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How To Help Ferguson Get Food, Counseling, Education They Need


Feed Hungry Kids
The Ferguson-Florissant School District, which serves 11,000 students, has delayed the start of school until Aug. 25. Students are missing out on classes, and a new federal program that is slated to give free lunch to all students, The Washington Post reported. To help feed kids in need, a North Carolina public school teacher launched a Fundly campaign -- which has raised more than $130,000 -- and 100 percent of the proceeds will be donated to the St. Louis Area Foodbank. Find out how you can get involved here.


Support the Library’s Efforts to Offer Calm and Learning
The Ferguson Municipal Library has served as a much-needed haven for residents in need of a place to relax. Teachers have been offering up their time to read to students and provide activities, and the library has been doling out water and inviting residents to use its computers, ABC News reported. Find out more about the Ferguson Library and how you can support its efforts here.


Give Children a Place to Learn
While children in Ferguson are out of school, Wellspring Church is opening its doors every day this week from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to provide educational activities, counseling and free lunch. Find out how you can support Wellspring Church here.


Support Counseling for Affected Residents
As the Ferguson community begins to process the events related to Michael Brown’s death and the uproarious aftermath, United Way of Greater St. Louis has created the Ferguson Fund to provide community building, mental health needs and any other basic and long-term needs that will benefit the community. All proceeds will be donated directly to the Ferguson Fund. Find out more about the fund and how you can get involved here.

What if we could turn wastewater and algae into carbon-negative fuels and clean water?


First generation biofuels, like corn ethanol, haven't fulfilled their promise of displacing fossil fuels in a green, carbon neutral way. It's because they require a lot of energy to produce and use food crops, competing with people and animals for that supply, driving prices up and putting pressure on farmland. That's where second and third generation biofuels come in; they use more efficient processes that make them carbon-neutral or, ideally, carbon-negative, and they're made from feedstocks like waste biomass and algae, removing the pressure on food supplies. That's the theory, but in practice there are big challenges that need to be surmounted to make it all work, as we've seen over the past few years, which have been rough on the industry. Many next-gen biofuel startups appeared on the scene and few of them have shown commercial viability (yet).

Algae Systems might be an exception to the rule, with an interesting production process and some heavy-weight backing that gives it a much higher chance than others of crossing the finish line. CEO Matt Atwood is both an entrepreneur and a chemist. John Perry Barlow is vice president (Yes! JPB from Grateful Dead fame and the co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an organization that should be particularly dear to anyone who likes a free and open internet). Finally, the financial muscle comes in good part from billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr. Not a bad group if you want to make things happen!

The five years old Nevada-based startup is using an interesting approach that was first looked at by NASA. The idea is to use municipal waste water to grow algae in special bags that are anchored offshore where they get plenty of sun and where the waves keep everything well mixed. Once the algae has grown enough, it is harvested, and the now clean water can then be used by cities and farms or return back to the sea. The algae goes through a special "hydrothermal liquefaction" process that, with temperatures of about 550 degrees Fahrenheit, turn it into a kind of bio-crude oil. Another useful byproduct is fertilizer, from the part of the algae that isn't turned into fuel. Nice 3-for-1!


To show that this isn't just theory, but that it works in practice, Algae System has built a pilot plant in Daphne, Alabama. This operation isn't just neutral on the environment, it actually consumes pollutants like phosphorus and nitrogen, leaving cleaner water behind. The demo plant treats about 40,000 gallons of waste water per acre per day and produces about 3,000 gallons of fuel per acre per year. This is just a start and Algae Systems expects productivity to improve.

On "getting even".

Wake up you dumb fucks!

Fugelsang: "If Michael Brown ..."

Why we can't have nice things.

The Seamy Underbelly Of Ferguson Starts To Appear (Updated)


Whenever things make absolutely no sense, I think it can be said that while it may make no sense to you, it may make sense to someone. And nine times out of ten, what has previously appeared nonsensical may be sensical, especially if someone somewhere is making money from the nonsense.


Very simply, a town that bankrolls itself through racial profiling and harassment of minority citizens in penny ante driving violations which are then ratcheted up in both costs and ramifications through manipulative measures, is EXACTLY the kind of place where a jaywalking offense would spiral out of control. There really is something very systemically awful going on in that town and it is tragic that it took the death of black teenager to draw one's eyes to it. Please follow below for the full, horrifying story.


“Despite Ferguson’s relative poverty, fines and court fees comprise the second largest source of revenue for the city, a total of 2,635,400,” according to the ArchCity Defenders report. And in 2013, the Ferguson Municipal Court issued 24,532 arrest warrants and 12,018 cases, “or about 3 warrants and 1.5 cases per household.”


How can this be? we ask ourselves. Well, one of the fruits of disparate policing and the spiraling of charges and the mass transformation of an entire population into fugitives due to outstanding bench warrants is that that same population has now been successfully disenfranchised of their vote. Felons don't vote and fugitives don't vote.

Emphasis mine.

Obama has taken more vacation days than any other president ...

... if you use the 3/5th multiplier from the Constitution.


You Should Avoid These Right-Wing Companies

Note to moderators: entire list shared with permission


As we discussed in our recent article, 4 Ways You Can Effectively Fight Conservatives, there are many things we can do to combat their agenda. We can work to advocate truthfulness, avoid television stations that air conservative Super PAC propaganda. WE can support candidates facing elections against right-wing candidates…

And we can boycott boycott boycott right-wing companies whose products and services help fund the conservative agenda and candidates.

For your convenience, here is a list of but a few of those companies we should avoid. Be sure to share with your family and friends. This is by no means a fully comprehensive list, but it is a good beginning.

As some of you noted, companies like Hobby Lobby and Papa John’s are good ones to avoid as well – however, this list is focused more on larger operations such as those by News Corp and Koch Industries as you can see below.


Be sure not to watch:

20th Century Fox Television programs on other networks (24, Married with Children, etc.)
Big Ten Network (49%)
Fox Business Network;
Fox College Sports
Fox Movie Channel
Fox News
Fox News Channel
Fox Reality Channel
Fox Soccer Channel
Fox Sports en Español
Fox Sports Enterprises
Fox Sports Net
Fox-branded local television stations
Foxtel (25%)
FX Networks
National Geographic Channel (International) (50%)
National Geographic Channel (US) (67%)
Speed Channel
Sport South
Do not watch movies produced by these studios:

20th Century Fox Español
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
20th Century Fox International
20th Century Fox movies;
Blue Sky Studios pictures;
Fox Searchlight Pictures;
On the web, avoid:

Authonomy via HarperCollins
Fox Interactive Media
MySpace (5%)
News Digital Media
Do not buy/subscribe to magazine/print publications or read books from:

Barron’s – weekly financial markets magazine.
Big League
Country Style
Financial News
Harper Collins
Lifestyle Pools + outdoor design
Live to Ride
Marketwatch – Financial news and information website.
MasterChef Magazine
Modern Boating
Modern Fishing
New York Post
Overlander 4WD
SmartSource Magazine
Super Food Ideas
The Wall Street Journal
Truck & Trailer Australia
Truckin’ Life
Two Wheels
Two Wheels Scooter
Vogue Entertaining + Travel
Zondervan Publishing

ADI-Pure ®
Antron ®
Brawny brand paper towels and other products;
Chemical products including: •Sure Sol ® products
Comforel® fiberfill
CoolMax ®
Cordura ® fabric
DBE ® dibasic esters
Delica ®
Demak’Up ®
Dixie® Brand cups plates, and other products;
European brands: •Colhogar ®
Georgia-Pacific lumber and paper products;
Inversoft ®
Kitten Soft ®
Koch Agricultural – Operates cattle ranches
Koch Fertilizers
Lotus ®
Man-made fabrics and fibers including: •LYCRA ®
Mardi Gras brand paper goods;
Matador Ranch – Hunting ranch.
Moltonel ®
Northern brand toilet paper;
Nouvelle ®
Oxyclear ™
Performa ®
Polarguard ®
Polyclear ®
Polyshield ®
Soft-n-Gentle® brand toilet paper;
SolarMax ®
Somerelle ® Bedding
Sparkle brand paper goods;
Sparkle brand paper napkins;
Stainmaster® carpet and fabric care products;
Supplex ® Fabric
Tactesse ® Carpet Fibers
Tenderly ®
Thermolite ®
Tutto ®
Vanity Fair brand paper napkins;
Zee brand paper goods

AMWAYproducts (much of which are made in China) including: •Nutrilite ®
Artistry make-up and skin care products
Body Series personal products;
DITTO Delivery
eSpring laundry and cleaning products;
Fulton Street Market products;
Glister oral care products;
Hi-Gear automotive products
Legacy of Clean;
Miss America make-up and skin care products
NUTRIPET ® products
Nutriplant agricultural products;
Perfect Empowered drinking water
Personal Accents ® scents;
Satinique bath products;
The Creme LuXury Collection make-up and skin care products
The NBA ® Orlando Magic
Trend Collection make-up and skin care products
XLP automotive products
XS energy drinks

America’s Racial Divide, Charted

Very interesting stuff. Much more at the link ...


America’s racial divide is older than the republic itself, a central fault line that has shaped the nation’s history. This month it has manifested itself in sometimes violent protests in Ferguson, Mo., after a police killing of an unarmed young black man. The resonance of that event is related to deeper racial fissures between blacks and whites; that divide is the reason that the events in Ferguson amount to something bigger than a local crime story.

What is the state of that larger divide? In what areas has there been meaningful progress toward shared prosperity over the last generation, and in what areas is America as polarized by race as ever — or even more so?


Across a broad range of economic and demographic indicators, the data paint a largely depressing picture. Five decades past the era of legal segregation, a chasm remains between black and white Americans – and in some important respects it’s as wide as ever.

The unemployment gap is virtually unchanged over the last 40 years. The income and wealth gaps have actually widened. So has the gap in educational attainment.

Article includes charted data on education, joblessness, pay, health and other socio-economic indicators. Unfortunately I could not embed any of the charts, but I recommend you check the link.
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