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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Philly
Home country: USA!USA!USA!
Current location: Philly suburbs
Member since: Sun Feb 22, 2004, 09:01 AM
Number of posts: 16,460

Journal Archives

Center City Philly utterly clogged by protests

Streets at a standstill. Gridlock everywhere. Pro-Trump protests and counter-protests around City Hall and spreading. Caught everyone by surprise.

Think Drumpf is "Tired of winning" yet?

Malignant narcissist.

You must take a look at Joey Scar's hair today.

It must have taken the whole week he took off to do it.

Virtually all Trump voters and/or acolytes

possess three or more of the following qualities:

Lacks the gene for altruism
Abused as a child and/or an adult
Abuser of above
Beneficiary of inherited wealth
DSM V Classifiable mental disorder
Willing and/or active participant in sexual situations generally considered taboo or perverse by the general population
Invariably and without question votes Republican.

Enormous East Coast Verizon Fios outage

Talk of hacking or sabotage on chat boards. Anyone else here know or hear anything?

As an aside, do you know what I don't get?

If I had said, done, or threatened 5% of the things he has done to the kinds of people he has done this to during his career, I would AT LEAST have been taken into an alley somewhere and had the living shit beaten out of me. That's if I'd been lucky. If things went as they usually do, I'd have had all four limbs broken and my eyes put out, and my ass shoved full of dollar bills before they shot me in the head and put me in the trunk of a car in South Philly.

Blast from the past...worth perusing...

As a resident of Philadelphia and Atlantic City (summer residence) I had been fascinated contemporaneously with the event. I always wondered if there were a nefarious motive associated with this.




His Mussolini-like facial expressions are revolting

They are unmistakable.

Something is very wrong:

He's decompensating on live tv. His whole affect is different. This is something to worry about.

From Wiki re: that POS Miller/Roy Cohn:

Duke University's former senior vice president John Burness told The News & Observer in February 2017 that, while at Duke, Miller "seemed to assume that if you were in disagreement with him, there was something malevolent or stupid about your thinking incredibly intolerant."


Horrible human being in extremis.
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