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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 2,664

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Some days Chris Matthews is really off his game.

They were discussing the upcoming trade agreement and he began discussing how in his youth, the only choices were clothes made in America and not too many to choose from. He said that now we can get clothes from all over the world and the large selection is what people want.

What he didn't mention was the hundreds of thousands of jobs that also went overseas, along with the paychecks of the American workers. He also left out the fact that the people that now work in the jobs we shipped overseas earn barely enough to feed themselves. Sometimes he forgets to think before he opens his mouth.

I have a problem with Firefox when visiting one particular site.

I have a subscription to FitBrains a site that is a collection of brain games. I have a problem when I run this program in Firefox.
The site comes up and lets me sign in. I bring up a game that I want to play and it starts up OK but after pressing start to begin the game, nothing happens. It is the same for all the games in part of the program. However, there is a menu option to play the classic format. That is the old program before they added the new part that will not work for me. However, if I go to Windows Explorer, both sections of the site work fine.

I think I have checked some box that restricts the new game. I downloaded a new version of flash and that did not help. It does not make sense that some of the game will work on Firefox but not the newer part. This problem only started recently. It was fine when I first reloaded it, that is why I think I did something wrong when when checking my internet options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I can understand how badly many DUers want Elizabeth to run for the presidency.

She would be, in my opinion, the perfect candidate, but I do not believe she will run. However all the valiant efforts of her supporters reminded me of a rhyme I learned as a child.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride:
If turnips were watches, I'd wear one by my side,:
If, If's and And's were pots and pans, there would be no need for tinkers.:

I think we will all end up voting for Hilary as the alternative would be one of the characters from the 2016 Shit Show of Candidates.

I am so glad that our president is finally granting pardons to some drug users.

I think that as long as their only crimes was using pot and coke and possibly splitting up the odd pound to sell to friends (OK, I may have done that once, but my memory is not what it used to be) there is no reason for them to be in jail.

I believe that as a young man, President Obama also used these drugs in his youth, along with over half of the people in the country. I think that it would be a the right thing for him to release those imprisoned for the very same acts. If he had been made to pay the same price that these young people are paying, he most probably would never have become our president. He needs to step up and do the right thing, and in numbers a lot more than eight at a time.

I just cancelled my Hulu subscription.

I read that they are refusing to run pro choice ads.

If anyone else has done the same, please post here and maybe we can send them a message they will understand. They will not get another penny from me and hopefully many others.

This is a British Ted Cruz wannbe.


I am no expert of UK politics, I have been away for so long. However, this guy sounds a little too extreme for the Conservative Party, as I remember them.
Posted by pennylane100 | Fri Oct 3, 2014, 03:22 PM (6 replies)

The only finger pointing I find valid

is the cluster fuck that occurred when the Ebola victim first went to the hospital.

I understand that he did notify them that he had recently arrived from Liberia. Although he was less than truthful about his contact with a dying Ebola victim (the daughter of his landlord) they knew he was from a country with an Ebola outbreak and displaying symptoms that would be present when contagious. THEY SENT HIM HOME.

There can be some discussion about who exactly was responsible for this terrible decision by the hospital to send him home with antibiotics However, pointing out that this was one of the most irresponsible acts imaginable is not demonizing anyone. The people he was in contact before returning to the hospital now have to spend the next three weeks worrying about the possibility they may have contacted a deadly disease.

It is a stretch to politicize this hospital's irresponsible actions, however if we are going to get this thing under control, we must learn by our mistakes. Part of that learning is analyzing the mistakes made in Texas and to avoid them in future cases. I think that is more important than worrying about political agenda's, real or imagined.
Posted by pennylane100 | Fri Oct 3, 2014, 02:05 PM (2 replies)

I do not follow football closely, but I sometimes watch it.

However, I must admit I have no idea about all the players in the Ray Rice scandal. I understand that Rice attacked and knocked out his then fiancée. There was a video of it and he has been banned. I also understand that the leader of all the football clubs as been less than honest in dealing with this. He said he did not see the video but he really did, etc.

However, tonight there was a guy called Simmons from ESPN who apparently called the leader of the football clubs, and I quote "a fucking liar" While this does appear to be true, I am not clear on how ESPN is involved in this comedy of errors. Can anyone shed a little light on this.

I have been so frustrated by the reporting about Obama's handling of the ME

that I am unable to watch even Rachael or Chris, my two very best favorites. When they give what may be a valid critique that points out some less than favorable facts, I just want to scream that they always should always start with the most important fact which is that the Middle East Shit Show is the sole responsible of the Bush Crime Family. They started an illegal war which has led to the destabilization of the whole region and they all belong in jail.

The consensus is that this war cannot be won without troops on the ground. They bring experts on to back up their thesis. That may be true, but then they should discuss where this cannon fodder will come from. Yes, it is bombing our way to victory is a horrible path to victory but if the alternative is to ship our young men and women over their to fight and die, they should say so. They have to stop saying what is wrong with the President's plan and start talking about the alternatives that would help.

They point out how expensive this type of war is, but fail to take into consideration the cost of the alternatives are. The cost of the Iraq is estimated to have cost 1.2 trillion dollars. A decent amount of that is for VA services, and that amount will continue to rise as we ramp up services to the level they should be at. So when pointing out the cost of Obama's plan, what alternatives would work.

I do not know what the best solution is but if we do nothing, the whole region could destabilize and millions will die.

It is certainly very important that police depts reflect the community they serve.

However, there is another very important criteria that needs to be observed in policing our communities. The people we arm and send out to keep us safe should be psychologically capable of handling this responsibility. Many of them are not.

The prolific videos that cell phones have provided show a scary vision of those that are supposed to protect us. Often they do not know the laws they are enforcing and if they do, they can ignore them with impunity. They can shoot and kill innocent people with no consequences. They are answerable only to themselves. This is a recipe for disaster unless we start changing the criteria for whom we hire and stop allowing them to investigate themselves when things go wrong.
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