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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,381

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In much of Continental Europe, education is free, all the way up to a doctorate. But

they have a high flunking rate. This is probably their way of seeing to it
that only deserving students get through. Those who don't finish high school
can attend trade schools.

Hey DUers: Kelly Westlund has joined DU. She's running to unseat Tea Partier Sean Duffy, Wisconsin

7th Congressional District. She is a Progressive Democrat. She has no Big Money behind her
and depends on grassroots support to beat Sean Duffy. Let's give her all the support we

Her message is in "Politics" under the title of "Intro Democratic Candidate Kelly Westlund."

Please kick this message as often as necessary to get Kelly Westlund as much visibility as
possible. Many thanks.

A hearty Welcome to DU! Would you also please include your regular postal address? There

are a few people like me who have stopped using credit cards and wish to donate
by regular check.

And the best of luck!

NY Post is owned by News Corp, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch. What can one expect?

How do you think his opening up of the Eastern Seaboard to oil drilling will affect Obama's

job-approval rating among his fellow-Democrats?

Some people say that Obama might open up the Eastern Seaboard to Big Oil. Let's

see whether or not this will happen.

What took Obama so long?

Walgreens resorted to becoming a "Swiss Company" in order to escape US taxes, but
their large numbers of drugstores throughout the US are still making money here -- and
lots of it.

As it is, billionaires are already paying taxes at a far lower rate than their secretaries do,
but they are trying to rake in all the money without paying any taxes at all. This means
that the American middle-class will have to pay still more to make up the difference.

Finally, after nearly 6 years at the job, Obama is reacting:


Dear Peggy: The really painful part of surgery is when the surgeon is cutting. And this part is

well taken care of with anesthesia. You don't feel a thing. When you wake up post-op, the worst part
is already over and done with. Of course there is pain post-op, too.

Well, I had to endure surgery once without anesthesia because they just ran out of it at that exact
particular time. I was in the Army. Luckily it was minor surgery and lasted about 10 minutes. Even
then, the severest pain occurred only during each incision, and Boy, did I holler each time! It was quite bearable between incisions. But, of course, I was very frightened during the entire 10 minutes. Anticipating the next cut was extremely unpleasant. I know the difference between acute pain and the pain post-op.

I think the above experience made me lose my fear of surgery under normal circumstances, of which
I've had quite a few. I also have no fear of any dental work. The worst part is when the dentist is
sticking the needle into the gums to inject the anesthesia, which I find not too bad. It's all so relative,
and fear does help to magnify the pain.

So, Peggy, if you can think of post-op pain as unpleasant but bearable, you will lose much of that fear.
And that does really help. For me this is not make-believe, or theory only. I know it to be true from first-hand experience. Something good did come out of this awful one-time experience for me.

With all the best and warmest wishes,


Any Democrat who would be driven into the arms of the neocon dominated DC establishment for

any reason whatsoever, must be out of his/her mind. And Elizabeth Warren isn't out of her mind!

<< I admit Warren probably wouldn't be an improvement on foreign policy, since her lack of experience would probably drive her into the arms of the neocon dominated DC establishment. >>

Right. Only 3-1/2 months left.

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