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Are we no longer interested in punishing Hope Hicks and Don McGahn for refusing to testify?

I heard Jerry Nadler say that he was planning a lawsuit to compel Mcgahn and Hick’s testimony weeks ago. Can’t hit the ground running with an impeachment inquiry after SCRM testifies if we haven’t gained the authority to forcibly compel testimony yet. Did we run out of money and can’t afford lawyers for all these lawsuits or what?


Our parents and grandparents would have thought we were insane if we said these words.

The President of the United States of America has destroyed an international agreement that hampered the production of nuclear weapons by an unfriendly Middle Eastern country because a respected black man poked fun at him at a light-hearted event in which well known people were roasted and made fun of.

The President of the United States of America is telling the American people repeatedly that he is a racist, hoping to distract from the fact that he raped a child.


There is not one candidate...

in the Democratic Presidential race that I would not vote for over Donald Trump up to and including Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang, or Tom Steyer (provided that he's running as a Democrat.)


Republicans have nothing to offer Americans except fear of non-White people and Racial nationalism

Their domestic agenda only works for people with a lot of money. If you're not rich, Fuck Off. So how do you win elections? By playing on racial fears. By cozying up to White nationalists.

This is what conservatism and Republicanism have become. This will continue and only get stronger after Trump. There is no working across the aisle with them. There is no middle ground. It's not about percentages on tax cuts.

The politics of this century is the politics of demographic change.


If Trump gets away with his racist remarks

against members of congress with impunity, we are finished.

If this does not enrage our leadership enough to launch an all out do or die effort to remove this cancer of a man from office, our party has lost it's morality, it's decency, it's soul.


The thin thread that holds our country together...

It is a thin thread of freedom. Unfortunately, it is being stretched to its limit.

Through all our flaws, our battles, our history, our people strove to do better. Many died in the process.

But, overall, we made progress. People enjoyed freedoms unlike any other time in our history. Freedom of expression was one of those freedoms. Equality and opportunity became more than just words....


Every Democratic candidate should realize one thing above all else.

The leaders, and to a large extent many of the voters in the GOP are not interested in compromise in any fashion.

If the 8 years of the Obama Presidency did not make that abundantly clear, I cannot imagine what would. 400 plus filibusters, outright racist comments about President Obama not being a "real" American, the Merrick Garland affair, the constant refusal to confirm Judges, all of these things showed that the GOP refused to compromise, or even follow the Constitution....


So, What if the House of Representatives Decided to Proceed with Impeachment?

What if, after hearings and deliberations a vote were held and we didn't get the 218 votes needed to pass Articles of Impeachment? That's a real possibility, because some Democratic House members won their elections by very thin margins and believe that they would be voted out and replaced by a Republican. In many case, they are correct, and their districts would flip back to being Republican. Then, we'd end up back in the minority again in 2021....


Voting. Is. Not. Enough.

Folks we all know it. this time around voting is not enough. and it doesn't matter who the D candidate is. we have to support him/her and we have to do something more than just vote.

The question is, what?

As much as we'd like to, we can't vote multiple times. We can't move to a different state where our vote matters more.

What can we do that actually could make a difference? ...


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Roger Stone barred by U.S. judge from posting on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook through trial

12 hrs ago - A federal judge on Tuesday barred Roger Stone from communicating through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook until after his trial after months of social media postings that the judge said violated a gag order she had imposed to prevent prejudicing pot ... (Washington Post)

House GOP Leaders Claim Trump Tweets Not Racist Because We Are 'Party Of Lincoln'

12 hrs ago - By Nicole Lafond July 16, 2019 11:31 am House Republican leadership does not intend to vote in favor of a resolution condemning President Trump for using racist rhetoric against four congresswomen of color and argued the uproar over Trump’s tweets ... (Talking Points Memo)

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