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Coming soon to a bookstore near you!

Paul Krugman- The Scammers, the Scammed and Americas Fate

Many people are horrified, and rightly so, by what passes for leadership in today’s Washington. And it’s important to keep the horror of our political situation up front, to keep highlighting the lies, the cruelty, the bad judgment. We must never normalize the state we’re in.

At the same time, however, we should be asking ourselves how the people running our government came to wield such power. How, in particular, did a man whose fraudulence, lack of concern for those he claims to care about and lack of policy coherence should have been obvious to everyone nonetheless manage to win over so many gullible souls?

No, this isn’t a column about whatshisname, the guy on Twitter, who’s getting plenty of attention. It’s about Paul Ryan, the speaker of the House.

I’m writing this column without knowing the legislative fate of the American Health Care Act, Mr. Ryan’s proposed Obamacare replacement. Whatever happens in the House and the Senate, however, there’s no question that the A.H.C.A. is one of the worst bills ever presented to Congress.


Midwest and South DU'ers- Keep an eye on the Weather- Possible severe storms coming today


The ingredients for this multi-day severe threat are coming together as an energetic upper-level system swings from the Southwest into the Plains states.

Strong winds at jet stream level are out of the southwest and will contribute to the strong wind shear – change in wind speed and direction with height – needed to help sustain supercell thunderstorms.



The best chance for severe storms will be from eastern Texas, eastern Oklahoma and southeastern Kansas into much of southern Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana.
Isolated strong to marginally severe storms may also reach as far north as southeastern Nebraska and as far east as western portions of Tennessee and Mississippi.
Damaging wind gusts and large hail will be possible, along with the threat of at least a few tornadoes.
These severe storms should persist Friday night, pushing east toward the lower Mississippi Valley region.


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