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New Florida license plate

Acquitted of manlaughter/murder..GUILTY of theft

He not only killed Trayvon Martin, but stole his last words.. (as a cowardly way to make HIMSELF the scared boy calling for help)

As a mother I would not want my son's last words to BE pleas for un-offered help, but I would bristle at the thought that his killer ended up being "credited" with those last breaths of life from my son..

Anyone who has lost a loved one (and was not present) asks what their last words were.. To have those words stolen (no matter how painful it is to know they were pleading-for-help) would be unbearable.

On the day Trayvon Martin died, "The Crime Report" of Sanford's paper reported


there was apparently NO crime report for 2/27 or 2/28

his death was apparently not big enough news for them to report it..

They did go into tremendous detail regarding the multiple ARRESTS made for som pretty insignificant goings-on..

a 5'11" person, grabbed from behind by a 5'7" person, would probably

fling their elbow around....catching the shorter person behind, in the NOSE..

Person behind (startled) , "might" have been knocked off their feet and sent reeling backwards "wet grass & sneakers" onto the drain, concrete, whatever..(creating gravel/pebble on concrete smallish wounds on a bald head)

That person, furious, might just have drawn the gun (if it were not already in his hand)..that could certainly cause the other person to begin screaming for help. (seeing a gun)

If the falling person held onto to clothing grabbed, the taller person (wet grass) could have certainly have been dragged down with the falling person, and a tussle undoubtedly would have occurred as one tried to hold on and the other tried to escape.

That is what I wish the prosecution had proffered..

There would not necessarily have been nose-blood on the elbow of the garment, since the nose may not have instantly bled.

As much as we all kvetch about MSNBC these days, be thankful it's there

I have been without it since June 30...and will not have it back until July 16th.

We are in Kent Washington visiting our new (and only) grandchild, and the Extended Stay hotel we are in, has THREE FOX channels, TWO ESPNs and NO MSNBC.

It is especially grim to only have CNN as an option for news..

It was almost painful watching them stumble through the mis-information yesterday when that plane crashed.. They had nothing in their teleprompters and had to vamp their way through it..

But, thankfully, I still have this place to come to for information

We are spending as much time with our son & the family as possible, but we are also polite guests who do not want to hover over them 24/7.

Little Bridgette is at the stage when babies start to fear "strangers" , so we have purposefully "held back" a bit so she would not fear us..

She is irresistibly cute though

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