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Member since: Wed Sep 7, 2005, 11:37 PM
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Man Banned from his own land for living off the grid

the city says property is unsafe because he does not have city utilities

Farmers dont know or care and Monsanto dont care

what effects Roundup is having on our environment.
I noticed while working in my garden there are less bees than ever before which could be the reason vegetable plants are taking longer to
develop fruits..
I haven't seen very many bees at all all summer and for those I've seen they are much smaller..(there are a lot of those worthless pesty sweat bees as we call them)
Also the butterflies Ive seen are small. I saw a Monarch butterfly yesterday and they looked to be about half the size as usual.

I live in the heart of farm country,,Corn fields,bean fields that are treated with roundup after being planted.
It just makes me wonder about how badly our environment is being abused.
I mention these facts to farmers and they say..."roundup is proven to be safe" So I figured they was one of the many that attended Monsanto spring meetings where they were given all the facts about "genetically modified grain is safe and our products do not harm the environment"

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