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Member since: Mon Feb 7, 2005, 03:14 AM
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No wonder the GOP want post secondary education to be too expensive.

It definitely is an issue of power, or lack thereof and isolation. Look

at the teen suicide rate in indigenous communities in Canada's north. Should politicians and those who discuss power not look into the reasons why the high rates? There is a book called 'A Fine Balance' by Rohinton Misery that goes into suicide vs. connection. It is a novel that takes place in India. It points out that economic opportunity isn't more important than how one connects to the world. Economics is hugely important. I wanted to point out the connectivity side of suicide. Or lack thereof.

Re: the increase in suicides in the USA. I think there are factors in play such

as the GOP morphing the religious into peddlers of wedge issues instead of them focusing on love morning noon and night. Also doing away with the adage that politics stops at the border has taken away the GOP base's enjoyment of presidential success in Foreign policy. Russian is isolated, Iran came to the table, Cuba will soon be a freer country, bin Laden is dead, etc. All are successes the average American would have taken pride in in the past. I'm sure the foreign policy attacks were to keep the base from enjoying and connecting to somebody Africa American in President Obama. Talk radio has made people hatefull and narcissistic in their relationship to the greater world. I'm sure there are many more ways the GOP has artificially isolated the white men who are killing themselves at increased numbers. Humans need to connect in an organic way to be fulfilled. Please feel free add to the list of artificial GOP isolation.

GO Obama. No doubt the forced long recession by the GOP was so that when boomers began to retire

wages would not be so high and there would be a bounty of unemployed. Better late than never folk should agitate and vote for unions and higher wages. If we can just peel off the exploited from the GOP. Which I think we can do.

This transgendered panic was thought up by the RNC to give them a new wedge issue. Creating panic is

all they do. They lost on gay rights. Right now it is Transgendered people and bathrooms. God only knows what citizens' panic they have on hold and will roll out for the General election.

Not much at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_panic

They understand quite well how economics work. The best way to combat

inflation is by slowing down an overheated economy with higher interest rates. Then everyone pays for the recession and no bubble occurs. They refused to do that during George W. Bush years because they wanted an endless economic expansion. Then BOOM!

They want growth for their stocks but they only want the recession in the middle class and poor. So they refused to allow much in the way of keynsian spending under Obama, to keep their profits increasing while wage and home value recessions hit everybody else.

They desperately want to undo income taxes and corporate taxes and unions before the whole world's middle class get wise. Trade works but only if the profits are shared widely within nations through income taxes and good government. That is not a world the 1% want to live in. They want the foundation of the world economy to be as little taxes as possible and are playing low tax and low union areas off against higher tax and union areas of the world.

They know wages are going to fall for professionals as computers take over banking and sciences and teaching. The only people the rich want participating in the profits are other rich people who vote right. Not what a poorer middle class might want in the way of profit sharing.

They want only themselves to have any power. They know exactly what they are doing. Unlimited riches for the 1% and a weakened middle class.

The only way to end terrorism is to end dependence on fossil fuels asap.

Oh sure big oil will squeal. Expect a war from them. Actually there already is a fossil fuel war going on courtesy of the Republican Party and it's denial of climate change propaganda. Just like the last time the world changed from one sort of energy to another, human to coal, and the power shifted from the Southern plantation owners to fossil fuels. Why would we expect anything different than a war?

Today IlTrump was making fun of Obama because he did not get greeted

by Castro at the airport. I was thinking that that comment was giving the Castro brothers an air of legitimacy Obama didn't feel was necessary. Right back at you Trump.

I've been saying this about the GOP for a while now. They want everyone who they don't deem

productive to die. The old, the sick, the poor, Africans, the mentally ill, etc. all to make room for more rich people at the top who want to live to 120 and hardly paying taxes at all. What they glaringly miss is that the quality of life people live, the meaning each individual finds in their family or elsewhere, that does not correlate to being wealthy or seeming to be a success in the physical world. It is how you connect to the world that is important and how you share that as you age with the younger generations. On that scale the rich in the GOP should be gotten rid of first.

I noticed GOPers freaking out when Hillary started to pipe up about Flint. Then I thought about

Katrina in New Orleans. And how the GOP misread that and Americans reaction to poor people being drowned. Are the GOP just boiling the frog on everything... doing things in increments so that people do not notice the danger. Like they were upset Hillary was taking on a poisoning issue on because they want more, because they want to pay less in taxes too. And if it became an issue then people would wake up, activate and notice it going on across the country regarding regulations. In the same way Katrina was a wake up call that just telling people to leave town before does not excuse Republicans from being the government in charge in a crisis. Maybe boiling the frog is their strategy behind denial of climate change. After all people cannot continue to live to be 85 if the rich are going to live to be 120. Not enough room or resources for everyone to get the extra 30 years. Choices have to be made. And it works for Trump too. At first people laughed at him. Then they got used to him saying stuff and not being accountable for it. Now people are awake and protesting him at every turn. But is not Donald Trump just the end result on boiling the frog with a wink and a nod to racism for the last 40 years. The point I am trying to make is that this boiling the frog stuff seems to be a strategy...to sneak stuff past people and dull their senses while you are doing it with phrases such as I am not a scientist etc. What better way to dull the publics senses than with the GOP noise machine. What they want is a shorter life span for the middle class and poor. And that includes turning health care into state vouchers instead of medicare. And doing stuff in a way that uses the psychological tool of fogging to get past peoples defences and senses and common sense. As if the middle class are the crazy ones.
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