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Indeed - I think that's exactly it.

Well, just as the Good Doctor did, I think it's worth hauling back out, again. And reinvigorating as a meme. Especially since we have a budding presidential candidacy that needs to see this developing.

Another example of "The Meaning of America."

"Meaning" as - BECOMING MORE MEAN!!!

Our country is rapidly turning into some mean-spirited, hard-hearted, angry, resentful, mercenary, coldly-calculating place. It's really sad. Our generosity of spirit seems to have gone off the deep end. I think if you're lucky you can find it on the Endangered Species list, but shit like this suggests it may already be extinct.

Know something? I'm gonna quote the fuckin' teabaggers here: I WANT MY AMERICA BACK!!!!!!!!!

World News Trust just quite simply ROCKS, Tace!

Needed now more than EVER!!!!

Hey the bad guys have done that to numerous people on our side.

From women's health care providers to Michael Moore - their home addresses and phone numbers, work contact info, photos (they ran photos of Michael Moore's HOUSE on the internet!!!), names of their spouses and children, etc.

So I say all's fair. FAIR GAME, as kkkarl rove said about outing Valerie Plame to get revenge on her husband Joe Wilson for blowing the lid off the purported Nigerian yellow cake suppliers to Saddam Hussein. FAIR GAME BACK ATCHA.

Taste of their own medicine. See how they like it. Sure beats fighting a gun fight armed with a feather duster!

111 when I checked just now!

Wasn't that one of Howard Dean's slogans, too?

As well as Paul Wellstone's? I think it's worth cranking up again! Let's push it as a meme, and start framing a new message and a new talking point!

And that's why they're metastasizing all over the country.

Seems to me we don't put half the emphasis that they do - on the little "nothing" elections like school board member - or land commissioner. I believe ted cruz may have started in some similar minor elected position, and jebbie's son george p. bush just ran for that in Florida, and won. Building bench strength for possible presidential runs in eight to 12 years, I'd bet. Those bushes don't give up easy. Of course, it will take many generations of concerted public bush efforts to wipe away the memory of even some of the damage dubya did - and left us with.

WE NEED to build that infrastructure, too. OUR way. Pushing and aggressively promoting OUR way. So WE frame the issues, not the bad guys. So WE set the agenda, not the bad guys. So WE establish who we are and what we stand for - NOT the bad guys!!!

The little local or regional positions, the state races, those things haven't merited nearly the focus that the whole Inside-the-Beltway scene has. If our people don't start building again, seriously, and stop apologizing for the liberal ideals that have helped so dramatically to level the playing field, and give the little guy a fighting chance, we may be crippled for a long time as a party. No wonder people complain that they don't know what Democrats stand for. Especially when all most of our reps seem to "stand for" is CONservative-light.

SO glad Elizabeth Warren is being given a more prominent role. We need that! She speaks to the soul of what a real Democrat believes - better than just about anybody.

Oh man - thanks, hifiguy!

I'm bookmarking this for later study. You put a LOT of time and thought into this. Which is the kind of thing we need here at DU and elsewhere around the liberal/progressive universe. Gonna print myself a copy.

ESPECIALLY the list of "Both parties support it."

NO FREAKIN' WONDER VOTERS ARE CONFUSED!!!!! NO WONDER they just sneer that "both parties the SAAAAAAAAAME..." NO WONDER!!! We have to make this point. WE have to do it. Waiting on the Debbie Wasserman-Schultzes of the world won't make it. I don't think they fully get it.

I think it's just disgraceful how many of them ran away from President Obama. SHAME on them! Maybe they felt they had to because they, and frankly too many others, failed utterly at promoting the accomplishments this President has achieved - even in the face of such colossal, and colossally stupid-selfish-racist-shortsighted-Sore-Loserman opposition. Fuck it! We have the damn frickin' republi-CONS taking care of that department just fine thankyouverymuch. The Dems do not, should not, and must not - ever - join in on that! NOT EVER!!!

Everybody who claimed there was something wrong with the ACA but that they'd fix it did NOTHING but buy into the damn framing the bad guys have been aggressively pushing for several years now. WHERE has the vigorous pushback been? I am sick of hearing my Dems coughing up versions of "well, okay..." or "I guess you're right" or "well, I can see your point..." FUCK THAT! FUCK THAT SHIT!!! STAND FOR SOMETHING, DAMMIT! Don't just throw the game before you've barely started playing!!!

NO WONDER too much of the electorate finds so little difference between the two parties. OUR side doesn't give anybody anything much to sink their teeth into! Too many of ours are the kind that offer "we're not quite as bad as they are." I have seen it written that if people have a choice between CON and "CON-lite," if they're even slightly predisposed toward slanting "right" instead of left, THEY'RE GONNA GO WITH THE REAL THING, RATHER THAN THE MILQUETOAST KINDA-SORTA VERSION!!!!! And in the meantime, our side winds up NOT winning over anybody from that side, AND alienating and pissing off those who loyally turn out and support them - and WOULD vote if they weren't so dispirited for having been almost perpetually ignored.

No wonder Barack Obama had people running away from him. Too many gave into the enemy framing, and willingly went over to THEIR playing field, with THEIR rules and THEIR ball and THEIR uniforms and played THEIR game using THEIR framing and messaging. Responding to the way THEY laid out an issue. THAT SHOULD BE FLATLY REJECTED!!!!!! Whatever they say and how-ever they say it should be FLATLY AND VIGOROUSLY REJECTED!!!!!!!! We shouldn't even be using their terminology (their framing). WE decide what it's called. WE decide how OUR issues are spoken about and framed!!!

When Alex Sink ran in Florida awhile back, saying "we can fix Obamacare" in her hopes of countering the opponent (who wound up winning, btw) who said "Obamacare baaaaaad," she presented NOTHING to get excited about. Because she stood for nothing decisive! And she lost. FUCK that "we can fix it" shit. TOTALLY WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!! Hey, forgive me please, I'm sorry to shout. But, know what? If we were discussing this in person at some activists' meeting, my voice would DEFINITELY be RAISED!!!!!

But Alex Sink and all the other flimsy flatulent jellyfish candidates supposedly representing our side should have responded, and forcefully - even in-yer-face:

"Hey! Wait just a minute! What you call "Obamacare", the Affordable Care Act, is FREAKIN' FANTASTIC!!!! It's THE BEST! BEST IDEA since Social Security because it actually HELPS PEOPLE!!! (it should be said with volume and FEELING) I'm DAMN PROUD that X million people who had no choice but to run up exorbitant medical bills because they had to go to the emergency room, or let their health problems go untreated til too late when the costs were sky-high - have been HELPED! And get affordable health care! So they can finally go to the doctor - after YEARS of neglect! So they can keep their kid on their insurance while their kid is trying to get through school or get on his feet. Or when they have catastrophic health insurance bills and their coverage is cut off while the bills just keep coming. Or they can't GET insurance to begin with because they have a preexisting condition. Or ONE job layoff followed by a catastrophic illness or accident could leave them out on the street forcryingoutloud!!!! (ticking off all the good things people like about the ACA) So the rest of us taxpayers don't have to cough up higher insurance rates because the uninsured wind up in emergency rooms which is the costliest health care there is! (woo and exploit their selfishness - which is CONSIDERABLE) I mean - where is our compassion in this country? Are we really so heartless? So cruel? So mean-spirited? Should we really be so selfish and cold-hearted as to turn our backs on our fellow Americans in real need? When we've started finding solutions HERE, NOW? (a phrase that's actually started surfacing, provoking guilt - hope it starts catching on further - we need to pound this over and over again until we drop!!!) What you call "Obamacare" means that ordeal is OVER! And I'm DAMN PROUD of that!!! (voice raised, dammit - we need to start making some NOISE here) Because it means Americans don't have to go through that baloney or injustice or rip-off anymore! Especially those who really and truly need the help! And they don't have to be in their hospital beds and fighting with their insurance companies! I guess YOU'RE okay with that, 'eh? (you cut straight to their "hearts" - that is, if they had one - but any way you slice it, these assholes are, at their essence, totally heartless) You don't want to help people, do you? That's what it's about - YOU DON'T WANT TO HELP PEOPLE. YOU DON'T WANT TO FOLLOW THE COMMAND OF JESUS HIMSELF TO LOOK AFTER WHAT HE CALLED "THE LEAST OF MY BRETHREN'!" (thus turning the uncomfortable heat back on them)

Sorry to vent on, so long. Yoiks... But dammit, I yearn to see this approach in the political mix! I'm even trying to help come up with stuff for our supposed leading lights to say, if they're so bereft of ideas! SO frustrating.

Howard Dean and George Lakoff. We need 'em both, and we need 'em NOW.

These are ALL great. Sad, and discouraging. But still great.

How long will we have to keep protesting this shit?

Hey guys - here's why we have CON-slanted media, and can expect MORE of the same:


We've GOTTA be on the alert. They're consciously and deliberately grooming wrong-wing slant-mongers and other assorted CON water-carriers for jobs on the air.



THIS is how you take over. Not only do you disrupt enemy communication lines (as they've done by monopolizing talk radio, and building their own relentless 24/7/365 CON cable "news" network to muzzle, crowd out, and otherwise silence any opposing views from seeing the light of day or getting any air-time of any kind), but you "adjust" and manage and groom the messengers, water-carriers, and spinners - in your own image and likeness. It's like a real life "Attack of the Clones."
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