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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 26,504

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If the ACA goes away, then it's Medicare for All

It should be Medicare for All anyway, but without the ACA, then the urgency for Medicare for all becomes even greater.

Name a song whose writer will surprise you

"I feel for you" performed by Chaka Khan, written by Prince.

Why Humans are Obsessed with Cats

After watching this video, I realize that resistance is futile. Learn to love your feline overlords:


Name a forgotten Trump scandal

A scandal that no one talks about any more.

--On Edit--
Rob Portman's security clearance after being accused of abuse.

Wow, just watched Nancy school Trump.

When was the last time any woman challenged him like that? Oh yeah, 2016.

--On Edit--

--Second Edit--

Looking at the video again, you can see the sheer terror in Mike Pence's eyes because there's a woman in the room that's not his wife.

Hey, didn't Trump promise a 10% middle class tax cut during the recent elections?

What happened with that? Where's the media follow-up?

So, I got my performance bonus this year. It was less than last year.

And I had to work even harder this year when a key member of my team quit way back in January, and the amount of work tripled in three months.

So, I didn't get any tricking this year.

--On Edit--

Four other people in my department also quit this year as well.

What's a practical amount of money you need to retire for 25 years?

Not what the "financial retirement industry" says, I want a practical, realistic number. Most Americans are not going to have $1 million nor even $500,000. So, what's the most realistic number?

Four simple words: William Shatner - Bohemian Rhapsody

Need I say more?

Re:Cat owners and Christmas trees. From the cat's perspective.

All year long, you play with me with shiny, dangly things. All year. Then at the end of the year, you bring in this huge green tree filled with shiny, dangly things, but now I can't play with them?!?!?!
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