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Profile Information

Name: Steven Leser
Gender: Male
Hometown: New York, NY
Home country: USA
Current location: NYC
Member since: Tue Jan 4, 2005, 05:36 PM
Number of posts: 30,354

Journal Archives

Fake President - Real Traitor

Trump officially became an illegitimate President today

Trump officially became an illegitimate President today. He is in office because he and his campaign conspired with an adversarial foreign power to commit seditious espionage against his rival for the Presidential election. And the FBI has evidence of this. This is a crime that has no parallel in the history of the United States. It must result in the resignation of Trump, Pence, their cabinet as well as anyone who knew of this possibility and sought to suppress this including Mitch McConnell.

We DUers all knew this to be the case. What we didn't know is whether the evidence would be there to prove it. The FBI now says they have evidence.

This is Watergate times a thousand. What Nixon did was a parking ticket compared to this.

Prof Rothkopf's take on Trump supporters

He calls it "The Shallow State" and contrasts it with the nonexistent "deep state" in terms of threats. On that and his description of what Trump supporters are looking for I'm hard pressed to disagree. More at https://goo.gl/zTsE7J

JPR OP Title "Lots of Mistaken Trump Defenders on JPR" For once someone there is right


"Get past the surface and youíll see that ALL of Trumpís actions to date have advanced the interests of the wealthiest and most powerful. What a coincidence..."

And yet several folks there voted for Trump and said as much proudly. Folks many of us here thought we knew. Many folks in that thread are still trying to justify their votes there and explain why it was better to vote Trump.

And in advance of those folks who are going to reply criticizing me for talking about JPR, it is important to examine how people saying they are on the left can go off the rails to the point they supported this loon we have in the White House, screwing us all.

Spicer and Conway combine to create "Home of the Whopper" most dishonest admin in history

Donald Trump's disapproval rating among Americans is skyrocketing.

Donald Trump's disapproval rating among Americans is skyrocketing.

Trump's 55% disapproval level in Gallup polling already equals the worst of Obama's Presidency which occurred in Nov 2014. Trump's net -15% approval (55% disapproval vs 40% approval) is worse than Obama ever had. Obama's worst was -12% in Nov 2014 https://goo.gl/csfj4U

Australian Senator shows how Trump is turning off even America's Closest Allies


Priceless and sad at the same time

So, let me get this straight (re: the raid)

The oddest thing to me about the CD National Guard Commander being removed is...

... there is no new Commander named. Someone on FB asked me if there will be a change of command ceremony.

The simple answer is there can't be one. Why? Because there is no new commander named. That's what you have at a change of command ceremony. The outgoing commander ceremoniously hands a flag to the new commander and the deed is done.

We have no new commander here. The deputy will serve as acting commander simply on the basis of the chain of command, not because they have been named.


CNN: Frmr Mex Pres Vincente Fox trolls Trump on Twitter: "Are you a legitimate President?"


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