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Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
Number of posts: 16,381

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This gives new meaning to the term: STREAMING NEWS nt

This is better than sex...nt

Here's an even more horrifying thought:

Was this the Master Plan that was conceived prior to Glasnost and pursued in order to lull the West into believing that the Red Menace was gone? Did the Russians have an equivalent of the fictional Kronsteen from Ian Fleming's From Russia With Love who planned all this?

This sequence of events would make a fantastic book: they used our novelists' fiction against us.

John King on CNN is waging a war against Der Fuhrer-elect...

However, "Better late than never" is not a great tactic in this...or most other journalistic cases...

How Philly's Dems are and have been screwing up

And it helped cost us the WH. Great article by Will Bunch who is always terrific.


A New Year's present for you:

As some of you know I occasionally post things which are told to me by my patients during their dental treatment.

Last week a gentleman associated with the University of Pennsylvania informed me that upon Trump's original application to Penn, the one upon which he was refused admission, was written "uneducable".

This was written by the admissions officer who is a good friend of my patient.

The thing speaks for itself

My appellation:

When they say the would-be God-Emperor's name I then say: "you mean the Commie bastard who's under the control of the Russkis? Better dead than Red I always say. "

Two can play that game. I've waited to do this since 1958.

Why should he give a shit what the Intelligence community has to say in their surmises

when he's getting plenty of info from the Russians?

They are pulling his strings and telling him what to do through some trusted intermediary who is probably a first-degree family member. He knows it all: he's been told what to expect and what he is expected to do, otherwise they will destroy him professionally and personally. They must REALLY have the goods on him: video, audio, witnesses. I have an idea what this is all about but it is taboo to mention it in mainstream conversation, but you know what I'm talking about.

The MSM panel members all think this is somehow funny

They're still in the "Joke Phase" of Trump's candidacy. Laughing and chuckling about his methodology and rhetoric. Watching John King and his groupies giggle their way through this pending nightmare is not going to play well among those of us who see a gigantic disaster in the making.

I for one use descriptives prior to referring to the God Emperor: scandalous, perverted, creepy, corrupt, Soviet-backed, incompetent, and many others. I never use his name alone. He showed me that that works: ask Presidents-elect Rubio, Bush, Cruz, or Clinton.
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