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All rape cases are he said she said

The problem is sexism is so great that too many assume the man is telling the truth and the woman a liar, when the fact is false allegations account for only 4% of rape reports. To pretend there is equal probability that Assange and the two women are telling the truth is a ridiculous and absurd contention. He has every opportunity to clear his name, if he abides the Swedish court order to appear there. Yet he is hiding out to avoid prosecution.

But of course you don't know the state of the investigation because you haven't bothered to read the legal ruling provided at the top of this OP, a ruling that has been public for over two years now, and has been posted repeatedly on this website. The only reason charges weren't filed is that in the Swedish system charges are filed at the end of an investigation. He stands as an accused person under Swedish law, as UK Supreme Court document at the top makes clear. The question is why are you distorting the facts to protect an accused rapist? If you haven't bothered to examine the actual evidence, I want to know why you consider those women's lives too insignificant to inform yourself when sources are put in front of you?

When people think only people they don't like should be held account for sexual assault in the legal system, it makes a mockery of women's struggles, indeed for all rape victims, for equal rights under the law. if you want to stand behind an accused rapist, that is your choice. We all have our values in life. Mine is to oppose rape, rape culture, and those who work to make the world safe for rapists.

Post the funniest or worst cover of a song

Because the night from an Italian tv show. Unfortunately learning English or even the lyric wasn't required.

The original

"Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine"

It's time for the best Christmas song ever! What's yours?

The Pogues, "Fairy Tale of New York."

What's your favorite winter holiday song?

That depends on how you define socialism

In a state run system, like Cuba before the fall of the USSR, there was very little private enterprise, so not much space for porn. Porn is a commerce. It yields profit. If a society is not built around profit, there would likely be some underground porn passed around between people but not the massive for-profit industry that results in tremendous labor exploitation and even slavery.

If on the other hand you are imagining a European social democratic system, the principal difference would be that a guarantee of a basic fair wage for work likely reduce the numbers of those who would choose to work in porn.

Neither of these scenarios, of course, account for the international commerce of porn and the internet.

My point, however, was not to imagine different forms of government that would eliminate porn but rather to point out that the emphasis on individual liberty that is the justification for porn--along with much else in American society--comes to us courtesy of capitalism. Our notion of rights as resting in the individual rather than the people as a whole is itself a capitalist notion. Our constitution is a liberal document--representing liberalism in its classical sense, in keeping with Adam Smith, John Locke, etc. . . Liberalism emerged as the political ideology underlying and justifying capitalism, which came to displace mercantilism.

Not only are notions of liberty tied to the emphasis on the individual essential to capitalism, but in reconciling competing rights, the marketplace--meaning corporate profit--becomes the determining factor. Money is defined as free speech because the ruling class benefits from such a notion. The Second Amendment emerges as inviolate because that conception guarantees profits for gun manufacturers, while porn is justified according to free speech and liberty because it yields profits for pornographers. Whenever rights come into conflict, as they very often do, they tend to be reconciled in ways that further the accumulation of capital (corporate profit).

Missing from Thanksgiving

32,000 families have one less seat at the Thanksgiving table this year due to gun violence.
Below are faces of children, age 0-16, killed by guns from May-Aug. Keep them in your thoughts this holiday season, and work to keep all of our families safe by supporting sensible gun control measures.

Happy Thanksgiving

I think there are two fundamentally different wordviews

One based on individual liberty and the other on the social good. In my view, the problem with placing such high value on the individual's rights is that it elevates those with wealth and status above those without, which often tend to be women and people of color. Capitalism, and hence the US form of government, is based on the rights of the individual to acquire property, wealth, and privilege with little regard to those affected as a result. I see porn much like any capitalist industry, not dissimilar to gun manufacturers. Those who own companies and can afford to purchase goods assume their rights are universal. Of course they are not. They are the product of varying degrees of wealth and privilege that exceed the status of workers in those industries and those hurt by the violence both engender. In my view, Ignoring the social good in favor of the individual's liberty leads to even further inequality and exploitation. Socialism envisions a greater role for the state to correct such imbalances, but of course this is not a socialist country. Individual liberty, wielded disproportionately by the privileged, trumps the social good. Capitalism requires such a conception of individual rights in order to justify the accumulation of capital and exploitation of labor integral to the system.

Even those without significant wealth or status vigorously defend the rights of the individual because they have been taught those values, which ultimately serve to justify capitalist accumulation and inequality. Or they defend the individual rights they see as benefiting them. For example, many here insist rape porn is protected by the First Amendment while rejecting the idea that money equals speech. Some insist the 2nd Amendment is inviolate while others reject that notion. Despite such differences, all of these conceptions of rights center around the individual because they come from the US constitution, which is the quintessential liberal document. That is, liberal in its classical sense, as the political corollary of capitalism.

Access to brutal porn is framed in terms of individual liberty. As with all rights based on the individual, it inevitably overlooks consequences to the greater society.

Thank you, Jesus, for this food

Remember who harvested your food this Thanksgiving.

It has not gone unnoticed (re: porn)

That the mantra about "banning" violent rape porn, to those who not in fact advocated banning, is a transparent effort to silence those who question privilege. The hue and cry about "authoritarianism" is rather a concerted effort to silence the free speech of those who assert the rights of women and rape victims, male and female alike.

We too have a right to choose, and we have a right to speak.

Since the subject has come up: This OP was prompted by blanket condemnations and accusations of trolling visited on another poster, not myself. No one silences me.

Regardless of language, the message is the same

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