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Saturday Toon Roundup- Pre Trumpmas edition




Happy Holidays to DU

Yet more evidence that Tiger Woods is a D-bag

Tiger Woods is scheduled to play golf with Donald Trump at the president-elect's West Palm Beach, Florida, golf course on Friday, according to the pool report.

Woods and Trump are expected to tee off at Trump International Golf Club along with two club members, according to Golf Digest.

Trump had a handicap of 2.8 as of August.

Trump's golf courses have been one controversial point throughout the transition ahead of his January inauguration. The clubs are viewed as part of a possible conflict of interest between the Trump Organization and his responsibilities as president. The Associated Press has reported that a charity operated by his son Eric Trump repeatedly made payments for services or donations that went to the golf clubs as well as charities linked to the Trumps by corporate, family or philanthropic relationships.


Paul Krugman- Populism, Real and Phony

Authoritarians with an animus against ethnic minorities are on the march across the Western world. They control governments in Hungary and Poland, and will soon take power in America. And they’re organizing across borders: Austria’s Freedom Party, founded by former Nazis, has signed an agreement with Russia’s ruling party — and met with Donald Trump’s choice for national security adviser.

But what should we call these groups? Many reporters are using the term “populist,” which seems both inadequate and misleading. I guess racism can be considered populist in the sense that it represents the views of some non-elite people. But are the other shared features of this movement — addiction to conspiracy theories, indifference to the rule of law, a penchant for punishing critics — really captured by the “populist” label?

Still, the European members of this emerging alliance — an axis of evil? — have offered some real benefits to workers. Hungary’s Fidesz party has provided mortgage relief and pushed down utility prices. Poland’s Law and Justice party has increased child benefits, raised the minimum wage and reduced the retirement age. France’s National Front is running as a defender of that nation’s extensive welfare state — but only for the right people.

Trumpism is, however, different. The campaign rhetoric may have included promises to keep Medicare and Social Security intact and replace Obamacare with something “terrific.” But the emerging policy agenda is anything but populist.


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