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Member since: Tue Dec 3, 2013, 08:40 AM
Number of posts: 346

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Open Carry AmmoSexual Robbed of his gun

Coleman said a man, about 19- to 23-years-old, approached them, asking for a cigarette. Coleman said the man then inquired about Coleman's weapon, then pulled a pistol from his own waistband and said, "I like your gun. Give it to me." Coleman handed over his new handgun and the suspect left on foot.

Oregon GOP Senate candidate Dr. Monica Wehby has given up.


She has canceled a major Portland, OR TV debate and now won't meet with the media. The Koch brothers have thrown in the towel canceling TV ads for the candidate. She was against gay marriage and abortion in the primary but now she has been endorsed in a TV ad by a gay married couple and supports a woman's choice.

Her main problem is that during the primary she had to get the cRaZy GOP voters and in the general election 60%+ of voters support gay marriage and many more are pro-choice.

Not the Onion: Polygamist women dressed 'like ninjas' attack home of witness in Utah sex assault

Polygamist women dressed 'like ninjas' attack home of witness in Utah sex assault case


Two armed “polygamist women” dressed like “ninjas” were subdued by a sword-wielding man during a home invasion, according to police in suburban Utah.

Don't ya luv the family values of Fundamentalist Mormons!

Intoxicated Ammosexual shots wrong dog.

On Sept. 13, Latham was annoyed at a barking dog, so he armed himself with a rifle, walked across the street, aimed over a fence and shot Molly in front of her owners. Molly was not the dog barking, charging documents said.

After shooting Molly in the chest, Chunyk yelled at the shooter, but retreated when Latham raised both of his arms with one hand still holding a rifle.


I Hope Governor Perry and the Republicans of Texas are proud of themselves.

Disabled Mother 63 year old denied Medicaid/Medicare


I Hope Governor Perry and the Republicans of Texas are proud of themselves.

Meet my friend created with GMO

After 13 years Fox finally posts article complaining about billions $ wasted.

The network that cheer leaded us into two useless wars wasting human lives and national treasury has the gall to publish an article complaining about the waste of limited taxpayer resources on the Afghan war. www.foxnews.com/world/2014/07/28/war-on-waste-pentagon-auditor-spotlights-us-billions-blown-in-afghanistan/

The Ethos that I shouldn't narc or snitch is a good idea.

The next time I see a woman being beaten by her boyfriend, a child being whipped with a belt, a car jacking victim gunned down in the middle of the road, someone slipping a mickey into a woman's drink so he can rape her or any other crime victim I promise not to snitch.

True Tea Partiers Forego Social Security and Medicare


A couple of rants on C-SPAN by Tea Partiers about the liberal Republicans and of course undocumented immigrants. I doubt if they are to upset about the 1 million white Russians that are undocumented just those from south of the border.

Iraq continues to collapse into chaos


Thank you George Bush and Dick Cheney.
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