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After WWII, Germany underwent a de-Nazification program

Over the next 50-60 years, they went from a nation on the brink of starvation to being a global superpower.

Many in the American South still cling to their confederate history almost 160 years after the end of the Civil War. The South's economy and overall quality of life is comparable to some of the poorest nations on the earth.

Now, does holding onto your racist past keep your culture from advancing in the modern world? I cannot say for sure, but would Germany be able to sell cars around the world if they had Adolph Hitler Boulevards? Or statues of Joseph Goebbels in various town squares?

I know that I am being superficial, but DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith...

looks like someone you do not want to f*ck around with. He looks like he could stare a hole into your soul.

There's a great podcast that you should listen to, "Blowback".

There are 2 seasons available online, and season 3 is about to drop. Season one deals with the Iraq invasion and war. If you want to re-live the George W Bush hate, then this podcast is for you. It's like taking a trip down DU memory lane.


Cat is reminded of his mother

Americans, upset that the Saudis are buying professional golf.

Also Americans, insist on building ONLY car dependent infrastructure requiring minor miracles to build a couple of car-independent, densely populated cities.

And no, EVs, are not going to be the answer any time soon.

Ask 5,000 guys to flip 7 coins each.

This is 100% truth. Unusual success requires unusual luck.

Ask 5,000 guys to flip 7 coins each. Find a guy who flips 7 tails. Ask him about the key to his success, whether it was his habits, work ethic, religious devotion. He will have plenty to say. Maybe he will write a book or start a podcast.


My new theory about Ron DeSantis

Given how utter piss poor his candidacy is going after how terrible his campaign launch was, I have developed this theory that he is intentionally trying to lose the nomination so that those Republicans that dislike Trump can have some sort of clean conscience when they ultimately all fall in line behind Trump. DeSantis is running the worst campaign that I've ever seen for president in my lifetime from a established office holder. Guiliani's campaign was better, and he was drunk most of the time.

My theory is that the number of Republicans who dislike Trump is actually higher than we think. Yes, the majority of the party are MAGAts, but there are enough Republicans who dislike Trump that can easily swing the election to Biden. However, they could never support a Democrat even if that meant saving our democracy. DeSantis' failed candidacy gives them an out. They can claim, "hey, I voted for DeSantis, but he didn't win. It's not my fault that Trump burned down our country."

Kari Lake needs an intervention. Seriously, she needs help.


The big takeaway from DeSantis' DeBacle yesterday.

His campaign staff are rank amateurs, not ready for the big leagues. The primary job for any presidential campaign staff is to put your candidate in the best possible situations. You have to ensure that major events like a kickoff announcement go off without a hitch. The whole thing should have been worked out in advance. Any sliver of a doubt about the set up means scratch it and go with an alternative plan.

Now, it could've been possible that DeSantis insisted on doing this above the objections of his staff, but that shows that he has no faith in his staff or that his staff has no way to influence him. If that is true, then that means that he's going to run a national campaign against Trump pretty much by himself which is just more disasters waiting to happen.

We can safely assume that there are no Jim Bakers or James Carvilles or David Axlerods or David Plouffes or Jen O'Malley Dillons around him.

Is it time to call Elon Musk a fraud?

The excuses from his fanboys over that terrible episode with the DeSantis launch are laughable. It's not bleeding edge tech here. It's fairly standard tech that has to be planned out and scaled. Twitch and YouTube do it every day all over the world. For Twitter to break down like that shows that he's not the tech genius that the biased corporate media wants us to believe.

Maybe without those govt. subsidies, he is this

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