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Welcome to DU, MariaCSR!

I've been reading that there is a form all the new arrivals to the transition team and/or the administration have to sign, acknowledging that they agree that all their communications are government property. Like emails, for example. If that's true, then it seems to me Mueller has (or already got) unfettered access to any or as much of them as he wants or feels he needs to prove his case.

That is much more accurate.

Just infuriates me how little our side seems to know OR understand the critical importance of word usage and manipulation. They’ve almost literally slept through years of this, while the bad guys have systematically studied and specialized in, and then weaponized this level of perception management, and became masters of it. While our side stayed asleep.

I’ve seen these naive dim bulbs on our side on the air assuring everybody that “the American people will see! The American people will know!” NO, you idiots!!! They WON’T!!! When all they hear is the constant onslaught on propaganda pushing the talking points of the bad guys, guess what they’re going to start internalizing and embracing?

They’re not gonna see or internalize ANY objective facts or reality because they’re not even going to know any of that EXISTS. If all they hear is the bubble world view, how will they ever know there’s a different view? When they’re constantly and repeatedly told there’s one set of “alternative facts” out there, how will they ever know there’s another version (the actual real-world reality version)?

Seems like our side STILL doesn’t get this!

Man, its a real rogues gallery. Ed Meese is in there?!?!?


So if they are indeed running interference here

then how is that not THEIR OWN obstruction of justice? Could they be held responsible for that? Doesn’t that strongly suggest obstruction of justice on THEIR part?

Welcome to DU, IluvPitties!

Indeed. If they've done nothing wrong, then certainly they shouldn't have a thing to worry about, 'eh?

Isn't that what they've always thrown back at us when they think it's to their advantage?


Man, if indeed they all signed such a standard disclosure, then yeah, sounds like they've created a big headache for themselves.

To which I say "GOOD!!!!!"

That makes sense.

Not a lawyer here, but isn't it a long-running understanding that a lawyer should never ask a question he/she doesn't already know the answer to?

Welcome to DU, quartz007!

Stripes would probably be more practical. He'd stick out like an orange thumb in an orange jumpsuit. How could you tell if he had any clothes on or not?

Welcome to DU, Obvious85!

The irony is excruciating sometimes, isn't it!
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