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Cipollone thought Trump would be arrested on January 6th.

The incitement was so obvious to him that he thought the FBI or the US Marshals would visit TFG that very day. It was reported at the time but soon slid into the void.

Is this the headline from Friday's hearing?

Cipollone is due to testify by video with the January 6th Committee tomorrow. His name has come up in the testimony of several witnesses, including that of Cassidy Hutchinson, the last witness to testify. He had told her that if they showed up at the Capitol, the list of crimes would be "unimaginable".

He could be a dynamite witness or he could be a dud? It will all depend on how much he wishes to give them. No doubt he has a lot of information to give them if he chooses.

For example, what did Trump say when he was told the FBI may arrest him that very afternoon? How concerned was he over his legal liability? Did he show any remorse?

Very interesting.

There are times when a referee is needed.

In sports, when there are disputed calls, the referee must make a decision.

In politics, when elections are disputed, the referee must make the call.

In life, when two recipients need a heart in order to survive, but there is only one heart, the referee must make the decision.

We find ourselves in need of a referee today.

People are wringing their hands and doubting the process of justice. From the evidence we have seen thus far, it appears that several laws have been flagrantly abused and broken. People question their own judgement and reality. Was there really a coup on January 6th? Was it an acceptable way to show political disapproval? Did people conspire to overthrow the election and our elected government? We will need a referee to make the decision.

Who is that referee? It is our Department of Justice.

When there are questions so large that folks cannot distinguish between right and wrong? When they cannot tell the difference between legal and criminal? When they try to impose their will on the majority? It is time for the referee to step in.

The Dept of Justice is the only referee we have at this time. They must make the decision. If it is not acceptable, then the aggrieved Party can appeal. All the way to the Supreme Court if they wish.

But the fact remains. The referee must make a decision.

Someone in the White House "inner circle" was a direct contact with the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

That is a very important piece of evidence.

It is important because they needed that "direct contact" when they invited the mob to the Capitol for a "wild time". They had to know that they could recruit the most violent and unstable of these groups to come to Washington.

An obvious guess would be Roger Stone or Steve Bannon?

The next hearing is about this very subject. They may have the testimony already? They may already know who was working for the White House to bring the violent mob to Washington?

The next hearing should be very, very interesting.

The most amazing fact to me is how many sold their souls to the con man and fraudster?

He spoke to them in words they understood. He appealed to their darkest instincts. They loved the way he defended them.

We had heard someone say that there "was a sucker born every minute". But in this case, there was a sucker born every second. They were ready to send him money and support his political ambitions, even if they were anti-American and anti-democracy.

It was amazing the number that simply surrendered their thought processes and ability to distinguish facts from bullshit. It was like a return to the womb, for many of them. It was a warm and safe place.

But now, slowly but surely, he is being exposed for the fraud that he is and how he hoodwinked so many people. There is an uneasiness in the herd. Even the more intelligent and sophisticated followers are now seeing that he used them and left them holding the bag. They thought that he would protect them with "immunity" and pardons. Eventually he would get around to their numbers? Now, most of them are left with little more than the Fifth Amendment or Go To Jail card.

They never anticipated it coming to this point.

It is just amazing how many have been conned?

Why they should call the valet?

Because character issues are more important to Trump supporters than crimes or illegal activities. After all, they expect him to be a criminal - that's one of the things they admire about him.

If the valet were to testify that the plate-throwing had happened before, and the table cloth was jerked from the table and the china ended up on the floor. We do not if was historic White House china? It didn't seem to matter with Trump.

Also, if there are witnesses that will testify about the SUV incident, where he attempted to grab the wheel, it would show him to be petulant and angry like a child.

Trump supporters do not really care if he wanted the magnetometers (MAGS) shut down. Oh, hell yeah! He wanted to march down to the Capitol with them. This would not be a story that would resonate with Trump supporters.

They admire the criminality of Trump but they do not like the person that throws dishes or dumps his food on the White House walls.

Democrats tend to look for the criminality, which might hold up in a court of law, but that is not where Trump is weak with his people. He tries to protect his facade of a strongman and doesn't want anyone to see the weak, insecure child.

George Orwell on power:

"Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing."

The J6 Committee Hearings are proving to be a summer hit.

At last report, there were 13 million viewers of the last hearing. These are difficult numbers for the networks to walk away from.

Since this is only the first week in July, there are still several weeks left of captivating television. As a side benefit, it is educating the American people about what happened on and before January 6th.

By quick calculation, they could squeeze in eight more episodes by the middle of September. A lot of information could come out between now and then. A lot of new witnesses could step forward.

It could be the television series that saved America and exposed the corrupt criminals that had ensconced themselves into every branch of our government.

Only two words will change the debate on the J6 Committee's investigation"


Only then will it be taken seriously.

When the charges and the facts are laid out, all the Trump supporters will get their chance to defend their delusions and lies against the facts of our judicial system.

Until that happens, they will continue to pretend that it is no big deal to attack the Capitol and threaten the lives of our elected Representatives. It is OK because they believed they were cheated out of an election. They believed the Big Lie.

Until then, it is all a big game. It's not real.

"I could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose a vote.."

How true that has turned out to be.

One can only imagine what would have happened if they had been successful in hanging Mike Pence. After all, "he deserved it."

Donald Trump always declares his innocence. "I barely knew her", he says. Whatever he has done pales in comparison to what his political enemies have done. "What about Hunter Biden?"

He never confesses to anything, even if caught red-handed. He reverses the charges. It is a witch hunt. The person making the charges is despicable. He is a left-wing radical Democrat. He makes it a two-sided story.

We have seen this one-trick pony far too many times.

He needs to hear more: "We have the evidence".

"Donald Trump is guilty."

"He should be indicted immediately."

"In our country, he has no special privilege".

"He has betrayed our country and deserves his just punishment."

We need to stop discussing whether or not we have the evidence. We have the evidence. We need someone to say, "Tomorrow he will be indicted".

The War Between the Parties

Similar to the War Between the States, they defend an ideology and a cult of personality, no matter how insane or absurd it becomes. The truth is just one man's opinion. Anything that disagrees with the Party is "fake news".

We have reached a point where there is no communication about what is important to our nation or republic. It only matters if it furthers the interests of the Party.

There is no shame. There is no guilt. There is no admission of fact. There is only the Enemy and that is the other Party.

Do not try to persuade with truth or rational thought. Do not try to convince them with empathy or patriotism. Nothing can penetrate the shell of their cult.

Unless there is some sort of paradoxical change, it appears we are going to ride this road to the very end.

Do not waste your time with truths and facts that you think will change them to your way of thinking. Save your energy for something much more worthy, like ice cream and fireworks for the Fourth.
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