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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit Area, MI
Home country: USA
Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 02:53 PM
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Partner, father and liberal Democrat. I am a native Michigander living in San Francisco who is a citizen of the world.

Journal Archives

Trump blames the first woman he can think of for Weiner's sexting.

On Monday, Hillary Clinton’s longest-serving aide, Huma Abedin, announced she would separate from Anthony Weiner, her husband of six years, after the New York Post revealed his involvement in yet another sexting scandal. “After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband,” she said in a statement.

Then, mere hours later, Republican nominee Donald Trump decided it was necessary for his campaign to release a statement on the situation. After offering his unsolicited opinion on Huma’s decision (“I know Anthony well, and she will be far better off without him”), Trump managed to turn the sexting habits of Clinton’s aide’s husband into a condemnation of her leadership:

I only worry for the country in that Hillary Clinton was careless and negligent in allowing Weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information. Who knows what he learned and who he told? It’s just another example of Hillary Clinton’s bad judgement. It is possible that our country and security have been greatly compromised by this.

Trump has fretted over Weiner learning state secrets before. “ No. 1 person is Huma Abedin, married to Anthony Weiner, who is a sleazeball and a pervert,” he said during a press conference in June. “I don’t like Huma going home at night and telling Anthony Weiner all these secrets.” Of course, if he’s in the business of judging candidates by those closest to them, Trump might want to do a little housekeeping.


Deathstroke Will Be Main Villain in Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

Ben Affleck wasn’t just teasing: Deathstroke will, in fact, be the main antagonist of the Batman standalone movie he’s directing, TheWrap has exclusively learned from an individual with knowledge of the situation.

Earlier this morning, the actor who plays the Dark Knight posted a cryptic tweet of the new villain walking toward the camera in very cinematic fashion, which sent fanboys into a frenzy of speculation.

Deathstroke was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez. He is a mercenary and assassin who first appeared in “The New Teen Titans” #2 back in 1980. Wizard magazine rated him the 24th greatest villain of all time.

Also, in 2009, Deathstroke was ranked as IGN’s 32nd greatest comic book villain of all time. Deathstroke, or commonly referred to as Deathstroke the Terminator or simply Slade, is known to be the greatest assassin in all of DC Comics. He has encountered Batman on several occasions in the comics.


FBI says foreign hackers penetrated state election systems

The FBI has uncovered evidence that foreign hackers penetrated two state election databases in recent weeks, prompting the bureau to warn election officials across the country to take new steps to enhance the security of their computer systems, according to federal and state law enforcement officials.

The FBI warning, contained in a “flash” alert from the FBI’s Cyber Division, a copy of which was obtained by Yahoo News, comes amid heightened concerns among U.S. intelligence officials about the possibility of cyberintrusions, potentially by Russian state-sponsored hackers, aimed at disrupting the November elections.

Those concerns prompted Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to convene a conference call with state election officials on Aug. 15, in which he offered his department’s help to make state voting systems more secure, including providing federal cyber security experts to scan for vulnerabilities, according to a “readout” of the call released by the department.

Johnson emphasized in the call that Homeland Security was not aware of “specific or credible cybersecurity threats” to the election, officials said. But three days after that call, the FBI Cyber Division issued a potentially more disturbing warning, entitled “Targeting Activity Against State Board of Election Systems.” The alert, labeled as restricted for “NEED TO KNOW recipients,” disclosed that the bureau was investigating cyberintrusions against two state election websites this summer, including one that resulted in the “exfiltration,” or theft, of voter registration data. “It was an eye opener,” one senior law enforcement official said of the bureau’s discovery of the intrusions. “We believe it’s kind of serious, and we’re investigating.”

The bulletin does not identify the states in question, but sources familiar with the document say it refers to the targeting by suspected foreign hackers of voter registration databases in Arizona and Illinois. In the Illinois case, officials were forced to shut down the state’s voter registration system for ten days in late July, after the hackers managed to download personal data on up to 200,000 state voters, Ken Menzel, the general counsel of the Illinois Board of Elections, said in an interview. The Arizona attack was more limited, involving malicious software that was introduced into its voter registration system but no successful exfiltration of data, a state official said.

The FBI bulletin listed eight separate IP addresses that were the sources of the two attacks and suggested that the attacks may have been linked, noting that one of the IP addresses was used in both intrusions. The bulletin implied that the bureau was looking for any signs that the attacks may have been attempting to target even more than the two states. “The FBI is requesting that states contact their Board of Elections and determine if any similar activity to their logs, both inbound and outbound, has been detected,” the alert reads. “Attempts should not be made to touch or ping the IP addresses directly.”


Democrats Step Up Pursuit of House Republicans Left Limping by Donald Trump

LEESBURG, Va. — Emboldened by Donald J. Trump’s struggles in the presidential race, Democrats in Congress are laying the groundwork to expand the list of House Republicans they will target for defeat as part of an effort to slash the Republicans’ 30-seat majority and even reclaim control if Mr. Trump falls further.

Mr. Trump’s unpopularity, which has already undermined the party’s grip on the Senate, now threatens to imperil Republican lawmakers even in traditionally conservative districts, according to strategists and officials in both parties involved in the fight for control of the House.

Democrats are particularly enticed by Mr. Trump’s dwindling support in affluent suburban areas — including those near Kansas City, Kan.; San Diego; Orlando, Fla.; and Minneapolis — where Republicans ordinarily win with ease. Mr. Trump is so disliked among college-educated voters, especially white women, that he is at risk of losing by double digits in several districts that the 2012 Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, carried comfortably.

“It’s a remarkable situation. We, the Republicans, ought to be in a much stronger position in many suburban areas,” said Representative Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania, whose district includes both suburbs and small cities. “Because of the nature of the nominee, it’s going to be a lot more competitive than it ought to be.”

Few Democrats say they believe their party is positioned, at this point, to take control of the House, where Republicans hold their largest majority in 87 years. Because of the way congressional districts are drawn, Republicans have a powerful structural advantage even in a punishing political environment.


Life must be pretty good when you can afford to sit out this election

Actress Susan Sarandon, who supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential primaries, makes it clear that she is not voting for Donald Trump and is waiting to be “convinced” about Hillary Clinton.

"I am not voting for Donald Trump ... so far nothing has happened that will make me vote for Hillary Clinton either — I’m waiting to be convinced," Sarandon, in Washington Wednesday to protest the construction of an oil pipeline on North Dakota tribal lands, tells The Hill's Molly K. Hooper in an interview.

Sarandon also says she is "encouraging people to vote for progressives in the House and Senate."
Watch the video above to hear Sarandon in her own words.


Private Immigrant Detention Firm Gave $45K to Trump Fundraising Group

The political arm of one of the country’s leading operators of federally contracted immigrant detention facilities donated $45,000 last month to a joint fundraising committee supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, according to a recent Federal Election Commission filing.

The political action committee representing The GEO Group, Inc., made the donation on July 27 to the Trump Victory fund, a joint committee also supporting the Republican National Committee and 11 state parties. Donors to GEO's PAC are almost entirely employees of the Boca Raton, Florida-based company.

The GEO Group contracts with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Justice Department, and foreign, state and local governments to operate detention and correctional facilities around the country. In 2015, it oversaw 64 facilities comprising 75,145 beds, according to an annual report.


WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji dead at the age of 81

One of my favorite heels of the 1980'. He proved that pro wrestlers don't have to die young if they take care of themselves.

Poll: Perry leads Cruz in hypothetical Senate match-up

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) leads Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) in a hypothetical 2018 Senate primary match-up, a new poll finds.

The survey from left-leaning Public Policy Polling found Perry leading his former GOP presidential rival by 9 points, 46 percent to 37 percent, with 18 percent undecided, according to the Texas Tribune.

Perry is the only potential challenger that tops Cruz in the poll. Cruz holds a 22-point lead over Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) and a 32-point lead over Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas).

In a general election match-up with Democrats, the poll also showed Perry leading Housing Secretary Julián Castro, as well as former gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis by 12 points.


What should Hillary do after Labor Day?

Should she go big and try to win places like Arizona and Georgia, or should she keep returning to Pennsylvania and New Hemisphere to help our Senate candidates 9although we do have a competitive race in AZ)?

We know where Sen. Joni Ernst stands

She invited the Bigot-in-Chief to her biggest event of the year. I hope we don't forget this in 2020.
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