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Member since: 2001
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Fox News' sexual harassment corporate culture fits the overall Republican agenda

Since Reagan, the Republican agenda has been that accumulated wealth and power trumps (no pun intended) individual rights, freedoms, and liberties. When you have wealth and power, you can do whatever you want to do to whomever you want to do it to. When you're rich, tax laws don't apply to you, regulations don't apply to you, laws don't apply to you, and you don't have to respect the rights of your fellow man to live in dignity.

Given this, it's no wonder why we have periodic stock market bubbles and collapses. It's no wonder why we have Enron or the housing bubble. The rewards of wealth and power provide a huge incentive to attain it by any means necessary.

We need to stop "celebritizing" our Dem leaders.

They're people just like everyone else. We shouldn't care about what one leader says or does or even doesn't say or do. What we should care about is contesting every single election in America. The most effective way to communicate to voters is through elections, and when we contest every election, we tell the voters what we stand for, and because we contest every election, they can come to rely on us as a party.

That's what wins in the long run. Elected officials and candidates come and they go. It's our values that stay around.

I got my recall and precision rates up over .3 for my final project! WoooHooooo!

Use the AdaboostClassifier from the sklearn.ensemble package, I was able to create a machine learning model that got a precision rate of 0.31590 and a recall rate of 0.30500!!!!

Extended Death Star Meeting Scene

In the new Fast & Furious movie, Charlize Theron gets Vin Diesel to turn on his friends....

I just want to let you all in the lounge know that if Charlize Theron wanted me to turn on the Lounge, I would...throw you all under a bus without hesitation.

Man, if you drop a bomb, the media will love you.

Morning Joe is having a circle jerk this morning over Trump. All of the sudden, Trump is the greatest American president ever. Why? Because he's willing to drop bombs on other nations.

So, is Trump going to drop a bomb(s) every week now? Is this winning?

Are we winning now?

Kansas Democrat James Thompsons 47 percent

You know the real reason why Republicans have all of the control that they have. When they lose an election but get 47% of the vote, they cheer. They cheer because they know that they're 3+ percentage points away from winning and the next election is just around the corner.

When Dems get 47% of the vote and lose, we despair. We sulk. We abandon the district entirely because "we just can't win there in that state".

The reality is that 47% of the voters in that deep red state and district voted for us, and all we do is bemoan the loss instead of embrace the hope that we can get that 3+% in 19 months.

Congrats to James Thompson and those that supported him. We've only just begun to fight.

Ever live with someone that won't let you clean and loves clutter?

The Real Voice of Darth Vader...hilarious!

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