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Profile Information

Name: Taylor Selseth
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ulen, MN
Home country: US
Current location: Moorhead, MN
Member since: Fri Nov 11, 2005, 10:42 PM
Number of posts: 52,926

Journal Archives

6 Ridiculous History Myths (You Probably Think Are True)


6. Wild West violence
5. Investors jumping to their deaths in 1929
4. Bra Burnings
3. 1938 War Of the Worlds hysteria
2. "No Irish Need Apply"
1. Medieval torture devices.

"My Rapist Doesn't Know He's A Rapist"

The Wing-Nuts cannot comprehend statistics.

Of course, I think the vast majority of people don't comprehend statistics, but the nuts seem to be even worse than the norm. I realized that having a reasonable discussion with them is impossible because they put anecdotes like "If I can pull myself up by my bootstraps then everyone else can!" or "I once ran into a welfare cheat and therefore everyone who gets government assistance are cheats" above real data, statistical data is simply meaningless to them.

I believe it was Saul Alinsky who said that issues should be personalized into anecdote form, and this is why, the average person simply cannot comprehend statistics.

We got the enthusiasm, they don't.

The woo-woos are already attacking the Organic food study.

The study said there is no significant difference between organic and regular foods. The usual suspects immediately started the cries of "Monsanto Propaganda!!!"

The Julian Castro Fan Club thread.

This guy is going places, maybe even the White House!

I am being stalked by low post count abusive trolls.


My huge space thread seems to have brought them out from under their rocks, because all the abusive posts, no matter what thread, insult me for supporting a manned mission to Mars.

The anti space exploration people are so predictable.

I should have known making a post in the wake of Armstrong's death about why we weren't colonizing the solar system would have brought out the Luddites and misanthropes and turned the thread into a 500-post epic flame-war filled with ignorance and allusions to "Avatar". Why do I always make such threads hoping for educated and reasonable discussions?

I have a big hole in my bathroom wall.

So, I was taking a shower this morning, I lost my balance on the wet bottom of the shower and leaned on the wall to regain my balance and a bunch of tiles and drywall caved in, and the drywall looked like it had turned into mud. Fortunately my building's resident manager told maintenance to get their asses over here ASAP.

We should have been colonizing the solar system by now.

In 1969 when Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the Moon everyone expected that we would keep going farther. But then in the mid 70s NASA got mauled by the small-minded deficit hawks who thought they did not need to keep up NASA's funding because we beat those Evil Commie Russians and that's all that mattered. It seems like all of a sudden nobody cared anymore, some even started bashing space exploration using the equally small-minded "we have more important things to do here on terra firma" argument.

I wonder if the Vietnam War and Watergate are to blame, destroying the belief in Big Government doing Big Things, making NASA a victim of the same rise of selfish Individualism that lead to the late 70s "tax revolts" in California and the election of Reagan in 1980. I suspect that also, among us on the Left that the strain of technophobic misanthropy found among many Green types who believe in the philosophy of Deep Ecology has something to do with it, thus the posts here on DU decrying space exploration as spreading the "cancer" of humanity.

According to astrophysicist Robert Zubrin a 3-year manned mission to Mars would cost $30 billion per mission and is perfectly feasible with today's technology. That is chump change compared to the "Defense" budget, and we would not have to pay all of that if it is set up as a multi-national mission. The problem is a lack of will. people either dogmatically assert that such a mission is either impossible, too expensive, or immoral, and all of those assertions are bullshit.
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