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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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Why does Trump continue to obsess on the Russia investigation?

When AG Barr shut down the investigation and when the Democrats did not pursue any of the charges during the impeachment, why did he not just let it die?

Because he knows someone has the evidence and he must continue to try and immunize himself with his followers? So long as his supporters believe he is innocent, that is all the cover he needs.

But, he cannot let the issue die. Because there is something there that he does not want to be known.

In typical Trumpian fashion, he calls it a "hoax' and "fake news". He is forever trying to minimize and to degrade whatever might be made public.

The reason he obsesses about it is because he knows it is there...

Trump doesn't like the mail-in ballots but he doesn't like polling places either.

If people cannot vote by mail, how are they supposed to vote? Where are the polling places? It has been reported that there is one polling place in Louisville, KY that is supposed to handle 600,000 voters? If that is not suppression of the vote, then what is?

But, even with all the other suppression tactics, they have to slow down the mail to have a chance at winning.

There should be numerous places to vote. That is what Democrats want. If they can't get those, then they want to be able to have mail-in ballots.

That is what Trump and the Republicans oppose.

Old Rivers

The question that must be asked: Are you Republican or are you American?

Because, if you are a Republican in its present tense, then you are not supporting your country, in the most blunt terms. The anti-American qualities that you follow are treasonous. They are criminal. They are divisive. They are anti-democratic, with a small "d".

It is no longer about politics or reality television, it is about the survival of our country. Either we are all in this together or we are not. There is no Trumpian middle ground.

Uncle Pen

If Donald Trump had been on the Titanic?

"It's the greatest ship in the world. It is taking on a little water but it will soon end. Like a miracle."

"People say once we reach our destination, people will want to build even bigger ships."

"Obama didn't leave enough boats for the women and children. I take no responsibility at all."

"We need to get the band up front on the deck. They need to play something cheerful. It will be amazing!"

"It's not sinking. We have plenty of pumps to get out all the water."

"Gulp...gulp...gulp... We're not sinking....the Russians are in the vicinity and I am told that they are on their way to help."

"It will be incredible!"

A Change is Gonna Come

Simple Song of Freedom

Trump back-tracking on the Postal Service?

Just yesterday, he was talking about withholding funds from the USPS so they could not deliver mail-in ballots. He was saying it out loud....if they can't get their ballots, they can't vote. He and his Postmaster General were in the process of taking apart the infrastructure of the mailboxes and the sorting machines in the letter delivery system. (It was reported that he had met with the new Postmaster General in the White House just a few weeks ago)

But then, Speaker Pelosi says she may have to ask members to return to Washington in order to stop the sabotage. Also, loud protesters marched on the Washington home of the new Postmaster General. Angry Congressmen are demanding that the new Postmaster General come before the Congress and explain exactly what they were doing by boldly sabotaging the next election. In the process, they were slowing down the delivery of drugs to veterans and senior citizens.

So today, they have changed their story. They were only trying to "fix" the inefficient parts of the Postal System? They cut out all overtime. (If they truly wanted to "fix" the problems with the Post Office System, they would hire more people and ask Congress to pass legislation repairing their healthcare pension system, which was wrecked by the same Congress.)

Perhaps they can re-situate the "sorting systems" they removed back into the same places or put them where they are even more needed? Perhaps they were not really trying to slow down the voting on election day?


Feeling Alright

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