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Tom Tomorrow: How the "news" works.

How's your 401K doing?

Nestle’s Water-Bottling Activities Amid California Drought Underscore A Lack Of Policy Options


Nestle’s Water-Bottling Activities Amid California Drought Underscore A Lack Of Policy Options

In recent weeks, a desert area of Southern California has seen focus suddenly turn toward a water-bottling plant owned by Nestle Waters North America, which has continued its operations despite the worsening water crisis. In an outraged action request in mid-August, the League of Conservation Voters, a prominent national lobby group, urged 50,000 of its members and consumers to petition the company on the issue. “Nestle … is bottling California’s water, selling it, and profiting while the state suffers from a scorching, record-breaking drought,” the groups warned in a series of emails. “Friend, we are fuming. To date, Nestle has refused to acknowledge concerns about the water they are taking.”

California has been hit particularly hard this year — the third consecutive year of drought — and as of early August, state water supplies were at less than two-thirds capacity. Most of the state is currently experiencing “exceptional drought,” the most severe rating according to a federal scale. Several other states, from Oregon to Texas, are also experiencing moderate to exceptional drought conditions. In response, California authorities have put in place a variety of policy and public relations measures, aiming to safeguard dwindling resources. As far back as January, Gov. Jerry Brown requested that the state’s residents voluntarily cut down their water use by a fifth, though this seemed to have only a middling effect.


“We’re in a very bad drought right now and it’s time to really manage our public water resources wisely — and Nestle’s operations are really antithetical to good public water management,” Adam Scow, California director for Food & Water Watch, a watchdog group, told MintPress. “Yet, the state has no specific policy on water bottling. Here we are in the middle of this drought and no one even knows how much water the company’s taking at that plant or other plants,” he continued.

Two years ago, state legislators did pass legislation that would have required water companies to report how much water they were bottling, but that bill was vetoed by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Likewise, attempts to have the state’s water authority oversee a comprehensive mapping and analysis of the state’s water resources — to many, a seemingly straightforward step — are again being held up. Scow said the broader problem underpinning this lack of legislative progress is the fact that California doesn’t formally view water as a resource in the public trust. As a result, it’s one of the very few states lacking comprehensive groundwater regulations.

Why did John McCain cross the road?

Because he'd already started a war on the side he was on.

Ferguson, Mo dirty cops tied to Mississippi voter fraud?

Caveat: I haven't spent any time verifying any of these allegations, it would take some digging into records and old news.

Hopefully some well-informed DU member can confirm/refute these allegations.


At every corner throughout St. Louis County when an officer abused or harmed an African American, @RoordaJ was there to protect the officers. Little did we know that @RoordaJ now a Missouri State Rep was once fired by the police for falsifying evidence & making false reports. Then we learn that @RoordaJ is an undeniably close ally of @GovJayNixon and the St. Louis County Prosecutor. Now follow me for a second. Then we learn that @RoordaJ - fired as a police officer for falsifying reports - is behind the Darren Wilson @GoFundMe cash grab for $500k. It's public record that @RoordaJ was fired for police misconduct & public record he lied about this man "lunging"


Yesterday I learned of an ultra conservative man who has basically moved to #Ferguson with expressed intent of defaming Mike Brown & family. This man, who actually appeared on the Rush Limbaugh Show yesterday, was the one who has requested Mike Brown's juvenile records. . @ChuckCJohnson is currently being investigated by the Mississippi Attorney General, Jim Hood :: http://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/local/dailyledes/2014/07/30/jim-hood-political-blogger/13363041/ .

You have to ask yourself, why is a man who paid for voter fraud in Mississippi now paying to defame Mike Brown & many of his family members? You have to ask yourself, why is the man who was fired by the police for misconduct (multiple counts) now on the Public Safety Commission.

One of them isn't welcome at Kroger. Guess which one.

If you'd like to tell Kroger "groceries, not guns" there's a petition at: http://act.everytown.org/sign/kroger-petition/

In 2012, Democratic candidates in Wisconsin received more votes than Republicans

This is not just a problem in Wisconsin, and this bill has no chance of being passed with the R's in control. But we need support nationwide for redistricting reform.


Dale Schultz announced earlier this year that he would not seek re-election to the Wisconsin Senate after serving in the Legislature for 32 years. But the Republican from Richland Center is not exiting quietly and has joined with Sen. Tim Cullen, D-Janesville, to promote legislation that would change Wisconsin’s flawed redistricting process.


There is much to admire from politicians like Schultz, who went against his party on issues such as mining and Act 10 because he did something that seems to be lost in today’s political landscape — he listened to his constituents. He remains convinced that in order to fix the hyper-partisan process that dominates politics today, we must first fix the redistricting process.


In 2012, Democratic candidates in Wisconsin received more votes than Republicans for president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, state Senate and state Assembly. But because of redistricting, Republicans held their 5-3 lead in the House, took back control of the state Senate, 18-15, and dominated in the state Assembly 60-39.


This can be fixed if we take the politics out of the process. A bill supported by Schultz and others is modeled after the redistricting system in Iowa, which has used the nonpartisan system since 1980. Under the Wisconsin proposal, the Legislative Reference Bureau would propose the political boundaries, which would still need approval from the Legislature with a limited ability to amend them.

Emphasis mine.

The AMWAY Top 25 Coaches Poll.

AActually, Amway only named the top five. Then each of those five had to select five more. By adding more levels, everyone enjoys greater success!

The Democratically-controlled Senate will vote on this September 8, 2014


As Senate Vote Looms, Poll Shows Strong Support Across Party Lines for Constitutional Amendment to Curb Money in Politics
Voters Reject Arguments Against Amendment; Senate Votes Sept. 8

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Voters across party lines overwhelmingly oppose the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling and strongly support a constitutional amendment to overturn the decision and curb the influence of money in politics, a new bipartisan poll shows. When provided a short description of the amendment, which is scheduled for a Senate vote on Sept. 8, Republicans support the amendment by a roughly two-to-one margin. Notably, voters reject arguments against the amendment by wide margins.

The poll was commissioned by Public Citizen and conducted by Lake Research Partners, a Democratic polling firm, and Chesapeake Beach Consulting, a Republican polling firm. The firms conducted a live telephone survey of 800 likely voters between July 26 and July 29. The numbers of Democrats, Republicans and independents polled reflected the proportions of projected likely national 2014 voters from each of those parties. The poll’s margin of error is +/- 3.5 percent.

“It’s time for Congress to act on the people’s demand for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and restore our democracy,” said Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen. “This poll shows that the public, including Republican voters, forcefully rejects arguments from Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator Ted Cruz in defense of the status quo.”

“The context is really ripe for this amendment, which voters view as a solution to the out-of-control spending in elections, particularly by lobbyists and special interests,” said Celinda Lake, Democratic pollster and president of Lake Research Partners. “Voters are fed up with the influence of money in politics, and we see high energy levels for campaign finance reform across party lines. This is a truly bipartisan issue that candidates not only can safely promote, but can benefit greatly from taking on.”


Question Text: The constitutional amendment aims to overturn and do away with Citizens United and other
related Supreme Court campaign finance decisions. It gives elected representatives the ability to pass laws that
regulate and limit campaign spending. The amendment makes clear that money does NOT equal free speech,
and allows limits on how much money can be spent on elections. Would you favor or oppose an amendment to
the United States constitution to overturn and do away with Citizens United and other related campaign finance
decisions, or are you not sure?

Personally, I have trouble with any Amendment that leaves it up to Congress to pass laws limiting campaign finance spending. Let's fix that in the Amendment, not trust a corrupt Congress to do so.

I wonder what the Senate result will be.

Anti-Vaxxer "Logic"

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