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Ivanka's only partially correct.

She forgot the “‘s skirts”.

As in “lifting up women’s skirts around the world.”

This. When you serve in public office, the people you represent are

your bosses. They pay your salary and underwrite all your benefits. You are beholden to them, and as a public official, you can’t hide behind demands for privacy whenever you want it. After all, bottom line is - YOU wanted in on all this, did you not? Nobody held a gun to your head and forced you to run for office. An office that gives you a BIGTIME public platform to be taken seriously and be heard and get lots of attention and media time to get your face on TV and your blathering on the radio and your words and deeds in the print headlines. And the taxpayer-funded healthcare and perks and benefits and staff and office space and access to all the biggest bigwigs in the world.

There’s a “quid pro quo” for that. THERE’S yer “quid pro quo” at its most basic. And if somebody you work for approaches you politely (as it appears) and asks if they can talk with you for a few moments, then you comply. And if you don’t happen to like what your constituent has to say, that’s just too damn bad.

She actumissed an opportunity 1) to engage with something be holding different views, 2) explain your thinking, 3) listen to their thinking especially if it’s not from the Pox Noise “safe space”, and maybe 4) consider opening your mind a little.

I wasn’t there. I don’t know if voices were raised. But reading the account indicates that there was no rudeness presented. Just questions she didn’t like.

But if there are questions you don’t like, Susan, then WHY? What makes those questions objectionable? Or rude? Was it rude to challenge the solidity f the house of cards you built to live in?

Don't forget the ever-popular "troubled"!

She's actually waiting for all the "alternative facts" to come in.

She needs to make sure something will provide her backup. Actual/Factual reality never seems to be of much help in that department.

Nitpicking here -

“Fraud Guarantee” or “Fraud Guarentee”?

And who’s blowing the spelling - Rudy’s Ukrainian Mutt ‘n’ Jeff or a Newsweek editor - or writer?

More like "the grift that's keeps on grifting."

Hah! No kidding!!!

I feel the same way too.

My hatred of this “man” burns with the searing fire of a thousand suns.

Citizens United made it all okay. Money is speech. And so

it’s protected by the 1st Amendment.

And corporations are people. Don’t forget, btw, that Mitt Romney agrees with that. He’s already SAID SO!!! On the record. During his run for president in 2012.

gee, Chuckie - trump stunk up the joint too foul even for you, 'eh?

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