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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 10,962

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An Oranger Shade of Fail. ( BIG apology to Procol Harum!)

His makeup shade was "Mango"
'Tis pity he's a whore
His arrogance made me sick
He was rotten to the core

Thought he'd soon take a powder
Never dreamed he'd dare to stay
We thought Mueller'd be his jinx
That he'd finally go away

And so it was that later
As Mueller told his tale
Bill Barr concealed obstruction
And Trump avoided jail.

"And so it was that later

As Mueller told his tale
Bill Barr concealed obstruction
And Trump avoided jail"

Was taking some older bumper stickers off today and came across "When Will The Trump

Nightmare End?"

I left that one on, since it is still "current".

Considering all of the RWNJ crap that Louie Gohmert has literally "pulled out of his ass",

isn't the man about empty?

Any chance he'll just implode any time soon?

So, now, a "bipartisan" group which includes Senators Manchin, Romney and Porter is

supposedly "making progress" in hammering out an infrastructure deal? I'm calling "bullshit"!

Tax increases targeting the very wealthy are an integral part of the Democratic proposal as a source of revenue to pay for the bill's expenditures. But, Romney and Porter both made it clear today that there is NO WAY they will agree to increase ANY taxes---PERIOD.

Does that sound like "making progress"?

When you are down by five in the closing seconds of the title game and looking at a "fourth and goal" situation, you don't settle for a field goal.

Cram our original infrastructure bill through, apologize to no one and move on. Leave the Trumpies standing naked in front of the entire nation.

The media eventually regarded Trump as an extremely flawed incompetent, so now they have to

treat President Biden like an extremely flawed incompetent because---you know---"fair and balanced".

In the movie "Big Jake" there is a scene in which John Wayne ( the good guy, Big Jake)

narrows his eyes, and tells Richard Boone (the bad guy/ kidnapper of Jake's little grandson): "Understand this---anything goes wrong---anything at all, I'm gonna blow your head off. Your fault, my fault, nobody's fault---anything goes wrong, I'm gonna blow your head off."

I think of that line often these days. While I certainly don't endorse blowing anyone's head off, that style of no-holds-barred nuance-free here's-what's-gonna-happen-if-you-don't-cut-the-crap attitude does have some appeal as a method of dealing with those who shall not be named.

Ultimatums, though, should never be delivered unless one is absolutely positive they are prepared to follow through, so---------

I am very much aware that our system of laws requires that the awesome power of the government

to punish violators be exercised only after defendants are given the benefit of rights unparalleled anywhere else in the world. The concepts of equal protection, due process and, of course, the presumption of innocence are all obstacles that prosecutors must get past in order to convict someone of a crime. Libraries are filled with countless treatises explaining and extolling the virtues of our system of jurisprudence. Their content is summed up accurately by the saying "The wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine". BUT,----------none of this is relevant or important in the "Court of Public Opinion".

Many---if not most---Americans who are paying attention are seeing Republican after Republican who has committed crimes "get away with it". In some cases they were indicted, convicted and sentenced, but then got pardoned by the Thug in Chief. In other cases, Republicans---most assuredly including Trump himself---who most thinking people at least "strongly suspect" have committed crimes, simply have not been charged with any wrongdoing. Some have even been warned in writing by the DOJ that their actions were unlawful, but no charges were filed even as they continued to violate federal law. To use a fine legal phrase---this shit's gotta stop!

WE, the people, NEED to see some of these sonsabitches convicted of the crimes we KNOW they committed and we NEED to see them walked out in cuffs, a la Chauvin.

WE are expected to obey the law.

WE know WE will be punished if we commit crimes.

WE are damn sick and tired of seeing the smirking Trumpies suffer no consequences for their criminal actions in support of the arrogant monster they worship.

We NEED---We DEMAND---nothing more than JUSTICE!

Are we going to leave our nation's capital in Washington, D.C. or will it be moved

to Charleston, West Virginia?

Senator Hawley's refusal to OK Kiran Ahuja as President Biden's personnel chief because she

believes in critical race theory and systemic racism is the equivalent of refusing to approve of a Surgeon General because they believe in antibiotics and germs.
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