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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit Area, MI
Home country: USA
Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 02:53 PM
Number of posts: 8,261

About Me

Partner, father and liberal Democrat. I am a native Michigander living in San Francisco who is a citizen of the world.

Journal Archives

California Man's Rattlesnake Selfie Goes Predictably Wrong

A Lake Elsinore, California, man is recovering from a snake bite on his hand after a photo op gone wrong.

Alex Gomez, 36, found a 4-foot rattlesnake in a lot near his home Monday and decided to pick it up and take photos with it. He managed to snap a picture with the rattler around his neck, but when he tried to adjust it for a different pose it bit him on the thumb.

"I was going to take it off my neck and do something else with it, but it turned sideways, and it sunk its one tooth into my hand," Gomez told Los Angeles TV station KTLA in an interview from his sickbed.

Gomez dropped the snake and ran to a neighbor's house. He was rushed to a local hospital and received anti-venom treatment en route.

His mother said her son could have died over a "stupid" stunt.


Little Girl Banned From Bringing Wonder Woman Lunch Box To School Because It's 2015

Apparently, Wonder Woman and the rest of her superhero kind have no place in school — or, at the very least, not in one particular school. One little girl had no idea what was to come in simply using a fun Wonder Woman lunch box to carry her PB&J. But alas, it's 2015, and well, the girl's school quickly banned her lunch box from the premises for the most ridiculous reason.

An Imgur user posted a series of pics to the photo-sharing platform revealing that the daughter of a friend was banned from bringing her Wonder Woman lunch box into school. Though the user wouldn’t name the school in question, photos of the offending lunch box and the letter from the school were posted. The lunch box, which you can see here, has a old-school image of Wonder Woman’s face on the front, while the back has her full body holding a lasso with the caption, "As lovely as Aphrodite. As wise as Athena." Despite the imagery, the school considered this a "violent character," and is therefore not allowed to be shown on any student’s clothes, backpacks and lunch boxes.

According to the letter from this particular school, the dress code in the School Handbook labels superheroes as "violent characters," which they define as "those who solve problems using violence." It’s, perhaps, a good thing that the user did not reveal the name of the school that sent this letter because, knowing how the Internet operates nowadays, it might spark a witch hunt. Still, it’d be interesting to note whether this mandate came from a public or private school.

As The Mary Sue points out, this action seems to imply that the administration who passed such an action knows very little about the comic book heroes they are banning. Wonder Woman, for instance, is a symbol of female empowerment and often only uses violence as a last resort or to protect lives when danger approaches. The same goes for Superman, who is famous for his unwillingness to take a life. That’s, at least, in the case of the comics and animated series — sorry, Man of Steel. That said, oversensitivity has been a talking point as of late. However, this particular action seems to be, as The Mary Sue put it, a blanket ban on violence instead of an informed mandate. Hopefully this will help launch a conversation in this community.


Jeb Bush: Planned Parenthood isn't involved in women's health

Planned Parenthood is not involved in women’s health issues, said Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

At a town hall in Englewood, Colo., Aug. 25, an audience member asked Bush about his record on women’s health, as well as what he would do for women’s health, particularly for veterans, as president.

"When I was governor, we expanded those programs through community-based organizations, and that’s something I think the federal government needs to continue to do," Bush said. "I, for one, don’t think Planned Parenthood ought to get a penny, though. And that’s the difference because they’re not actually doing women’s health issues. They're involved in something way different than that."

Bush, who cut off state funding for Planned Parenthood as governor, then pivoted to talk about veterans affairs.


This man asks us not to give in to 'political correctness'. Can you guess who?

White supremacist F. Glenn Miller Jr. took responsibility on Tuesday for shooting and killing three people during shooting attacks at two Jewish-run faciities, Courthouse News reported.

“Let your conscience be your guide,” Miller told the jury. “I’m confident you will find me innocent.”

Miller, who is representing himself, is on trial in Kansas City for the deaths of 53-year-old Terri LaManno, 69-year-old William Corporon, and Corporon’s 14-year-old grandson, Reat Underwood last April in Overland Park, Kansas. He asked jurors not to give in to “political correctness” and instead be “brave, courageous and patriotic.”

According to the Kansas City Star, Chief Deputy District Attorney Chris McMullin said during his opening statement on Monday that Miller was on a mission “to find and kill as many Jewish people as he could” when he made his way to the Jewish Community Center, where he shot and killed Corporon and Runderwood, before killing LaManno outside the Village Shalom care center.

McMullin also recounted how Miller turned his car into a “mobile arsenal” and immediately admitted to committing the shootings, asking authorities, “I’m an anti-Semitic. I hate goddamn Jews. How many did I get?”


2008: Conservatives Blast Biden for Role in Bork and Thomas Hearings

In the Thomas hearings, meanwhile, Biden allowed another “smear campaign” – one which “went from partisanship to being very personal,” Calabresi said.

“The Thomas hearings were, if anything, even worse, because they descended into the personal, and became really, almost a circus because of Sen. Biden’s inability to control the hearings,” he added.

Hausknecht said Biden allowed the Thomas hearings “to degenerate” into “a personal show trial” by letting University of Oklahoma law professor Anita Hill make accusations about alleged improper remarks and actions she attributed to Thomas.

Levin said Biden’s handling of the case had reduced the Senate confirmation hearing to the discussion of “pubic hairs on Coke cans” – a reference to the most notorious allegation Hill made of a “sexually harassing” comment, supposedly from Thomas.

Thomas’s recent autobiography, “My Grandfather’s Son: A Memoir,” accuses Biden of unfair treatment, noting that Biden had promised Thomas “would be considered on the basis of his qualifications alone.”


Joe Biden and Anita Hill at the Senate Judiciary Committee (VIDEO)

Because a record is better than recollection.

Flashback: Joe Biden kicks Paul Ryan's ass. (VIDEO)

Supreme Court Steps In To Keep Ex-Guv McDonnell Out Of Prison For Now

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell may stay out of prison for now, while prosecutors respond to his request to remain free until his appeal is heard.

Prosecutors have until Wednesday at 4 p.m. to file a response to his request to remain free. Legal experts say Monday's ruling does not mean the Supreme Court will hear his appeal on his corruption conviction.

The U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals rejected his request to stay out of prison on Thursday.

McDonnell was convicted by a jury in September 2014 in a political scandal where he gave favors to former Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams in exchange for more than $165,000 in gifts and loans.

The Supreme Court is the last chance for McDonnell to stay free. He has remained free while his latest appeal move was decided. The former Republican governor was once widely considered a possible running mate to former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


Jeb Clarifies 'Anchor Baby' Remarks: 'It's More Related To Asian People'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush attempted to clarify his remarks about "anchor babies" during a stop near the U.S. border with Mexico on Monday, saying Asian immigrants are really more of the problem.

When asked if he thought his repeated use of the term "anchor babies" – a derogatory term for children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrant parents – Bush said: "What I was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed where there's organized efforts, and frankly, it's more related to Asian people coming into our country and having children in that organized effort."

Bush prefaced his answer with "as I said in Spanish," and went on to rail against political correctness, saying "we need to chill out."


Tomorrow is the first day of school.

Fourth grade? Where does the time go? Anyway, we are busy getting ready for our son's first day of school. School supplies: Check. Clothes: Check. Everything is ready. I'm personally excited and nervous at the same time. Excited that he is getting back into his routine and back together with friend he did not see over the summer. But I am also nervous as I wonder about his new teacher and whether he masters the new material. One thing is for sure, though. It never gets old.
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