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Very wise words.

Sometimes maybe we forget that all of this is temporary.

Indeed. She understands the family schtick, perfectly.

Welcome to DU, Maxheader!

Point taken. But I suspect I'll be out there booing these scheming greedy mercenary cheaters, as often as I might get the chance. Her father isn't a king. And she's not some crown princess, as she seems to be trying to project.

"Shop Ivanka's Look!"

I remember that. Really pissed me off.

A smudging ceremony would be good, too. With sacred sage. For purification.

That's my Congressman!

Somewhere here, we were asking each other about who else we've got, as far as leaders of our party.

Allow me to nominate Ted Lieu. I didn't think we could do better than Henry Waxman, but somehow, we did! I see him as worthy of bigger things in the future. He's WUNNNNNNNderful, and he sure represents my interests and concerns. I notice he's getting more face time on MSNBC - with Joy Reid in particular. GOOD! I want him to gain a higher profile. He could go far! We need him!

That's my Congressman! LOVE him!

And that t-shirt!

AND his new little pooch, too!

How 'bout "YOU do YOUR job, voters! Next time he's up for reelection, VOTE HIM OUT!!!"

If they snooze through the midterms, then they have no one to blame but themselves.

The word "jerk" comes to mind.

I could go on, though.

Or if you're just looking for possible synonyms for "putz," how 'bout "schmuck"? Or "dick"? Or "schlong"? Or "little head"?

So did the Russians.

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