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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
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Also, for the majority in the South who vote Republican

and watch Fox, they do not get to enjoy living in Obama's kick ***ed country because the GOP do not allow people to connect with the government or Obama in any positive way. Used to be if you were poor and lived in America you were still a part of something amazing and powerful. You belonged. You were an American. You were something.

I got invited twice to the invite only Hillary sites. Now I've said

before that is against DU rules and what if it is GOP trolls doing the inviting? And trying to corral staunch and open Hillary supporters away from sites that advertise or are otherwise open to the public? Which would lower the number of Hillary supporters on sites such as the DU at any one time. Which would make her look less popular to the Democratic curious on the internet. Which would help the GOP who don't want to face Hillary in the presidential election. That's right I said corral.If so I wonder where they got the idea to do that? Infectious disease protocols? The Holocaust? Rat****ers!

Read the thread above you. I don't know how to respond to people coming at me and Hillary and

DWS and the Democratic Party from all sides. Kind of squeezes me. I think going to Flint is a great thing and typical of Democratic people. It will make the GOP look bad. And you both should be happy with that.

Let us reach out to the Oregon Cattle-phate with other

ideas to how they find meaning in their lives. Here is what i would say to them. "We get that you have been angry and white for a long time and that is what the GOP needs from you every 2 years but it isn't working for you anymore. Try reaching out to someone outside of your immediate group with the hand of friendship. Sponsor a child overseas. Enjoy your president who has had some great international successes lately.. you should feel proud of your government. Read books from every continent in the world. Get some solar panels for your roof and sell power back to the grid. Plant a garden and invite underprivileged kids groups to come by around harvest time and take what they need. Walk the walk of someone like Jimmy Carter and go to war on some one disease like he did. That will take you the rest of your life but will be well worth it."

I just had a happy thought. As the number of GOPers

going for the nomination falls Trump will have more air time on the stage. And he will flounder where he has to speak about specifics for longer periods of time. So far he has skated by in debates with a few entertaining lines. But that stucture will change. And if he gets to the debate stage with Hillary or Bernie, they will wipe the floor with him. His first ad for the TV and Internet is just rehashing his previous lines ( wall on the border with Mexico, bar muslims, blah blah blah). He's puckered out. He hasn't got anything new to say. We know the half-life of his ideas and not is not very long.

The GOP likes dumb dyslexics they can control: Palin, George W. Bush, Reagan, Quayle.

George H. W. Bush was a dyslexic but he was too smart for the GOP and refused to follow voodoo economics though he did tow the line on other issues. The Democrats like the smart dyslexics like Wilson, Kennedy and Al Gore. Dyslexics are interconnected and connect to and read crowds and speak in vague generalities. They are great at leading because they are big picture people, not detailed ones. Being vague allows people to project their needs onto the dyslexic. Marco Rubio is being vague but I'm not sure if he is dyslexic or simply pretending to be one. Dyslexics do great at debates because they do great when they have to fight. That is when they truly come alive. They also do well in science and business, areas that require fight with something outside and 3D thinking. That is why Trump always attacks himself when he makes speeches. Dyslexics create a world view by appealing to people's truths and pull down fictions. The GOP are a racist party and Trump pulls off that veil. That is why Trump is doing so well. He is a dyslexic. I think he will be a dumb one. He will not look at the big picture himself but will buy into the GOP agenda. He has already stopped his talk of stopping trade deals. His tax plans are less centrist than they started out as. He is towing the line in many ways. Jeb, "the smart bush", is not a dyslexic. Why he is failing when facing Trump. By the way Kennedy was the smartest President and dyslexic. Dyselxia is a type of brain and series of attributes that vary a bit one dyslexic to another, not someone's intelligence. Churchill, Einstein, Edison were also dyslexics. In a way, dyslexia is a leadership style, a big picture way of seeing the world. If the dyslexic follows their own truth that they get to using their 3D abilities, and not the made up baloney of some master, they get to the truth. Trump is acting more like Tom Cruise at this juncture and less like a self made man.

On Discussionist: "I can honestly say I've never seen the fighting in DU so bad as today (Rubicon)

- had lots of fun"

Fri Dec 18, 2015, 11:30 PM


(Who says the GOP are not logging onto the DU to cause trouble between us)

And this from Ben_Ghazi: "my troll account, it is so much fun poking and prodding at all the right times.

All it takes is 2 or 3 words to get the dummies at each others throats. So much fail.., such a shitty dem presidemt... such a shitty candidate... and they are going to get hillary like it or not. It's glorious."

It is like Bernie supporters are being groomed by

psychopaths to think that they and their leader are perfect. That is the first step in getting people to scapegoat. The only adult way to be safe is to accept good and bad in yourself and your leaders. That way republicans in sheep's clothing on the DU and elsewhere will not be able to manipulate Bernie supporters into going into a frenzy destroying the Democrats. Mistakes were made by both the DNC and Bernie's staff. Hillary's campaign has done nothing here. She has made mistakes and will do so again sometime. Don't let GOP **** disturbers log onto the DU as Democrats and convince you that any campaign is perfect. None ever is. No person ever is. Stop the black and white thinking. Stop scapegoating Hillary for this. Stop thinking Bernie is all good. He's lovely but not an absolutely perfect leader. That only exists when psychopaths are around and they 'grow people down' to childlike thinking. We are all the Democrats. The Adults in the room. Let's act like it and accept we, and those who lead us with their campaigns, are never always 100% spot on with every act and thought.

It is like Bernie supporters are being groomed by

psychopaths to think that they and their leader are perfect. That is the first step in getting people to scapegoat. The only adult way to be safe is to accept good and bad in yourself and your leaders. That way republicans in sheep's clothing on the DU and elsewhere will not be able to manipulate Bernie supporters into destroying the Democrats.

The right wing doesn't fight fair online. They want to stifle not just a free discussion of the

issues here on the forum, but they also want to stifle people's brains from being nimble, informed, intelligent and filled with all the emotion that makes us human. That is what you are feeling. Call it the Great 2016 Shut Down. Trolls try it on the DU but get booted off pretty quick. It is meant to keep us from being fired up come election time. I noticed it right away on the DI. Whatever idea you post gets shut down immediately. The Koch brothers and others are spending millions on having trolls do that throughout the internet. Personally I think the money would do better if it went to someone's healthcare or a new bridge or something. As the election nears they are just going to have to hire more people to shut us down. In the millions. And all so that they can continue to poison the planet and not pay taxes, for more money than they or their children or their children's children could not possibly spend in their lifetimes... even if the hoard all the drugs that will keep them all alive until they are 120. The trick on the internet is to post what you feel, then skim over the answers and skip the Great GOP 2016 Shut Down responses and pay attention to the others. There are some truly great people online who are honest issue surfers and want to connect. Honest people on both sides of the isle. Just disregard the rest. And don't let them ruin your experience of the world and try to un-actualize you. Your voice is important.
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