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Member since: 2001
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Saul Goodman: "Put a dollar in my pocket. You want attorney client privilege..."

Go to 2:51 of the video at link.


Michael Cohen: "You cannot rape your spouse. Theres very clear case law."

Now, I remember. This was the asshat that got into it with a Daily Beast reporter during the 2016 campaign. There's so many scumbags around Trump. We need a Wiki page to track all of them. I've already forgotten about Rob Porter and Lewandowski shoving someone.


I'm just not very confident in my tax accountant

Tenacious D. Flight of the Conchords. Spinal Tap. The Dream Tour.

Someone should make it happen and film a documentary about it.

"Hillary is a war monger. At least Trump won't start a war with someone."

And another stupid anti-Hillary talking point from the 2016 Election bites the dust.

Anybody else feel like we're heading for a major show down soon?

Like within the next month or so? I feel like Mueller is getting close to indict Trump, and Trump is moving to fire the entire DOJ and FBI.

Baby Panda thinks it's all that

No true billionaire would have a lawyer like Michael Cohen as personal counsel.

That's like living in Rome, and your favorite restaurant is KFC.

Man, Fox News is going hard on Hillary's emails

Their line of attack is that the FBI didn't raid Hillary's office/home. Her staff was given immunity. The DOJ and FBI aren't releasing enough documents about that investigation. No Special Counsel has been appointed to look into Hillary.

It's Hillary emails! Hillary emails! Hillary emails! 24/7.

Guess what they're talking about on Fox News

I'll give you a hint. Rhymes with "Minton".
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