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With all due respect: Fuck the S&P. Fuck the Dow Jones.

Fuck Wall Street. Fuck the 1% who own the majority of interest in the banks, the holding companies, the multi-death corporations, the "philanthropic" foundations, the FIRE sector. Fuck capitalism.

What is the development of the GINI coefficient? For the U.S.? For the world?

What about the Human Development Index, how has that gone? How about the attempts at a "happiness" index, how do those look?

Tell us about student debt, the amount spent on education, the rate of imprisonment. Tell us about the median wage. Those say something about how the people are doing. The S&P is mainly a measure of how much money is going to the motherfucking rich who think they're entitled to own the world.

What about the pollution, has that gone down? Are there fewer bombs? Are there fewer dead children in the rubble, killed by bombs made by U.S. corporations?

How many wars are being waged? How many bases does this empire maintain? How much money is going into the MIC and "Top Secret America"? How many crimes are committed on behalf of this state?

A billionaire is by definition a gangster, a warlord, a monopolist, a beneficiary of mass murder. Has the number of this class been diminished? Obviously not.

How many prisoners in Guantanamo? How many missiles flew?

Fuck capitalism. Fuck war. Fuck the S&P.

BUCKMINSTER FULLER said it better!

Oh no, a libertarian attack site dislikes Marx.

Marx was absolutely obsessed with technological advancement as a means for reducing the amount of labor. It's found throughout Capital and hence it's ridiculous to say he didn't focus on this. His theory was of labor time as the element producing *surplus* value over cost inputs, an important distinction; as is the fact that labor time is conducted under differing arrangements of the productive forces. What produces an eventual price is related to many other factors including such that we would call "the market." Efficiency and reduction of required labor time contributes to the tendency of profit rates to fall over time, and thus to crises. The libertarian "Econlib" site's summary of Marx is a laughably false and simple caricature unrelated to his actual theorizing. Hardly the place to "start," any more than is Wikipedia. (Capital and many other Marxian works are online in full, I believe.) From the sound of it you may have once turned every page in a copy of Capital, but it doesn't mean you really "read" it outside your choice of an ideological framework.

Koch said people should be willing to be street-sweepers.

Where are all these paying street-sweeper jobs that all the lazies don't want to take?

Why is the liberation from labor "fear mongering"?!

The question is how it will be done, because it can be a liberation, or a nightmare. Under the capitalist system of private ownership of the means of production, it is heading toward the nightmare of making humans increasingly superfluous, the majority of them to be viewed as enemies to the all-powerful and divine dictates of the "economy."

The first step toward liberation is to see that a collective effort produces everything, that the amount of labor-time an individual puts in does not and cannot directly translate into production and rewards for participation, and that it doesn't matter: We could all work less, or do work we love, and live better. We have the means for a guaranteed income to all, in a better and happier place.

Which shall we choose?

Sadly what's most interesting...

is that (usually) no one notices who was proven wrong and even disproven stories are cited as precedents when the same kind of stuff gets repeated by all sides in the next round. Incubator babies and Huns with Belgian infants on bayonets, forever. Transpose as you will to every other national conflict. It can be Greeks and Turks, or Hindus and Muslims...

"The symbol of the Ukrainian revolution"?

The dreamers of a revolution that self-evidently never was, and it's not impossible I'd be in the square with them, if I was there. But there has been no revolution in Ukraine. One set of kleptocrats replaced another, and promptly solved the country's divides by starting a civil war with U.S. backing. Hip hip.

Burger King nixes Burger King

Now that would be a worthy headline.

I can't see how Shitburger Jr.'s menu modifications qualify as news. Even when it's negatively inflected, it's still PR for the sellers of hot grease smeared on poison buns.

It's parroting some ignorant, racist propaganda

about how all those people out there are animals, not like civilized Westerners who don't behead people. (Unless a drone strike happens to knock off their head, you know? We always behead collaterally, so to speak.)

With most people who do this it's a psychological device for distancing oneself from the crimes of one's own culture, one's own nation. The U.S. government launched a war of aggression, destroyed one nation directly and helped destroy another (Syria had to absorb four million Iraqi refugees for years, and of course the faction that became IS were originally set up by Gulf States and CIA).

As a means of dealing with the situation in Iraq, the U.S. started a genocide among factions that it armed heavily. Now the latest round of ethnic cleansing is underway and Americans who think they're smart and enlightened tell themselves such stories to pretend they had nothing to do with it. It's all because of their religion, nothing to do with economics, history, imperialism, etc.

Karen Lewis vs. Rahm Emanuel - February 2014

Gary Younge in The Guardian:



Emanuel, who was Barack Obama’s chief of staff, is now mayor of Chicago. Lewis is the head of the Chicago Teachers Union who got the better of him after leading the teachers in a strike two years ago. The two genuinely despise each other. When Lewis took on Emanuel over lengthening the school day, he told her: “Fuck you, Lewis!”; during the strike Lewis branded him a “liar and a bully”.

Now Lewis is seriously considering running against Emanuel for the mayoralty next year. People are wearing buttons urging her candidacy and setting up Facebook pages to support her. When she showed up at a civil rights conference two months ago the crowd cheered “Run, Karen, run!”

She could win. A Chicago Sun Times poll last month gave Lewis a nine-point lead with 18% undecided. Other polls have Emanuel in front by a similar margin. But between them a general picture emerges. The situation is volatile; Emanuel is vulnerable and Lewis is viable.


The organisational and electoral bases of these campaigns are virtually the same as those that propelled Obama to victory – trade unions, minorities, young people (particularly young women) and liberals. And they are promising what Obama has been unwilling or unable to deliver. They are trying to raise the minimum wage, introduce green technology, create affordable housing, levy money from the wealthy to fund universal childcare and rein in their police departments from racist excess. These are bold plans and, for the most part, they are acting on them. Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York, has described the city as a “laboratory” for New Deal-style reforms. In reality these initiatives are more like local triage against the wounds of over a generation of stagnant wages, neoliberal reform and the class and racial polarisation that comes with them – all of which were further aggravated by the most recent economic crisis. It looks like the New Deal only because so many Americans have been getting such a bad deal for so long. Local, populist and redistributive, they owe more to the Occupy movement of 2011 of which they are the most logical, likely corollary. Their agendas, of course, are far less ambitious. But they share a trajectory.


I had no idea that Lewis is "a former standup comedian... recently converted to Judaism. She studied music in college, has a master’s degree in film, and taught chemistry in high school."

Article describes Emanuel rejecting donor offers of less than $5000 because these are embarrassing!

The key thing, if Lewis tries it, will be to jiu-jitsu the money. The more Rahm spends, the more it can be leveraged against him. Bloomberg's one-year barrage of spending to harrass everyone in New York on a daily basis leading up to the 2009 election caused more people than ever to hate him, effectively helping a non-entity opponent with no money to get 46% on election night. Lewis is already the second best-recognized name in Chicago and effectively built a ground campaign during the successful teachers' strike.
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