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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 6,419

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Hey, Salinsky! Your "It is the duty of every Sanders supporter to vote for Hillary Clinton" is

very much like forcing something down another's throat. It only makes us want to answer
back just as forcefully and arrogantly. You sound so much like the Republicans. They
seem to be strangers to the attributes of civility and diplomacy. You appear to be made
of the same cloth. Don't you know that a spoonful of honey would attract more bees than
a tubful of vinegar?

Try it. I bet you'd convince more people with civility and diplomacy than with your present style.

Yes, and the large numbers of angry people were already there for decades, and

growing by the day. I believe it was Reagan who successfully fooled the American people
with his new economics. It took years before they began to see that they had been fooled.
There still are large numbers who don't yet see it, or are for it, but the majority do see it.
Today the fuel pile has become huge, and ready to burst into fire.

During those 25 years he never took money from Corporatists, while more and more

Congress people were doing so. His very presence was/is still a reminder of their
selling out. Of course they didn't like being reminded. How could they? But he and
people like Warren are good friends. There aren't too many like these two around.

The last time I read of the number of Americans who approved of Congress was 9%.
This was several months ago. It's possibly even lower than 9% today.

In some areas they might think alike. For instance, I don't think Hillary would nominate

another Right Wing Republican as SCOTUS. On the other hand, Bernie has never
accepted a single cent from the Corporate Power people, and he never will. Can
you say the same about Hillary?

Edited: typo and grammatical error.

OK, so are you saying that you have similar political views as Hillary? I certainly

do have political views very similar to those of Bernie and Elizabeth.

Let me give you an example: The way DWS arranged the scheduling of
the Democratic Primary Presidential Debates of 2016. If that wasn't
rigging things in favor of Hillary and against Bernie, what would you call it?

Building up his reputation as a politician of honesty and integrity. Just look up his

records -- from the time he was Mayor of Burlington, VT, some 35 years ago.
This man's soul has never been for sale. He has always been fighting for the
average Joe and Jane.

You've got to be kidding! Clinton is popular among the Democrats? I understand that

she and Trump are the two most negatively rated front-runners for the Presidency in
U.S. history. Hillary is winning because she is being propped up by the DNC with all
the tricks at their command. Without their help she probably would have been losing
very badly by now.

Only because of the peculiarities of the Primary Elections, and the unfair and dirty-tricks

help she received from the Establishment people.

Hillary will be more vulnerable during the General Elections, when more of the
people who have been blocked out from the Primary Elections will be voting.

Isn't it odd that Clinton and Trump are the likely winners of the Democratic and

Republican Primaries respectively? The majority of the American people openly
distrust the both of them! Come November, and we might have to choose between
the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

We need Election Reforms really badly. We can't go on like this. But this is
what the Republicans want. Republicans have been thriving on chaos -- even though
Trump is backfiring in their faces this time around.

Modern day Republicans don't know how to govern. When in power they inevitably
bring chaos, which the Democrats have to deal with when they get into power. But
too many people don't even see this. I put much of the blame on the 90%
Republican-owned news media's propaganda and lies.

As far as the news media is concerned, the Democrats have nothing to fight back
with. Nor do we seem to be interested in starting one of our own to counteract
the Republican lies with genuine news and the truth that the American people deserve
to know. It can be done. But Democrats are too passive, and I think this passivity
and apathy do play some role in the mess we're in, too.

Hillary won mostly in the Southern states+ those states with closed Primaries. There are

millions of Independents as well as others who were not allowed to vote in them.
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