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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 5,215

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Yesss, Indeed!!

I hope some of them will change and become real Democrats -- maybe more than just a few?

How about the rigged elections and the rigged electronic voting machines -- by what

percent will they jack up the Republican votes? My state is still using Diebold voting
machines -- after all these years! Do Democrats fight back hard enough?

It's the Establishment Democrats that began to accommodate the evils of the Corporate

Republican Establishment. If they had been steady in the values of the Democrats, they
wouldn't have shifted so much to the right.

I think Bernie saw this shift to the right even 40 years ago, and he wanted no part of it
then, nor does he want any part of it now. But a decent man he is, decent enough not
to run on a Third Party, because it would split the Democratic Party altogether. That's
one of the main reasons why he is running as a Democrat.

It's the Establishment people who have abandoned the earlier Democratic principles.
Bernie is still sticking by them.

And you are right. I've noticed that there probably is a higher percentage of Liberals at
DU than in the world outside. I think this is because of lack of knowledge. Bernie is
simply telling America what the issues are, and how he will fix the erroneous ones that
need fixing -- and his rise in popularity is simply astonishing. The American people are
being told the truth by him, and they are responding! Organizations like Fox News are
responsible for the misinformation and disinformation that are keeping Americans
dumbed down, so that they could be more easily fooled.

Bernie is doing the opposite. He is telling the people the truth. There are still 14 months
to go before Nov. 2016. That is quite a bit of time to have more people informed with
the truth. Right now many people haven't even heard of him. Those 14 months are
coming in handy. Things will be quite different long before the end of that time.

I am a Liberal, but not an extremist. I would vote for Hillary in the General Election,
should she win the Democratic Primaries. I think extremists do more harm than good --
especially for their own cause.

Does this mean you don't believe that the Establishment Democrats are doing

what they can to favor the election of Third-Way Democrats over the Progressives?

If so, I think you are wrong. I have practically stopped donations to Establishment
Democrats, but I continue making donations to the individual politicians I'd like to
see elected -- which is the way it should be.

That is behavior typical of sociopaths. Lying and cheating are as natural to them as breathing.

Where is the "excerpt" button? Thanks.

R: Problem is some progressives in 2002 pledged an oath never to support turn-coat Democrats

that bowed before King George and either believed his lies or agreed with his passion to kill Iraqi's.

C: Things have changed over the past 13 years. They are worse now. The corporatists have become
much stronger. They probably thought they were not strong enough to go all out and change our
Democracy into an Oligarchy. That's probably what held them back, because if they tried and lost,
the price they'd pay would have been high. Just imagine being charged with treason! Today we
are already half way an Oligarchy. If the Repubs. were to have both Houses of Congress, the
Supreme Court, and the Presidency in 2016, what do you think are the chances that they will try to
go all the way? Yes, we are living in very dangerous times. No doubt about it.

Hillary as President would mean the status quo. There will be little or no change. This would give
Progressives more time to improve their strength and get more Progressives elected to Congress. I
think under these circumstances Elizabeth and Bernie would not hesitate to make sure that the whole
country gets to hear about it, each time some Progressive bill is defeated, and each time some
Conservative bill to make the rich still more powerful is presented by the Conservatives. They will
make sure that the Republicans get the full blame for their actions. They are the bad guys, they are
responsible for our nation's present misery! This will be hammered in non-stop. We should learn this
from the Republicans: Repetition is necessary to have info stick in the minds of the population.

Elizabeth, Bernie and others will have more time to build up strength to win in 2020 or 2024. There
is hope. As long as there's life, there's hope. If the Repubs. should win all 3 branches of government
in 2016, it probably will signal the death of Democracy in our country.

R: Problem is that the Democratic Party Elites would rather see a Republican than a progressive.

C: I strongly doubt this. I see them as wanting to become billionaires and enjoying what they see as
the good life billionaires are having, and the power that goes with it. But there is a fine line that
differentiates them from the all out Republican -- they haven't crossed the line into SADISM. The
Corporatist Republicans have crossed this line -- hence their disregard for human lives in favor of profit.

R: I guess if you don't want a republican, nominate Sanders.

C: I definitely will vote for Sanders in the Primaries. I can vote for him in the General Election only if he wins
the Primaries, which I hope he will.

Yes, there are Democratic millionaires and billionairs, perhaps as many as Republican ones.

Sorry. I didn't know that you were quoting someone else. :)

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