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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 6,892

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With Hillary as president, I think Sanders and Warren will be doing their best to help out

by trying to get as many Progressives and Liberals into government (federal, state and local)
as possible. I believe they will be successful, too

The GOP will block Hillary. This will make not only the Liberals but also the general public more
furious at them. Unlike some of the present weak-kneed Dem. leadership, Hillary, Elizabeth
and Bernie won't be shy about yelling out from the roof-tops what the GOP politicians are doing
to make life more miserable for the middle-classes and poor, in order to make the wealthy 1%
still richer. I wouldn't be surprised if both Houses will become Democratic in Nov. 2018

I think by election time 2020, both Houses of Congress could become heavily Democratic.
Then things will really start popping!!

The same might be said of Republicans. I've always thought of them as being

far more dangerous to our democracy than the terrorists could ever be.

Republicans are definitely an inside-job, home-grown danger to our
nation. I don't even think of them as Republicans. The Republican
Party has been ruled by Neo-Conservatives ever since Reagan. The
old-timer Republicans have begun to be gradually kicked out by the
Neo-Cons shortly after the Eisenhower years.

And if GOP guilt can be proven, will the leaders be impeachable?

Then there are also the undecideds and those who have no opinion.

"Income per household has increased by more than 30% since 1970..." 30% in 46 years averages

out to two-thirds of 1% per year. I think inflation alone is much higher than that -- which comes to
about 2% to 3% per year. We are earning less and less, not more!!

Yes, she is known to be a politician lacking in honesty and integrity. And the majority

of voters fear the possibility that Canova might be a different kind of politician -- for a

Can fear of the unknown be that strong in so many people?

"Democrats Signal Surrender on Sanders' Public Option" an article from BuzzFlash saying

that 70% of the American people are for Sanders' ideas on the economy, but Democrats
running the show seem to be willing to allow their advantage to be bargained away by
the Republicans.

I must say that I agree with this article. For the past 20 years I've noticed that
Democratic leaders generally avoid fighting for their beliefs and ideas. The result is that
Republicans usually win - even when they have fewer people on their side.

How much dumber can we get???


Hey, Arcane, just bring up the topic of Debbie W. Schultz's having rigged the Democratic

Primary Debate schedule 2016, and they'll keep quiet. This is something that nobody
can deny without appearing to be foolish.

62 of the richest people in the world own as much as the bottom half of the world's

population (about 3,6 billion people). And 1% of the richest Americans own more
wealth than the lower 99%.

And the difference is getting still wider. What on earth for? What do the wealthy
have in mind to do with still more, and at the expense of the poor, some of whom
are dying slow deaths from lack of basic needs to stay alive?

If this isn't madness, what is?


Can the Corporatists, who prefer to maintain the present status quo, be made to change?

Democrats and Republicans, especially the younger members, are becoming more and
more dissatisfied with their Establishments, and are joining the Independents by the
droves. Today, the Indies number 43%, Dem. 30% and Rep. 26%. It won't be long
before the Indies alone will have reached 51%, and will outnumber the Dems. and
the Reps. combined.


What are these mostly younger people dissatisfied about? To put it very briefly, more
and more of them are becoming aware of the fact that the American people have been
robbed for decades, and are continuing to be robbed today, by the Corporatist top
wealthiest 0.1% of the population, who have gained control not only of the economy
of the nation, but also of its politics. They have bribed and bought their way, so that
too many corrupted people are holding top positions not only in the business world,
but also in government. These latter politicians make laws that favor the Super-rich. So,
how can the Corporatists lose?

How can the Corporatists lose?

I already see the first important step: The large numbers in recent years, especially
of the younger people mentioned above, consistently leaving their Parties in disgust.
They have suffered intensely from the unending greed and corruption of the
Corporatists. And these younger people are the future of our nation! You can be sure
they will see to it, that their children will not suffer the disadvantages that they have
gone through.

Corporatists will do their best to see that the status quo remains, of course. Maybe
some of their wiser and less sociopathic ones will begin to have second thoughts
about continuing in their present greedy ways -- especially when the number of
Independents will have reached the 51% mentioned above. I don't think it will take
very long for the Indies to outnumber the Dems. and Reps. combined.

Something will have to give! Right? Yes, I see change coming -- unless, God forbid!,
a total dictatorship will have already taken over our nation. Then that's another story!
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