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Member since: 2001
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We're headed for civil war or, at the very least, some sort of break up of the states.

With this court and the current Republican party, this country won't stay united for very much longer. We cannot come to an agreement with people who suffer from religious-based delusions and demand access to military grade fire power.

At some point, blue state minded folks in red states will need to migrate to a blue state for their safety and protection.

FASCISM: An In-Depth Explanation

An idea to combat high gas prices. Encourage companies to allow their workers to Work From Home.

For those workers that can, they should be encouraged to work from home. This will lower the demand for gas which should result in lower prices for everyone.

There's no reason to force everyone to burn $5/gal of gas to commute to work just so they can sit in useless in-person meetings all of which can be done easier on a Zoom call.

This would go farther to fight inflation than raising interest rates or causing a recession.

I was going to post a carpentry joke...

but I didn't think it wood work.

In cat speak, paw on the face means: "Get up and feed me."

The Scandalous Story Behind the 1977 Jane Fonda Film, "Julia"

So, I'm watching the new Obi-Wan series, and it's just as good as the original trilogy.

I don't see why some in the Star Wars fanbase are so upset with it other than an African American woman has a prominent role in the story, and she's doing a great job with it.

I think that the outrage is largely manufactured by regressive, fascists who want to appeal to lonely isolated, young, White males who are mad the world is not exactly like it was 50 years ago. This is similar to how Al Qaeda recruits terrorists to their cause by blaming modernity and a corrupted culture for young men's struggles with life.

This Best-Selling Novel, "I, Libertine" by FR Ewing, Was A Total Hoax!

Famous painting in the background of "The Andy Griffith's Show" had a chilling backstory.

Germany to introduce 9-euro month pass for all public transport

This is what an advanced, well-developed, civilized nation looks like:

The summer ticket will be valid on local and regional trains, buses, as well as on the U-Bahn and S-Bahn

Today the German Parliament is set to vote on the somewhat controversial 9-euro-ticket to help citizens with rising fuel prices. The measure calls for introducing a monthly pass for all public transport, including cross-city trains and buses for just 9 euros.

The pass will be available from 23 May until the end of August and is set to cost the German government 2.5 billion euros. Nevertheless, the policy is welcomed by many citizens and, as government sources describe it, it is a sort of test-run for the future as the country tries to move towards more climate-friendly policies.

With a single ticket, people will be able to ride all forms of public transport, across Germany, including buses, U-Bahns, S-Bahns, trams, and local and regional trains run by Deutsche Bahn. The exceptions to this are long-distance transportation services, such as ICE, IC and EC trains run by Deutsche Bahn, FlixTrains and FlixBuses.

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