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Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit Area, MI
Home country: USA
Current location: San Francisco, CA
Member since: Wed Oct 29, 2008, 02:53 PM
Number of posts: 11,483

About Me

Partner, father and liberal Democrat. I am a native Michigander living in San Francisco who is a citizen of the world.

Journal Archives

Clinton has a new weapon against Trump: Elizabeth Warren

COMMERCE, Calif. — Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has a new partner in her battle against Donald Trump: Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who gave a speech Tuesday mirroring Clinton’s own talking points accusing Trump of profiting from the housing crash of 2008.

Warren (D-Mass.) has stayed out of the ongoing Democratic primary race between Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont — she is the only Democratic woman in the Senate who has not endorsed Clinton — but she recently has become more aggressive in taking on Trump on his favorite medium, Twitter.

Warren’s speech, at the Center for Popular Democracy’s annual gala in Washington, struck what are familiar themes for her.

“Donald Trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown — because it meant he could buy up a bunch more property on the cheap,” Warren said. “What kind of a man does that? Root for people to get thrown out on the street? Root for people to lose their jobs? Root for people to lose their pensions?”

The timing of her remarks Tuesday, and their convergence with Clinton’s stump message in California the same day, was not entirely a coincidence. And it may serve a dual purpose for Clinton: helping her begin the general-election battle against Trump, but also beginning the difficult task of unifying the fractured Democratic Party.

Warren enjoys strong support with many of the Democratic constituencies who feel passionately about Sanders. An aide said she takes seriously her potential role in helping to bring those constituencies together and focus the party’s energy on defeating Trump.


Minnesota moves to presidential primary in 2020

Minnesota will move from a presidential caucus to a presidential primary for the 2020 election.

Gov. Mark Dayton signed the switch into law on Sunday.

Under the new system, voters would make their February partisan presidential picks in an election run by the state, rather than in caucuses run by parties.

Whether individual voters picked a Republican ballot or a Democratic one would become public, under the new law. But voters would not be bound in any way to their partisan picks in future elections nor would they have to register with any party in advance of the presidential primary.


Sanders campaign declines KY recount so taxpayers can foot bill for recanvass.

What's the difference?

As NPR's Asma Khalid noted on air — a recanvass will "entail checking all of the voting machines and absentee ballots in all each of the state's counties to verify the accuracy of the vote totals."

In other words, individual ballots will not be checked. A recount would have re-checked how people voted on actual ballots.

Hillary Clinton leads Sanders by less than 2,000 votes following the May 17 primary.

You mean they won't check actual ballots?


Why would Sanders not request a recount then?

Because his campaign would have to pay for it. The state pays for the recanvass.

Politically, it gives Sanders the opportunity to continue to call into question the results; allow some of his supporters to continue to allege that Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, who is close to the Clintons, put her finger on the scale; raise money — and do all of it at no cost.

Not to mention — all of this is over probably one delegate. The AP allocated 27 pledged delegates apiece for Clinton and Sanders with one outstanding. Clinton currently leads by 271 pledged delegates and 766 overall.


Question about the CA Primary

If the Sanders supporters couldn't be bothered to put their bongs down and register to vote, why should the state be required to extend the deadline to Primary Day? Early voting begins a month in advance. You can vote by mail for every election. Hell, you don't even need postage if you vote in San Francisco. But it was still too much work for some? I'm for same-day registration in principal, but not for those who woke up late and realized that June 7 was coming soon.

Bernie's choice for the DNC Platform Committee

“It doesn’t have to be overt, the president is right about that,” West continued. “But too many black people are niggerized. I would say the first black president has become the first niggerized black president.”

- Dr. Cornell West, newly appointed member of the Democratic National Convention Platform Committee

Sanders campaign throws Tommy Chong under the bus.

ommy Chong is in disbelief after he was disinvited by the Bernie Sanders campaign from introducing the presidential hopeful hours before a rally in East Los Angeles.

The iconic comic actor and outspoken marijuana advocate tells The Hollywood Reporter that the Sanders campaign was happy to have his endorsement months back, but when it came time for the two men to appear in public together, someone got "cold feet," he says.

"It's lip service to get the votes, but they don't want to endorse what I stand for and what I've stood for all my professional career," Chong said right after he was uninvited to the rally. "It was an insult."

In a email to THR, a Sanders spokesman said, "We appreciate his support but a scheduling issue came up."


Hillary avoids Fox News-Bernie Sanders ambush.

Detroit (CNN)Hillary Clinton will not debate Bernie Sanders in California, her top campaign spokeswoman said Monday.

Declining to participate in the Fox News debate -- which Sanders had agreed to -- is another clear sign that Clinton and her top aides are fully focused on the general election against Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee.

"As we have said previously, we plan to compete hard in the remaining primary states, particularly California, while turning our attention to the threat a Donald Trump presidency poses," Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton's spokeswoman, said. "We believe that Hillary Clinton's time is best spent campaigning and meeting directly with voters across California and preparing for a general election campaign that will ensure the White House remains in Democratic hands."

Clinton's campaign is currently fighting a two-front war against both Trump, who has all but locked up the nomination, and Sanders, who has pledged to campaign until the last vote is counted in June.

Clinton and her top aides are ready to no longer focus on Sanders and have signaled for the weeks that they are turning their focus to Trump whether the Vermont senator is around or not.


Sanders is officially a laughing stock.

The man who was never a Democrat until 2015 and will not be Democratic nominee in 2016 has now set the laughable condition that he gave a say over the Clinton Cabinet. All after finishing further behind in delegates than Clinton in 2008. This is not a revolution. This is a cranky old man resentful over not getting the prize he cherished. He can go back to the Senate, or Veemont and take his conditions with him.

Behind Donald Trump's Nonexistent Florida Strategy in the General Election

t's a fact Republicans and Democrats know well, and while the Clinton campaign has shifted its focus in Florida by opening a general election campaign headquarters in the state and setting up a Florida field team, Donald Trump's campaign is still trying to figure out its strategy there.

Trump could arguably call Florida his second home. Trump National Golf Course in Doral is listed as his biggest source of income, according to his most recent financial disclosures with the Federal Elections Commission. He spends significant time at his opulent Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach and has hosted campaign events and press conferences in the gilded ballroom of the private club.

Despite the focus that Trump, his family and his businesses have in Florida, Trump's campaign has yet to follow suit. The Trump campaign and the Republican Party are currently "in discussions" over what kind of presence Trump will have in the state, according to Wadi Gaitan, director of communications for the Republican Party of Florida.

"What kind of infrastructure does he set up here in the state, how competitive does he think Florida is going to be, and once he has the answer to that question, what kind of investment will he make in this area?" asked Gaitan. "It could be that he relies on what we are doing. We do plan on expanding our program, so he might say, 'That's what I think we need to win Florida, and nothing much more beyond that.'"


Bidhan Shrestha - Dherai Dherai Maya (VIDEO)

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