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Even if you are in a safe Blue Congressional District and State, please VOTE

I live in Manhattan, NY. The Democrats here are shoo-ins, but I'm still planning to vote because I want the Democratic party to get more votes overall. My vote won't decide a close election, but it will still send a message.

How many lottery tickets would you have to buy in order to give yourself a 95% chance of winning?

Assume :
1. Each ticket is worth a dollar
2. The odds are the same as the mega millions lottery
3. Rules of the lottery are the same as the mega-millions
4. IOW, just assume it's the mega millions lottery for $1.6 billion

Please show your work.

You could win the Mega Millions (Tax Free), and you would only have 1% of Jeff Bezos' net worth

Think about that for a second.

Republicans want to sell you junk health insurance plans.

There's only one way to make a profit in the health insurance business. Maximize premiums. Minimize paying out for your health care. That's the business model.

Under a Republican health care plan, health insurance companies would be able to set up in states with low, or even no, regulations on them. Which means that they can charge super high deductibles which will make your insurance worthless. For example, they will sell plans that offer low premiums, say $50 a month, but the deductible can be as high as $100,000 which means that your health insurance company won't starting paying until you have more than $100,000 worth of health care bills. In essence, people will be paying $600 a year for no effective coverage.

Also, these low regulatory states may allow these companies to not have the capital on hand to pay off claims as other states do. So, these companies could collect premiums and literally steal the money. When the claims come in and they don't have the cash to pay them, they will be able to declare bankruptcy and start all over again. It won't take much to buy off a rural state legislature to look the other way.

What about blue states requiring only state regulated insurance plans be sold in their states? Answer: The Republicans' plan would forbid that on a federal level.

Why would people buy junk plans? Answer: Why would people take on sub-prime loans to buy a house? Why do people use payday loans? People are desperate and think that a junk plan protects them.

Wouldn't healthcare-related bankruptcies skyrocket? Answer: Yes, they would and our healthcare costs would also skyrocket as healthcare providers would have to recoup losses from fewer and fewer existing paying customers.

Ah, but wouldn't this bring about a Sarandon? Answer: A Sarandon is a situation where things get so dire that the people take to the streets demanding change. No, it wouldn't. Republicans are adept at blaming non-white people for every problem in America. Go back and look at the early comments during the housing crisis of 2008. Republicans blamed the Community Reinvestment Act for the collapse. Claiming that forcing banks to lend to African Americans was responsible for the downfall, not the greedy banks.

Why do some Democratic candidates focus on winning over marginal Republicans instead of building up

a strong base of support from their own supporters? I get that in some states Republicans out-number Democrats in registration and in turn out. So, why not focus on registering more Democrats and turning them out? It's folly to ever expect some Republicans to break ranks and support you. That simply does not happen. Please cite evidence where that has worked ANY WHERE.

My hypothesis is that building up the Democratic base in so-called red states takes time, organization, and more importantly money to do, and some Democratic campaign consultants would much rather have candidates spend limited money on TV ads and polls which puts more money in their pockets. That's why they always stress that these candidates strip away Republican support.

Maybe I am wrong. If I am, please disabuse me of my theory. Thank you

Susan Collins will probably lose to Trump Republican in the primaries

She won't even make it to the general election.

--On Edit--
I take it back about Murkowski.

Our fight is larger than beating Trump. Much much larger.

What the past two years have shown us time and time again is that the Republican party has become the party of preserving wealthy, White male privilege and power by any means necessary including, but not limited to, denying hearings on a SCOTUS nominee, colluding with a hostile foreign power, tearing babies away from their mothers at our borders, enabling White supremacists, and now pushing a man accused of attempted rape onto the SCOTUS without examining all of the evidence. They have shown us who they are and what they represent. And no, defeating Trump is not going to change them or their mission. They'll another one. They have a very deep bench to pull from.

What we have to do is defeat their ideology. We have to clearly define and present an alternative vision for America. Simply saying, "we're not them" is not going to be good enough. Democrats have to give the American people a sustainable view of what we want America to be. Once such a vision is defined, the party and any potential candidates will fall into line.

Labor and social movements of the 20th century didn't wait for a political party or a politician. They defined a vision and drew in the American people to support it. Soon, the Democratic party and its politicians came to adopt that vision and enacted legislation to support it.

The only way to truly defeat the Republicans and Trump is by building a strong, progressive vision of our future.

This Chris Dudley?

Ha Ha!

--On Edit--
In this clip, you will see Glenn Rice who reportedly had an affair with Sarah Palin. Details at the link:


--2nd Edit--
You will also see Dennis Rodman who is beloved by NK's Kim Jong-un.

I'm the kitten that eats while everyone else tries to escape

Kittens Therapy.

With all that we've been through this week, we could use some kitten therapy:

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