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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
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Try this: the words themselves are not as important as what they are intended to mean.

It could make you feel better.

Let's say Bernie wins the Presidency and Democrats retake the Senate in

January 2017, but not the House. So Bernie or anyone else couldn't get much done.
But if he and Elizabeth as well as other Progressives begin to use their voices to
let the general public know that, in order to be able to make real changes that
are beneficial for the whole country, we need to have both Houses of Congress,
because the Republicans are the ones who are blocking all the attempts at change
the Democrats are trying to make.

You and I know this, but the size of the number of Democrats who vote only during presidential years is amazing. They don't seem to be aware that the Exec. Branch
of government alone can't get much done without the input of enough Democrats in
the Legislative Branch. And this message has to be repeated over and over until it
begins to .sink in.

So, little or no change can be realistically expected in the first two years. But if
a big enough effort is put into informing Democrats that their votes during non-
Presidential years are just as necessary if they really want to see positive change,
we might really begin to see it -- starting in the third year.

10 Positions that attract the most sociopaths: 1. CEO. 2. Lawyer. 3. salesperson. 4. Journalist

5. Surgeon. 6. Policeman. 7. Media. 8 Clergyman. 9. Chef. 10 . Civil servant.

Also, just Google "The world is ruled by sociopaths," and maybe you'll get the surprise
of your lives.


Just imagine, if Dems. should win the Presidency, Senate and House, with Sanders,

Warren and Grayson holding the top position in each branch respectively. This is
wishful thinking, of course, but if it should happen, I believe most of the national
problems plaguing us now would be solved within 8 years.

The Super-Rich of today could learn a few things from Henry Ford:

About a hundred years ago Henry Ford discovered that by increasing the salaries of
his workers, they, too, became able to buy cars - HIS cars. And Ford was able to make
even more money than when his workers were being paid lower wages. This is common
sense: If you make higher wages, you are also able to spend more.

Present-day corporate executives don't seem to be able to understand this simple logic.
They are continuing to keep the wages of their workers low in order to make more profit.
This pushes more and more middle-class people into the poverty level. The super-rich
gain more -- but this is true only up to a certain point. BEYOND THIS POINT, when the
public, in general, is spending less, the Super-Rich will also be earning relatively less,
because too few people will be able to afford the goods and services owned by the
Super-Rich. I think we are at that point right now!

And, by the way, who is doing the work and making the products owned by the Super-Rich?
The Middle Classes, of course! By killing them off, the Super-Rich are also killing off the
geese that are laying the golden eggs.

The greed for money and power blinds the Super-Rich from seeing the above. They have
brought our nation to its present lamentable state of misery. They deny this to themselves,
naturally, and as long as they deny this, they won't change. It takes a Henry Ford to see
where the way to an even lusher fortune lies -- a way that has proven to be better for
everybody. And present-day corporate execs. are no Henry Fords.

Can this be really true? "Democrats embrace Citizens United in Defense of Clinton." See below.


How America Became an Oligarchy. "The Politicians are Put There to give the Impression that We Have

Freedom of Choice. We don't. We have Owners ......." Ellen Brown

Interesting thoughts.


Our Police Departments have been militarized for some years now - and from coast to coast. It took

many years of planning to have this accomplished. Who might have started all this, and what could
be their purpose behind it?

Well, let's take a look at some recent history: In 2011 Occupy Wall Street began their well-publicized
and peaceful demonstrations in NYC as well as many other cities throughout our country. In spite of
the participants' peaceful and non-resisting behavior, they were hand-cuffed by the hundreds (and
in time, by the thousands) and brought to jail. Most were released in a matter of days. All racial
groups took part in these demonstrations. Eventually they spread into other parts of the world.

Here in the US, the police made it more and more difficult for OWS demonstrations to take place,
until it became well-nigh impossible. Within 2 years OWS just about died out. It had such a promising

What was OWS all about to begin with? They wanted to bring out to public attention the selfish, greedy
and crooked ways the corporate business world was raking in money, and at the expense of the everyday
middle-class American people - most of whom weren't even aware of how their take-home pay was
shrinking steadily, instead of rising.

The question here is, On whose side do you think the police will be, should it ever come to the
situation where there was an actual confrontation between business corporations and everyday
American citizens? Just make a guess.

These days it seems to be happening every week that some new case of a black male unarmed indiv-
idual, but nevertheless had been beaten and/or shot to death by police officers. The officers always
gave the story of having been threatened or attacked, and their stories were accepted and the
case was closed. Then it occurred several times that some passerby having a phone with a video
camera happened to record the scene of the beatings and/or killings. This was clear evidence that
what had actually occurred was quite different from the statements made by the police officers
involved. We have all seen on TV some half dozen police officers jumping on some non-resisting
individual, dragging him down, beating him with their night-sticks, and hand-cuffing him. It's

What could be a reason behind this? Do they want us citizens (the 99%) to know that they have
overwhelming power, and that they are not hesitant about using it?

Well, with our new Attorney General Lynch, we hope the Fed. Gov't will become more actively
involved in appropriate cases. I hope we won't be disappointed.

Psychopaths are destroying the world. We simply HAVE TO CHANGE. There are no "ifs" and "buts," as

we are dealing with humanity's very survival right now -- in reality!

TIME HAS COME THEREFORE FOR GREAT CHANGE AND THIS HAS TO LITERALLY HAPPEN OVER THE NEXT 20 YEARS according to studies by the Royal Society in the UK and MIT in the USA. The writing is on the wall. Not me saying this but eminent world institutions such as the Royal Society and MIT, debatably the two foremost scientific, engineering and technological institutions in the world today.




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If a Third-Wayer should win in the Democratic Primaries in 2016, I'd be very

disappointed, but I'd still vote for her/him. The Reason?

We'd still have 4 to 8 years of status quo. It's shitty, I agree, but the Democratic
Party would, at least, still be partially alive -- and where there is life, there's hope.

On the other hand, if a Republican were to win the presidency in 2016, I believe
that this time, all semblance of democracy still existing in our nation could very
well become history. Quite possibly there would be no more free elections. Or if
there should be any elections, they would be of the type used by Stalin in the days
of the former USSR -- just for show only. The Republicans' present-day practice
of fraudulent elections will be nothing compared to what will be in store for us.

The Republicans did not make an all-out Putsch to take over full control of the
entire country during GW Bush's two terms in office. I believe that the main
reason was that they were not quite sure of success at that time -- and a failure
in something of this magnitude would have been an absolute disaster for them!

That was then. Today the story is different. The Republicans have been gaining
considerably in strength and power. They might no longer hesitate about making
their strike! If the Republicans should gain control of all three branches of
government in 2016, it could very well spell the end of democracy in our country

This is the main reason why I would still vote for a Third-Wayer. Where there is
life, there is hope -- the hope that more Americans will finally learn that Third-
Wayers' political views and what they stand for are simply too inadequate and
incompetent to accomplish any real change. So, in the following election, there is
the hope that a Real Democrat will finally be elected.

To those who would not vote for a Third-Way winner under any circumstances,
please be reminded that a short-term reaction to disappointment is understandable,
but don't just stop there. Please take a good look at the possible long-term
consequences of your not voting. Whether or not democracy will continue to exist
in our nation at all could be dependent upon what you choose to do. It's an awfully
big and huge decision you will be making!!!

Good luck to us all.

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