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The good news is that it's a tiny Tory majority

But do the Lib Dems stand much chance of taking the seat back? Especially given what's happened in the past 5 years.

The Tory candidate for North East Derbyshire where I am is forever banging on about how he's a "local boy". The only trouble with this is that until recently he was the Tory councillor for Maida Vale on Westminster Council. Westminster Council Tories are as much of an automatic no-no for me as Sheffield or Rotherham Labour. And by all accounts his record on Westminster Council wasn't very good either.

The Tories have been making more effort then usual this time around. But all the same, I really don't want them to win this seat as it's clear that their candidate Lee Rowley would be a terrible MP.

Who's your MP?

I think it's about time that I did a thread asking about the MP where you live as it's your local MP who you will be voting for or against rather then the party leaders.

My own MP is Natascha Engel (Labour), who I'm afraid comes across as just another careerist hack. Some links are below

Natascha Engel's website. https://nataschaengelmp.wordpress.com/




Not just the one election on 7th May

In addition to the general election for Parliament on 7th May there are also local and mayoral elections in many places on the same date.


Please feel free to comment on any local elections in your area and the situation with local politics where you live, as well as any significant local issues in your area.

I'm in North East Derbyshire, and we have district and parish council elections on the 7th May. However, the Tory and Labour campaigning in this area has been much more focused on the Parliamentary election. And the Liberal Democrats have declined sharply from having a strong local presence to not standing a single candidate in local council elections where I live.

I can' talk about Lib Dems in the Home Counties at the moment

I used to have a Home Counties Lib Dem as my MP (Colchester's Bob Russell, not perfect, but as good an MP as you'll get these days) but I honestly don't have any real idea of how things might pan out in Colchester this time around.

What I can say is that here in North East Derbyshire the Lib Dems used to be a strong presence in local government and used to be quite active. Then after they went into coalition their leaflets immediately became markedly more right wing in tone. And when local elections came around in 2011 they got virtually wiped out locally as people decided that there really isn't any need for a surrogate Tory party. And we haven't seen a single Lib Dem leaflet since 2011 so they've clearly given up round here.

Nearby the Lib Dems nearly took Sheffield Central from Labour in 2010 and also narrowly lost Chesterfield to Labour, but this time round I think Labour will make big gains at their expense in those constituencies.

The Lib Dems decline is not good for democracy as we do need a strong 3rd party offering a good alternative to the tripe from the main parties. And whilst their local leaflets could be dodgy in all kinds of ways, you could at least get a vague idea of what's going on with the local council from them.


Politics has ceased to be about serving the common good and the greatest happiness of the greatest number. It's become all about hatred, scapegoating and spite.

Prescription drugs cause liberal outburst

Satire based on one of UKIP's many gaffes. (UKIP being the British equivalent of the Tea Party).


A COMMITTED racist and homophobe has blamed pain-killing medication for a string of cogent arguments in favour of multi-culturalism and gay rights.

Tom Booker, 47, from Chelmsford shocked bigoted friends at a lunchtime drinking session with a plea for racial and sexual tolerance.

Fellow bastard Roy Hobbs said: “One minute Tom was his usual self, ranting incoherently about how the local council are giving Slovaks free Range Rovers and lesbians spread Ebola.

“The next he was mounting a well-reasoned defence of EU freedom of movement policy backed up by verifiable financial data, not just stuff he had heard off a bloke at work.”

The thing I don't get...

....is why so many politicians think it's acceptable to send pictures of yourselves as Christmas cards. These people really do need to be reminded that Christmas is not all about themselves.

Mind you, as my old man used to say, "show me a politician and I'll show you a man with his house full of mirrors".

I don't rate Ed Miliband

Under his leadership Labour has drifted aimlessly. He doesn't seem to have any vision for what he wants for Britain, other then more power for Ed Miliband of course.

However, is there anybody on the Labour front bench who can rectify these problems? Not that I can see.

The Labour party at the present time is incapable of representing the people the party was set up to serve. Labour's problems run deep and stabbing the party leader in the back is not going to be any sort of magic wand that will make these problems go away.

Alex Salmond has resigned as 1st Minister

He will also be stepping down as leader of the SNP.

As much as I could never abide the man or his politics, he was a considerably talented politician and I think the SNP may struggle to replace him.

Not entirely surprised by this

Carswell always did seem more of a UKIPer then a Tory, with his continual arguments about EU withdrawal.

I do know a few people in that area (was last down there in November for a dinner party in Frinton-on-Sea). It's a constituency that's very receptive to the UKIP message and he is well regarded as a local MP, so I can see quite a lot of people going with him.
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