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How much of Trump's support is really just Schadenfreude?

Schadenfreude is the experience of pleasure, joy, or self-satisfaction that comes from learning of or witnessing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. I wonder how much of Trump's support is really people taking delight in the misery of Liberals. They may not like Trump. In fact, they either hate him or think that he's a buffoon, but they enjoy seeing Progressives, Liberals, etc. angry and upset.

The answer to the "How will you pay for Single Payer healthcare?" question

Dear Democrat,

When the media asks you this question, this should be your response:

"Well, how are we paying for our healthcare now? Mostly through a hodge-podge of private insurance offered as benefits from employers, or people buying it on their own, or people going without healthcare insurance at all, which then lead to high rates of personal bankruptcies when people cannot pay for the care that they need. With the current system, we're seeing is ever higher premiums, higher deductibles, and astronomical costs for pharmaceuticals. In sum, we're paying for healthcare now in the most expensive way possible. Yes, the ACA regulated the health insurance market somewhat, but it has not gone far enough simply because it did not do away with the need private health insurance whose business model is to maximize premiums and minimizes paying for the healthcare services that people need. No amount of regulation can get around that basic model.

Single payer alleviates that burden by removing the need for profit health insurance carriers from the market. We will pay for it with slightly higher taxes which will be more than offset by eliminating ever escalating premiums, deductibles, and prices for drugs. In essence, we will treat healthcare as a public utility just like our schools and our fire and police departments. It will be something that we all pay for together which lower the costs that we all have to pay individually. "

Please feel free to improve upon my response.

What if we recruit liberals in populous states to move to low population red states?

What if we recruited liberals from Mass., NY, and CA to move to states like Wyoming, the Dakotas, Idaho, etc. to move to these states and flip them blue? Wouldn't that solve all our problems?

Show me a state with world class universities or colleges, and I will show you a blue state

or at the very least a purple one. From just a cursory examination of US News and World Report's ranking of top universities and colleges, there seems to be a correlation between number of highly ranked universities in a state and how blue the state is.

Is this causation or just correlation?


Official logo of the Trump administration

I nominate this:

No, you don't fart rainbows

Ads showing candidates shooting guns need to be banned.

Guns, supposedly, are for self protection, not for making political statements. The message that gets sent is that using guns to make a political point is perfectly okay, and it's not, at least not in a healthy Democracy.

-Edited the thread title which was misleading.

Over turning Roe will mean that women will die and not receive the healthcare that they need

It means that state legislatures can pass laws negatively affecting the healthcare and information that women need. It's not practical for women to travel to a pro-choice state unless we enact some nouveau underground railroad, and even if we do, that will open up a Pandora's box of future conflict between states.

Let's say a state bans abortion and considers it murder.

Does that mean that a woman could be prosecuted if she left the state to have an abortion?

Can we regulate AM radio stations and Sinclair broadcasting for silencing Progressives?

AM radio stations and local broadcasting companies are licensed directly by the government and should be subjected to regulation before any PRIVATE social media platform is regulated.

You don't like Facebook or Twitter? Start your own social media company. You don't like your rightwing AM radio station or Fox News local affiliate? Too bad. The over the air broadcast spectrum is limited, and they're owned by large conglomerates.

If we regulate existing social media platforms, then bring back the Fairness Doctrine as well.
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