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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 03:31 PM
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After being declared winner, Scott Walker says he still hasn't ...

After being declared winner, Scott Walker says he still hasn't received a concession call from Chris Christie for 2016.


Dear Democratic Party: Make No Mistake About It, Republicans Didnít Win Ė You Lost


Iím not sure what jackasses controlling the Democratic party decided that they needed to run away from the president, but I hope all their asses are fired. Iíve never been more ashamed to be a Democrat than I was during this election. Iím a fighter; I might lose, but I damn sure wonít lose selling out to fear. Iíll stand by my conviction, what it is I believe in and if I lose, so be it. At the end of the day I lost fighting for my beliefs and staying true to myself. Democrats lost running away from one of the most successful presidents in modern history because they didnít have the internal fortitude to stand up and fight, proudly informing the American people of all the great things that have been accomplished these last 6 years.


Thereís no way in hell Republicans wouldnít stand proudly, even arrogantly, next to one of their presidents if they had created over 10 million jobs (and counting) and they were the Commander-in-Chief who found and authorized the killing of the man responsible for nearly 3,000 deaths and the greatest terrorist attack on our nationís soil. My God, they would be pushing for a national holiday in his name.

Instead, Democrats ran away from him. If these idiots could manage to piece together even one coherent thought to realize something fairly obvious, doing so actually justified their opponentsí propaganda. Because why the hell would any voter thatís torn between two candidates vote for one who essentially agreeing with their opponentís political rhetoric that the leader of their party has been a failure?


And itís like I said to people during this election, when these candidates turned on Obama, it ticked off the Democratic base who are still big fans of the president. Just how the hell were these cowardly Democrats planning to ďenergize the baseĒ to vote for them, while acting like fools trying to avoid the presidentís record that many these voters believed was something these candidates should have been boasting about? One of the many things Iíve learned in my years studying politics is that if a candidate canít motivate and energize their base during an election, theyíre not going to win. And thatís exactly what we saw this year.

MSNBC calls race with 0% of votes counted



Country Club Membership Cards still accepted


Alabama Reportedly Changes Rules at Last Minute to Bar Public Housing IDs for Voting

According to a report from Aviva Shen at Think Progress (please see the cautionary note about that reporter below), the state of Alabama has decided at the last minute, just last Friday, that Public Housing IDs would not be sufficient for voting in today's mid-term elections.

The determination is reportedly a last minute interpretation of Alabama's new polling place Photo ID restriction by the state Attorney General, and does not appear to have been used during primary elections earlier this year...

Alabama, which is testing out its new voter ID law for the first time this year, will not accept public housing ID at the polls.

Bernard Simelton of the Alabama NAACP State Conference told ThinkProgress that he learned Friday that voters will not be able to use their public housing ID under the Attorney General's interpretation of the new law. Simelton said he wasn't sure why, but speculated that the restriction was because the town of Bayou La Batre's housing authority is run by a private entity. "So it's not a government-run program. The city owns the property, but a private company runs it," he said.

The disclaimer about one of the sources is also interesting reading.

Important Public Service Announcement from Leslie Gore

Wisconsin: Union Cab giving free rides to and from the polls in greater Madison area

Wisconsin: Anatomy of a Right-Wing Smear Campaign

On edit: dirty details here http://www.progressive.org/news/2014/10/187904/republicans-smear-mary-burke-sneer-minimum-wage

Nuns Roll through Wisconsin!

from my email ....

NETWORK is happy to announce that the Nuns will be Wisconsin tomorrow (Saturday).

With 3 days left before the election, the Nuns wants to make sure you have a voting plan and you follow through. Whether you are mailing in your ballot, voting early, or going to the polls on Election Day, the Nuns support you and challenge you to get others to vote, too. Remember: Early Voting ends today at the close of business at your City Clerk's office. You can still send your absentee ballots. Your completed absentee ballot must be postmarked no later than Election Day and received by the municipal clerk no later than 4pm on Friday, November 7.

RSVP to join us on the final stop of our Nuns on the Bus 2014 'We the People, We the Voters" tour. Please alsoforward this update to friends and family.

Nuns on the Bus Wisconsin -- Tour Schedule
November 1
2:00pm Phone Banking and Canvassing at the IBEW Local 14 Office
3460 Losey Boulevard South, La Crosse, WI 54601
November 2
8:30am Mass
Location TBA Green Bay, WI
2:00pm Get Out the Vote Cookout and Rally at Wisconsin Education Association
1136 N. Military Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54303
6:00pm Fond du Lac Voter Engagement
Location TBA Fond du Lac, WI
7:00pm Town Hall for the 100% at First Unitarian Society of Madison
Atrium Auditorium 900 University Bay Drive, Madison, WI 53705
November 3
8:30am Get Out the Vote Canvassing Pep Rally at Madison Labor Temple
1602 South Park Street, Madison, WI 53715
12:00pm Get Out the Vote Rally at the Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) Student Service Center ("S" Building) Atrium
700 W State St. Milwaukee, WI 53233
Afternoon Canvassing
Location TBA Milwaukee, WI
November 4
All day Ride to the Polls
Around Town Milwaukee, WI

To join in the get-out-the-vote conversation on social media, follow NETWORK on Twitter at @NETWORKLobby and @sr_simone as well as using the hashtags #IAmaVoter and #nunsonthebus.

I'd Rather Go Blind | Playing For Change

CREW's Worst Governors In America (pdf)

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)has released the second version of their Worst Governors in America report.


CREWís second report on the nationís worst governors includes 18 ó six of whom are the worst of the lot, six others whose conduct raises serious questions about their leadership, and six others who engaged in some action suspect enough to suggest their decisions merit close scrutiny. Some governors on the list essentially turned their authority and regulatory agendas over to special interests. Others abused their office in return for gifts and campaign contributions. Many appointed donors to key positions and gutted transparency measures. All failed to live up to the public trust.


While conducting the research for this report, we noticed some disturbing trends. For example, governors around the country have pushed to create economic development agencies or funds that rely on public money but are exempt from public audit or transparency requirements. These situations make it harder for the public to ensure accountability, and create conditions ideal for corruption and abuse. This practice has already led to problems in, for instance, Arizona, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Boy has Walker's WEDC ever led to problems. Millions of dollars missing, millions of dollars given to corporations that are shipping Wisconsin jobs overseas.

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