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There's a corollary to that, though. Whatever is alleged about

many operatives and other principals from the other side tends to turn out to be true.

I’m glad to see that people here haven’t been suckered, or remain at least somewhat suspicious.

My husband was on it almost immediately. He said "rat-fucking" as soon as he heard.

And “sounds like he’s being smeared.”
And then he said “Roger Stone or somebody?”

I think he’s right. And I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. This is the kind of thing Roy Cohn would be proud of. This is the kind of thing kkkarl rove and lee atwater would be proud of. This sounds like the fantasy dreams of the average College republi-CONS would be proud of.

One INPORTANT thing to remember here, always. These assholes will stop at NOTHING. NOTHING is too icky, too stinky, too slimy, too underhanded, or too criminal not to be attempted.

Lock 'em up.

God bless our firefighters!

Yeah, that's my only complaint too.

Ted Lieu is a DREAM representative.

Yep. He's right.

I don’t like having to say that about Joe Scarborough, because I still don’t trust him. But he’s right about this.

Unfortunately, when we met with Kurt Schrader’s staffer yesterday, I was urged beforehand not to bring it up. I did not appreciate that. There was actually one guy there who said if I did so, he’d leave the room. Schrader’s on that small “no to Pelosi” list of self-anointed would-be renegades. I didn’t bust my ass for almost two whole years to get a divisive result like that. We should all be in lockstep together to hit the republi-CONS with an iron-clad united front, NOT a bunch of splinter groups too busy bickering with each other to build on the success of these midterms.

Good morning donald.

You’re the bell of the ball. And everybody knows it! LOTTA people are saying.

Wonder who Lotta People is? Some new orange makeup/yellow hair specialist?


Seems to me we have some ingrates operating here. I bet they’re even some who benefited from her fundraising prowess.

All through the campaign I got emails begging for money because some generous donor was offering to match whatever you donated by a factor of anywhere from 100 percent to as much as 800 percent (?!?!?!). You know who those “generous donors” are? People like Nancy Pelosi. And other prominent Dems and friends. Hillary is another one. And Pelosi is perfect for it because she’s in a safe district, so she has the luxury of fundraising for OTHER people rather than just for herself.

How many of these other candidates benefited from her fundraising support and now want to stab her in the back?

What the hell ever happened to his self-respect?

Or maybe he never had any to begin with?


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