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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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I am one. I saw a mention on google. I recognize the strengths and weaknesses in him. I'm not saying

it excuses him. Or that dyslexia in any way causes him to be a racist or an asshole. I just want to know if he is going to be a racist, narcissist for the GOP, or for himself. That matters. In an election. Some people who realize they will be voting for a new George W. Bush might think twice. His numbers are rising as the Republicans see him towing the GOP line. People on the right should know what they are getting in that.


There is nothing wrong with dyslexia, it has strengths

And weaknesses, and a whole variety of manifestations. I'm dyslexic to. It is a different way of seeing the world. They make great scientists, business people, actors and are gifted politicians because they can read a crowd. Dyslexia is a type of brain. It has nothing to do with IQ or character. Kennedy, the smartest president, had a type of dyslexia. So did Einstein. So did Edison. So did Churchill. My point was that dyslexics can know their own strengths or not. And what type is Trump going to be. I was a dyslexic who was used in my teens. I am a dyslexic now who knows myself. Both are my fault. I think the Trump campaign should man up and declare if he plans on regurgitating GOP policy and thus is as vital a puppet to the GOP as the dyslexic Tom Cruise is to scientology. Or dyslexic Ronald Reagan was to the myths created by the GOP in the 1980s.

Do you understand my point now? Trump is bad because wealth and fame have made him such a narcissist that he knowingly, because dyslexics are great at empathy, slurs Mexicans, women, Muslims, African Americans etc. He knows better. He knows how to feel what others feel. He chooses to ignore that and attack large swaths of others to gain power.I want him to qualify his candidacy a bit and say what model of dyslexic leadership he will follow: puppet or not. Then we can go from there and talk about all his character flaws that have nothing to do with dyslexia.

Democrats should ask Trump if he is going to be a patsy dyslexic like Ronald Reagan

and George W. Bush were. They did what the GOP told them to do. They thought they didn't know any better. The alternative is the actualized dyslexic like Woodrow Wilson, JFK, or Winston Churchill. Which is it Donald? What type of dyslexic leadership will he practice?

GOP is sure going for the Jewish vote with all this rat****ing of Hillary's

campaign. Does anyone truly believe this crap? I'll tell you a story. Right wingers complained that Canadian government institutions minister was an airhead because she said she had support for her legislation in 2 million tweets. The day before, some American blog did a story on Trudeau's wife and how she was not popular with Canadians when she wanted a bigger staff to do more speaking events than normal for a pm wife. She's that popular. The article's proof was 5 negative of Sophie Gregory Trudeau tweets.

I'm really beginning to think that the right in the USA has a coordinated attack on the Trudeau's lest some of their dumb luck, at working in a parliamentary system, and getting lots of liberal things done, shows Americans what life could be like. So in some cases millions of tweets mean nothing. In other cases a few tweets, supposedly by Hillary supporters, a few tweets are golden. What do you call a group that has one set of rules for themselves and another set of rules for their enemies: Republicans. Or hypocrites. Same difference.

Newsom is dyslexic like Trump. They are great at attacking. She needs Newsom to counter trump's

agility and authenticity. That is more important.

Trump is a dyslexic. When attacked they are very nimble. The attack itself sets up the situation

for the dyslexic to source a very apt comeback. Better to ask Trump to take a few minutes lay out one of his policies in detail...then he'll struggle. It is no surprise that when on the podium he lists all the attacks on him and then responds. Indeed he is so dependant on being attacked that he he attacks himself.

Trump is going to be on both sides of the issues because he has dyslexia and thus a propensity to

try and 'square' things with whichever group he is talking to. Even if he deeply disagrees with what he is hearing. It is how dyslexics stayed alive for many a millenia all the while figuring psychopaths out first because dyslexics cannot do human fictions that regular human ancestors were so good at, and psychopaths are all about fiction. If the dyslexic does not know their own strength they will often be used by the psychopaths. Once the dyslexic knows their own strengths with perception in 3D, they are very perceptive (they look at the 3D world in minute detail and rotate things around the look at them from all sides, so nothing concrete gets by them, then they make a big picture of all the details over time (hours, days weeks, years). It is micro facts, macro meaning for dyslexics....who else could be an early warning system to other humans). Not being able to do human fictions like the banking system or foreign policy or the constitution or religion in any deep way also makes Trump great at pulling down others' human fictions. But, unless you were a dyslexic with power, you had to keep your mouth shut in the past and go along. Fortunately the Democrats have truth on their side. The Clintons are vulnerable with Bill's personal issues. But Hillary's economic platform is fact based. The GOP's is not. Will Trump be in charge of the GOP or will the GOP be in charge of Trump?

He was a Republican for all those years but endosed Clinton in Feb? Sure. I've heard of neocons

reaching out their tentacles to usurp the thinking of those they deem powerful. Befriending them. Targeting them. Why would Kagan be any different?

Trying to initmidate Donald. There sure is a battle for who is going to control the Donald: the GOP

or the Donald. Of course the base has to be diminished for going rogue. Meanwhile the GOP has paid trolls rat*****ing the Democrats. The GOP/neocons truly hates the people. Freedom. And people thinking for themselves. Andrew Sullivan did a piece last week on the dangers of mob rule. The chinese people have been schooled on the dangers of mob rule too. My brother had a chinese student living with him. Smart guy. But tell him the Tamil Canadians were demonstrating on Parliament Hill ten blocks away from my brother's neighbourhood and he was terrified. That is how the Chinese Government keeps true democracy at bay. Seems this is how the GOP/neocons will try and get back in control of the base: another kind of fear. Or they hope fear of mob rule will Trump Trump's relationship to the base and trump people's fears of economic insecurity.

GOP has created the angry base by not being for the economic best interest of the base. The base

chooses Trump who can read a crowd. The GOP give in. Then Trump does. Which of those two will actually be running the Presidency if he gets elected President? We do not know. I hope the base gets that.
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