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Even glancing at his hideous face is infuriating. And nauseating!

How he's able to walk the earth a free man ...

I know it's not good to wish ill on anyone. But if I DID, he's The TOP.

Indeed. You read some of the accounts of his childhood and it almost literally breaks your heart.

I remember this report I read about him as a little kid, watching at the train station while Mom went off to tour Australia or some such place. Leaving him alone with the nannies. The description of his sad little face as he watched her go - and how this little guy had to bear up. Raised by nannies. Could never just be a kid. Always on guard. Always had to be mindful of protocol and responsibility. HUGE sense of obligation on his shoulders. What stunted emotional growth he had to deal with.

I always felt bad for Prince Charles. He caught hell during that whole period. The whole world sided with Diana. And I can fully understand that. But I still always felt bad for him. Imagine never being allowed to marry the one you really loved! Your whole life being an obligation and what you wish for in your heart you know you can't have. With all that privilege and those riches and that fabulous history and legacy and heritage that's all yours - and you're little more than a hostage to it, as far as anything for your own personal life or happiness. You're really not allowed to have a personal life, or consider what you would want. You always have to sublimate what you would want for yourself, because of your obligation to your people. Any gay person can probably explain how that feels, rather accurately - what it's like to be barred from marrying the one you love. It's gotta hurt - BADLY! And for him, it all had to be lived on the front pages, in a gold-edged fish bowl. Talk about adding insult to injury. Always felt bad for him. And now, lo these many years later, that he was finally able to marry Camilla - well, I was really happy about that. And I still am. Maybe happier royals would make for a happier people.

Welcome to DU, ImaPolitico!

Glad you're here! Yeah, he's a cutie, and his mom is really a breath of fresh air. SHE is the true "People's Princess." Yes, Princess Di was, but she was also of the aristocracy. Kate is a commoner. Which makes me smile. This is a good thing. Brings a little more fresh air and, literally, new blood, into the musty rankings. He's got a good legacy from Diana, too, because she tried so hard to make sure they had as "normal" an upbringing as possible, given the obvious built-in constraints. So that's the way this little guy's dad was brought up. And Dad seems determined to follow his mother's example. It's been very nice for me to read about them and see, over and over, how William has taken his wife's side or otherwise supported his wife - even when it runs counter to the wishes of the Queen. And they've both given the little guy plenty of access to their OTHER grandparents - the Middletons. Who are also commoners.

Since he IS going to be King someday, what better than to have a King who has a personal understanding of, and experience with, how non-royals live (yes, the Middletons aren't exactly poor, but the point is - they AREN'T coddled, protected, insulated royals, either).


I'm sorry. That's pretty damn funny!

And wolfie and contradicta, too.

Yes indeed he did. As soon as he was disengaged from the water-boarding table.

As soon as he could burble a few words in reaction. It became abundantly clear to him. Guess you had to experience it to have your eyes opened, didn't you, asshole?

I think he's like most of 'em - up to a point, that is. It's EASY to strut and swagger and be smug about how it's not torture and it's just a little spritz of water in the face and what's the big deal. Until you walk in their shoes - or to be more accurate - you lay yourself down on their water-board. Which is where Mancow stops being like most of 'em. He did indeed actually have the guts to back it up. Said he'd try it and then did so. Unlike that chickenshit guy-whose-name-rhymes-with-Vanity, who loudly and smugly declared he'd do it "for charity" and then never did. Extra points to Mancow for submitting, and also for allowing his eyes to be opened about it. And actually recognizing it for what it IS: TORTURE.

You speak for me, Charles Pierce.

He should taste what he foisted upon others. Taste of his own medicine. See how he likes it.

This description alone - is a Thing of Great Beauty:

"Cheney's cowardice and evil are implacable forces of nature. This is a guy who had other priorities, and took five deferments rather than go to an actual war. This is a guy who shot his best friend in the face, and who went for the Scotch bottle before he went for the cops. This is a guy who projected his own cowardice onto the country he served, assuming it was as big a coward as he has been his entire public life, and sent his country down the road into serious war crimes because he got scared witless on September 11, 2001. I have more respect for a janitor who went back to work in the Empire State Building on September 12 of that year than I do for the entire sorry public career of this obvious beast of human, running now on a borrowed heart without the inconvenient presence of a soul."

And I doubly agree with Charles Pierce on another bit from here. "...without the inconvenient presence of a soul." Indeed. I am not convinced that cheney has a soul. Seriously, I'm not convinced. If he really had one, I would expect him to try to make sure his behavior toward others would keep it from being damned to Hell. And what clinches this, for me, is that he's proud of it. Proud of it!!! Not one bit regretful! And VERY willing to do it again.

Welcome to DU, RunInCircles!

Good to have you with us! Most of 'em are like him. Remember when they were openly scoffing at the whole concept of empathy? Hideous excuses for human beings.

DAYUM! I LOVE John Fugelsang!

Except, he's no "Dick Of The Moment." Of the MOMENT? Hardly. He's "Dick Of All Eternity"!!!!!

"Dick Of The Moment" damns him with faint praise. He's a DICK - FOREVER, as far as I'm concerned. An unrepentant Dick Forever. Which is even more hideous.
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