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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 03:31 PM
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One couple found a creative way to counter-protest pro-lifers

(Note: For the record, I prefer the term "anti-abortion" to "pro-life".)


In late June, the Supreme Court rejected a law, enacted in 2007, that required 35-foot buffer zones around abortion clinics in Massachusetts. This law was intended to help minimize episodes of violence and harassment against women and families entering clinics, but the Supreme Court decided it violated the First Amendment.

While some pro-life advocates will continue to resort to violence and hate to get their message across, other protesters have more subtle techniques. One Raleigh, N.C., couple—Grayson Haver Currin, a writer for Pitchfork and music editor at Indy Week, and his wife Tina, a copywriter and creative strategist—has been protesting alongside pro-lifers at a clinic in Cary, N.C., every Saturday morning since March. But their signs take a different approach.


“There's no big-box hardware store very close to where we live, so we were driving toward a suburb of Raleigh called Cary, which runs over with strip malls. We were getting supplies for a garden box. We both grew up not too far away, and we've seen the clinic in question hundreds of times. But for some reason, on this morning in particular, the protesters got under our skin a little more than normal. I'm full of crazy ideas and jokes, and Tina tells me which rare ones are good. I suggested that we make a sign that said ‘Weird Hobby’ and point at one of the protestors. She loved the idea and vowed that, if they were there when we passed back by, we'd do it.

“We tried to buy poster board at Home Depot, but they don't carry it. As we were leaving, Tina ripped a vinyl sale sign off of a display and took a Sharpie to it. We posted the results to Instagram and Facebook, and people flipped. We vowed to keep doing it, and most every week we've been in town since then, we've counter-protested with a new sign. Some are surreal, and some are serious. We do our best to not talk to the pro-lifers, but they often pray for us and sometimes tell us that the righteous will destroy the wicked, us included. They've told us that we believe in God and are simply ashamed of it. In turn, we've dug pretty deep into their online network of craziness, and it knows no bounds of joy and sadness. We plan to keep doing it as long as they can. Already, they've taken to putting their signs down when we show up, which we consider an important if brief victory.”

Wisconsin - Take a Stand Against Gun Violence: Donate a Pair of Shoes


Every year an average of 467 men, women, and children are killed by guns in Wisconsin.

To remember the victims, we will travel the state with a powerful display of 467 pairs of empty shoes. At each stop, we will demand that our leaders address the gun violence crisis.

Please help build this display by mailing shoes to our office (address below) or bringing them to one of the following locations:

Shoe Drop-Off Sites ( July 23 - September 7 )

If you are donating shoes in honor of a loved one who was lost to
gun violence, please contact us so we can make special arrangements.

Harmony Café - Fox Valley, 233 E. College Ave.
Mon – Sat, 8am – 9pm in the Program Room

Eau Claire:
Bolton Refuge House, 807 S. Farwell St.
Mon - Sat, 8am - 8pm

Eau Claire City-County Health Dept., 720 Second Ave.
Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm

First Congregational Church, 1609 University Ave.
Mon - Thu, 8am - 6pm, drop off at south entrance off Lathrop St.

Casa Maria Hospitality House, 1131 N. 21st St.
Mon - Sun, 9am - 1pm

Non Profit Center, 2819 W. Highland Blvd.
Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

Urban Ecology Center - Riverside Park, 1500 E. Park Pl.
Mon - Thu, 9am - 7pm / Fri - Sat, 9am - 5pm / Sun, Noon - 5pm

Urban Ecology Center - Washington Park, 1859 N. 40th St.
Tue - Fri, Noon - 6pm / Sat, 9am - 5pm

Urban Ecology - Menomonee Valley, 3700 W. Pierce St.
Tue - Fri, Noon - 7pm / Sat, 9am - 5pm

George Bray Neighborhood Center, 924 Center St.
Please call 262-770-4906 for drop-off hours.

First Universalist Unitarian Church of Wausau, 504 Grant St. Phone number: 715-842-3697
All week, box located in the covered entrance just off the Grant St. parking lot.

Shoe Mailing Address
WAVE Ed Fund
P.O. Box 170393 Milwaukee, WI 53217

If you would like to help by collecting shoes at your place of worship
or business or in your neighborhood, please call us at 414-351-9283.

Shoes will be donated to charities after use in display.

Wisconsin Groundwork Racial Justice Workshop


Racial Justice Workshops

Groundwork facilitates racial justice workshops for organizations that are interested in more inclusive, racial justice-centered practices within their group. If you are interested in having us facilitate a workshop with your group, please contact Colin Gillis (colinrgillis AT gmail DOT com) to discuss details and compensation.

Groundwork holds an intensive 6-week workshop every two years in Madison, WI that is open to all community members. Our workshop examines how racism and white privilege affect our lives, communities, institutions, and movements for social justice, while developing strategies for prioritizing racial justice both individually and collectively. Our methods seek to engage heads, hearts and voices in a creative, transformative process. Workshop participants share food and stories to build community and deepen our learning. Childcare is provided. Our next workshop will be in the Fall of 2014. Details are included in the application ...

These workshops focus on the experiences of white, European Americans, but are open to all.

Here’s what a past participant has to say about the workshop:

“The Groundwork Fall workshop was the first time I had an intentional space to talk with white people about racism. The workshop laid a solid “groundwork” for me in thinking about these issues and was a great mix of “heart stuff” and “head stuff.” While the focus was on racism, it did a great job of talking about Queer oppression, anti-Jewish oppression, and other issues as well. The first four weeks were focused on building a Racial Justice analysis, understanding the history of racism in the United States, and reflecting on our personal experiences with racism and white privilege; while the last four weeks were more focused on organizational, social change stuff. This mix worked really well! I’d recommend this workshop to anyone wanting to talk in depth about racism with white people, deepen their analysis of racism, and develop concrete strategies on how to work for racial justice as a white person.”

Walker Republicans

They repealed the Equal Pay Enforcement Act. They eliminated state funding for family healthcare planning services. They passed 8 laws that limit women’s access to sex education, birth control, cancer screening, and abortion services. Wisconsin now ranked among nine worst states for reproductive rights.

More great "Walker Republican" graphics at: https://www.facebook.com/DoorDems courtesy of the Door County Democrats!

Sherrod Brown on Big Oil

Lemme see .... there's veteran care, mental health care, public schools, clean energy and water ...

Funny thing about where we're seeing complaints about undocumented workers

The Math Is Simple

What did giant corporations do with their trillion dollar tax cuts?

Full Metal Jackass

and other great tweets at: https://twitter.com/TeaPartyCat

Look, when Jesus wrote the Constitution, he had only 10 Amendments, so why do you liberals insist on all these new ones letting people vote?

Gov. Jan Brewer: “I’ll look into the botched execution, but I’m sure he didn’t suffer because I asked him after and he didn’t say anything.”

Sure, Sarah Palin got a speeding ticket for going 63 in a 45, but we all know radar guns are science-y, and science has a liberal bias.

David Perdue won the Georgia GOP nomination for Senate last night, though if even one black person voted, the Tea Party will void the result
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