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Dumb Cops: New Jersey Cop Shot At His Own Police Cruiser

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) — A New Jersey police officer has been accused of shooting a gun at his own police vehicle.

The Camden County Prosecutor's Office says 23-year-old Da'Shaun Carr used his personal gun to shoot a hole in his windshield on Oct. 3 and then communicated by police radio that he had been fired upon.

Police searched the area around New Brooklyn Park in Winslow, where he said the shooting happened.

Carr is a part-time special officer with the Winslow Police Department. He was charged Monday with false public alarms and has been suspended without pay.


Dumb Criminals: Oregon Couple Has Sex In Car Outside County Jail

A couple having sex in a car on an Oregon street corner had a short trip to jail — they were parked outside.

The jailhouse rockers drew police at 5:44 p.m. on Sunday after their extracurricular activity drew complaints and slowed traffic thanks to gawkers in Springfield, Ore.

Kelli Knutson, 24, and boyfriend Logan Jackson, 33, had been at The Brick House strip club and parked across the street, KVAL reported. Rather than head home, they got naked and frisky in the car, police said.


Glenn Beck's Medical Condition May Not Be A Real Medical Condition According To Endocrinologists

Glenn Beck used to be a very sick man. Last week he revealed that he has suffered through years of debilitating physical symptoms—intense pain in his extremities, an inability to speak, vision loss, and severe chronic insomnia. He feared for his career, and even his life, until he was diagnosed and treated for adrenal fatigue and other unspecified disorders. Beck says he’s now on the road to recovery.

I’ve never met Glenn Beck, nor listened to him for more than a few minutes at a time. In fact, I didn’t realize Beck was still working until a Slate colleague sent me an article about his health revelation. As a fellow human, I’m genuinely pleased that his health has improved, but I’m very concerned about the story he’s telling.

Let’s start with one of Beck’s diagnoses—adrenal fatigue. You have two thumb-sized adrenal glands sitting atop your kidneys. They produce many of the hormones you know by name, including testosterone and adrenaline. Like any other part of your body, the adrenal glands can malfunction. The accepted scientific term for most of these problems is “adrenal insufficiency.” The autoimmune system, for example, sometimes attacks the glands, suppressing production of cortisol. The result is Addison’s disease, which can cause muscle fatigue, weight loss, nausea, and a host of other symptoms. Acute cases can be fatal, especially in young people.

Adrenal insufficiency, however, must be kept separate from adrenal fatigue. Immunologist James Wilson coined the latter term in 1998 to describe a syndrome caused by prolonged stress overburdening the adrenal glands. The symptoms supposedly include extreme fatigue, a general sense of unwellness, and what Wilson calls “gray” feelings.


Dumb Criminals: Suspected Truck Theif Attempts To Escape Police Custody Through Ceiling

State police say a woman was arrested last week for stealing a truck, but then tried to escape custody through the ceiling at a local hospital while getting treatment.

Shylen Salazar reportedly admitted to state police that she had possession of stolen truck for nearly two months.

According to police, when Salazar was put in a holding cell she told the guards that she swallowed a bunch of drugs to hide them from police.

While being treated at Presbyterian Hospital police say she climbed into the ceiling above her hospital bed and hid there for more than an hour before police found her.


Dumb Criminals: Bra Wearing Florida Man Gets Arrested After Blocking Customers From Using ATM

Maybe ATM stands for 'another terrifying moment?"

After all, any machine that spits out cash is bound to attract some trash.

After getting reports of a man causing a disturbance at a bank, Fort Pierce cops found a dude, identified as Gregory Herndon, who was allegedly blocking folks from using an ATM, reports Will Greenlee in his Off the Beat blog for TCpalm in Stuart.


Neil DeGrasse Tyson Presents: Mysteries Of "Interstellar" (spoilers)

Two days after Neil deGrasse Tyson praised a lot of the science in Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar," the famed astrophysicist focused on some of the film's fiction. Over a series of nine tweets that he called "Mysteries of #Interstellar," Tyson took the movie to task for some of its plot contrivances. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Mysteries of #Interstellar: Who in the universe would ever know the titles of all their books, from behind, on an bookshelf.

Mysteries of #Interstellar: How a pickup truck can drive with a flat tire among densely planted corn stalks taller than it.

Mysteries of #Interstellar: If you crack your space helmet yet keep fighting, the Planet's air can’t be all that bad for you.

Mysteries of #Interstellar: Gotta tell you. Mars (right next door) looks waay safer than those new planets they travelled to.


107 Million Spiders Occupy Abandoned Facility In Baltimore, Enter If You Dare

The warmer weather is said to have caused thousands of spiders to flood homes, but if you’re concerned about the invasion, spare a thought for the owners of a waste treatment plant in the US.

The Baltimore property was so riddled with arachnids that webbing covered approximately 95 per cent of the entire building.

This was the equivalent to four acres - or three American football fields - and was said to house more than 107 million of the eight-legged critters.

These spiders included a species known as a Long-jawed orb weaver, or Tetragnathidae, typically found in damp or swamp habitats. They have long slim bodies with shiny abdomens.

Last month, researchers in Guyana discovered a puppy-sized spider living in the rainforest.

Known as the South American Goliath birdeater, the spider was spotted by entomologist and photographer Piotr Naskrecki from Harvard University's Museum of Comparative Zoology.

He wrote on his blog that the arachnid is officially the world’s largest spider, according to the Guinness World Record book, and it’s leg can grow to a foot (30cm).

It can also weigh up 6 ounces (170g), which the photographer compared to the same weight as a newborn puppy.

Orb webs produced by the Araneidae species, of which the Tetragnathidae is a member, are used for catching prey.

Other webs are used either for reproduction, or to help spiders find their way back to a specific location.

The giant web was originally reported by the owners of the Baltimore Wastewater Treatment Plant to pest controllers in 2009, and the photos were released as part of a Halloween feature on Wired.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2819066/Scared-spiders-Look-away-Terrifying-photos-reveal-FOUR-ACRE-web-teeming-107-MILLION-arachnids.html#ixzz3Ijrc9Wr4
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Dumb Criminals: Suspected Ambulance Theif Also Accused Of Committing "Lewd Acts"

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - The Colorado State University student accused of stealing an ambulance and attacking deputies at the Larimer County jail says he went to a Halloween concert where he took "molly" and cocaine, according to the extensive police reports obtained by 7NEWS.

Police said emergency crews with Poudre Valley Hospital were treating an intoxicated student for seizures on campus in Fort Collins early Sunday morning, and when they came outside with the patient, their ambulance was gone.

The ambulance, which had a GPS system on board, was tracked to Loveland. Loveland police officers said they found the ambulance in the middle of Highway 34 with several doors open, heavy front-end damage and fluid leaking.

One officer said it appeared the driver of the ambulance had hit the raised median, jumped the curb, hit a sign, went the wrong way and crossed back over the median before stopping.


This story has everything!

Best Movie Theme Songs?

NOTE: For this to qualify it must have been originally recorded for a movie. It cannot be an existing TV show theme (Mission: Impossible, for example) and it cannot be a previously existing song (2001's Also Sparach Zarathrusta for example). It has to be an originally recorded composition for a movie.

Here's a few to get started:

- Rocky:

- James Bond:

- Beverly Hills Cop:

- The Dark Knight:

-Star Wars

Dumb Criminals: 43 Year Old Florida Woman (Obviously) Tells Cops She's 22 And Has Aging Disease

A Florida woman was arrested Saturday after trying to pass herself off as her daughter who was two decades younger.

Jennifer Crosby, 43, allegedly told a deputy at a traffic stop in Indian River County that she was only 22 and “has a medical condition that makes her age faster.” According to an arrest report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Crosby was pulled over for inoperable tail lights, and when deputy Colby Smith asked for her license, she said she had forgotten it.

Crosby then allegedly gave Smith the wrong name and a 1992 birthdate. Smith wrote that when he appeared skeptical of the birthdate, Crosby made the outlandish claim about accelerated aging.


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