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Member since: Tue Apr 6, 2004, 05:20 PM
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DWS-PAC just a money-laundering front.


Far more money paid to 'staff' salaries (who are also paid by her campaign) than is given to candidates. Much also spent on luxury accomodations and high end resturants.
Just another Third Way Democrat grifting at the corporate feed trough. Sanders is a threat to their gravy train.

It's a weekend, they're alert swarming again.

Heads down. Do jury duty if you're able.

Holy cow! NV entrance polls...70% are liberal!

3/4 of those under 45 supporting Sanders. Most first time caucus-goers (big turnout of them) supporting Sanders.
from ABC link.

Shouldn't the question be: How does Hillary plan to pay for endless war?

Paying for education and healthcare is simple if we get our priorities in order.

Partial Florida registration numbers.

Two of the counties in Tampa Bay Area have reported voter registration numbers (which closed Tuesday for the primary in a month). All these numbers are since Jan 1st.

In Pinellas County, the number of voters who switched from NPA (no party affiliation) to Democrat was 1,435. It's a safe bet most are Bernie supporters.
In Pinellas, switching from NPA to Republican was 1,263. I'm guessing that's mostly for Trump.
In Hillsborough Co., 895 switched from NPA to Dem, and 662 switched from NPA to Republican.

New voter registrations (all parties) in Pinellas:
4104 in 2016, compares to:
3131 in 2008, and:
3048 in 2012.
Don't have Hillsborough numbers for new registrations.

Leon County (Tallahassee) reports 2,000 NPAs have switched to either of the two parties, with most going to Democrats.

Info is from Tampa Bay Times article from yesterday. They also quoted elections officials as saying registrations and re registrations across the state are strong.

edit: Florida has a closed primary, which favors Clinton. Although the re registration numbers are high, and presumably mostly for Sanders, they're probably not high enough to make more than a dent in her lead.

88 Dems, including DWS, voted with 244 Republicans to allow racial discrimination in auto sales.


The gist of the story...auto dealers had been tacking on extra interest to car financing to boost profits. Govt found minorities were getting higher interest rates, even with same credit ratings. Govt tried to shut the practice down, Congress passed a bill permitting it to continue. Minorities, the Third Way Democrats are not your friends. And this is a good example of racial justice being intertwined with economic justice.

Clinton could compromise on abortion?

I wonder if PP is going to re-think that early endorsement.

Thankyou for the hearts, anonymous donors!

More Florida Man. Possibly satire, but you never know around here.


God dammit, SAY their NAMES!

Willam Moore
Rev. Bruce Klunder
Andrew Goodman
Michael Schwerner
Rev. James Reeb
Viola Liuzzo
Jonathan Daniels

Just a few of the white people killed fighting for civil rights for African Americans.

Bernie Sanders wasn't killed, he was only beaten and jailed. That is a matter of record. But he was in the fight. The Swiftboating of Sanders reaches new depths of depravity, even by Clinton standards. Hillary was campaigning for Barry Fucking Goldwater at the time, a vocal opponant of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. Jesus fucking Christ, this is a repeat of AWOL Bush saying Kerry lied about his record...worse, though, because it's Democrats doing it. I am stunned at the depths of Clinton depravity.
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