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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,420

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"Fox News says women's nature is to be dominated by men" that's what right-wing extremists

think, hope, and pray for. Right-wingers, for their own benefit, just love to keep
people under their control - period. Their behavior shows this all over the place.
It's so obvious to everyone, except themselves

Pot-smoking is one of the things that can reduce sperm counts.

Did you notice the deep cut into the flesh right at the junction of the

right side-fin and the body? It's right near the joint and each movement
has to be awfully painful, until it heals. Hope it isn't infected.

Obama has said he wanted us to "make him" do what we want. Let's oblige him.

I think the super-rich should not only begin paying the same tax rates as
the middle-class Americans do, they should also be made to pay back all
the taxes that they had escaped paying since the days of G. W. Bush .

Some ten years ago "W" decided to make the rich richer. He did this by
lowering taxes on the wealthy - among other things. It was legal for them
to pay lower taxes, but it was also definitely IMMORAL. The middle-class
had to bear the extra burden. We've all read, for example, of people having
to choose between eating less or doing without medications. How many of
them, especially among the elderly, died as a result? This is not very
different from hiring a professional hit-man to do your killing for you. It
was causing others' deaths for the sake of increased personal profit -- it's
sheer ugly and murderous greed.

Bush's lower tax law expires on Jan. 1, 2013, unless Obama should renew it,
which Obama had already repeatedly emphasized that he would not do --
except for the middle-income and poor groups. This is what the GOP will be
bargaining with him about, very shortly.

Romney admitted during one of the recent presidential debates that he
was paying only 14% taxes on his income (while his secretary was paying
30%). This is not only ridiculous and insane, it is also deliberate and
organized EVIL that has to be stopped -- immediately!!!

I think it's only fair that the well-to-do be made not only to pay the same
tax rate as the middle-classes, they must also be made to pay back the
taxes that they have escaped from paying the past ten years -- and with
interest. This would help to decrease the mountain-loads of national
debt, much of which has been created by them, especially in recent years.

The majority of Americans are for the rich paying more taxes. On this point
Obama does have a mandate. He has said in the past that he wanted the
American people to make him do their will. (I believe I've read that FDR
had said the same thing way back when). Let's oblige him. Let's make sure
that he knows, and very clearly knows, that he does have the mandate from
us to be more forceful during this, his second and final, term.

Does anyone know how effective are the security measures Dems. have taken against Rep. vote fraud

in Wisconsin today? The votes should not be left alone with the Repubs. for
even one second. Not one second -day or night!

Walker's closest aide spilled the beans, and in court Looks like justice may finally have caught up

with the slippery eel. It also seems like an indictment can't help but follow.


Update on story of Gov. Walker having a love child.

I googled "Is it true Gov. Walker has a love child?" And below is one of the many
articles on that topic:


Walker's wrong-doings began very early in life. It's said he will very likely face indictment

sometime in the coming months, whether he wins or loses the gubanatorial election on
Tuesday, June 5. Now comes this new development:


His wrong-doings began at a very young age. If I had any doubts about his being a
sociopath in the past, I definitely no longer do. Looking at his behavior from his
youthful days and onward, what clearly stand out are his qualities of sheer deceptive
and evil ambition in addition to his naked and pitiless aggression - always profiting
at other people's expense.

Knowing the above, how could any thinking person possibly vote for him?

Here are examples of dirty-tricks that right-wingers in Ohio and Fla., and organizations like

"True The Vote.org.", are doing right now in tampering with the voting system. The right-
wingers aren't very subtle about what they're doing, either. Could the reason be they think
they can do anything, and the Democrats will just take it? Can anyone think of effective
ways of stopping them?

Are we dealing with human beings, or are we dealing with monsters?
Monsters belong in cages.


We have only 8 days left to kick Walker out of office in WI. Barrett is the one to do it. Let's

help him in every way we can. Walker is the prototype of the corporatist who steps
down on the 99% in order to gain scraps from the table of the 1% (Koch Brothers).
Let's all help to give this toady the boot! And many, many Thanks!

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