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Cats: "Real nice car you have here. Real shame if something happened to it."

"But it's nothing a few pieces of salmon can't fix." -- Mafia cats shaking down the neighborhood.

I would be thrilled if South Carolina and Nevada are moved up in the Dem primary schedule.

Those states have some the highest percentage of working class Democratic primary voters in particular, African American and Latino voters. This forces candidates to deliver a message that appeals to them. Democratic primary voters in Iowa and N.H. skew to very liberal, college educated White voters, esp. the Iowa caucus and such voters are not representative of the larger Democratic party let alone the broader general electorate.

How will the media spin Warnock's win tonight as "bad news for the Democrats"?

Or, how Warnock's win is a sign of Democrats in disarray.

This is where Chuck Todd earns his money.

Goalkeeper cat

This is why the USMNT lost. We snubbed Goalkeeper cat.

I hate all cable news networks, esp. on election nights.

They've become expert at emotionally manipulating their audiences for the sake of ratings.

Only 5% of the DeKalb vote is in at 8:51 PM EST

Can we wait until 100% of that vote is in before we soil ourselves with worry?

New theory: Musk wants to become the Rupert Murdoch of social media.

That's why he bought Twitter. Look at how he's flacking this recent "news" about Twitter and the Biden campaign's request to take down nude photos of Hunter Biden. This is right out of the Murdoch playbook. Go crazy about a liberal media/Democratic party alliance when it's the biggest nothing burger of all time.

By turning Twitter into the voice of conservatives like Fox, Musk hopes to lure advertisers and be an asset to the uber wealthy who have had a long, storied history of silencing media outlets that threaten the status quo.

--On Edit--

Chris Hayes confirms my theory:

Actress Kirstie Alley dies at 71 following battle with cancer

Source: CBS News Philadelphia

Actress Kirstie Alley, known for her breakout role in the sitcom "Cheers," has died after battling cancer. She was 71.

"We are sad to inform you that our incredible, fierce and loving mother has passed away after a battle with cancer, only recently discovered," her children True and Lillie Parker said on Alley's Twitter. "She was surrounded by her closest family and fought with great strength, leaving us with a certainty of her never-ending joy of living and whatever adventures lie ahead."

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/philadelphia/news/actress-kirstie-alley-dies-at-71-following-battle-with-cancer-cheers/

Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes is Tucker Carlson's target demo in human form.

Fuentes is who Tucker talks to every night. There's very little daylight between Tucker's views and Nick's. It's the reason why Tucker does so well in the ratings. No other media organization goes after the Fuentes demo. Tucker has that demo to himself which gives him an edge in the ratings.

Cable news ratings are rather small. Fox News leads in primetime viewers with about 2.2 million people. Tucker gets about 3 million viewers which is miniscule when compared to the number of viewers for YouTube and TikTok content creators. But his viewers don't have any other choice. Fuentes is not going to watch CNN or MSNBC or any other cable news channel.

In the end, courting the extreme right is a bad business and political strategy. The more fringe. The more cringe.

Cable News viewership:

YouTube content creators viewers:

TikTok content creator viewers:

EU and US turn up the heat on Elon Musk over Twitter

People do not understand that Twitter is a global business with footprints all around the world through various jurisdictions and regulations. What's okay here in the U.S. may not be the case in other countries. This is why Twitter hired so many people to comply with of all these rules.

Elon Musk is under renewed pressure from the US and EU over his ownership of Twitter, as regulators clamp down on the billionaire’s push to transform the social network into a freewheeling haven of free speech.

The European Commission on Wednesday threatened Musk with a ban unless Twitter abides by strict content moderation rules, as US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen indicated that Washington was reviewing his purchase of the social network.


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