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The Corporate Power People will never admit this - especially not to themselves: By killing

off the middle-classes, they are making profits hand over fist - but only INITIALLY. The
middle-classes are the ones who are coming out with the new ideas and inventing new
products. The corporate business execs. simply manipulate money to make more money.
They provide neither services nor can they invent new products. Most of the creative
and productive work are done by the middle-class people. The wealth of any nation
depends upon having enough middle-class people doing the creative and productive
work, which the elites, themselves, are not capable of doing. These dumb-assed
corporate elites don't even realize that they need the middle-classes for their own wealth
to keep on growing.

When the point of having too few middle-class people in the nation has been reached,
the productivity of our country can't help but go downhill. There will be less profits
for everyone -- including the Corporate Power people.

I don't think Hillary Clinton understands this point. She, too, sees no further than the
immediate profit that can be made now, and that is why she is so pally with Wall Street.

Bernie Sanders is the only one among the presidential candidates who is trying to make
sure that what we are doing today will not serve to destroy us in the future.

I also think it's possible that some of the psychopathic CEOs might not even care what
happens to our country in the future. They're focused only on the profit and the power
that can be bought with that profit RIGHT NOW. Nothing else matters to them.

I wonder if this makes any sense at all to the Hillary supporters here at DU. Is what I
am describing here right or wrong? If it does make some sense, isn't it about time to
make a change?

The rise and rule of Third-Wayers in the Democratic Party in the past 3+ decades

have resulted in not much else but failure. Third-Wayers just don't know how
to handle socio- and psychopaths. Appeasing them does no good at all. It
only makes them hungrier and wanting still more. There is no end to their
greed. It's a case of "give them an inch and they'll take a mile." Third-Wayers
have never learned this lesson: Sociopaths do respond to fear of punishment,
like anybody else. Don't appease them, but sock it to them when they break
the law. There is no other way of dealing with them.

A few examples of Third-Way or Republican-lite policies that resulted in harm
to us, the American people, over the past 3 decades:

1. Outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries by the millions for cheap labor,
which has increased the rate of joblessness at home.

2. Transfer of wealth from the middle-classes to the super-rich to an
extent never seen before, making the rich richer and the poor poorer.
Corporate Power people love this one, but they never even thank you.
They only want more -- and non-stop.

3. Loss of both Houses of Congress to the Republicans.

4. Loss of the majority of governorships to the Republicans.

5. The Corporations have become stronger than ever, enabling them to
increase their power of bribery and corruption over both Republicans and
Third-Way Democrats.

6. Corporations are capable, now more than ever, of buying politicians who
will do as these Corporate Power people tell them to do. They are the
ones who brought about the economic collapse of 2007 and 2008 in our
nation, where millions of Americans lost their homes, pharmaceutical
companies are charging Americans prices many times higher for their
products than they are charging for the same medicines abroad.

7. It is this moral degradation of America that Bernie Sanders will be
fighting against. He has promised to bring down the size of American
banks that have boasted of being "too big to fail." They are the ones
responsible for the housing scandals mentioned in paragraph 6 above
through dishonest use of their clients' money. I could go on and on,
but these examples will suffice for anyone to see - except for those who
deliberately choose to remain ignorant.

There are 3 main ways of responding to the corporations that are the
cause of the moral decline and decay of our nation:
a. Do nothing.
b. Join them and take part in the profits of their ill-gotten gains, and
c. Fight against corporate greed, corruption and lust for power. This
is what Bernie Sanders has chosen to do. And Republicans as well as
Republican-lites are afraid of him. Hence all their lies and underhanded
dealings to destroy him.

What are you choosing?

A recent Quinnipiac poll shows 67% of the people find Clinton "not honest and trustworthy,"

59% of the people find Trump "not honest and trustworthy." This shows that more people
trust Trump than Clinton!

The same poll shows 68% of the people find Bernie Sanders "honest and trustworthy."


How is it possible for Clinton to win against Sanders when,

for the better part of a year, polls have consistently shown that when comparing Sanders or
Clinton to the Republican candidates in a hypothetical General Election, Sanders always beat
all of them every time, and by big margins; but Clinton almost always lost to all of them.
From this alone common sense and logic will bring one to the conclusion that Sanders has
a far better chance of winning the GE than Clinton.

Clinton supporters repeat the explanation that if Sanders should win the Democratic
nomination, the Republicans would slaughter him with their deluge of criticisms. I think
this is poor reasoning. Sanders knows how to answer back. When the GOP comes out with
its lies, he will openly point them out, and come out with the truth .

It is the American people who are voting, and lies or no lies, the American people like and
trust Bernie Sanders. The majority of the people know that he will do his best to pull our
country out of the moral gutter that we have been in since the past 3+ decades.

Polls have consistently shown for an adequate period of time that Bernie will beat any
Republican, and Hillary will lose. Yet the Establishment Democrats are doing their best
to bring Bernie down. We've already seen that the DNC has been very willing to play dirty
to help Clinton win, haven't we? Who knows what other tricks the DNC are playing right now?

Could it be that Establishment Democrats have gone so far to the right, that they would now
prefer to have a Republican rather than a Progressive for president? What other conclusions
can anyone else come up with?

You seem to be oblivious to the fact that the Republicans are having their problems

right now, too! They want to get rid of Donald Trump, but they don't know how. And
he knows it, and he doesn't care either! He only laughs at them, and at the Democrats, too.

The true Dems., the Progressives and Liberals, are in the minority. The majority have long

since changed and adopted values more like those of the Republicans - such as bribery,
corruption and everybody for himself, and to hell with the rest. Being helpful to one's
neighbor is now looked upon by many as behaving like a "Socialist."

That's the way things have become. We have been under the leadership of sociopaths
- both in government and in the industrial world - for far too long. We and our values have
become degenerate. That's why we're rolling in the gutter.

In the link from the US Census Bureau, Louisiana 2014, look under "Race and Hispanic" You will find:

"White alone": 63.4%

"Black alone": 32.5%

The white population outnumbers the black by nearly 2 to 1. So it would be more
accurate to say that more whites "rejected the civil rights activist for the
Goldwater girl" than blacks did, correct?

Look, we all knew it was a given that Sanders would do poorly in the vast majority
of the Southern States. Few, if any, expected anything different. Most Southern
states are conservative, and these elections are only showing the truth of that

Let's see how the rest of the election will go when all the states will have voted.
It's the only way to be sure.


A recent National Poll shows that Sanders would beat all 3 Republicans in a hypothetical GE by wide

margins, whereas Clinton would lose to Rubio and Cruz. This repeats the same findings of old polls.

Another national poll showed that 48% of Republicans would not vote for Trump in a
hypothetical General Election.



It looks like both Trump and Clinton would probably win in the primaries, but lose in the
General Election. Apparently, many Republicans are sick and tired of the RNC, and they,
like their Democratic counterparts, are also demanding reform and change in their Party.

National poll:Clinton and Sanders both win against Trump, but Clinton loses to Rubio and Cruz, and

Sanders beats all 3 Republican candidates by large margins in hypothetical General Election.

Poll: 48% of Republicans would not vote for Trump in hypothetical GE.



This, of course, brings up the question: Should people with such childish temperaments be

senators at all? Don't the American people deserve better than that?
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