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Irma Thomas, "Anyone Who Knows What Love Is". Black Mirror Fans.

Can someone explain to me why this song haunts me so much? I can't seem to shake it. Is it the show?

The racial component to gun regulation

Yes, there's a racial component to the resistance for tougher gun regulations. The race of the potential perpetrators. If stronger, tougher gun laws were passed, the people getting arrested/jailed the most would be White males, as that group has the most guns and would be in violation of new laws.

Why do I say that? Look at the drug war. The drug war violates several constitutional principles, Search and Seizure, Right to a counsel, etc. , but the public has no problem with it. Why? Because the majority of people arrested/convicted are Black.

It's amazing how people love to cite the constitution as if its the Bible, but totally ignore it when it comes to drugs.

What's the purpose of a multi-trillion dollar military when we can be gunned down

by our fellow Americans on a frequent basis. If a foreign power or any other "foreign" group were mass killing Americans, we would mobilize troops, spend whatever amount, strip constitutional protections, go on red alert every day, you name it. Somehow, because its Americans, it almost our patriotic duty to do absolutely nothing, except for offering thoughts and prayers.

So, what is it that our military is protecting us from exactly? North Koreans? Really?

Dammit. Fight for sensible gun control. Stop being bullied by pundits and hacks.

Fight the fight for sensible gun regulation of automatic weapons. I know. I know. We'll lose in rural counties. We'll lose the 2nd amendment people. We're coastal elites, blah, blah, fucking blah. I don't give a fuck any more.

Take the matter directly to the people and do not waver. Stand tall and make the argument. If we lose, so what. Keep fighting the fight. Over time, Americans appreciate fighters. The Civil Rights movement took decades. It didn't happen when MLK made a speech in front of the Lincoln memorial. Hell, the fight for Civil Rights was going on before King was born. Oh, still not convinced? I'm 54 years. In my life time, I personally witnessed the Gay & Lesbian community go from fighting AIDs to marriage equality in a hostile nation.

This can and should be done. The most immoral thing that you can do in life is NOT fight when you clearly have the higher ground morally on an issue. Stop the slaughter.

Kelly will resign on **FILL IN THE BLANK**

Fill in the blank with your date/time when he resigns. My guess, Friday, February 16th at 7:30 PM.

Post a pic of your pet and I will give you a heart. (Until I run out)

Does not matter if they've passed on or not. Post away!


I am all out of hearts. Thank you for the wonderful pics!

What crazy shit would you ask for if you were president?

I don't mean major policy like a war, but something fun. I would ask for advanced screenings of TV shows, movies, and books before they were released. And I would tease the fuck out of the public with spoilers.

If All European nations allowed US citizens to emigrate there, would you go?

If yes, what nation and why? For me, it would be Germany. That nation suits me.

Folks, interest rates are going up which means that the cost of money will be higher

That's why we're seeing this sell off. We've had 0% interest rates from 2008 to about 2015-16 or so. We're still at a rate that historically would be seen as a"stimulus" level rate. Given declining unemployment, there's no reason to keep rates low.

So, there's a market correction to the new reality.

How, oh HOW, are they going to blame Obama for the sell off?

A year removed from his presidency. A year of Trump bragging about the stock market. HOW can they possibly blame Obama for this?

I am waiting.
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