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Member since: Sat Jun 13, 2009, 06:39 PM
Number of posts: 6,664

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The GOP was trying for the longest time to impeach Obama, but they couldn't come up

with anything. The same thing will happen if they would try to impeach Sanders. There
will be nothing for them to find. Now, with Hillary Clinton, the GOP will never let go of
the e-mail scandal. It's a great gift for the Republicans, and one which they will use
from Day One of her presidency. And they will make it last as long and messy as possible.
It would be impossible for her to do her job as president.

Your simple denial of the above isn't going to change the fact that her e-mail problems
are a big issue.

Hillary and/or her supporters started this aggressive trend first. Sanders and supporters

began to retaliate after a while. I remember during the first Dem. Primary debate,
Sanders even defended Clinton with his remark about being fed up of listening to
criticisms of her e-mail scandals. She appreciated his support, but never did she
return in kind. Dealing with her means dealing with a one-way street. She must
have all the advantages. Doesn't she realize that this sort of attitude in life can
only do her more harm than good? Apparently not!

Even if Hillary should win, do you think the Republicans would leave her in peace as president? I

believe they would start impeachment proceedings as soon as they possibly could. Hillary would
have no time to function as president at all -- the Republicans would see to that.

I can't imagine anything more damaging to our nation. And with the evidence that already
exists from the Inspector General, (we still have nothing official from the FBI) the Republicans
will probably succeed in their impeachment.

Can anyone see any good reason for Hillary to continue in her presidential campaign at all? I
see nothing but trouble -- big trouble for our whole nation!



With globalization the 0.01% Super-Rich are getting richer, but the rest of the American

people are getting poorer. At best, globalization can last only until the point where
too many Americans will have become bankrupt, and we will have become a
Third-World country. The Super-rich, by that time, will have fled the US to live
abroad with their riches stashed in foreign countries. Nobody will be trading
with us because we will have nothing left to trade with.

That's one way how globalization could end. I suppose there are better options
that we could try to look for.

Maybe deep down Hillary doesn't really want to be president?!......

All the trouble stemming from Hillary's emails! I am reminded of Goldwater's
candidacy for the presidency in the 1960s:

When campaigning in Florida, he said that he was against Old Age Pension
(And FL was full of retired people)!! When in Appalachia, he told the people
that he was against the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority)!! I was wondering
at that time, if at some level of consciousness he didn't really want to be

Could something similar be happening with Hillary? Consciously she seems
to want to be president so badly, that it looks like an obsession with her.
Yet, bright as she is, she seems to be making mistakes that most people of
average intelligence would know how to avoid.

On a conscious she wants to be president badly, on another level (subconscious)
she seems to be doing thing to defeat and prevent herself from reaching that
goal. Maybe deep down she doesn't really want to be president?!?

Are you saying that you don't yet know that all news media use the words "may,

might, alleged".....etc.....until the case is officially over, such as when a court
has found someone guilty, and the judge is ready to pronounce the sentence?

One of the important things Elizabeth is doing is trying to get more Liberals into Congress. No

Democratic president can get much done when Republicans control both houses of Congress.

Warren is trying to bring down Wall Street, haven't you heard? If you don't know that

by now, what do you know? What's wrong with her having more wealth than DWS?
She is older and has worked longer. She also has written many books. She should
have more wealth than DWS.

How about the very likely probability that the Republicans would impeach Hillary for her

role in her emails, if she should become president? Will they be taking that into consideration
during their deliberations?

Of the 3 presidential candidates, Bernie is the only one who has a positive favorability

rating. Both Trump and Hillary have negative ones. When Bernie started running a
year, hardly anyone knew him (I didn't know him either), and today he is giving
Hillary a good run for the money.

My question is: How can you say something like "but no one liked him before...I can
imagine what they think of him now." and keep a straight face. It's a statement
that is the exact opposite of fact. Republicans are known to use that tactic - if it
can be called such.
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