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Welcome to DU, both of you - ninjanurse AND WhoWouldaKnew!

Good to have you both with us! That would obviously be ideal - to leave the kids out of it. Kinda hard to do that when the kids are the ones who are directly affected by these misbegotten, cockeyed crusaders. Who's gonna wind up with the ultimate responsibility for that baby? The hapless young mother, that's who. She's one of the lucky ones. With parents who probably can afford to help her, even if her baby daddy disappears. But how many other young young in her plight enjoy the same privileged circumstances? Probably not nearly as many as would need and, I'm sure, greatly appreciate same circumstances.

This asshole wants to make decisions and laws that, he hopes, will affect MY kids, okay? So then you better believe I DO step in and get involved and make my feelings known. Like it or not. And regardless of your own stand on these issues, those decisions and laws will affect YOUR kids, too, assuming you have kids. Tyrannical, judgmental butt-in-skis like this make it ALL of our business.

Welcome to DU, dougg!

Glad you're here! The hypocrisy just reeks! AMAZING. Your question is a good one. Don't know, even though my instinct with these people is to point to their usual "do as I say, not as I do" behavior. But here, clearly, his daughter did not do as daddy said. So then, that begets the question - if you can't manage things to your specifications in your own family, how can you presume to dictate to the rest of us who aren't related to you and have no reason to listen to you OR do what you say?

That seems to be their thing. Consider the unfortunate daughters of scott brown.

He was jokingly whoring them out from the podium on Election Night, after he won the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts.

It's a public matter because Dad is a public figure, paid by public money (tax money -

that comes from ALL of us in all 50 states, so we ALL have a stake in it, just as we are ALL affected by laws these assholes in their distant little bailiwicks push for and enact.

It's a public matter when you consider that a LOT of this guy's campaign money does not originate exclusively in his own district. The bad guys try to complain that Democrats are elected with out-of-state money, well, THEIR candidates are elected with out-of-state money, too. If they benefit from koch money either directly or indirectly, they are certainly benefiting from out-of-state money.

It's a public matter because this guy has MADE IT a public matter. He has CHOSEN to make this a public matter for all of America, not just his own constituents. He's a loud and public advocate of abstinence-only, attempting to enact legislation that would dictate behavior to ALL of us, even those of us outside his Congressional jurisdiction. And he LIVES and now stews in the most gross hypocrisy what with all his pseudo-pious preaching about abstinence while his unmarried teenage daughter gets knocked up.

Fix the mess in YOUR OWN house, asshole, before you go trying to barge in and mess up OUR houses.

'Fraid I am too. Everything for me starts and ends with Pro-Choice.

I hate that. There are other issues that weigh heavily for me - climate change and science acknowledgement and acceptance, the unimpeded right to vote, gun controls - a LOT more of them, more corporate restrictions (including overturning Citizens United), and now, too, rolling back that religious protection stuff. But for a woman's right to choose trumps them all. I don't like it - that I'm forced into this kind of thinking - and voting. But that's where circumstances have forced me to be. And if I have to ask where some would-be representative or politician stands on the issues, THAT is where I start. If the answer is "no" on a woman's right to choose, then for me, that's where it ends. I have all I need to know about that candidate at that point.

Sigh... People of Baton Rouge... WHAT were you thinking?

Sixth district, Louisiana.


Look at the map of his district. Looks TOTALLY gerry-mandered the way it skeedaddles around every which-a-way. It looks like a map of Italy and coastal Greece drawn by either a three-year-old or a drunk. But instead of where the Mediterranean Sea is, around the boot of Italy and the Grecian west coast, there's just more land instead of water. Hmmm... wonder who THEY were trying to cut around, to get that weird misshapen jurisdiction...

Would that be the departments he would eliminate of which he is functioning from?

Good Grief!!!

WHAT is in the water in Texas? Good Grief - they keep elevating these ding-dongs to higher office...

Just makes me shake my head in disbelief sometimes. Seriously - who could possibly regard a rick perry or george w. busy as fit for the governorship, or a louie gohmert as - first a JUDGE - and then a CONGRESSMAN...

I don't know who qualifies as Dumb or Dumber or Dumbest.

Very nice online crafting!

That's because a handsome liberal man is lovely on the inside

as well as the outside!

GOOD to know! Thanks for posting this, jeff47!

Graphics and charts sure do help, don't they?! This makes it really really clear.

My immediate reaction is - "chip away! Chip away! Pick 'em off, one by one! Let's turn those counties blue, little by little!"
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