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I have a plan to get rid of "It", but need help with the very first step:

how can we get him back down in that storm drain?

I already have the slingshot.

Folks, stop a minute, okay? I know there is a lot of confusing and infuriating crap

being flung at us on an almost hourly basis lately, but let's not allow ourselves to be distracted from THE cause of it all: Donald Trump in the White House and his Trumpist disciples.

Everything we do or say should make it abundantly clear that he is a criminal, this is a criminal regime and anyone still supporting the maniac is guilty of aiding and abetting. No Republican is guiltless; no Republican is unstained; no Republican should be re-elected.

Surgeons do not remove part of a cancerous tumor. They take great pains to cut out every last malignant cell. From POTUS down to our local school boards and township trustees, there is only one way to vote: straight Democratic.

The cancer of Trumpism must be excised from the body politic.

Trump's commutation of Roger Stone is his latest extension of his middle finger to

the majority of Americans. As I sat considering that image this evening, I was reminded of an evening over 50 years ago when another loudmouth flipped off the wrong person.

Bill and his girlfriend were walking across the parking lot of a bar that many of us underage adventurers visited often back in the sixties. They were on their way to Bill's car when they passed a trio of losers who were sitting on a pickup truck drinking beer. One made a very vulgar remark about Bill's date as they passed him and was taken aback when Bill turned and said "Apologize---NOW!"

The potty-mouth respondedby sliding off the tailgate and sticking his raised middle finger into Bill's face. Bill grabbed the guy's wrist with his left hand and the offensive finger with his right. The audible "snap" as the digit was broken backwards was drowned out by the guy's scream which quickly turned into the sound of his crying like a baby.

I wish Bill could meet Donald in a parking lot.

About the obscene Stone commutation:

Don't get mad; get even!


Trump has narrowed his options as to how to handle the "Stone situation" down to these three:

1.) Pardon, 2.) Commutation, or 3.) Epsteinicide.

Has anyone seen the terms of Michael Cohen's "furlough"? It is my understanding that they did not

specifically require "home confinement".

In January of last year, the results of the Mueller Investigation were still unknown

and on one snowy evening, Donald Trump found himself swamped by fears of what might be revealed. He slipped on his topcoat and, trailed by two secret service personnel, stepped outside the White House and wondered if checking on the condition of his favorite rose bush in the White House Rose Garden might calm his nerves.

He shuffled along the cleared sidewalk and soon saw that the bush was still shrouded in snow. As he reached it, his eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped open, for there, in the glow of the security lighting, he could easily read "Fuck Tiny Hands!" apparently written in urine, scrawled across his favorite bush! After screaming his anger at his security, he ordered photos of the vulgarity taken and ordered the heads of the FBI, CIA and NSA to assemble in the Oval office IMMEDIATELY.

When the groggy security and intelligence chiefs arrived, Trump showed them the photos and thundered "I DEMAND to know who is responsible for this within 24 hours! Report back here tomorrow morning!"

The next morning, all three men were in the Oval Office bright and early. Trump stomped in, plopped into his chair and bellowed "WELL?"

"Good morning, Mr. President," began the CIA director, "We have some good news and some bad news."

"What's the good news?" Trump growled.

"We have analyzed the urine and can conclusively state that it is Steve Bannon's."

"AH-HAH!" shouted the leader of the free world, leaping up from his chair. "I KNEW HE WAS A BACK-STABBING SONOFABITCH! THAT'S WHY I FIRED HIM! BUT NOW, I'LL PUT HIM IN GITMO; I'LL HAVE HIM WATERBOARDED; I'LL------- .Wait a minute---what's the bad news?"

The three officials exchanged glances and fidgeted nervously before the CIA director replied. "The handwriting", he softly intoned, "is Melania's."

Washington should rename its football team the "Washington Statesmen". That way, there would

be at least 53 true statesmen in DC.

It couldn't hurt.

Has anyone else looked at Trump's morning tweetstorm? The official psychiatric term for this

is "stark raving bugshit crazy"!

In any other era, the Repubs would be huddling with VP and cabinet members to invoke 25th Amendment, but this GOP caucus is merely a "parliament of whores" so they are just ducking the press and coordinating their indignant talking points.

The ugly ugly truth: thousands of us are dying horrible lonely deaths each week BECAUSE

Trump is in the White House---full stop.

"Whatever it takes."
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