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Archives: September 8, 2017

If Trump starts working bipartisan with Democrats, his base, the former GOP base,

DUers in NY should contact their Assembly persons. This is an awesome idea!

I wonder how things are in Houston.

All five living former presidents launch joint Harvey relief effort

Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Was Revealed

In scathing lawsuit, first responders describe vomiting, gasping at Texas chemical plant fire

Karma bitches

"Telling the truth is not a multiple choice exercise." Don Jr. testimony today obstruction justice

Horrible news for Florida: Irma's track shifts westward

Betsy DeVos Says Title IX Fails Accusers & The Accused

Stephen A. Smith thankful Michael Bennett is still alive First Take ESPN

Federal Court Denies Trump Travel Ban Restrictions

President Trump's full press conference with Kuwait's emir

UN Chief calls for united stance on N Korea crisis

This famous airport was badly damaged by Hurricane Irma

Did you hear Don Jr. complaining about all the hard work on the campaign?

Philippines: President Duterte's son denies drug smuggling

If you have visions of a coalition with Trump supporters, remember this

Robert De Niro vows to rebuild island of Barbuda after Hurricane Irma strike New York Daily News Ne

This is how one handles this caliber of asshole:

Plastic contamination: Study shows tap water contains bits of plastic

Pumpkin Spice Latte Back, With A New, Higher Price

Hurricane Jose to Give Irma-Battered Islands Another Lashing

A Flock Of Assholes Is Called A...

Over a Third of U.S. Navy Ships in Pacific Lack Training Certification -Watchdog

S.W. Florida & hurricane Irma

Seems to me it's time to open southbound Fla highways to northbound traffic.

Pretty Rough but recorded it and the video during Hurricane Rita

Chris Hayes just reported that 45 lied about insurance and pocketed the money

Pokanoket Tribe continues land dispute with Tom Perez's new employer

Donald Trump: Insurance Scammer

Mandatory Thursday Mike Malloy Truthseeker thread! DACA Debacle. Live Uncensored & a new

Dems Dogged on Dent Retirement

The US Middle Class is Shrinking and Moving Towards a "Dual Economy"

Vincente Fox Is Running For President (NSW)....

New Yorker: "Whack Jobs"

Police: Over five years, New Castle man raped girl 250 times

State launches effort to rein in health care costs

Friday on Real Time with Bill Maher:

Steve Bannon Says Staffers Who Oppose Trump Should Just Quit

Senate panel votes to fund UN climate agency

All Those Who Stand with Sen. Sanders, Sen. Warren and Sen. Harris on Medicare For All

Dent announces he'll retire from Congress

CC: Don Jr. (Sen. Chris Coons' office sends out statute on giving false statements to Congress)

New path toward legalized marijuana in Delaware begins

Wife of Trump Organization Ethics Lawyer Arrested After Alleged Tryst With Inmate

What agreat semi-final Venus v Sloane SPOILER

Hurricane Harvey First Responder Gets Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Texas Storm Water

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Have Infiltrated the Literary Mainstream

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Have Infiltrated the Literary Mainstream

New Vicente Fox video 😂😂

Twitter Video: Bernie - Late Show Clip - "We need her help to go forward"

Once again, the gov't in Florida is dropping the ball, just like Houston did.

First day of the Menendez bribery trial and they're discussing 'shack-ups'..

Homeland Security Plans Massive Roundups of Undocumented Immigrants

Been reading that Hillary has

Editorial: Iowa once sought to expand Medicaid. Now it wants to cut it

Thousands Sign Petition to Change Hurricane Irma's Name to Ivanka

Congratulations to....SPOILER

CBS News: FREE WI-FI DURING HURRICANE IRMA: Comcast opens thousands of hotspots

Clinton says she mistook Chaffetz for Priebus at Trump's inauguration

Eid al-Adha: A Muslim holiday to honor Prophet Abrahams ultimate sacrifice

With young rising stars in our party...

Latest Irma forecast: Both US and European Models concur...INLAND side of Miami as a Cat 4.

One America Appeal

Are you yearning to learn how to blow big greasy smoke rings from your back end? Here's your chance!

7 household hacks to help you prepare for Hurricane Irma (CBS News)

I wat to hire somebody to board my sister's windows in Tampa..any suggestions?

I've never been good at hating...

Hillary Clinton will be on Rachel's show!

CNN sounds like they're responding to Scumbaugh while begging folks to take this seriously

Massive art installation on Mexico side of U.S. border depicts child peering over the border fence

Television meteorologist are talking about Irma the way they did Katrina

TCM Schedule for Sunday September 10 - Linda Darnell

TCM Schedule for Monday September 11 - Treasures From the Disney Vault

Can someone please help me in disabling this notice I receive before booting into Windows?

Sanders asks if anyone really believes Clintons book excerpts

He sure latches on doesn't he?

I post a comment on my last thread, but I wanted to thank you all for the kind words.

Bernie Sanders Reacts To Hillary Clintons New Book - All In - MSNBC

I currently have only one pots no pans, just a convection toaster

Bernie Sanders Reacts To Hillary Clintons New Book - All In - MSNBC

The Miami Herald's helpful hints for reporters...

How to find out if you're affected by the Equifax hack

The US Open will have two African-American finalists.

The Weather Channel will be simulcast on Sirius Ch. 137 and XM Ch. 202 starting 7 pm ET tomorrow

This Year, There Are Already 11,000 Women Talking About Running For Office

What Trump should do the rest of his time as improve the situation

Seth Meyers - Trump Waffles on DACA, Responds to Hurricane Irma: A Closer Look

A bill to remove Confederate statues from the Capitol

11pm Irma advisory - track even farther to the west (edit with official track)

I have had enough...Hillary WON the popular vote! COMEY

NC law enforcement group says traces of Confederacy must go

Protests Greet Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on GMU's Arlington Campus

TX Man Behind Lee Statue Restraining Order Signed Complaint Without Reading It

Seth Meyers: Guest Trevor Noah

Three Equifax Managers Sold Stock Before Cyber Hack Revealed

Trump Justice Department sides with anti-gay cake baker in the Supreme Court

Judge Rules Dallas Can Remove Lee Statue

FDA slams EpiPen maker for doing nothing while hundreds failed, people died

Warm Antarctic caves harbour secret life: scientists

The US Open has two African-American finalists playing for the title.

Manager of Hemingway House in Key West & 9 employees staying to care for house & cats

It is 11:15 PM...there are a LOT of active flights at Miami Airport

Officer-involved shooting at Miami-Dade Airport

'Instantly rechargeable' battery could change the future of electric and hybrid automobiles

BREAKING: First Hurricane Warning issued for Florida

Seth Meyers: Trump Gives Short-Term Debt Ceiling Extension, Hurricane Irma - Monologue - 9/6/17

Hurricane Irma live updates: warning issued for Florida as storm pummels Haiti and Bahamas

Delta (airline that sent a last flight into Puerto Rico) sending of it's last 747s to Miami tomorrow

Our leadership needs to be careful

Weather Underground's latest Report on Irma

John le Carre on Trump: Something seriously bad is happening

Art Installation at US-Mexico border wall

Analysis of the Steele dossier in hindsight. Excellent.

Irma shifted we will be in the cone in ala.

KC 42 Pats27 huh. this year is going to be different.

Clinton: I relied on prayer, yoga and 'my fair share of Chardonnay' after 'devastating' 2016 loss

Hillary Clinton speaks on faith, 2016

Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort evacuated in face of Hurricane Irma

Looks like we have a progressive challenger for Dianne Feinstein in CA

Yo, Irma ...

Twitter cringes after Trump says he 'likes it' when Ivanka calls him 'daddy'


So the Chiefs beat the Patriots in the season opener...

Kamala Harris is asking us to spread the word about Dreamer paperwork deadline in Oct.

BREAKING - Earthquake measuring 8.1 strikes off the coast of Mexico

New Vicente Fox video

CNN espanol is reporting an earthquake south of Mexico

Watford striker Andre Gray reveals his masterpiece

The Daily Show - New York Fashion Week

Five Former Living Presidents Announce Harvey Aid Effort Called 'One America Appeal'

Florida and all those in the path of the storm - close interior doors to protect roof

Earthquake of magnitude 8 strikes off Mexico's Pacific coast

House Republican causes stir claiming female lawmaker 'doesnt know a damn thing'

Is Mike Pence guilty of obstruction of justice?

This is what happens when a Cat 5 hits you...

Trumps Anti-Civil Rights Pick For DOJ Civil Rights Chief Appears Headed For Confirmation

Catholic Bishops to Bannon:"The Bible is clear: welcoming immigrants is indispensable to our faith."

Trump's Base was Happy about Debt deal wtih Democrats but now Angry over DACA

Joe Biden on MRA Betsy DeVos' rescinding of Title IX guidelines for sexual assault survivors

The First White President

Doing to Dreamers what was done to him

0230 am I was woke up by the BOOG snoring

Jr cant recall White House role in meeting with Russians

Maryland spending board approves $63 million in state budget cuts

Trump said he would turn the GOP into the party 'of the American worker.' How's that going?

Stephen Colbert Monologue - 9/7/17

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Bernie Sanders

Stephen Colbert: Guest Senator Bernie Sanders

Images of 2 devastating Hurricanes ...

Man Spits On Metro Bus Driver Days After Urine-Throwing Incident

Swastikas Carved, Painted on Elevators at Georgetown University

Robert de Niro personally promises to rebuild Barbuda after Hurricane Irma destroys the island

Financial Adviser Sentenced for Ripping Off Mike Tyson, Other Athletes

Financial Adviser Sentenced for Ripping Off Mike Tyson, Other Athletes

Larry David Shocked to Learn His Ancestor Was a Confederate Slave Owner.

Majority White States Prevent Cities with Large BLack Populations from Raising Minimum Wage

documentary "Romanitas in Anglo-Saxon England"

Gregg Allman Immortalized in Portrait Made with His Own Blood

D.C. Schools Give Teachers Gift Cards to Purchase Classroom Supplies

Federal judge allows Dallas to move forward with Robert E. Lee statue removal

Mexico hit by biggest quake in century, 5 killed

Huge 8.0 earthquake in Mexico

Texas lawmakers receive sobering lessons on hurricane housing money

Ben Sasse, whiny little snowflake, stamps his little feet over Chuck Schumer having power

Abortion ban restraining order extended to November

Thousands of cruise ship passengers dropped off in Miami ahead of Hurricane Irma

Texas A&M's football coach Kevin Sumlin receives racist letter

Senator Toomey (R-PA) at a town hall meeting

Geophysicist: Weight of Harvey rains caused Houston to sink

Chamber chief: Austin will go after Amazon's $5 billion second headquarters

To Protest Trump, Group Repurposes World War II-Era Propaganda Posters

2018 WA-8CD US House Race-If the November General Election is between 2 Republicans,

Honoring an old gas station, the Texas Capitol and a synagogue

The origin of Superheroes: Dazzler


Check-in to Wish Senator Bernie Sanders a VERY Happy Birthday!

Everthing Trump Touches Dies -- Trump anger at Cohn raises doubts about his White House tenure

NYT:What the rich won't tell you

Trump admin backs Colorado baker who refused to make cake for same-sex wedding

Deadly earthquake hits off the coast of southern Mexico

Crazy shit...this is why people leave Christianity

Which is the worst hurricane ?

Trump admin backs Colorado baker who refused to make cake for same-sex wedding

Happy Birthday Bernie!

Homeland Security Cancels Massive Roundups of Undocumented Immigrants - due to hurricanes

Trump Jr. says he can't recall White House role in explaining meeting with Russians

Bernie backers' attacks on Democrats infuriate the party

I worked for Republicans and Breitbart. Trump made me see whats wrong with the GOP.

Attorney General Announces Sara Netanyahu Will Be Indicted for Fraud

Steve Bannon: Disloyalty After 'Access Hollywood' Cost Chris Christie a Cabinet Spot

Infowars's Youth Outreach Isn't Going So Well...

This is *THE* most "Not-in-Florida" Florida story in Western Civilization:

This is how all police officers should treat protesters

Massive earthquake strikes off Mexico coast, bringing deaths and tsunami warnings

I've made my decision about Irma

Trump blasts own party, calls filibuster 'GOP death wish'

Anyone still want to try and defend Sputnik?

Anybody watching the weather channel.

Cardinal Dolan rips into Bannon for 'insulting' remarks about Catholic Church and immigrants

Trump gets cozy with Democrats, and Republicans say 'I told you so'

U.N. says 270,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar in past two weeks

Freedom Caucus chair says he's not plotting against Ryan

Trump: Tax reform 'needed now more than ever'

Senate GOP accepting defeat on Obamacare repeal

WaPo: Trump now working with Democrats because he desperately wants a "win". Any "win".

Time is running out to flee Irma by car. But if you go, heres where the traffic is

Notes from meeting with Russians said not to be damaging to Trump family

Chris Murphys stealthy single-payer pitch

All right... Who's kid is this? CONFESS

Stranger gives desperate Florida shopper store's last emergency generator

Oxycontin PigBoy will evacuate South Florida after calling Irma a hoax

Evacuating? With pets?

Why does Rick Scott insists on wearing that hat during press conferences? learn something everyday

Hurricane Irma is forcing Trumps Mar-a-Lago estate to evacuate

Two things happened this week that should really worry Republicans

Man shot by police at Miami airport amid frenzied Irma evacuation

Right winger reveals the "real" cause of Hurricane Irma.....Sunspots

Today is Star Trek Day 51 years old

really guys. here is an example of why we need a reply rate

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising (VIDEO)

Friday Toon Roundup 1 - Nightmares

Friday Toon Roundup 2 - Stormy nightmares

Friday Toon Roundup 3 - The rest

Breitbart Uses Pic of El Salvador Gang Members to Smear DACA Recipients

It had to be done.

MA Moves to Require Presidential Candidates to Release Tax Returns

Prosecutors seek to revoke Shkreli's bail over threat to Clinton

September 'Entertainment' Premieres

270,000 Rohingya Have Fled Myanmar, U.N. Says

Wow I-95 North is OPEN this morn in Miami and Palm County.

Spam, rice & eggs for breakfast

Defying Trump, Senate Panel Approves Funding for U.N. Climate Body

Sign petitions to end gerrymandering at these locations over the next week

"A hurricane is just a bunch of hot air!" . . . .Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!

"I promise to never defend Nazis."

dear facebook- release those ads.

With the roads clogged with evacuees

Why did the orange one make a deal with Pelosi and Schumer?

Gary Cohn Could Be Next White House Official to Exit On A Friday

Trump: Peace in the Middle East Might Not Be So Easy

Why are cruise ships discharging passengers in Miami?

Is Melania staying in the White House or has she returned to the Tower?

New Hampshire Voter Fraud idiocy

Is it time for Equifax to move out of state and assume a new identity... again?

Pic Of The Moment: Limbaugh Tells Listeners That Hurricane Coverage Is A Liberal Hoax, Then Bails

If Your Wife is Indicted for Fraud, Should You Resign?

GIF of Irma compared to Andrew

Why parishes? The story behind Louisiana's unique map

Newt Gingrich Went on Hannity to Plug an Online Course He's Teaching - Twitter Reactions Are Gold

to all those who

House passes Trump deal on majority Democratic vote

Hurricane Jose upgraded to category 4 storm behind Irma

The Work of Antifa: "No Platform for White Supremacy."

Trump regrets putting ObamaCare repeal on top of agenda, blames Ryan: report

Trump Commission Sees Fraud In New Hampshire

From INDECLINE of Richmond, VA, former capital of the confederacy.

Desmond Tutu condemns Aung San Suu Kyi: 'Silence is too high a price'

Limbaugh flees:

67 Yr Old Woman's Viral Letter to Supremacists

Photos of severe damage in #Chiapas #MexicoEarthquake

After Telling Listeners Irma is a Hoax, Limbaugh Bugs Out of South Florida

Givernor Scott: ALL Florida residents should be prepared to evacuate...

Trump's betrayal of the Republican leaders should surprise no one - By Eugene Robinson

That "other" Jesus

Pruitt To CNN: Talking About Climate Change Is 'Insensitive' To Floridians

Senate appropriators rebuke Trump on abortion policy

A delightful little video, via Twitter, of Paul Ryan, UNABLE TO NAME WISCONSIN'S MINIMUM WAGE.

🎶DACA Shame🎶 - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

' I got some groceries, some peanut butter, to last a couple of days.. '

I have no problem logging in to DU on my PC at work, but using the same username and password

Can DU please consider limiting Hillary vs Bernie infighting threads?

Jose is now a Category 4 hurricane

I have no problem logging in to DU on my PC at work, but using the same username and password

St. Louis judge awards $32.4 million in Mike Huckabee-voiced robocall lawsuit

Amateur Equifax Respsonse ,....

Parscale's recent digital activity

Bannon: McConnell, Ryan 'trying to nullify the 2016 election'

Ex-staffer for Oklahoma's GOP governor accused of shooting "upskirt" photos during budget meeting

I was shocked to learn I was undocumented

Tips to help you and your valuables stay safe during a hurricane

New York Official Pushes To Rename Trump Park For Heather Heyer

DACA Blundering

Antonn Dvork Symphony #9 "From the New World"

Colbert: Trump's handling of DACA


Little Known Secret Revealed: Anyone Can Now Search the Entire Internet!

KO:Trump Will Soon Be the Ex-POTUS--Despite the distractions, Trump's Russia trouble are growing muc

Steve Bannon gets blasted by nun over immigrants swipe on "60 Minutes"

KO:Trump Will Soon Be the Ex-POTUS--Despite the distractions, Trump's Russia trouble are growing muc

Cardinal Dolan responds to Bannon's 'insulting' remarks

More Auroras Due Friday Night After Largest Solar Flare in 12 Years

Civilian Review Board Substantiates Charges Against Policeman in Eric Garner Case

Owning a bassoon can make you feel like King of the WORLD. BUT THEN ONE DAY...

Rick Perry went looking for a reason to bail out coal and came back empty

This is what selfless decency looks like. Warning: You might get something in your eye.

Question re Republicans and minimum-wage.

Florida governor urges residents ahead of Hurricane Irma: 'You've got to get out; you can't wait'

House Republicans lash Mnuchin, Mulvaney behind closed doors

Imagine - re-imagined

Virginia Senate race: Carly Fiorina rules out run, Jim Gilmore 'considering' candidacy

This Was A Pretty Good Group Of Musicians

Under Trump, Job Market Has Improved More for Clinton Supporters

We must be a nation of acceptance

Steve Bannon: Trump's leaked "Access Hollywood" tape was a "litmus test"

Gov. Scott offering

The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election - nyt

A silly little baker's trick I recently learned!

All of the news lately is making me really grumpy and out of sorts.

Election Integrity Commission members accuse New Hampshire voters of fraud

The Worst Part Of Steve Bannon's First Interview: Steve Bannon

5 Creston high school students wearing hoods in online photo are off the football team, coach says

There is a Trump Protest for Everyone - Late Show Ad. - Spot On!

Trump 11 Br mansion on St. Martin destroyed.

Twitter Video: While making record profits ATT refuses to negotiate a fair new contract with workers

This is what Susan B. Anthony said, and it was in regards to the women's suffrage movement:

This is what Susan B. Anthony said, and it was in regards to the women's suffrage movement:

"Drain the Swamp"

Damn Near Passed Right Out of the Picture. Andrea Mitchell praises Obama

Gardeners are the most optimistic people in the world.

Prayer request for our friend 99th Monkey

I Urge Rush Limbaugh to Stay in Florida and do his show from his balcony

"The Heart of a Woman"--Kristin Lems

Would the last plane out of Miami please turn out the lights?

Historic Prairie Berry Winery, South Dakota - Road Trip Day 5 Episode 10

Instead of Primarying Effective, Established Democrats in Congress,

Prosecutors Want Martin Shkreli Jailed After Hillary Threat

Act now and you, too, can be a proud graduate of Gingrich University!!

Trump unhappy Kuwaiti Emir has longer plane than his

The Onion: Quaker Releases New Extra Bland Plain Flavor-Blasted Rice Cakes

"Socialism Sucks"

Vicente Fox announces candidacy for President!

Interesting Site - Check the traffic in ANY state that has active cameras

Now isn't the time to talk about climate change

I've noticed a hurricane theme with this administration

I Went Behind The Scenes At Urban Shield. It Was More Racist Than I Could Have Imagined.

WaPo& NYT are dropping their paywall limits for hurricane Irma coverage.

3 Words: Ruth. Bader. Ginsberg.

Equifax Executives Sold Stock Before Revealing Data Breach Exposing 143 Million to Identity Theft

Senator Duckworth having fun on Twitter

Forty years ago today, Jimmy McCulloch quit Wings.

what can we do??? who do we contact?

Sen Chris Murphy bursts out laughing when asked if Dems can depend on Trump to partner on DACA

Home well water systems

Felix Sater wrote to Michael Cohen re: Moscow Trump Tower deal: "Help world peace and make a lot of

"People for Bernie" says that Ds and Rs are basically the same. Promises to attack both.

I just KNEW this was some sort of trick, that baaad things were going to start happening

Fun, Enjoyable..Movies..All kinds..Comedies, Sci Fi, Musicals,..Animated..any that lifted spirits.

Any fears our party will be tarnished?

Report: Christie in job talks with CNN, MSNBC

Swap DACA for Wall? No Way!

How's that free market thing working out right now?

Sea salt around the world is contaminated by plastic, studies show

'I woke up and realized this wasn't a bad dream'

Little Rock Central protest against DACA rescission

Alex Jones: Rogue AI is trying to enslave mankind by creating race-war with Muslims.

DACA freeze exacerbates Greenville SC workforce shortages

Imperfect thoughts on a real "perfect storm"

Elgin Community College rattled by DACA demise

Reel Messiahs: Post a Pic of Jesus from TV or a Flick

Trumps beachfront Mar-a-Lago Club ordered to evacuate as Hurricane Irma approaches

"The Man Who Invented Christmas" (dickens and the writing of "christmas carol") trailer

Southern Oregon University responds to DACA decision

Advisory: Sanders to Announce Medicare for All Bill Wednesday Sept 13 at 2PM

Advisory: Sanders to Announce Medicare for All Bill Wednesday Sept 13 at 2PM

Candlelight vigil held in Cleveland to DACA, DREAMers

Janet Napolitano, the ex Secretary of Homeland Security is suing Homeland Security over DACA

If Chavismo's "hunger" bonds for PdVSA oil aren't paying enough, go electric!

143 Million Reasons Congress Shouldnt Gut the Fair Credit Reporting Act

How the hell did Rick Scott ever get elected to anything?

Trump spits in Limbaugh's Eye - Evacuates Mar A Lago ahead of Irma

Wind damage might not be covered in insurance policies in hurricane areas.

CNN: Do nuclear hurricanes contain sharknado's?

A Succulent Brisket Almost as Good as Moms

Delta Pilot Flies Through Hurricane Irma To Get Last Commercial Flight Out Of San Juan

Hello, Im Florida. I built a nuclear power plant on a barrier island.

Thomas Frank: Why Clinton attacks Sanders in new Book

Spectacular Northern Light display illuminates Finnish sky

Sir Quentin Blake illustrates Roald Dahl's final book, 26 years on

In short, it was always about loyalty to Trump and his Nazi agenda.

We're getting some real outerbands

DU Oldsters: some sad news. JulieRB has died

Texas Politicians Warn against Donating to the Red Cross,: The Independent

Twitter account question

Spicer, Priebus, Hicks among six current and former Trump aides Mueller has expressed interest in in

Won't the Everglades take the brunt of Irma?

Donald was an IQ test which America failed.

Happy birthday, Patsy Cline.

I'm on the side of anyone who realizes that Bernie & Hillary are on the same side. But seriously..

Spicer, Priebus, Hicks among six current and former Trump aides Mueller has expressed interest in...

Colombian rebels ask Pope for forgiveness

Are they really necessary?

Here Are All the Senators Who Voted 'No' on Hurricane Harvey Relief

I've stayed on the sidelines of the Hillary & Bernie threads, but felt compelled to post one.

Last flights from Miami...

Trump made him catch flies. Now he's going to sit down with Mueller. Spicey, too, plus 4 others.

How to Monitor Your Own Credit, For Free, Forever

House GOPers Say They Accidentally Signed Brief Opposing Gerrymandering

Viral Friday: Heroic Young Girl FLIPS OFF Info Wars

What's for Dinner, Fri., Sept. 8, 2017

Sanders On Trump Siding With Dems: 'Bipartisan' Efforts Will 'Continue'

Newsweek and Bloomberg just printed Reich Wing talking points


'This girl didn't defeat me!': InfoWars reporter defensively insists he didn't lose debate...

Dreamers paid $11.64 billion in taxes in 2016. What about the president?

Key West is fairly calm and sunny.

Majik is not doing well.

Have a coworker who just got out of Miami

FBI probing Utah cop who arrested nurse for refusing to draw blood

Here's the preliminary deal to bring a Trump Tower to Moscow

An American Family

Eric Bolling Out At Fox News

Alt-Right has major freak-out that Colbert can do sarcastic Nazi-salute and they can't.

Hurricane Irma 3:45PM Update

Canada should welcome up to 30,000 DACA young people facing deportation in U.S., senator says

Exclusive: Obama set for first DNC fundraiser since leaving office

Ontario unveils pot plan including online ordering, 150 stand-alone stores

Matt Taibbi: Board Recommends Discipline in Eric Garner Choking Case

Seth Meyers: Trump Promises "No Action" for DACA, Lego Cuts Jobs - Monologue - 9/7/17

Yes, on moving forward from 2016

Exclusive: Obama set for first DNC fundraiser since leaving office

Country's 'Gentle Giant' has passed.

latest NOAA Irma update has wind at 155, but up to 160 in 36 hours

Resources to help children in the aftermath of a hurricane

Latest Irma track shifts west with hurricane watch widened

GOP replacements for Ryan, just give up, start eating each other and spare the rest of humanity.

Hillary will be on The Rachel Maddow Show Thursday, Sept 14th at 9pm.

Interior faulted for subsidy to firm once tied to David Bernhardt, now the deputy secretary

Eric Bollig is out at Fox News, alleged he sent sex pic to female colleagues

Is all of Florida, then being evacuated?


Four Texas Republicans just voted against Harvey disaster aid

High Holy Days

High Holy Days

News Dump tonight?

He refuses to work: Al Franken explains why hes the polar opposite of Trump

Who was the real threat in Berkeley?

Where is your million dollars, Donald? Any word on this? N/t

What is Donald Trump's IQ? Is he telling the truth?

Republicans from Texas and Florida voted against Storm Relief Bill, Really (VIDEO)

US Civil Rights Commission condemns Arpaio pardon, end of DACA

How big of a role will "independents" play in future elections??

UNC student government groups want Silent Sam removed

Israel just bombed a chemical weapons factory that Syria shouldnt have had

Meet human needs? Nah, lets play tea party games

President Trump's and Richard Branson's Caribbean homes destroyed by Hurricane Irma

In 2009, Max Baucus Had People Arrested for Demanding Single Payer. Now He Supports It


'I refuse to live in the shadows'

BREAKING: Irma projected to hit Florida as a Cat 5 (per CNN)

Country music reacts to devastating deaths of two singers in one day

'I feel like I have to go back into hiding'

Here's Where Trump Donated His $1 Million for Harvey Relief

Hurricane Jose strengthens to 'extremely dangerous' Category 4

'I am an Oregonian'

Baucus backs single-payer health system

Wilbur Ross says CEOs were wrong to quit Trump's councils after Charlottesville

Heartless House Republicans Laughed At Trump Officials When Asked To Vote For Disaster Relief

Republicans Are Coming Unglued As House GOP Mounts A Rebellion Against Paul Ryan

Who Is Felix Sater, and Why Is Donald Trump So Afraid of Him?

Fact Check: Hillarys Criticisms Of Bernie In What Happened

Highways in Florida look surprisingly clear...

I make fun of Wolf for his breathless style of reporting...

Eeric Boiling out at Faux

This Is the Perfect Protest Sign

Country music star Troy Gentry killed in helicopter crash

New White House Chief of Staff Has an Enforcer

F.B.I. Investigates Uber Software Used to Monitor Lyft Drivers

Todays Must Read

Irma now forecasts to make landfall as a Category 5 storm

What happened to my FB?

In other news...

Sanders Steps Up Push for Single-Payer Health Care as Old Foe Switches Sides

Sanders Steps Up Push for Single-Payer Health Care as Old Foe Switches Sides

The First White President -Ta-Nehisi Coates

For your Friday chill -Jim Cantore just landed in

Trump admin has "no clear plans to offer aid to Mexico" following earthquake that killed at least 35

Watergate crew, they got them..but it took time..Mueller will get them, and it will also take time..

it's so wierd to hear Gov. Rick Scott of Florida

Pope Francis addresses violence against women on Colombia visit

Per CNN. Irma now a Cat 5 and a direct hit to Florida.

Stop being afraid of more government. It's exactly what we need.

Obama made a surprise visit to McKinley Tech HS in DC to welcome back students on new school year

Ezekiel Elliott receives injunction from federal court delaying 6-game suspension

I fear for all the people in Florida who are "sheltering in place".

What if Irma doesn't turn and heads into the gulf?

So I hear the Democratic Party "panders" to Wall Street!

Charles Pierce: As Scott Pruitt Denies, People Die

"The law's is the law"

U.S. warplanes call off surveillance of an ISIS convoy, at Russia's request

Where has THIS Rick Scott Been?

Hey Rush Limbaugh where are you going?

Have you noticed people not pulling up to stoplights?

It's always too soon to discuss climate change.

Child actor, star of 'Shiloh' Blake Heron found dead at 35

Let's spend more money on the military while Texas, Florida, USVI, Puerto Rico, and our neighbors in

Al Franken Defending Us Against Disgusting trump Judicial Nominee in Senate Hearing

I rediscovered Discussionist (I didn't know it was back up)