has a lot of fun on it."

"This isn't a golf course," said Trump, "this is a disgrace. Let me tell you about my biggest golf course, just to show you why you should tear out this terrible park and just erect a giant memorial to Donald Trump where it was. I can get up at the crack of dawn, get in my truck on the east side of the course, and not make it to the other side by nightfall."

"Oh yeah?" asked the course manager. "I have a truck just like that too."

Speaking of magazine capacity

I, and the majority of gun owners (of which I’m not) would not complain if the “standard magazine” for existing guns would hold whatever the stock mag held when the gun was designed. For newly designed guns there could be a limit.

What we need to get rid of is the mags so long you can use them as a monopod.

Here's a little CSNY for this evening

Also, the Trump Agenda is now officially dead. All he's got to destroy is the courts, and he can't do that unless judges retire.

Duncan Hines has recalled some of its cake mixes - salmonella

The AP is reporting five cases of salmonella are linked to Duncan Hines cake mixes. Apparently people were eating the batter raw; the bacteria that causes salmonella is killed by baking it.

This is linked from Duncan Hines' website:


The flavors recalled: Classic White, Confetti Cake, Butter Golden, Classic Yellow.

The specific "best if used by" dates recalled:

Classic White: from March 7, 2019 to March 12, 2019
Classic Yellow: from March 12, 2019 to March 13, 2019
Butter Golden: from March 7, 2019 to March 9, 2019
Confetti Cake: March 12 and 13, 2019

The manufacturer recommends you not use these mixes and to return them to the store where they were purchased.

Proof Trump is dumber than a damn rock

If you're going to slander someone with bogus claims...the wrong fucking guy to slander is the federal prosecutor who's already investigating you.

Trump plans to repeal the 14th Amendment with an EO


(Not sure about the reliability of the Times of India, but the Boston Globe is reporting the same thing. This was just the first link in my google search.)

Donald Trump intends to sign an order ending birthright citizenship, which is the principle where anyone born in the US, regardless of the citizenship oh the child’s parents, is a citizen of the US.

This will of course go to the Supreme Court, where it’ll have to be overturned. Trump says his advisors say he can do this. Is Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys, one of his advisors now?

The Red Sox should visit the WH for the traditional celebration

Normally I think sports teams who win championships should not be forced into the traditional meet-and-greet with Donald of Orange. But in this case, the Sox should make an exception. The whole team needs to visit the Oval Office for the traditional photo opportunity, bring him a Sox jersey with the number 45 on it and his name on the back, and serve a traditional New England luncheon of baked scrod and white clam chowder.

This has nothing to do with respect for the sacred traditions of our national pastime and everything to do with the fact Trump despises the Red Sox, who issued his Yankees a 15-run shellacking in Game 3 of the ALDS.

On a happier note, what if we do take back both houses of Congress?

Besides stopping Trump from putting any more Federalist Society judges on the Supreme Court and keeping the tax rate where it is, that is.

I would really like to see people with taxable income under, say, $75,000/$55,000 married/single be allowed to use both the standard and itemized deductions, and to deduct medical expenses regardless of how much they spent. (Right now, there's a limit: if you don't spend a fairly large percent of your income on medical expenses, you can't deduct them.)
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