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Welcome to Your Own Funeral, Republican Party

You elected a “pResident” who is as stupid as he is corrupt, as ignorant as he is self-absorbed, as vile as he is incoherent, and as narcissistic as he is inept.

I know, I know – you thought you could control him; he was just a presidential wannabe who knows nothing about government, and would simply say what you told him to say, and sign what you told him to sign.

But what you got was what you should have known you were going to get: a self-serving braggart who believes he knows more about running the country than you do – just like he knows more than anyone about everything....

Stinky The Clown

The lesson the MAGAts should take from today's events

Donald Trump will BLAME YOU in a New York minute if shit is about to engulf him.

Party insiders, it appears, went to Pence and told him to tell Trump to knock it off with the overtly racist call and answer before it becomes this season's "Lock Her Up" and blows back on them.

When asked about it on live TV, he blamed the MAGAts doing the chanting. He said, innocently, in his best Eddie Haskell voice, it wasn't him. It was them....


I have lived my allotted "three score and ten" and I have seen and heard my share of outrages in

those 70 years. But, lately, things seem to have shifted into an almost surreal new "reality" that makes me feel like an alien in my own country.

I never thought I'd live long enough to see my country, my government, separate children---some of them INFANTS---from their parents and warehouse them in wire cages.

I never thought I'd live to see my country, my government, try to ban an entire religion from immigrating to America....


So Ask the Question Already!

We’ve heard it thousands of times from Trump supporters: “I like what he’s done so far.”

Just once I’d like to hear these people asked to be specific: “Exactly what has Trump done that you like?”

What I’ve seen ‘done’ so far is this: He’s ballooned the deficit, and given tax cuts to the wealthy. He has insulted our allies, and praised our enemies. He has lifted environmental protections so that corporations can increase their profits. He has put inept cronies in positions of power, and his closest advisors are a handbag designer and a dumbass who inherited his father’s real estate business. Many of his much-touted “best people” are awaiting trial, are already in prison, or have been forced to resign in disgrace due to criminal and/or unethical conduct....


You don't count the impeachment votes before the impeachment hearings, you do it after the hearings.


The stupidity and lack of courage in this country is what will bring us down. After Mueller testifies the Democrats must start impeachment hearings and see where it leads. Not to do so will wreck our democracy.

The evidence is there, it is overwhelming. Show it to the American people in impeachment hearings and if they decide to let Trump slide for all he has done, so be it. Let the American people meet their fate. If they decide to destroy themselves like the American people have done before, that is exactly what should happen.


Ilhan Omar has been in America longer than Melania.

As well as being a naturalized citizen longer.


Racists simply cannot stop demonstrating that they are, in fact, racists.

Trump demonstrates it nearly every time he opens his mouth (when he is not eating).

Kellyanne Conway asking a Jewish reporter where he is from.

The entire birther meme, with its massive multitude of GOP supporters....


It's time for drastic measures.

To get to Trump, you have to get to the FOX News Channel.

And it's simple: BOYCOTT THEIR SPONSORS. You don't have to watch those awful shows. You can still exercise your freedom to purchase otherwise and write to the manufacturers to let them know why you aren't buying their coffee or potato chips or pillows.

Reverse blacklist.

If we all do it, we have leverage.


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