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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
Number of posts: 73,130

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All the people on Trump's team are space cowboys: people who are or are foreseeably

soon 'put out to pasture'.

How is Trump going to discern geopolitical risk better than the

generals when he could not discern, something as simple as, that Obama was born in the USA? He either has to say he was lying for all those years or explain it was really, really hard to read that birth certificate.

Apparently Trump was empathizing with the monster and not empathizing

with homeland security (which we know he never does - he is always in competition with the generals or the Obama military or anyone in authority).

That is taking non support of the president outside of US borders quite far. Until Obama, politics

used to stop at the border. This is Trump losing his bearings. Dyslexics do that when they look at things from all angles. And then they come to a big picture. Trump loses his bearings on something like this and then, doubles down. There is no synthesized big picture for him. There is only him.

Maybe he wants lots of Mexicans demonstrating against him in Mexico.

After all Trump at war was the way his base learnt to love him. Maybe he thinks people will get out of his visit what they want: Republicans wary of Trump will see him talking to the president of Mexico, Trump's rabid base will see him sticking his finger in Mexico's eye?

My god. The Clintons leverage their fame to do good in the world. They break no laws

but yet the GOP find a way to create a social panic about the Clinton Foundation. Creeps. Even CNN is panicking. Calm down. This is a double standard. Breath deep. Ask about the double standard. Remind republicans that after 9/11 Kenneth Starr came had in hand and apologized for his investigation into Whitewater. Obviously Republicans were begging democrats to not do what they did and appoint a special prosecutor on the 9/11 attacks. Now there is a story to ad some balance.

The Trump speech tonight was a Gish Gallop. The way to refute it is to go line

by line, refuting lies, putting other things in the context of what the GOP record is on it, give the actual history and/or define the need better, or adding Hillary plans for the same item vs the expected outcome of the Trump policy. Line by line by line. Hillary should do that every time he gives a speech like this. You have to go after every item. This is like being chansed by bees, you must get every single one of those suckers, lest a few end up crawling around inside your clothes and get you. If Hillary shares her truths to his Gallop, she can build up her entire vision: like chrystals that grow around Trump's lies and fabrications, soon enveloping them, connecting ideas with each other and then taking over. She could structure her speeches in that way. It would be a brain-storming and creative way to handle a gish Gallop. I did it with a nasty GOP gish galloper on bill maher's discussion forum in late 2004 or early 2005. The GOPer had destroyed the spirit of many. I nailed him sentence for sentence. It went on for days. Where he was right on the facts i looked at the context and discouvered much about the world he was missing with his narrow view of human beings and his narrow view of what the world could be. He left the site. And I felt bad because I'm a cream puff. Point is it can be done.


By putting the frightening regime change out there, Ailes.....err I mean Trump

Sears into people's brains the word "change". Nice going there Ailes .....err I mean Trump.

Trump is creating a shared grievance with his base by saying the election

will be stolen if Hillary wins. Look for more use of the terms cheat and rigged. That is the tool of the psychopath he is using. They always make their cult followers share their grievances and meet the followers aspirations to get them to stay in the cult. Then they are locked in on the same path. More money for Trump to make off of them once he loses the election. His poor followers will be buying his crappy products for years. Caĺling for election observers will just vest the base more in tune with Trump's vision.

I don't think Trump is a psychopath. In my experience just knowing one will make you weep for years on end. Trump is dyslexic instead and a narcissistic liar on top of that. But he is getting advice or learning from some who are psychopathic. The GOP has been using the toolbag of the psychopath for decades. But there has also been a lot of gaslighting on the part of Trump supporters this election season, which is new.

The GOP cannot stop Trump from exploiting them because their whole philosophy is based on business

people being absolutely without fault and capitalism perfection itself when unleashed to exploit in all areas of humanity, including politics. If they go after Trump for say trying to get some rich followers by having events in Connecticut where he has no chance of winning, they would be admitting to the world that a businessman using politics to his own ends is not fair, or a good thing. I'm guessing that is the thread that keeps the GOP from denouncing Trump. He is their philosophy laid bare and they cannot reject it or they would have to admit to the world and themselves that it is corruption. So quiet they will be as Trump ventures into places like Connecticut to garner more supporters to buy his books, dvd, and network after he loses.
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