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ACLU Files Complaint Against Sessions Over Senate Testimony Regarding Russia
Mar 10 - Associated Press

GOP Leaders Shoot Down Moving Up Medicaid Expansion Phase Out Date
Mar 10 - Talking Points Memo

Ryan On Millions Losing Care: 'Never Going To Win A Coverage Beauty Contest'
Mar 10 - Talking Points Memo

Nelson Mandela's presidential memoir, Dare Not Linger, due in autumn
Mar 10 - The Guardian

Trump's executive powers may block CIA torture suit
Mar 10 - International Business Times

Trump's disputes with local governments could create fresh conflicts of interest
Mar 10 - Reuters

Trump tweeted Obama wiretap claims after aide slipped a Breitbart article into his reading pile...
Mar 10 - RawStory

AP Top News: Ex-adviser's ties to Russia, Trump campaign draw scrutiny
Mar 10 - Associated Press

Sources: FBI investigation continues into 'odd' computer link between Russian bank and Trump Org...
Mar 10 - CNN

Payroll employment rises by 235,000 in February; unemployment rate changes little at 4.7%
Mar 10 - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Budget referee may call foul on Obamacare repeal
Mar 10 - Politico

Pope signals he's open to married Catholic men becoming priests
Mar 10 - CNN

Judge resigns over rape trial comment: 'Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?'
Mar 10 - Washington Post

Volkswagen expected to plead guilty to fraud
Mar 10 - Detroit Free Press

Park Geun-hye: South Korean court removes president over scandal
Mar 10 - The Guardian

Police, FBI seek tips, offer reward in shooting of Sikh man
Mar 10 - MSN/Associated Press

Secretly Filmed Anti-Immigrant Video Claims Indians 'Ravaging' the Midwest
Mar 10 - NBC News

The poor just dont want health care: Republican congressman faces backlash over comments
Mar 10 - MSN/Washington Post

Is that not correct?: Male GOP lawmaker asks why men should pay for prenatal coverage
Mar 10 - MSN/Washington Post

Chief: Outside demonstrators involved in college protest
Mar 10 - Associated Press

Con artists prey on immigrants fearing a Trump crackdown
Mar 10 - Associated Press

Authorities: Man held on device charge set Texas mosque fire
Mar 10 - Associated Press

China to step up patrols to create 'first class' navy
Mar 9 - Reuters

Trump supporters call for liberal genocide and deportation of Jews at Arizona Rally
Mar 9 - RawStory

GOP tries to discredit agency reviewing its health care bill
Mar 9 - CNN

Trump administration sends judges to immigration detention centers: sources
Mar 9 - Reuters

GOP health-care bill would drop addiction treatment mandate covering 1.3 million Americans
Mar 9 - Washington Post

Vermont businesses watch anxiously as Canadians turned away at U.S. border
Mar 9 - CBC

Judge denies release request in Kansas bomb plot case
Mar 9 - Associated Press

Judge: New Orleans can remove 4th Confederate-era monument
Mar 9 - Associated Press

New Mexico May Become Seventh State To Ban LGBT Conversion Therapy
Mar 9 - BuzzFeed News

BREAKING: Secretary of State Tillerson has recused himself from issues related to Keystone pipeline
Mar 9 - Twitter

ICE Detained Woman For An Entire Month Even Though She Says Shes A U.S. Citizen
Mar 9 - Huffington Post

Washington state will ask judge to declare that freeze of first Trump travel ban applies to new...
Mar 9 - The Washington Post

DC restaurant alleges unfair competition in suit against Trump, DC hotel
Mar 9 - CNN

BREAKING: 'Man armed with axe goes on rampage' in Dusseldorf train station
Mar 9 - Express

Jeff Sessions may order independent investigation of Barack Obama's Department of Justice
Mar 9 - Salon

Jewish Children's Museum in New York evacuated for bomb threat
Mar 9 - Reuters

House committee requests copies of any Trump eavesdropping orders
Mar 9 - Reuters

Spicer: 'I Don't Know' If Trump Knew Flynn May Have Acted As A Foreign Agent
Mar 9 - Talking Points Memo

GOP health-care plan: Two House panels approve legislation as Trump tweets reassurance
Mar 9 - The Washington Post

Sessions: Gitmo is a 'very fine place'
Mar 9 - The Hill

Attorney General Jeff Sessions wont rule out going after legal pot with law designed to take down..
Mar 9 - RawStory

To Moscow, Trump's choice for envoy makes Russian thaw less likely
Mar 9 - Reuters

Trump Dips Into The Health Care Debate: 'It Will End In A Beautiful Picture!'
Mar 9 - Talking Points Memo

White House loyalty test leaving cabinet agencies unstaffed and Trumps secretaries are furious
Mar 9 - raw story

Vets groups feel insulted after Trump skips meeting with them and sends Omarosa instead
Mar 9 - raw

UPDATED: Gay Vets Banned from Boston St. Patty's Day Parade
Mar 9 - Mediaite

Mitch McConnell When Asked If Mexico Will Pay For Border Wall: 'Uh, No'
Mar 9 - Mediaite

Schumer On 'Trumpcare': 'No One Likes This Bill'
Mar 9 - Talking Points Memo

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