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Nighthawks by Edward Hopper: Great Art Explained

Happy (belated) 100th Anniversary to the Overlook Hotel July 4th Ball 1921

Not Just Bikes: "How I Got Into Urban Planning (and Why I Hate Houston)"

South Korean capital bans fast workout music in gyms as Covid measure

Gyms in the South Korean capital are about to adopt an unusual Covid prevention strategy: play slower music.

The Health Ministry is implementing a number of new measures as the country continues battling a coronavirus outbreak that has seen daily cases climb steeply since late June.
In the capital Seoul, new rules mean specific workout classes, such as spinning and aerobics, are not allowed to play music that is faster than 120 beats per minute (BPM), since "harsh breathing from intense activities can spatter a lot of saliva," said the ministry in a news release.

Treadmills in gyms are also limited to a speed of six kilometers per hour (about 3.72 miles per hour -- making that roughly a 16-minute mile).The ministry added that they implemented new rules in gyms because it's difficult to properly wear masks or social distance while exercising, especially during group classes, therefore making it more likely for people to become close contacts.


This is what pursuing a zero-covid strategy looks like.

Two questions every Democrat who goes on Fox News guests must ask the host

1. Is Joe Biden the duly and fairly elected president of the United States without any evidence of fraud?

2. Have you been vaccinated for COVID-19?

Do not answer a single question if they don't answer your questions. Disrupt the interview and get thrown off if need be.

NBA Finals: Bucks vs. Suns or House Baratheon vs House Martell

House Martell:

Phoenix Suns:

House Baratheon:

Milwaukee Bucks:

In the books the two houses did have a long history of going to war against each other.

New Republic: "What the $%&! Is Going On at the FDA?"

I don't want to hear any more about the FDA's process when they just approved a speculative Alzheimer’s drug, but not the covid vaccines. Full FDA approval would go a long way towards mandates by businesses, schools, and our military.

Before anyone mandates that I wear a mask or quaratine myself in my house again, there better be full FDA approval of the vaccines and mandates for people to take it.

Experts want to know why the agency approved a questionable Alzheimer’s drug but has withheld full approval from Covid vaccines.

Gregg Gonsalves feels guilty. Now a professor at Yale’s School of Public Health, Dr. Gonsalves remembers standing with other AIDS activists outside the Food and Drug Administration headquarters in the 1980s, accusing the agency of murder for not approving medications that might save lives but hadn’t been proven effective in clinical trials yet. “People were dying. We didn’t know what to do,” Gonsalves told me.

The activists demanded an expedited approval process for medications that showed potential with improving immune system markers like CD4 cell levels, while studies on whether the drugs actually prolonged lives were still being conducted. Rapid approval, even before a drug was shown to help, could mean the difference between life and death, they argued.

In 1992, the FDA established precisely this kind of rapid approval process. Now the FDA has used it to approve a controversial drug for Alzheimer’s disease, even as the agency hasn’t fully approved Covid vaccines with far greater evidence of efficacy. Aduhelm, a drug produced by a company called Biogen, reduces a type of brain plaque that is associated with Alzheimer’s—but it’s not yet clear if the medication can help control or halt the disease itself. Thanks to the FDA’s accelerated approval in June, patients can start using the drug to see if it helps while trials continue.

Six months into Biden’s presidency, the FDA is in turmoil; the administration still hasn’t even named a commissioner to lead the agency. The hasty Aduhelm approval shocked observers, in part because the agency has yet to offer full approval to Covid-19 vaccines despite millions of successful and safe vaccinations.


The best way forward in the COVID-19 fight is for the FDA to give full approval to the vaccines.

This would allow businesses, health insurance companies, schools, our military, and other organizations to mandate that the vaccines be taken. That would push us over the threshold needed for herd immunity. The FDA has plenty of data to make this decision.

Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that the FDA giving Covid vaccines full approval is “only a technical issue” and that the hundreds of millions of people across the world who have been vaccinated serve as evidence that “the effectiveness and the safety of the vaccines are very high.”



Disney+ next Marvel show, "WHAT IF...? Trailer 2 (2021)"

Grace Slick Vocals Isolated - White Rabbit

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