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All I know is what I learned in 14 years of Catholic school.

NO, according to Scripture, Jesus did not say “hate thy neighbor”. He turned the rich young man away with His “deal”: “go sell all you have, give the money to the poor, and then come follow Me.” And more. The Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 25:35-45 - the one about “whatever you do to the least of these...”

That stuff. It’s just what we learned in Catholic school. Is what it is. And it certainly can be (and IS!) debated as to authorship and what we’re told is “Divine inspiration,” interpretation, the filtering, the unbending dominant male bias and worldview, stewardship, decision-making, policy-making, and more.

Btw, as time goes by, I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan of Lady Gaga. I keep finding more to like about her.

Seconding that Bingo! Messaging!!!


Something the Dems DEFINITELY don’t do enough, or well enough!

MESSAGING!!! Hopefully AOC can help fix that. And lead the way toward much more strategically savvy and effective, AND catchy, memorable communication.

It’s not just what it is. It’s how it’s PACKAGED.

Never forget. They had the power to screw Merrick Garland

and our legitimately-elected President, Barack Obama.

They owned it all for TWO YEARS. And got nothing done. While making sure that little got done over the six years before that. Once they flipped the House back and Nancy Pelosi had to hand the gavel over to republi-CON John Boehner. AND, a noticeably larger gavel at that, compared to Pelosi’s.

He evidently needed (or wanted) a BIG gavel. Which says something about him.

Just sayin’.

Very true. Respect.


In that case, he's offered "the FART of the Deal."

Doesn't matter WHAT he says. trump speaks with a forked tongue.

Many hugs to you, mvd, as you and your loved ones go through this.

It's such a difficult time. Just remember, you need not feel alone in your mourning. Don't forget that wonderful reminder from our own Skittles: "someone's always here."

I love this kid!

I love Paul Krugman!

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