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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 24,369

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Post a song that's terrible, but it contained a great performance

This is a terrible song, but Patty Smyth is terrific. She made a bad song listenable:

Sean Spicer should host Saturday Night Live

It's been done before. Gerald Ford's press secretary, Ron Nessen, once hosted.


I wish John McCain well, but he was going to vote to deny healthcare from millions of Americans.

One would hope that his personal medical crisis would make him, and his party, more sympathetic to those Americans facing the same without the resources that McCain has at his disposal.

Stoned Golden Retriever After Vet

Is Mueller getting some sort of security or protection?

I worry about his physical safety.

Say it with me, Trump's presidency is illegitimate due to Russian intereference in our elections.

He is not the true President of the United States. His election was a fraud.

Common phrases that have outlived the technology they were associated with

For example, "You sound like a broken record." This was related to scratched vinyl albums that got stuck at a particular point when played and constantly repeats the same passage.

"Drop a dime on someone". Refers to using a pay phone to tattle on someone. No one uses pay phones any more.

When I see this photo, I think to myself, "what the hell happened to us"?

This use to be us. It's like we're living in some sort of alternative universe.


Bulldog doesn't like his new sweater

His friends in the dog park will tease him, "hey look, there's Waldo!"

German Shepherd Refuses To Give Dad His Paw

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