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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 25,981

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Adorable story about a woman and her beaver

Any of you old NYC club hoppers remember the Limelight nightclub?

It use to be a church. Then it was a notorious nightclub. Then it was a Marketplace. Now? It's a gym.

The New York Limelight originally started as a disco and rock club. In the 1990s, it became a prominent place to hear techno, goth, and industrial music. It earned the media's attention in 1996, when club kid and party promoter Michael Alig was arrested and later convicted for the killing and dismemberment of Angel Melendez, a fellow member of the Club Kids and a drug dealer who frequented the club.[9] The 2003 biopic Party Monster, starring Macaulay Culkin and Seth Green, was based on this event. The Limelight was closed by the police, and subsequently reopened several times during the 1990s. In September 2003, it reopened under the name "Avalon"; however, it closed its doors permanently in 2007.[10] Since May, 2010, the building has been in use as the Limelight Marketplace, but in 2014 it was converted into an outlet of the David Barton Gym chain. On December 21, 2016, this location as well as all four other David Barton Gym locations in NYC abruptly closed their door for business. In June 2017 it Reopened as Limelight Fitness.


Trump's use of "low IQ" individuals when referring to AA is a nod to Charles Murray's "Bell Curve"

The Bell Curve supposedly provides scientific evidence that African Americans are genetically less intelligent than White people based on IO test scores. Published in the mid-90s, the book has seen a resurgence among the alt-right and "outside of the mainstream", so-called academics and intellectuals.

Vox did a whole thing about it back in April:


This is what Congressional Democrats need to run on. Not over-reacting to Nancy Pelosi

Sick and tired of Democrats over-reacting to Republican boogeypeople. Talk about wages and healthcare, not who will be the speaker. Stop falling for the bait and call out the fucking media when they make it an issue.


We all snuggle together!!

A new movie about Freddie Mercury is coming out. What other rock stars should get their own film?

And who would you cast as the lead?

Would love to see a Prince or David Bowie movie, but I can't think of known actors that could play either of them.

--On Edit--

Tilda Swinton as Bowie:


BTW, here's the trailer for the Queen movie. Looks good, but I am reserving judgment:

Download or Listen to the podcast "The Wilderness" by former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau.

It's an examination of the Democratic party from its start to its present day circumstance. Absolutely briliant.


Did Lido miss the boat that day he left the shack? n/t

Why not do Free Medical Education (Doctors and Nurses) in exchange for taking Single Payer patients

Why don't we pay for the medical education of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals in exchange for them taking on Single Payer/Medicare for All patients. For current health care professionals, we can offer to forgive all outstanding student loan debt.

Or am I crazy?

p.s. I'm not saying lower the standards to get into medical school. The standards for admission/graduation would be the same. They would just have to accept Medicare/Single payer patients.

p.p.s. There would be a limit to the number of patients that they would be required to accept.

Okay, now you may call me crazy.

Kitteh really, truly does not like the movie, "Total Recall"

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