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Of course, and yet, it means so much more!

it's a code designed to speak to multiple prejudices, which is how it's supposed to work. These prejudices are all familiar in the RW thought-universe and individuals tend to hold more than one of them together.

Imagine he said this: Vote for me because you hate Jews, blacks, Puerto Ricans, Latinos, homer-seshuals, liberals, feminists, Yankees, egghead elitist know-it-alls who act superior to you, effete city-dwellers, the poor, readers of books other than the Bible, atheists and other anti-Christians, commie pinkos, the liberal media, hipster environmentalists who believe in global warming - oh and of course immigrants but especially Muslims, and foreigners generally (all images with which New York has always been, or is closely associated today), then THAT would be shocking. It would lose a lot of votes or get him net-zero returns, at best, and knock him out of "serious" media consideration. It's the rhetoric of the open fascist, right? It doesn't work for winning presidential elections.*

Instead he uses the code, and this allows the voter's choice to cover all of that - hell "New York" even covers the amorality of Hollywood and "sex and violence" on TV, given its frequent use in movies and series. But he can deny any of it and need get no one one specific angry enough to attack him, except the residents of a state and region he's totally written off anyway. Also, those who are members of the above groups but still RW may hear "New York values" to mean whatever they want it to mean.

This is classical culture-war politics, by the way.


* (Well, except Trump as he claims could say all of that while shooting a guy on Fifth Avenue and his numbers would still go up, ha ha, which has truth insofar as Trump came into this from the Celebrity Universe and thus gets to operate on different standards as the TV will always love him whether cast as villain or total villain.)

Why are corrupt manipulators hiring low-wage workers

and using said low-wage workers as foot soldiers... in a psychological operation aimed at misleading and attacking the interests of other low-wage workers?

Why isn't the Clinton campaign or whatever PAC is financing this outrageous action identifying themselves directly and admitting this is not a scientific poll but a manipulation attempt? That makes them liars, right? Why would they want to win an election on the basis of LIES? What interest do they have besides the belief in the politics supposedly represented by the candidate? Why are they allowed to spend money to manipulate the priocess.

Some are the liars who thought up this marketing psyop, others are the people hired to read a script, but guess who's sent in to call the targets? And that's your answer? Shameful!

Are these questions too difficult for you?

It's totally possible to be a Christian Atheist.

It means you follow (or at least want to follow) the teachings of the Christ as told in the mythology (the New Testament), but you don't believe in or propound the literal truth of the mythology. That's more of a Christian than those who claim to believe the literal truth of this prophet existed and was resurrected etc. etc. but do not follow (or even advocate the opposite of) the teachings - the most important of which are love thy neighbor and don't let priests steer you against the spirit of the law. I'm not a Christian atheist, but Christian atheists do actually exist.

Hey no problem, most of it is totally legal.

What's a bit of fudging on a caucus count, compared to getting both your personal income and your campaign money from Goldman Sachs and other lovable Wall Street banksters, corporate predators and billionaires? Hey, all "viable" campaigns do it, right? Except for one.

The kind of sophistry and smears the Clinton operative/volunteer corps think is part of "playing the game to win" is pretty corrupt too, intellectually anyway. But that's also okay, because it's culturally sanctioned. It's supposed to be normal.

The most difficult corruption to root out, in other words, is the kind you no longer see.

You better believe it.

Earlier today:

Bernie Sanders Camp Says It Turned in 85,000 Signatures to Make New York Ballot


Don't put words in my mouth, sir, thanks.

I said nothing like the matter you stuck in quotes.

We shall see how my beloved New York goes when the time comes. It's not like people here can't be bamboozled in large numbers, hence Clinton's tacit ally, Mayor Bloomberg. In any case it's certain I experience a very different slice of life here from you, as well as from the Clinton campaign donors who live in Hedgefund, Connecticut.

Keep that arrow pointing to the right! Off to the bodega, I am...

Thanks to the anti-democratic primary system, perhaps

and of course this is a total machine state. People would have had to register as D's in OCTOBER, though first-time voters voters (young people) have until Mar 25. We'll learn what the value of Cuomo and De Blasio endorsements is, they're getting pretty hated too. If it was up to CUNY - staff and students - the "1%" would be a rough estimate of her vote total.

So despite the establishment and Big Money advantages, don't be counting on it just yet. Democrats here love the Bernie message and it's a looooong way yet. We'll see how the Secretary of New Wars and Senator from Goldman Sachs weathers real primaries and more debates against a candidate who means what he says. The Clinton machine may turn out to be a paper tiger - or perhaps I should say cotton, since that's the material cash is made of.

Also, I'm sure you were thinking of NYS, not NYC. NYC, sure, among her banker buddies and gentry liberals who own Prospect Park townhouses, maybe.

Bernie was not the only one who knew.

22 other senators and 150 or so representatives knew and voted against it.

Weapons inspectors and every expert not in on the drive to war knew and warned. The foreign press covered this extensively. It was easy to know a) no WMD, b) neocon plan for it regardless, c) so what even if WMD, it's an unprovoked war of aggression that will d) cause untold suffering and the breakup of the region into what we see today.

15 million protesters worldwide on Feb. 15, 2003 knew, including half a million in New York. Majorities in global polling knew. The majority of the Turkish parliament who voted against taking part knew.

No excuses, no bullshit about golly gee well I had to believe the president, what choice did I have?

The Bush mob and the neocons planned, schemed, lied, and executed the war of aggression. Three key figures outside the direct circle of perpetrators whose declarations of assent was important in facilitating and selling this greatest of all 21st century crimes were Colin Powell, John Kerry (kills me to say it) and the former first lady, "liberal" leader and junior senator from New York, the 9/11 state.


Unfortunately he's almost as radical as Truman on questions of war, participating in the general consensus. He's promising he will be as bad as Obama, though certainly not as bad as bomb-Iran Clinton or onward to the neocon and apocalypse-seeking variants of the Republicans. In any case, that's what he says. I didn't lend credence to all those who claimed Obama was just faking out the right and secretly going to be more progressive, blah blah. It's more possible with Sanders, but not in this context, in this particularly regressive atmosphere of seeing deadly enemies everywhere, all the time, and total valorization of the militarism and nationalist bullshit. Such a consensus has bought into this idea that the threat is constant and has to be proactively attacked (which is the formula for creating the threat in the first place). I guess you can't challenge Wall Street and the imperialist war-profiteering systems in the same election? Probably not. Just some thoughts.

Beautiful OP by the way.

Sure, I understand that.

You're saying this is a good thing? To rescue the criminal entities who pulled off these epic scams on millions of people, and destroyed the economy for billions of people? Not only to save the banksters and hedge-fund pirates but to help them get richer, bigger, more powerful? So that they can buy elections on even more enormous scales? (We must save Godzilla, he's too big too fail!)

And to do this on the basis of the Fed getting to set its own policy independently and in secret? Inflating the asset side (nice market, hooray!) so as to float the finance sector's fantasy football games and do zilch for real economy? Let the wealth continue being sucked upwards? Pretend to reach no-fault "settlements" that are basically the government getting a small cut of the action?

The law has provisions for liquidating insolvent corporations and for prosecuting fraud, which on the scale that was practiced is a crime that destroyed millions of people's lives. Serial killers and mass shooters don't get to do that. Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein and Sir Stephen Green get to do that. 2007-09 demanded that the stables be cleaned out of the mountains of horseshit and toxic waste. Instead, one message was delivered: Crime pays. Keep at it, banksters!
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