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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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You can find crazy **** in the old testament. Living the worst of something

and committing crimes in its name does not make it Islam. 1- 4% of people are psychopaths who are sadistic. Around the same percentage are schitzophrenic who are bad a perceiving the salient issues and can be easily manipulated. All ISIS has to do is recruit a small percentage of those from people of middle east decent (or non middle east decent) and you have all your isis attackers and bombers and vehicular manslaughterers and shooters and warriors in the middle east and outside the middle east. All of them ISIS. That's what isis does is recruit. In the name of mayhem. Under the guise of Islam. But they do not get together and practice Islam when they go to Iraq or Syria, are given speed for days on end, rape and torture and genocide. That is not Islam. Of course Islam is being used as the Web that keeps them all together. The same as any religion is used by powerful men to be a web. Now who uses the Web properties in religion in the west to further their political goals......I just can't quite put my finger on it...

Seems to me the right wing is trying to label Islam the culprit for terrorism because, despite what they say about racial animosity in the usa, things are getting better under Obama, and the GOP is losing the southern strategy. People feel secure enough in not getting their heads knocked together that they do form groups like BLM and march. The GOP need a new evil to whip their naive base into shape, instead of the different factions that exist in this election cycle, and Islam it will be. It is a new wedge issue: do you call terrorism Islamic or not. And instead of promising to stop abortions and gay marriage and not being able to deliver it these days, the GOP can actively promise that sharia law is right around the corner and deliver on stopping that. The perfect GOP wedge issue. And surprise surprise they are trying to recruit (wedge) on the DU.

Not only that but there were so many men who were open carrying

yesterday night in Dallas, who all started running away when the shooting started like all the other protesters (as well they should), that the police had reports of a dozen different shooters. Very well may have caused some more casualties with all that confusion. We were warned that a 'good guy with a gun' would just lead to more chaos and indeed it looks like it did.

You know what I just realized? Critics of Black Lives Matter are forced

to use the words "BLACK LIVES MATTER" when they criticize them or scapegoat them. I wonder if the idea will sink into their brains with enough repeats.

How come with basic income, a need when automation destroys work, liberals study it before they

implement it. Why when the right does something new, like neoliberalism or trickle down in the 1980s, why don't they study it before having it implemented? To see if it works. They must know it doesn't work and is just a transfer of wealth from working people to the rich.

There is no way to keep the wealth generated from tax cuts in the

place taxes would otherwise be higher. When Kansas gives a tax cut do you think the wealthy are investing in Kansas? Of course not. They buy stocks and bonds from the stockmarkets, in companies that invest it around the world. And then the profits are not even brought home to kansas as the corporations sit their billions offshore. If people do make money of said stocks the cycle just continues. The only way to keep a good portion of the money invested in Kansas is to tax it and have the government spend it at home and on people who will spend it at home by virtue of them being not rich.

Thinking of the whole trickle down Kansas and Louisiana experiment.

When they give tax breaks to higher earners, because trickle down economics is so great, what in the heck makes them think some rich person's investments are going to be in their home states of Kansas or Louisiana? That is utter stupidity. Especially with growth slowing way down in those places. Trickle down economics is just a ruse to cleave the rich from the poor and get rid of the middle class, so the then Uber rich will have all the power and not have to live under the 'shackles' of democracy like regulations and taxes.

Health care is another example. Universal health care is also more

efficient than private Healthcare. It is obviously more equitable. But more efficient too.

Canada did not have a financial bubble in 2008, so we did not become

Xenophobic. Harper's Conservatives tried to play the xenophobic card during last fall's election saying that the conservatives would start a barbaric cultural practices hotline to the RCMP if elected. Canadians were disgusted. Trudeau's Liberals and their 'sunny ways' won the election. True we have much greater control over immigration than most other countries but we also had a mild recession only after the Financial bubble burst elsewhere and, to their credit, the conservatives did Keynesian spending during it. Not one Canadian bank went under. Previous Liberal government refused to deregulated banking completely. So yes. Neoliberalism has destabilize the world's economies when the deregulation goes too far. And yes that results in political destabilization when the resulting recessions go on too long. Things fall apart including democracy. People need economic and political equality for democracy to work. First Trump and now the Brexit. The moral to the story is that the right and neoliberals should not have carte blanch to deregulate to the nth degree and the left needs to be a part of trade discussions.

Are neoliberals and pnac trying to infiltrate us democrats now that the GOP

has proven to be unmanageable (my question mark does not work). I swear I saw a post yesterday here that said the reason for the Brexit was definitely not neoliberalism. Did not the neoliberals run crazy banking around the world with no regulations Did not that cause a crash which was then followed by austerity for a decade in Britain Would that cause the people to turn inwards when they were not benefitting from a better economy Business may not see color but people certainly do when their backs are against the wall. Was not the Bank of England Governor going HUGE with new regulations on banking What happens to those planned regulations now

On the Brexit and what it means:

I think in the USA people who voted for the GOP and were not well off and are white have suffered because of loss of unions and increasing inequality. So they went for Trump when he said he'd give them their jobs back. I agree businesses and intellectual elites are important to grow an economy. But inequality as been rising within western countries as the 1% has done much better for themselves there and good times have not been shared. Political equality has also been destroyed. So what is happening now in the usa is political instability because of lack of opportunity. Didn't help that Obama was not able to do Keynesian spending on infrastructure after the great recession, caused by banking practices, because the GOP would not allow it even though interest rates were low. I think that is the lesson. That democracies get unstable when the majority don't feel part of the success. Extended economic malaise for England didn't help and austerity after the bank caused financial crisis. Now aĺl will see that economic instability will be the result of political instability which is the result of economic and political inequality. Didn't help that the intellectual elites bought into neoliberalism which was itself all about unfettered capitalism. The intellectual elites are going back to being more liberal as we speak, after being neoliberal curious for a few decades.

I guess the lesson is that the 1% and the intellectual elites 'can't have nice things' , literally, unless there is a way most people can participate in doing well in a country. Democracy seems to break down when most people are unhappy and struggling. As to tribalism, in the US the political arm of business, the republicans, have been fomenting tribal ties for the last 40 years. It is actually their main tactic. So in the US to say that business is colorblind is only partially true. They are responsible for what happens when they set their political dogs out. That is racism. I would be nice if business would demand the GOP not tribalize the Republican base using hate. It would be nice if business would censure the Koch brothers and others of their class (who have used the untold billions, that they make by not paying all that much in taxes after tax loopholes, to push for more tribalism and more inequality and to consolidate political power). As we speak many, many businesses are dropping their support for ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) that comes up with the worst republican legislation around the country. Passing legislation to make it illegal for people to lease solar panels for their roof in Florida is certainly not democracy in action.

I think the lot of so many in the world, outside the G8, has improved so much because of new ideas, trade and immigration that you find less men willing to go fight war in say Syria because they have a cousin in Berlin and know what middle class life can be. So they have an out. Or someone from Eritrea hears how lovely it is when their sister is working full time in Canada so she risks all to go across the mediterranean. So people from poorer countries are benefitting from increased world trade and better ideas from the intellectual elites from every country in the world. The middle class is growing in poorer countries. It is the western countries where inequality has been growing and life is tougher (relatively). A simple infrastructure program would have done wonders but the GOP wanted wages to fall in the USA. And fall wages did. The right wanted it all. They took it all. They took it all during the credit default swap age, they took it all when it came to recovery. Seems to me that if business 'doesn't see color' there is a danger they don't see people suffering either. And suffering people are the last to take risks like globalism. They batten down the hatches. They do see color.

So the moral of the story is that democracy is a living breathing thing and it requires that it work for everybody and you can't socially engineer it to benefit a few groups at the expense of the many or it will bite back. Maybe Europe is just not ethnically diverse enough in its member countries to sustain such rapid change. But the 1% playing fast and loose with credit swaps a decade ago was one of the nails in the coffin: not democracy at its finest. So there are lots of problems with democracy today. And now the unhappy people have crashed the economy in England. And now business and the elites may be hurting as much as the working poor have been for years. Is there not a way for the people to share in the prosperity business and intellectual elites are having around the world while the risks of a crash to all is mitigated? Don't you think we could all cooperate better? I think the right needs to stop going for it all.

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