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Why Congress is not holding more hearings on the 1/6 Insurrection?

Shouldn't there be a lot of witnesses they should be questioning?

Is it because they were holding back because they thought there would be a Commission to investigate it?

Or because they did not want to double-jeopardize possible charges against some very big names?

There should be a lot of people answering questions under oath right now.

Do you feel that things are moving much too slowly ?

Mitch McConnell is dangerously deluded.

Much like the majority of his Party.

But Mitch is a special kind of deluded. He says he wants to look to the future, not the past, in dismissing any need for a Commission.

However, there is no "moving forward" into the future when you are shackled to the past. And the Republicans are shackled to the lies of Donald Trump.

Mitch is an honest disgrace. He wants to be Majority Leader again. He has 2022 marked on his calendar.

That will be the day the mule kicks him in the head again.

His disgrace will be complete.

He lies with such sincerity...

If you were a fan or supporter, you would be hard-pressed not to believe him.

Some people say he is an honest Christian.

The left hates him because he "tells it like it is".

The bigger the lie, the more they tend to believe him.

Because, the "fake news" and the liberals hate him.

But, he could not tell the truth if his life depended on it.

The lies are like opium.

They can't get off it. They are hooked.

Because they want to believe.

How should Democrats respond to the "most radical socialist agenda in history"?

The campaign which the Republicans have already started.

"Those darn Democrats are destroying our country with their big-spending social programs", they preach.

"They are destroying the future for our children", they warn.

How should Democrats respond?

That is really rich coming from a Party that endorsed a coup against our government and have been mainly silent since it happened. How can anyone trust Republicans to do what is best for the people, when they have no respect for our government or the rule of law?

How can anyone believe a word they say, when they have promoted the "Big Lie" that has done great harm to our country?

And now, they want to criticize the Democrats?

Give me a frigging break!

They don't have the right to criticize anybody.

What is the role of justice in a democracy?

Not necessarily a Department of Justice but rather the general ideal of "justice"?

Do citizens need to see justice as "unbiased"?

Do they need to see that no one is above the law - that there are not two systems of justice?

How important is justice to the survival of democracy?

Is the lack of justice the signal for corruption?

Should justice only apply to the "little guy" that breaks the law?

If we ignore it, maybe "it" will all go away?

Liz Cheney says that is what the Republicans are doing with Trump and the "Big Lie". But she does not believe it will work.

Neither MSNBC, CNN, nor FOX News covered the re-emergence of the criminal seditionist last night, but he was still at the front of their reports this morning? So, it does not look like he is going to disappear and neither are his supporters. They believe him and trust him over all the "fake news" media.

What should be done?

Is the DOJ working fast enough? Is there any reason to believe they are "ignoring" the Trump problem?

How much damage can be or will be done before anyone gets around to charging the traitor?

Aqualung re-emerges

"...I'm not trying to destroy democracy - I'm trying to save democracy."

And the crowd stood and gave him a standing ovation.

I vomited.

I turned over to C-SPAN and watched a few minutes of TFG just to see if he would go where I thought he would go?

He went there.

He expressed extreme resentment toward Mark Zuckerberg, also.

And then, he lied some more.

(FOX didn't carry it)

Quisling ?


Did You Know?

Vidkun Quisling was a Norwegian army officer who in 1933 founded Norway's fascist party. In December 1939, he met with Adolf Hitler and urged him to occupy Norway. Following the German invasion of April 1940, Quisling served as a figurehead in the puppet government set up by the German occupation forces, and his linguistic fate was sealed. Before the end of 1940, "quisling" was being used generically in English to refer to any traitor. Winston Churchill, George Orwell, and H. G. Wells used it in their wartime writings. Quisling lived to see his name thus immortalized, but not much longer. He was executed for treason soon after the liberation of Norway in 1945.

Democrats debate shape of new Jan. 6 probe


House Democrats mulling their next steps for investigating the Capitol attack of Jan. 6 have reached at least one early verdict: doing nothing is not an option.

In a call this week with House Democrats, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) floated four different routes Congress could take: have the Senate vote again on the House-passed bill to create an outside commission; form a select House committee, consisting of lawmakers hand-picked by leaders in both parties; allow several sitting committees to continue their probes into Jan. 6; or empower a single House committee, like Homeland Security or Oversight, to take the lead on the investigation.

“The Homeland Security Committee has been committed, in a bipartisan manner, to finding facts about Jan. 6 and preventing another attack on our Capitol,” Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) told The Hill on Thursday. “The committee has a long track record of constructive bipartisan work for what’s best for our country.”

After all, it was Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and New York Rep. John Katko, the panel’s top Republican, who unexpectedly cut a deal last month on legislation to create an independent commission, evenly split with five Democrats and five Republicans, and with equal subpoena power.

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