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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 4,909

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Too bad I didn't watch that program!

I think there are some people who won't learn from 2008, because their minds are already made up,

and they are not interested in changing. Unfortunately, there are one-track minded people around.
They can't see any other danger - other than the one they already have in mind - because they don't
wish to.

You're quite right. Bad as she is, Hillary is still better than Bush or any other Republican.

Just follow Elizabeth Warren's recommended outlines on what we should do

about putting a leash on the big banks in our country, and also breaking up
the largest ones into small pieces. She knows what she is talking about.
You can also be sure that it's all legal, if it's coming from her.

It's about time that those corrupted bankers begin to pay back to America
what they have stolen from the people. Agreed?

Right you are. Hope people will remember come Nov. 2016.

Yes. Too bad, but that's the way things are!

This is quite likely to happen in 2018 (if not in 2016), if Eliz. Warren should run.

And yet there are so many people voting Republican. Their stupidity amazes me no end!

That's nice to know.

Good news for the Progressives: Harry Reid just joined the Progressive Change Campaign Committee

(PCCC), where there are already more than 5,000 Dem. Party leaders. They are pushing for
broadening Social Security, making the rich pay their fair share of taxes, reducing student
loan debt, breaking up the big banks, etc.... I think Harry should have done this much
sooner. Well, better late than never.

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