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May this be a harbinger of Much MORE similarly outstanding news!!!

Hey, WE WOMEN are the real majority. EVERYWHERE. There are more women than men on this planet, and in this country. Seems to me a real democracy (yeah, I know...) would already reflect that fact.

I still do not get what took them so long.

Five of my faves! I hope at least a few of these kids

wind up running for office/the country.

Jesus Mary and Joseph!

Gee, nice of them to wake up and realize that

there’s a problem - with celebrity crap. These ads are all over the place, targeting Sally Field and other actors who are still alive. They’re kind of like a cyber-version of “Ha ha! Made ya look!!!” This shit has been going on for years! And NOTHING’S been done!

And the problem with this, as you can well imagine, is - if this is what’s going on with celebrities and other relatively meaningless targets, just think of how grotesque the problem is with world figures of real import. Like what these trolls & bots did to spread shit about Hillary, for example.

This shit has gone on for years. And gee whiz, some “Hi, I’m from Facebook” twerp suddenly realizes there’s an issue - and evidently ONLY because the subject (who’s famous and has a marquee name and high profile) complains? What the hell has “Hi, I’m from Facebook” been doing all this time? Playing video games? Sifting through his bellybutton lint? Don’t they MONITOR shit like this? Even just at THIS level - of a William Shatner hack forcryingoutloud?

She faces the same stupid bullshit a lot of women

with brains, accomplishments, and/or effective leadership skills still have to deal with. It’s really a shame.

Dammit! It’s so damn discouraging sometimes! Every time I’m tempted to think we’ve come a long way, or we’ve pulled ourselves out of the muck of ignorance and idiocy and grown up a little, I see myself proven wrong. I had the same hopes for America when Barack Obama’s was elected President. How far we’vecome How America has grown up, turned a page, closed a shameful chapter in our history, gotten OVER IT. And Man-oh-man was I ever wrong.

So discouraging and disheartening. We haven’t grown up, as a nation. We haven’t grown out of it or gotten over it or moved past it. We’re NOT there. We’re not only not there, we’re nowhere near there. SMH

So annoying! Shes EFFECTIVE. What the hell is so hard

to understand about that?

Piss-ant Paul Ryan, AND John Boehner before him couldn’t even keep track of what the votes were on that accursed side of the aisle! They got rolled every time! Nancy never let that happen.

I love this stuff. Totally fascinating!

Another great one!

I freakin LOVE this!

Claude Taylor has been busy funding billboards in lots of congressional districts where the incumbent is considered a target to pick off. Hope so! Some great stuff!

There’s a CON from Florida, Matt Gaetz, who’s been targeted. The billboards for him show his mugshot in an orange jumpsuit and the caption asks how many DUIs he has. Claude Taylor pulls no punches.
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