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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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America is better than Donald Trump...

..and better than his supporters.

I can think of no way where they are better than America?

America is a good, compassionate country. America is everyman. And every woman. They are not hateful people. They are not self-deluded. They are not suckers for every lie and distraction that comes from liars of the status quo. They will prove who they are on election day.

They will not accept criminality or deception. They will not accept those that would divide our country into partitions, every dog for himself. That is not America.

I refuse to believe that it will ever be. The cruel, groveling shit-eaters will be kicked out of our government and we will build a better, more kind, America.

America is better than what people are seeing at this time.

Like a Rolling Stone (live at Monterey Pop Festival 1967)

Pinball Wizard

Indian Reservation

They had their chance.

And they blew it.

They had a chance to do what was best for the country. They had a chance to do what was best for their Party and themselves.

They could have rid themselves of their problem. They had a chance to vote for impeachment and conviction, but they chose to play the game through.

The Senate didn't even want to look at it. They didn't need to hear from any witnesses. Their minds were made up.

Unfortunately, the people have had to suffer because of their decisions.

Why Trump put on the mask?

First of all, he was going into a hospital.

Secondly, he was visiting veterans. Many veterans are still angry over the report that he knew Putin was putting a bounty on the heads of soldiers in Afghanistan. He is attempting to mend the fences with some in the military.

Thirdly, it would be very bad optics for him if one of the wounded veterans caught the virus and died. Especially if he was not wearing a mask during his visit. It was all to his political benefit to put on a mask.

However, no one should expect to see him put on another mask in the near future. Unless it is politically advantageous.

One day after Supreme Court ruled that there is no 'absolute immunity' and no one is above the law..

Trump says, "Screw you, John Roberts!"

And proceeds to commute the sentence of his buddy, Roger Stone, The NYTimes said that he went where Nixon refused to go.

He doesn't give a crap what the Supreme Court says or what Mitch McConnell or Mitt Romney might say. He is going to do what is in his own best interest. Screw the law!

A lot of people are deluding themselves about how far this criminal is willing to go.

Shelter From the Storm

The Ideal Republican Presidential Candidate:

He must be unpredictable. It's better if he is mentally unstable.

He must be willing to lie in all instances. And those that speak for him must be able to improvise quickly with lies on any and every subject. They must be 100% loyal.

He must be not only willing to bend the laws, but to break them at every opportunity. Rules are made for losers.

He must be willing to use patriotism as a campaign issue but be able to discard it when he needs to make a deal with enemy autocrats. He must be secure enough to hug the flag at every opportunity.

Also, he must be able to put his own personal interests above those of the country and to commit crimes to secure whatever makes him more wealthy or more powerful.

Furthermore, he can never show sympathy or pity for anyone. That would only make him look weak.

And he must always take the side of the underdog, especially when they are of questionable character or have been accused of a crime. He understands that criminals are not the bad people.

Roger Stone was on his way to jail.

Yesterday, Donald Trump commuted his sentence.

Although the president has the authority to pardon or to commute sentences of a judge and jury, he does not have the right to do so to protect his own criminality. That is obstruction of justice.

It was an overt criminal act. Roger Stone had been found guilty.

Why a commutation rather than a pardon? Is it because of the Fifth Amendment restrictions of a pardon? After a pardon, one cannot claim Fifth Amendment rights when questioned under oath.

Today, Donald Trump is tweeting his usual BS about how Stone was innocent and it was all part of the "Russian Hoax". The jury that found him guilty did not think so.

Did Stone bribe Trump to get his commutation? Trump knew he had information that would show criminality and knowledge on his part. So, it was an agreement between the two men to protect each other from criminal prosecution and punishment.

At least temporarily, some people are above the law.

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