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Congrats, applegrove!

That’s both terrific and healthy!

That, too!

Welcome to DU, Collimator.

I run into this time and time again with my own best friend. She insists she doesn't hate Hillary but then runs off at the mouth about how she couldn't possibly have voted for her because she's "sneaky"? Sneaky HOW???? I answered that with "Sneaky" is refusing to release your tax returns and lying about the reason why.

Even so, we underestimate this monster at our peril. His ability to manipulate public opinion

will be the death of America.

And anyone who just thinks we can wait for Congress to prevent this needs to remember that if Congress is infested with republi-CONS, all it will do is lie back down and become a doormat.


That is a VERY good point, haele!

Your last paragraph is IT.

They never crossed the border. The border crossed them.

Mazie Hirono said the same thing recently.

“They have sold their souls.” Mainly referring to her CON colleagues in the Senate. But it applies EVERYWHERE.

That's a really great comment, lunatica!

To match a truly noble cause.

That was a disgrace. We know you don't care, Melania.

But seriously, you don’t have to wear it around in public.

I’ve heard “heart on you sleeve.” But that jacket was RIDICULOUS. And a conscious choice. Sure made one helluva fashion statement.

Just amazes me - how THREATENED these jerks are of a strong and powerful woman.


I sure hope so. But I feel as though we've gotten our hopes up before.

The really sad thing is to hear the the deplorables’ true selves come out in full “bloom”. To hear how unsympathetic, how utterly - incomprehensibly devoid of compassion they are. How hateful and hard-hearted they are toward the sound of those sobbing children. How unmoved they are to this.

The numerous references to “they want this” and worse, “they like this” - I’m just astonished. Flabbergasted. Can’t believe what I’m seeing and hearing from the MAGA crowd.

I simply can’t believe it. Shocked, stunned, and deeply disgusted. Shame on them all.

And I’ll bet they’re the first to profess how fervently they believe in Jesus.

Unfortunately they’re also likely to be the last to quote Matthew 25: 35-45 (the one about “whatever you do to the least of My brethren...” ). I’ve never heard a whiff of that out of any of them, or the televangelists they look up to.
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