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Gender: Male
Hometown: Indiana
Home country: USA
Current location: Indiana
Member since: Wed Sep 7, 2005, 10:37 PM
Number of posts: 5,644

Journal Archives

While in the Early Vote line in this Red County today one of the clerks told us that

in our small county as well as surrounding counties record EV turnout records were being broken.

so far as of 1PM today we had had 36% of registered voters EV.
There was probably at least 50 in line as I left...And Dammit I forget my "I voted" sticker.

So Indiana DU'ers is this a good sign for Democrats ?

As the saying goes when voter turnout is heavy Democrats win or does that pertain to Bright Red States like Indiana?

One does not have to watch MSNBC and Tom Roberts for more than

15 seconds to realize that he went from being a shill for Trump to being his surrogate

The jobs report for the month was 161,000+

Donald Trumps script was how terrible this was in this Obama/Clinton economy
Well Trump you dumb ass...under the Bush/Cheney/Rove economy there was often a negative jobs report.

The damn MSM will bring these guests to bash the Obama economy and forget to mention the Bush years.

Or they forget to mention when Obama was sworn in in 2009 the Unemployment was 10+
its currently 4.9% ..Comcast/MSNBC is certainly all Trump now

This article is from 2012 but still these are the facts under Bush


I broke my record for viewing time this morning on Morning Joe

Harold Ford Jr and MJ and Mika had a pretty heated argument about Comey.
for Mika she went back and talked about Hillary's email server which she was cleared of any wrong doing back in July but Mika could not let that go.
Joe drug Obama into this as well as the DOJ and said Comey was just doing his job.

Harold Ford Jr. went beyond his usual safe conversation comments and was really chastising Comey

Way to go Harold you earned a gold star today.

How can the polls go from Hillary being 14 points ahead to

just one point ahead nationally as per Washington Post poll in just two days?

Hillary Clinton needs to go to the Northwestern part of Indiana

and talk about what she will do to stop the cheap subsidized steel coming into this Country from China and other counties and tell those voters what she will do to stop the decline of our steel manufacturing.

If Hillary would do this then she should/ would win Indiana without a doubt.

Obama promised actions against foreign steel in 2008 and again in 2012 but nothing was done

Hillary Clinton tied with Trump in Indiana

I guess all those Trump signs I see as I drive across the county and other neighboring counties aren't working too well LOL

I'm loving this..
Note..I predicted all along that Hillary would win Indiana. Pence is not a popular guy here.
In the Governors race Democratic Candidate John Gregg is leading (R-Holcomb) by +6 and in two polls he is leading by as much as 12
In the Senate race Bayh is leading by +6
GO Hillary !!

Hillary Clinton Is Now Tied With Trump Indiana As GOP Devastation Worsens


Mike Pence and every single Republican running has the same

talking point and that is
7 out of 10 (that's 70% wow) Americans believe United States is moving the the wrong direction. What?
My first question to Republicans is give the reason(s)why you think we are moving in the wrong direction?
and if Democrats are so bad or if President Obama is so bad why does he have a 55% approval rating?
So why cant we have 4 more years with Hillary as President to keep this country moving in correct direction?
(Dare I say Right)

Local Republicans I talk to say Hilary is not qualified or that with Hillary we will have another 4 years of Obama and my reply is Why do you say Hillary is not qualified (they cant answer that ) and whats wrong with have 4 more years of Obama and again they cant answer.

These same people would vote for Alvin The Chipmunk if he had an "R: in front of his name

It is amazing to see the Evangelical Hypocrites that are

supporting Trump. I see today Pence is at Liberty University today to sell the Trump ideology.
Im sure not every student on that campus agrees with Trump's ideas but I just think it is so hypocritical for the faculty and students that support Trump that will study and preach the gospel one day and then the next day attend a political rally that supports this sexist,perverted Republican candidate.

It is really funny that in 2008 evangelicals thought Obama was the ant-Christ and here in 2016 they think Trump is the second coming of Christ.

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