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More Than 300,000 California Voters Accidentally Registered for Ultra-Conservative Political Party
Apr 18 - New York Magazine

Israel And Palestinians Engage In Rare UN Shouting Match

White House Signals Veto On Saudi 9/11 Bill
Apr 18 - The Hill

Pearl Jam Cancel Raleigh Concert to Oppose 'Bathroom Bill'
Apr 18 - Rolling Stone

Obama Asks Putin to Help Halt Assad Offensive in Syria
Apr 18 - ABC News

More than $65 billion in orders for Argentina's first international bond offer in 15 years.
Apr 18 - Buenos Aires Herald

Republican Consultant Cheri Jacobus Files Libel Suit Against Donald Trump
Apr 18 - New York Times

Feds issue first report on Chester Amtrak crash
Apr 18 - Philly.com

Tennessee transgender bathroom bill fails when sponsor pulls it after intense criticism
Apr 18 - AP

Teacher charged with soliciting sex from former student, 13
Apr 18 - Washington Post

2016 Pulitzer Prize winners announced
Apr 18 - Politico

Study backs pancreas cell transplants for severe diabetes
Apr 18 - Washington Post

Israeli army charges soldier for killing wounded Palestinian
Apr 18 - Washington Post

Virgin Islands GOP Meeting Ends With Shoving, Shouting and Cops
Apr 18 - MSN/Talking Points Memo

Florida man fatally stabs and runs over wife, before shooting their two kids and himself dead
Apr 18 - Daily Mail UK

Explosion aboard Jerusalem bus, 20 casualties - Israeli radio
Apr 18 - Reuters

Air pollution activists cover landmark London statues with masks
Apr 18 - AFP

US to Provide More Troops, Attack Helicopters to Help Iraq Retake Mosul
Apr 18 - Voice Of America

Houston Area Submerged After 16 Inches of Rain in 24 Hours
Apr 18 - abcnews

Supreme Court rejects challenge to Google’s online library
Apr 18 - USA Today

More than 400 refugees 'drown in Mediterranean' after boats capsize crossing from Egypt to Italy
Apr 18 - The Independent

‘Illegal’ Syrian antiquity found on sale for £30,000 in London
Apr 18 - Sunday Times.

Driver Yelled Racial Slurs At 81-Year-Old Man He Then Fatally Ran Over With His Truck: Cops
Apr 18 - Inside Edition

Chile floods: 4 million people without water as world's largest copper mine suspends operations
Apr 17 - ABC News Australia

Brazilian congress votes to impeach president Dilma Rousseff
Apr 17 - The Guardian

Man who shot Maryland firefighters thought he was stopping break-in
Apr 17 - Reuters

Student group calls University of New Mexico seal offensive
Apr 17 - Associated Press

North Korea's fifth nuclear test is imminent, says South Korea
Apr 17 - Reuters

UK finance ministry to publish 'sober analysis' of Brexit risk
Apr 17 - Reuters

Colombia police captain who reported prostitution ring fired
Apr 17 - EFE (Spain)

National Park Service to make Jimmy Carter honorary park ranger today
Apr 17 - AJC

Thousands of voters, celebrities, register to wrong party
Apr 17 - Associated Press

Clinton up by double digits in NY, Calif.
Apr 17 - The Hill

'Moral Monday' Leader Removed From American Airlines Flight
Apr 17 - abc

Comptroller says Illinois lawmakers will have to get in a long line to get paid
Apr 17 - Chicago Tribune

Embattled NC Governor Calls Gay Rights Group ‘More Powerful Than The NRA’
Apr 17 - Huffington Post

Drone hits British Airways plane approaching Heathrow Airport
Apr 17 - bbc

Oil meeting aiming to cap output ends without agreement
Apr 17 - BBC

Brazil is tense ahead of impeachment vote
Apr 17 - Washington Post

Vast populations of cicadas will come after 17 years of underground living
Apr 17 - Pulse

Hillary Clinton Comes Out in Support of Chuck Schumer's 9/11 Bill
Apr 17 - ABC News

Ecuador Earthquake: State of Emergency Declared After at Least 233 Killed
Apr 17 - NBC NEWS

The Chicago Teachers Union says the countdown toward a possible strike has begun after it rejected..
Apr 17 - US News

Russia denies wrongdoing after jet barrel-rolls over U.S. aircraft
Apr 17 - CNN

Five more suicide attempts reported in Canada First Nations community
Apr 17 - Guardian

Iran Vows To Defend Muslim Nations Against Terrorism, Israel
Apr 17 - Associated Press

Pope returns with 12 refugees after visit to Greek island
Apr 17 - Reuters

Hundreds of New York…voters to file suit…after claiming their party affiliation mysteriously changed
Apr 17 - New York Daily News

New poll: Female voters flock to Bernie Sanders from Hillary Clinton
Apr 17 - Boston Herald

Japan earthquake: Powerful new tremor in Kumamoto
Apr 17 - BBC

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