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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 45,720

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Money don't buy you class, donald.

This just gets worse and worse and worse and worse

and worse.

Why does he not remember? Maybe it is Shit-for-Brains Syndrome?

Charles M Blow is one of my favorites.

And he sure proves it here. Once again.

Not a football fan but I greatly appreciate the NFL for this.

About time!!!

And mine.

Fuckin’ C!

Thats great!!!

You have my sympathy.

Art or craft therapy can be helpful. If you have a dog, taking it for a walk will help a little. Enjoy the beauty of nature while we still have it, before trump and pruitt can destroy it all.

They DONT want to help you.

That’s the gist of this cockamamie philosophy of the GOP. Government bad. Government shouldn’t be in the business of helping people. Just making war. You need help? Figure it out for yourself. Stop needing things. Go away. You’re on your own.

Hed look good in orange.

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