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Suji to Seoul

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bethel, NY
Home country: USA
Current location: Nanjing, China
Member since: Mon Aug 25, 2008, 01:43 AM
Number of posts: 2,022

Journal Archives

electoral-vote.com map of electoral votes (curently) Obama has more than 270

Obama is over the 270 threshold state-by-state, with and without Rasmussen.

With Rasmussen


Without Rasmussen


NOW, but the foot on the throat and let's end this in November with a solid, undeniable victory over these Republican assholes!
Posted by Suji to Seoul | Thu Sep 27, 2012, 08:10 AM (9 replies)

Absentee, vote-by-mail voters, did you do your civic duty yet and vote for Obama/Biden?

I did two days ago! One more vote for him. One more for the best Congressman from Arizona.
Posted by Suji to Seoul | Wed Sep 26, 2012, 11:00 AM (1 replies)

My life in China - Diaoyu Island protests

Okay, so for the past few weeks I've gotten bombarded with questions about diaoyu, those stupid little islands someplace out east of here. These brain-dead idiots I live around (and until you live here, you can't tell me I'm wrong on this) are whipped up into a lather over it.

The problem is China has backed itself into a corner. Remember during the summer all the bullshit with Xisha Islands down in the South China Sea? The CCP did it's best to whip up a frenzy about those. Problem was no one cared. Philippines has done nothing to China, so when the drums of war were banged, no one really cared.

Japan, however, is a sore topic. So now the drums of war are beating again. People here are all set to fight for these islands. Notice I didn't say die, just fight. It seems it's the really young set that want to fight, or at least they believe the Chinese PLA should do the fighting. But, as I was told "since the army is already big enough, I don't need to join." Nice huh? Chickenhawks aplenty. That guy was a 19 year old boy.

So, this latest exercise is mindlessness and controlling the 1.34 billion sheep that live here is working well. Sadly, no one here believes me when I say the Japanese military can only legally defend, not attack and if Japanese gets attacked, the US must defend as per peace treaty with the Japanese in 1945 and 1970. So, China attacks Japan, they invite war with America.

Don't worry. According to them, China will destroy America. All China needs to do is invade Alaska with troops, attack Hawai'i and then the US is crippled because "China owns the US." When I them about ICBM technology, NORAD and our advances in stealth and first strike, the look of bewilderment and shock comes, followed by disbelief. Then comes the face saving "no, that's not what I was told/read/heard/believe/taught/(brainwashed into thinking).

Don't get my wrong. There are rational, intelligent people here in China (1% maybe) that think this shit is just a big waste of time, money, energy and resources. Two of them are friends of mine, one is a university professor (go figure!)

What people do not understand is what is going to happen, because history is a political tool (history books teach these clowns that the US did nothing to help China during WW2 and all the US did was drop two bombs on Japan, that the failure of the Great Leap Forward was due to weather, not Mao's hubris, arrogance and stupidity. . .and that the Cultural Revolution was the fault of the Gang of Four, not Mao's desire to regain lost prestige after the Great Chinese Famine) and that what I predict is only a short time away.

Here is my prediction for these stupid protests (some has already happened):
1: These "protests" will be gradually increased. Here in Nanjing, while I was at China Post, the "protest" went passed. It was about 300 people and 1000 police officers lining the streets with camera and walking with the protesters.

2: The sharks will begin to start "selling" "patriotic" (爱国) mementos filled with propaganda (which just means information in China). At the local supermarket, this 18 year old kid was selling "钓鱼岛是中国。 日本:去死" (Diaoyu Islands are China. Japan: Go Die). People, because they are uneducated (mostly) and ignorant (because their schools suck) will lap this shit up because Japan is China's traditional tormentor.

3: All the while, people will be obsessed with these stupid little islands as evidenced by all the talk on Weibo, Qzone, RenRenWang and on the street. Even my employers asked my opinion and I told them "I don't give a rat's ass about Chinese or Japanese islands because it doesn't affect my country at all."

4: The fanning of the flames will caused violence against businesses perceived to be owned by the Japanese. A buddy in Wuhan told me a Family Mart (Korean) and a 7/11 (American) were vandalized and looted because the Chinese there though those two companies were Japanese.

5: The violence will escalate. In Beijing yesterday, a woman's Toyota was attacked by a mob. They pulled her out and carjacked it. . .only to discover her five month old baby was in the back. Six hours later, the car was brought back, damaged, as was the child, unharmed.

6: The police will do nothing. The Government will tacitly condemn to save face, but will work behind the scenes to flame the flames even more.

7: Someone important will die. Or someone important will get attacked (Gary Locke was attacked in Beijing). Then it's time to really save face, but do nothing.

8: Eventually, the real reason for all this shit will die down (it is being used as a distraction for the slowly economy, the loss of jobs and wages and to cover the power transfer from Hu Jintao to Xi Jinping) and the government will begin issuing edicts stopping the protests.

9: People won't listen because you can't put the fart back in the Elephant. At that point, the authoritarian Chinese government will do the only thing it know how to do:


My GF wanted to be part of that protest. I convinced her to stay away. It's just not worth the risk of TPTB and the police changing their minds. Wait until October 1st when it's National Days (or as I call it, the "National 'Ain't Mao Just Swell' Brainwashing Festival.") See the jingoism then.

On that, have a good day.
Posted by Suji to Seoul | Sat Sep 22, 2012, 02:03 AM (14 replies)

Republican Love/Hate Relationships. Add to the list. Let's make it big. Bumper Sticker time

1: Love America, hate Americans.
2: Love the troops dying in pointless wars, hate the veterans that served.
3: Love the fetus, hate the kid.
4: Love the Flag, hate the constitution.
5: Love the Bible, hate Jesus' teachings.
6: Love the business, hate the worker.
Posted by Suji to Seoul | Fri Sep 21, 2012, 02:59 AM (4 replies)

Fox News' latest hit piece. It's not in LBN because Fox is not "N." It's "S"

Federal law enforcement personnel and a congressional committee are anxiously awaiting an overdue inspector general's report that they believe may reveal the involvement of two White House advance team members in the Secret Service prostitution scandal in Colombia earlier this year.

While much of the attention in the case has focused on the actions of Secret Service personnel, multiple law enforcement and congressional sources tell FoxNews.com that investigators also discovered two White House advance team members checked in prostitutes as overnight guests at a Cartagena hotel in the days before President Obama's April 13 visit.

"Three U.S. delegation members that stayed at the Hilton brought prostitutes back as overnight guests. One of them was ours (Secret Service) and the other two were White House staffers," a high-ranking Secret Service official told FoxNews.com. "We knew very early that White House staffers were involved."

Twelve of the 13 agents investigated for alleged misconduct in Cartagena stayed at another hotel, the El Caribe. Only one of those charged with misconduct had a room at the Hilton, where President Obama and the White House advance team also stayed.

Give me a break! Distraction! Rmoney flounders and now this comes out!
Posted by Suji to Seoul | Thu Sep 20, 2012, 12:29 AM (3 replies)

GOP Presidental race 2012 = Democratic presidental race of 1972 in many ways

1: The weakest, "most electable" candidate was nominated. While the GOP ratfucked Muskie out of the race using his wife's psychological assessments, the GOP rat fucked each other.

2: Every time McGovern opened his mouth, he lost 10,000 votes. Every time Rmoney opens his mouth, he loses 10,000 votes.

3: The Democrats were divided and fighting with each other. Now, the Republicans are divided and fighting with each other.

4: Because Nixon has a good apparatus, all he had to do was shut up, look presidential and he prick would win. Because Obama has the same thing, all he has to do is look presidential and he'll win (not that it's difficult for him to look that way. I am proud of my president in many, many ways).

5: The country was still heavily divided because of Viet Nam. The country is now heavily divided because of Viet-Raq and Viet-Stan.

Obama's two runs have been two of the most entertaining races since 1992 with the Big Dawg!
Posted by Suji to Seoul | Tue Sep 18, 2012, 05:11 AM (4 replies)

Facebook smackdown on Sean the Prick

This is just too perfect.

Posted by Suji to Seoul | Fri Sep 14, 2012, 12:05 AM (13 replies)

electoral-vote.com map of electoral votes (curently)


Obama has 259 EVs locked up, either leaning his way (+5 - +9 margin) or strongly his way (+10%)

NV, CO, IA, WI, VA, FL are the barely Obama's. Which ones do you think he has the best shot of winning to get over the 270 hump?

My opinion: CO, NA, WI, followed by FL. IA and VA might flip to Rmoney.
Posted by Suji to Seoul | Thu Sep 13, 2012, 11:54 PM (5 replies)

Quick reflection on what we lost 09/11/01

On this day of mourning for the worst terrorist attack in the history of the country, let's look at what has happened since that fateful morning. We lost our freedoms (TSA scans, ID checks, draconian laws and punishment, free speech zones), we were thrust into two wars (one against an idea, which we know how successful those are and one based on lies), we lost our moral high ground due to torturing suspects and we are more polarized as a country than ever before. We, as a people, have been willing to exchange our liberties and freedoms for an illusion of safety and security. And now, what should have been a blip in the national radar is accepted as normal and justified.

Our country is in trouble. Gitmo is still open, indefinite detentions still exist, people are still rendered at night with black bags and people who protest are thrown into jail on charges easy to trump up and difficult to refute.

We have become the United States of Police.

They hated us for our freedoms. We, as a people, gave those up years ago. I remember Glenn Beck in 2002 saying he would gladly give up some freedoms in order to keep the country safe. Too many Americans feel that way.

Our police beat and kill us with no regard or punishment, one party loves this country but hates its citizens and our party has shifted to the right because their party has shifted even further to the right.

While we remember those that died, we need to remember those that died needlessly in an Iraqi meat grinder and an Afgan quagmire. We need to remember the most important thing that is on life support now. . .The United States Constitution. Those who used our genuine fear and panic to pervert our national identity are trying again. This time, that side has the perfect candidate to do it 100%, learning from the mistakes of the man who almost brought us to our knees.

This 9/11, we need to remember everything we lost. And we must remember to never allow it to be gone forever. I love my country. I am scared for my country. But, as I grow older, I get more and more tired. We can't do it alone. And martyrs die lonely and forgotten most of the time.

This 9/11, let's ensure, to future generations, that this country will return to what it was before 9/11. And let's ensure that those who have become powerless, lost and weakened are given the voices they need.
Posted by Suji to Seoul | Tue Sep 11, 2012, 04:32 AM (4 replies)

Paul Ryan on Chicago teachers strike: ‘We stand with Rahm Emanuel’

Source: Yahoo News

Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan spoke out against the Chicago Teachers Union strike on Monday, saying he stands behind Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's opposition to the demonstration.

"Mayor Emanuel is right today in saying that this teacher's union strike is unnecessary and wrong," Ryan said in Portland, Ore., according to a pool report transcript. "We know that Rahm is not going to support our campaign, but on this issue and this day we stand with Mayor Rahm Emanuel."

More than 26,000 education professionals in the Chicago area did not attend work on Monday over a contract negotiation dispute with the Chicago Board of Education.

President Barack Obama's administration declined to comment on the strike. Emanuel, elected mayor in 2011, was Obama's chief of staff from 2009 to 2010.

Read more: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/paul-ryan-chicago-teacher-strike-stand-rahm-emanuel-211106035--election.html

This is why you support Organized Labor. And this punk likes Rage Against the Machine? Morello and De La Rocha would be out their WITH the teachers, rather than undercutting them.

Emmanuel's response to this? *crickets*
Posted by Suji to Seoul | Mon Sep 10, 2012, 10:46 PM (30 replies)
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