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Game of Thrones Official Trailer

Oh hells yeah!!!

Nothing good has come from Bush's war. Not Bush II's war but Bush I's war.

Think about it. The Gulf War of 1990 has lead directly to the 9/11 attacks, the Afghanistan war, the Iraq invasion and occupation, Bin Laden, Al Qeda, ISIL, more terrorist attacks in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia.

All of this because Saddam invaded Kuwait. Something that we could have solved with diplomacy.

As long as we have laser pointers, we have no fear of a feline takeover

My choice for the best actor to play Trump in a movie.

This guy:

Corgis makes it all better. No need to cry

I would love to see a movie about the Beatles in the immediate years after their break up

Maybe even a Netflix or HBO series. I think that their individual lives, their post-Beatles music, the zeitgeist of the 1970s, all of that makes for a fascinating drama.

Don't you think?

I believe Trump

He can shoot someone in broad daylight on 5th Avenue and his base and congressional Republicans would still support him.

Would we ever support a Democratic president who did the same things as Trump?

Republicans would say that if a Democratic president did the exact same things as Trump is doing, the rank and file Democrats would be as supportive of said president as the Republicans are in support of Trump. There is no objective truth. There's your team and our team. We're living in an age of Ride or Die politics.

I would say, no. We wouldn't support a Democratic president who did things like this. Were the Clintons angels? Heck, no, but they didn't do anything remotely as bad as Trump is doing. Also, the Clintons were constantly being attacked by other Dems for their acts.

Moreover, after his scandals, Anthony Weiner ran for mayor of NYC, a bastion of liberal Democrats, and even though he was a rising star in liberal circles, he was rejected soundly by the voters. Same is true for Elliot Spitzer, the sheriff of Wall Street. He too sought an elected office after his scandals, and he too was rejected by the voters.

If anything, Dems are way too harsh and unforgiving when their leaders step out of line. You don't hear from John Edwards any more do you?

Are we "winning" yet? Is this "winning"? My head is not exactly swimming in winning as promised.

Someone tell me when the winning starts. Thank you.

AEIOU...and sometimes Y

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