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The "sword of Damocles" that's hanging over Trump's and the Republicans' fall campaigns.

Schools. In particular, re-opening schools in the fall. That would be pre-school through college. It's July, and there's NO national plan or strategy in the works to make sure that the schools can re-open safely.

What you will hear is that, "Hey, kids don't contract the virus. They should be okay.", but here's the problem. Kids don't teach themselves. They are taught by adults, and adults can get the virus. If a school has an outbreak, then the teachers won't come in nor should they.

Also, what contigencies are being made to ensure safety? Will masks be required? Good luck getting a 6 year old to wear a mask all day. Will there be hand sanitizers in all of the schools? Even the poor ones?

I know. Well, it's up to the governors of each state. Yeah? Governors like Abbott and DeSantis? A parent is supposed to trust these assholes? Are you serious?

If there's chaos with the schools in the fall, Trump and the Republcans won't have time to recover. No one is going to care about fucking statues or fireworks over Mt. Rushmore if they don't have a plan for their kids in the fall.

Parents will blame Trump and the Republicans for this failure, and parents vote. Trump and the Republicans will be cooked.

You aren't getting fatter just because you step on the scale every day.

The act of stepping on the scale is not what's making you gain weight.

And you won't lose weight if you stop stepping on the scale.

Trump's Speech Ending with Neil Young's Rockin in the Free world?

Are you fucking serious?!

The Flintstones as The Sopranos

I'm watching Fantasia for the 1st time.


I know why Trump didn't respond to being briefed about Putin's bounty.

He and Jared were probably trying to figure out how he could cash in.

Why was Mickey Mouse apprenticing with a Sorcerer?

Was that ever explained?

Let's cut to the chase. Demand that Trump resign today.

As long as he's in office, he's a danger to the American people. Further investigations by the House would result in nothing since we know that Senate Republicans won't do anything. Any agency investigations by any IG won't matter because Trump will fire them. The courts cannot be relied upon because Barr will intervene. Finally, waiting until the elections in the Fall will only result in more Americans dying because of the virus and in Afghanistan or whatever else. Even if he loses, he'll still have 2 months to do even more damage.

The best path for us is a national chorus of voices demanding his resignation. Our energies should be focused on that instead of chasing down every new scandal.

5/20/2020 Governor Ron DeSantis berates reporters about covid-19

6/26/2020 - Florida reports almost 10,000 new cases following a day where they reported almost 9,000 new cases.

This is like a really, bad cheap horror movie.

Who should Biden put on his pandemic response team?

Who should be his HHS secretary?
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