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Superintendent Luring Iowa Teachers With Minnesota Paycheck

Fairmont School District Superintendent Joseph Brown, who grew up in Iowa & even served as an Iowa state senator in the 1980s, says Minnesota is ready to welcome Iowa teachers who are afraid of losing income & even their jobs after Iowa Republicans gutted collective bargaining rights for public workers, noting that “as a born and raised Iowan, I gladly tell people that I have the best of both worlds: an Iowa education and a Minnesota paycheck.” Superintendent Brown spoke with Des Moines FM Podcast host Chance Dorland after expressing his regret for the change in law to Iowa politicians in a letter that was also published by IowaStartingLine.com/. The letter also notes how Iowa will now be the 2nd state to lose highly qualified teachers after Minnesota successfully poached educators from Wisconsin after “governor Scott Walker’s efforts to gut that state’s collective bargaining rights”, with Superintendent Brown anticipating the same would happen to Iowa.

interview at link

Trump is promising big changes at the FDA here's how drugs are approved today

At least one of President Trump's possible picks to head the Food and Drug Administration has a radical idea for when drugs should come to market.

Jim O'Neill, managing director at Mithril Capital, has said that he is in favor of approving drugs that are proven to be safe, even before they're shown to be actually effective.

Regardless of who Trump picks in the end, his interest in cutting regulation at the FDA is clear.

"We're going to be cutting regulations at a level that nobody's ever seen before," Trump said in a meeting with pharma executives on January 31. He estimated up to 80% of regulations will be slashed.


Fake drugs from a fake administration. Making America Fake!

Sunday Toons

Toon- Best Press Conference Ever!

Sunday's Doonesbury- Across the Country

Local conservative activists prepare for violent confrontation with Islam

A consortium of tea partiers, patriot groups and other conservative activists gathered in a private dining room at a seafood restaurant in Kernersville on Thursday evening for a presentation on a supposed Muslim plot to conquer the United States.

The 20 or so people who attended the meeting at Captain Tom’s Seafood needed little convincing from presenter Tom Jones, who soldiered through frequent interruptions about supposed Muslim treachery paired with testimonials about preparedness for violent confrontation and even expressions of readiness to kill Muslims.

“Do you have any recommendations as to how we could stop this?” asked Frank del Valle, a Winston-Salem resident whose Facebook page identifies him as a retired federal employee and native of Cuba, near the end of the hourlong presentation. “Because my only recommendation is to start killing the hell out them.”


Homegrown terrorists. If they are so hungry for action I suggest they fly to Syria or Iraq and join some side.

Trump supporters rally downtown Atlanta with semi-automatic firearms

ATLANTA - Supporters are gathering for a pro-Trump rally in downtown Atlanta.

The crowd is meeting on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. outside Centennial Olympic Park, according to the Facebook event.

We'll have more information on Channel 2 Action News as this story develops.


What fine upstanding citizens

The Deep State Theory Cuts Both Ways

By Benjamin Wallace-Wells

Four weeks into the Trump Administration, the intense polarization of the election has migrated to the federal bureaucracy. There have been scenes of visible dissent from federal workers alarmed by the new President’s intentions: E.P.A. officials lobbying their senators to oppose Scott Pruitt, Trump’s nominee to run the agency; a thousand State Department diplomats signing a formal document objecting to Trump’s broad travel ban. More opaquely, current and former government officials have leaked details of intercepted communications between Michael Flynn and Russia’s ambassador to the U.S., forcing Trump to drop Flynn, his longtime ally and national-security adviser, just twenty-four days after the Inauguration. This pattern of dissent, and its early successes, has brought about a vogue for the theory of the deep state, usually used in analyzing authoritarian regimes, in which networks of people within the bureaucracy are said to be able to exercise a hidden will of their own. In pop culture, the clearest expression of the deep state is Dar Adal, the ruthless spymaster played by F. Murray Abraham on “Homeland,” a character so unfamiliar to American audiences that the producers gave him a Middle Eastern-sounding name.

The federal government employs two million people; its sympathies move in more than one direction. While many federal employees may want to oppose the White House, others (especially border-patrol and immigration agents, whose support Trump often cited on the campaign trail) have already been taking some alarming liberties to advance the President’s politics. During the weekend when Trump’s travel ban was in effect, Customs and Border Patrol agents at airports across the country denied families and lawyers, and even members of Congress, access to people who were being detained under the order’s authority. They also exercised broad discretion in whom they detained. At the Vermont border, a Canadian citizen was turned around from a shopping trip after an agent confiscated her phone and found Arabic prayers on it. She was among many would-be border crossers who have been asked about their personal feelings toward Donald Trump.

These incidents have continued even after federal judges blocked the government from implementing the travel ban. In Atlanta, an immigration lawyer reported that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were going door to door in Hispanic neighborhoods, asking for documentation. In Los Angeles, agents were said to be at immigration court, asking the relatives of petitioners about their own status. In Alexandria, Virginia, agents showed up early Wednesday morning at a church’s hypothermia shelter, lined Hispanic men up against a brick wall, and scanned their fingerprints to find out if they had criminal backgrounds. In El Paso, agents detained a domestic-violence victim in a courthouse, where she had gone to seek a protective order. In Seattle, attorneys for a legal immigrant who’d been detained have claimed that I.C.E. agents used white-out to alter a form on which their client had denied being a gang member, to make it seem that he’d instead confessed to membership. If Trump’s opponents in the bureaucracy have been weaponized, then so have his supporters.


Controversial Twinks4Trump Founder Joins White House Press Corps

He's been called a "dangerous troll," a "conservative mouthpiece" and an "alt-right activist."

Lucian Wintrich can now add another name to his long list of descriptors: White House correspondent.

Best known as the creator of Twinks4Trump — a salacious photo project featuring portraits of scantily clad young men in "Make America Great Again" hats — the openly gay artist and writer now occupies one of the coveted spots in the White House press briefing room.


Should fit right in with the freakshow....

Inside Trump's Surreal Presser

By Andrew Marantz

The East Room, with its chandeliers and gold damask drapes, is the largest room in the White House; it might also be, to use a word favored by the President, the most elegant. Last Thursday, President Trump invited the White House press corps to assemble there so that he could debase them, while relying on them to air said debasement on live television—the mass-media equivalent of the schoolyard move known as “Why are you hitting yourself?”

The event was to begin at noon. At 11:50 a.m., the press corps stood outside the West Wing in the cold. Normally, a seating plan for an East Room press conference is drawn up well in advance. This conference, organized on a Presidential whim, would be a free-for-all. A few correspondents tried to elbow their way toward the front of the pack.

“O.K., guys, nice and orderly,” a press aide said.

“We’ll get orderly when you’re orderly,” one reporter muttered.

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