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Member since: Wed Sep 24, 2008, 09:46 AM
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Is it possible to put the Progressive Party discussion on hold until after the election?

Can we agree not to publicly stone progressives who are feeling left out of the process, while at the same time indicating that a full and frank discussion of the issue could he held here after the election?

Before progressives cry censorship, heavy-handedness, or whatever, please read the entire post before flying off the handle. First off, this is the Democratic Underground, not the progressive or socialist underground. Secondly, while my views would fit better in the latter, I accept that the purpose of this forum is to elect Democrats, and from experience, I know that this issue strikes a nerve here at DU, and to have any real discussion about it this close to the election is not only counterproductive to the overall intent of DU, it can only serve to erode support.

Now, I am only offering this suggestion based on the assumption that Obama will win. If a catastrophe happens, well, I wonít have a lot of faith left in American society, and DU will be going ballistic. At that point, I would tell anyone who might want to discuss the issue then simply to choose a better time, sort of like Iím saying now. In politics and life, I guess, itís not always your ideas that fail, it can be the time in which you present them.

While most of us were still stunned or possibly suffering from some level of depression after the 2004 elections, I brought up the idea that perhaps it was time to look at a third party. I was here previously as Floridaguy. Youíd have thought I suggested we discuss all becoming Rethuglicans and just get in line. I wasnít some lukewarm supporter or someone who never supported Dems, I actually had dedicated several years of my life attempting to beat shrub. I went as far as quitting my job and getting a job with the party as a precinct coordinator, spending several months in the urban precincts of a neighboring city.

Suffice to say, I was not a troublemaker, instigator, or someone who didnít really support Democrats, I was all in. So after I suffered the wrath of the understandably upset DU faithful, I realized that while some, but certainly not all of them, might be able to discuss the idea rationally, it was not the time to do it.

So, while IMHO this discussion should be had at some time, the time is not now.

Organizing Democrats, Cat Herding, and Circling the Wagons

As Democrats, we often hold strong views and positions on one or several issues or policies, and the likelihood that we will agree on most or all of them is zero. If we were simple minded like our GOP counterparts, we could listen to the talking heads for our talking points and repeat after them. "No new taxes", "I'm against abortion period" "Guns and God", etc. See how easy that is?

But we're not wired that way. Although most of us consider ourselves somewhere along the Socialist/Progressive/Liberal spectrum, and many of us are far apart on that spectrum, we also have our pet policies, or we hold adamant positions on one or more issues like anti-war, pro-choice, LGBT issues, or others. Having been involved with both GOP and Democratic campaigns, I can tell you it's a breeze to organize a bunch of idiots who rally around one issue or are simply anti-everything. It is far more difficult to get a group of intelligent open-minded people to wholeheartedly support a candidate or anything for that matter.

While the simplicity of the black and white world of the GOP allows them to approach elections in what appears to be a more businesslike manner, our approach is more cerebral and issue-oriented, and we often come off as less unified. So while these heated discussions going on now in GD may not feel good to some, and is certainly a good test for DU3, it is our nature. We fight or argue, because we hold strong beliefs and we care. So trying to get Dems on point or squared up behind a candidate is a lot like cat herding, and could possibly be as dangerous.

And while I believe in boisterous debate, there is a point soon when we should circle the wagons behind President Obama. If you live in the same universe I do, you know in your heart that either President Obama or the GOP nominee will be our next President. Although I don't agree with many things he has done, or not done, he is still heads and shoulders above the realistic alternatives, (not the lesser of evils) and I support him 100%.

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