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MEANWHILE, in St. Louis...

Man Allegedly Conned Multiple Women Into Buying Him A Lamborghini, Corvette And Mustang

I still can’t wrap my head around exactly how all this transpired, but a Missouri man is facing several charges for allegedly conning various women into buying him sports cars of which he sold and kept the cash.

According to kmov.com of St. Loius, Timothy Rossell, 28, is charged with four counts of identity theft and one count of impersonating a federal officer.

Police say that Rossell met three women on a dating site called “Plenty of Fish” and convinced them to purchase expensive cars for him in their name. He would then sell those cars, keep the money, and report them stolen.

One woman in Florida is on the hook for over $300,000 after she purchased a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Corvette Z06. His fiancée ended up buying him a brand new Shelby Mustang, a motorcycle and a Cadillac Escalade.

Authorities say that Rossell would tell these women that he worked as a federal agent as a U.S. Marshall and he had the money, but just need the women to put their name on the loan.

His scheme came unraveled when his fiancée discovered government IDs that had different names on them. That is when she contacted the police.

Rossell was caught in Illinois when his Lamborghini got a flat tire and he attempted to have one of the other women pay for a bus pass. He will likely face even more charges as the investigation unfolds.


Personally, I've been doing the online dating thing for a lot of years, and I haven't even gotten a woman to buy me a Hot Wheels car... Need to step my game up!


On a recent morning in Washington, D.C., Tim Kaine, the Democratic nominee for Vice-President, ambled into a room at the Jefferson Hotel and introduced himself: “Hi, I’m Tim.” With thinning gray-brown hair, sensible rubber-soled loafers, and an expression of surprised contentment, he looked, at fifty-eight, like the happy customer in an insurance commercial. Despite more than two decades in politics—he has been a governor of Virginia and the head of the Democratic National Committee, and is now a member of the U.S. Senate—he is unassuming to the point of obscurity. In September, more than six weeks after he became Hillary Clinton’s running mate, forty per cent of voters said that they had never heard of Tim Kaine or had no opinion of him, according to a CNN/ORC International poll.

The absence of slickness has been mostly for the good. Paired with one of the best-known and least-trusted nominees in Presidential history, Kaine has helped the Clinton campaign look less frosty and stage-managed. Last week, as women came forward to accuse Donald Trump of groping them, the Times columnist Gail Collins suggested that “boring people have never looked better.” Kaine spent years cultivating his reputation for approachability, and he has parted with it grudgingly. Once he became the nominee, his wife, Anne Holton, a lawyer and former Virginia secretary of education, continued driving the family’s Volkswagen Jetta around Richmond, until Secret Service personnel prevailed upon her to accept a ride from them. In Kaine’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, he touted his Midwestern roots, and mocked Donald Trump’s use of the phrase “Believe me!,” inspiring a round of dad jokes online. (“Tim Kaine is your friend’s dad who catches you smoking weed at a sleepover and doesn’t rat you out but talks to you about brain development.”)

When we met, Kaine was back in Washington, after a string of campaign stops, to cast two votes in the Senate. Earlier in the week, he had appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” where the host had arranged a surprise visit by John Popper, the harmonica maestro from Blues Traveler. Kaine is a harmonica buff who has performed in a bluegrass bar band called the Jugbusters. Popper left him starstruck. “After Toots Thielemans died, he’s now the man,” Kaine told me. “Toots Thielemans was the man, and played a different style—Toots played chromatic and was a jazz player—but, since he died, Popper’s the guy.” Popper had given Kaine a copy of his memoir (“Suck and Blow”), and he was midway through it. “I’ve been on a string of music books, so I read Elvis Costello’s autobiography. I read this book by Bob Mehr—who worked for the Memphis Appeal—called ‘Trouble Boys,’ about the Replacements, a band that I really love,” Kaine went on. “Then I have another book—it’s called ‘The Saint and the Sultan’—that I’m halfway through, about this weird moment in St. Francis of Assisi’s life, where he went to Egypt to meet with one of the main religious leaders to try to broker an end to the Crusades. I didn’t know that part of his life.”

A devout Roman Catholic, Kaine is more comfortable quoting Scripture than any Democrat to reach the level of Presidential politics since Jimmy Carter. Asked to name his heroes, Kaine begins with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German Lutheran theologian who was executed by the Nazis for his involvement in a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler. For more than three decades, Kaine and his family have attended St. Elizabeth’s, a traditionally black church in Richmond. “We deliberately put ourselves in a position where we are in a racial minority,” Holton told me. “Our African-American friends have done that all their lives in one context or another. There is insight that we can learn.” She went on, “It’s no longer just the divide between black and white. Virginia’s gotten more diverse, but how do we come together across differences of all sorts?”


Is this the greatest ever barroom bet?

While drinking a Pilot bet he could land outside the bar, 2 hours later he touched down in central New York in a stolen aircraft. Years later he repeated the stunt because someone wouldn't believe him.

1st flight
In September, 1956 after drinking heavily at a bar in New York City, Thomas Fitzpatrick made an intoxicated barroom bet that he could travel from New Jersey to New York City in 15 minutes. At 3 a.m. he stole a single engine plane from the Teterboro and flew without any lights or radio before landing on St. Nicholas Avenue near 191st Street in front of the bar where the bet was made. The New York Times called it a "fine landing" and a "feat of aeroneutics". For his illegal flight, he was fined $100 after the plane's owner refused to press charges.



MEANWHILE, in England:

Man sought following theft of venetian blind from Dunelm Mill, Northampton


Nothing subtle about that guy...

More "fearless and adversarial" commentary from our friends at the Intercept:

Long story short: Hillary is a machine politician owned by the elites and hellbent on destroying the nation, and voters are ignorant


Poor Glenn Greenwald -- Trying so very very hard to stop Hillary...

And trying so very very hard to maintain the delusion that he actually matters...

Is this the "fearless" part or the "adversarial" part? I can't tell the difference anymore:

So now Assange is seeing Jewish conspiracies behind Hillary?


MEANWHILE, in Florida...

Florida Couple Determined to Have Their Oct. 8 Wedding Despite Hurricane Matthew

No storm is going to stop this couple from tying the knot. Jaime Gurnavage and Ryan Gordon of Suntree, Florida, are still planning to have their Cocoa Beach wedding Oct. 8 at 5 p.m. despite Hurricane Matthew. And yes, it will be right on the beach.

“We’re definitely going to have a beach wedding no matter what,” Gurnavage, 34, told ABC News. “I have been planning this wedding for the past year, down to every last detail, from a whimsical wedding on the shore of Cocoa Beach to the classic beach-chic reception with an amazing Caribbean dinner spread with a magical floating sky lantern send off into the night’s sky overlooking the ocean to finish off the evening.”

The determined bride has been in touch with her wedding coordinator from their venue, Ocean Landings Resort, who told her the resort will most likely reopen for business on Saturday.

“It’s closed Thursday and Friday. But she’s saying it’ll probably plan to open tomorrow,” said Gurnavage. “We expect it to move past this evening. My fiancé and I expect to head back to Brevard County tonight. My dad said if there’s a lot of debris on the beach he’ll grab a bunch of guys and get a rake and rake out the sand.”

The couple evacuated to Orlando along with their guests who were already in town for the nuptials. But the show must go on.

“We’ve just been hanging out here until they open up Ocean Landing again,” she explained. “I have about 20 or 30 family members that were coming down from Pennsylvania. That’s where we’re from. They had hotel room reservations for Ocean Landing where the wedding is going to be.”


Syria: Hospitals hit repeatedly by Russian and Syrian airstrikes, condemning hundreds to death

Out of only eight hospitals still functioning in east Aleppo, four hospitals and a blood bank were damaged by bombing in four days, one of them twice.

On 30 September, two hospitals in east Aleppo supported by MSF, among others, were damaged by continuous indiscriminate bombing. A blood bank was also damaged. Despite the damage, medical teams at the three facilities managed to continue their work.

On 1 October, a major trauma hospital was so severely damaged by bombing that it was forced to close. Two days later, as construction teams worked to repair the damage, the area was bombed again, killing a number of people and further damaging the hospital.

On 2 October, a surgical hospital was damaged by bombing, but remained open.

“The few remaining hospitals are collapsing under a flow of hundreds of wounded lying in agony on the floors of wards and corridors,” says Pablo Marco, MSF’s operations manager in the Middle East. “Doctors are performing brain and abdominal surgeries for the victims of bombing on the floors of the emergency rooms, for lack of available operating theatres. Russia and Syria must stop this carnage now.”


And the silence from Snowden and Greenwald is deafening... Where are all the calls for an independent international investigation? Where is the demand for accountability? Where is the merciless criticism of Russia's foreign policy, and scorched-Earth military strategy which is *intentionally* targeting civilians??

Well, the TPP is officially dead...

The Senate’s top Republican said Thursday that the sweeping 12-nation Pacific Rim trade deal championed by President Obama will remain on ice until another president revives it.

And with both current presidential nominees opposed to the deal’s ratification, that could be the death knell for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, barring a major shift from Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump.

“Since they negotiate the deals and they send them up, the president is a big, big player in trade,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said at a news conference Thursday. “If we were going to have another discussion about trade, it would have to be led by whoever the next president is.”

Obama has made a renewed push in recent months for congressional ratification of the trade agreement, known as the TPP, with an eye toward persuading Congress to hold a vote on the deal in the post-election lame-duck session. The president has called the largest regional trade and regulatory deal in history one of his top economic priorities and a crucial strategic initiative in the fast-growing Asia Pacific, where the administration has sought to hedge against China’s growing influence.

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