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Gender: Male
Hometown: Indiana
Home country: USA
Current location: Indiana
Member since: Wed Sep 7, 2005, 11:37 PM
Number of posts: 5,515

Journal Archives

Mike Pence and every single Republican running has the same

talking point and that is
7 out of 10 (that's 70% wow) Americans believe United States is moving the the wrong direction. What?
My first question to Republicans is give the reason(s)why you think we are moving in the wrong direction?
and if Democrats are so bad or if President Obama is so bad why does he have a 55% approval rating?
So why cant we have 4 more years with Hillary as President to keep this country moving in correct direction?
(Dare I say Right)

Local Republicans I talk to say Hilary is not qualified or that with Hillary we will have another 4 years of Obama and my reply is Why do you say Hillary is not qualified (they cant answer that ) and whats wrong with have 4 more years of Obama and again they cant answer.

These same people would vote for Alvin The Chipmunk if he had an "R: in front of his name

It is amazing to see the Evangelical Hypocrites that are

supporting Trump. I see today Pence is at Liberty University today to sell the Trump ideology.
Im sure not every student on that campus agrees with Trump's ideas but I just think it is so hypocritical for the faculty and students that support Trump that will study and preach the gospel one day and then the next day attend a political rally that supports this sexist,perverted Republican candidate.

It is really funny that in 2008 evangelicals thought Obama was the ant-Christ and here in 2016 they think Trump is the second coming of Christ.

President Obama: Democracy is on the ballot.

I hear all of these Republicans talk about "we cannot have another 8 years of a failed economy"
Where are all these caves these people have been living in.

Got a question..

Do you suppose the rest of the Free World is laughing at us?

Forget your political party affiliation for a moment and as an American are you embarrassed by all of this?

What the electoral map would look like if women refuse to vote for Trump

Exclusive @FiveThirtyEight projection on what the Electoral College would look like if women refuse to vote Trump.


Oh my..this is exactly what I thought would happen with the Deplorables....

I have heard this several times now and what they are saying is " what Trump said is no different than what other men would say or have said""
Or what Trump said is not half as bad as things Hillary has done"
What? WTF are they talking about.
My question to these deplorables: Just what "things" has Hillary done?
This is obvious a Fox News brain washing talking point
These Republican T-Baggers will not be swayed by anything negative Trump has said or done

I just heard Chuck Todd (MSNBC interview) say that Donald Trump cannot recover from this...

Trump Surrogate Gasps when CNN panelists confronts her about Donald's actions

I agree with Bernie Sanders and we need to spread the Word

Sanders: Think before you cast a protest vote

While we are on the subject of Trump Deplorables?

Would Trump Supporters support Hitler?

Man Banned from his own land for living off the grid

the city says property is unsafe because he does not have city utilities

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