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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 02:14 AM
Number of posts: 63,350

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I am interested in politics & history, and social justice.

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Hillary Clinton and GOP conspiracies: shoe truthers and Chelsea's pregnancy

They will attack Hillary Clinton for anything that makes her a human being. Prepare to see her completely dehumanized and any human interaction with her will be suspected of having a fake political motive. Benghazi was just the start. Nothing about her will be left unmolested from here on in.



We have to get the banksters to somehow apologize for the 2008 financial crash.

That is the first step of undoing the power network that is doing the middle class in. They think they are pure and perfect. Well look what their capitalism did to median adjusted income.

So let me get this straight about the Koch brothers and 'Collectivists'.

The Koch brothers are allowed to organize into a huge group people under the banner of their individual corporations. The corporations even form themselves into a large group and sell. The kochs take their fortune and build up groups that coordinate, educate and activate negative memes and opinions and policies that are very harmful. But regular people are not allowed to organize in any way against them without being called character attackers? Is that right?

I truly believe all sorts of Russian

inspired corruption is what originally scuttled the deal with the EU in the fall. And I'm sure it was sanctioned somehow by Putin. Glad they are hunting for all the missing money.

Russia and the Ukraine are so corrupt you have to ask if Putin didn't siphon

off some of that 20 Billion dollar Ukrainian debt to his coffers, through his Ukrainian cronies & oligarchs, and then offer it back to them if they joined him.

Could happen.

Of course. But nobody is attacking the 1% for anything but their actual actions

than cause distress to millions. Nothing wrong with wanting the 1% to actually admit that capitalism can be both good and bad...... like any system. None of that is envy. Only their handlers want them to feel attacked for no reason. That way they can get the 1% to mount an attack back and open their wallets to the GOP.

I have not seen evidence of a cult of personality

in the new Ukraine government. Hitler and Stalin were the worst type of psychopaths. Both bullying and manipulative at the same time. I had one of those in my life for years and they always make themselves out to be 1000 times more benign than they are. It is absolutely terrifying. Putin does not meet the criteria. He likes to be obvious about his power. He's a bully but not so manipulative. He doesn't turn the regular people in is country into huge mobs...just the officials and oligarchs. So I don't get the comparison.

I think people like Ann Coulter and Paul Ryan come up with ideas to trick

people out of their vote and enjoy the game. After all Anne did say she mostly comes up with the stuff she comes up with to make her friends laugh. I'm sure Paul Ryan thought he had a couple of zingers on the voting public this past week but he got called out on both.

The whole premis is off. Question

seems to be why did Lincoln not financially compensate the south so they would give up their slaves. ????? Excuse me. The statement assumes the slavers could have been compensated. Should not the only people compensated at the end of slavery be the slaves themselves. You know because THEY WERE ENSLAVED FOR 400YEARS! The whole question of should Lincoln have compensated the Southerners moves the debate away from actual reality into a never neverland where the Southerner slave owners were horribly grieved by Lincoln's actions and to debate the issue on that basis gives it legitimacy. It is a push poll to keep the Southern base still fighting the civil war and still horribly put out by the north. No surprize a meme like this comes out just as 12 years a slave wins the oscars. Grrrrt

I think it is that people like Paul Ryan are so desperate for facts or stories to

back up their world view that they'll take anything. And they don't care. They just have to get the narrative/phoney proof out in public. Catapulting the propaganda. I'm sure Paul Ryan knows his theories are bullshit. He's not na´ve. He just doesn't care what discernible reality truly is. He wants the world to be a certain way. He is one step away from "setting somebody up". The GOP followers may be na´ve or uninformed. The people that get fed this pablum of bulsshit Ryan and others put out. But Ryan knows the difference. He just doesn't care for the alternative evidence/anecdotes that disprove his crap world view. The author of this is giving Paul Ryan way too much credit. In fact, I'm sure Ryan is proud of fooling people. He's a show off. Convinced that he can make people believe anything.
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