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Excellent quotes, 1SBM.

Painful. But excellent. I'm adding them to my quotes collection.

I know what you mean, okasha.

"I don't know whether to be relieved that it's finally out in the open or just throw up."

I haven't forgotten, either, stevenlesser.

And "race-nagging" is just a little bit too much, imo.

What a great point!

"In the beginning, MLK's time, the socialist on the left were counseling/saying, economic justice will stop the racist from denying you the right to eat at the lunch counter. I got a pocketful of money and went to that counter and I was told 'n***** you can't sit there and I don't care how much money you have.' 'And by the way, where'd you get all that money'? asked with suspicious eyes."

I think you're spot-on. Heck, I've interviewed very wealthy and successful black artists and THEY'VE spoken about how this is true - regardless how rich and successful they are. All that seems to count is the skin color.

Discouraging. I had so much hope that when we elected an African American President, it meant we'd actually turned a page on all that and had begun to pull ourselves up OUT of that old crap. All President Obama's election successes did was pull a scab off of a big wound, and let that wound start oozing and festering anew. As the cliche says - "everything old is new again."

I think I'm going to wind up starting a collection.

That one goes well with this one:


Both of 'em make me start laughing VERY out-loud.

It is a good article.

Most thought-provoking! One really illuminating part was the one about how an Archie Bunker-type would be preferable to a purported white liberal and his/her patronizing attitudes.

"At least the former gives you something to work with, something above-board to engage and argue against; the latter tacitly insists on imposing and maintaining an illusion of non-racist moral purity which provides little to no room for genuine self-examination or racial dialogue."

Makes me think of one particular Supreme Court ruling of late. The one that gutted the Voting Rights Act because we supposedly don't need it anymore. "YAY US! Let us all pat ourselves on the backs! OF COURSE we're post-racial! We don't need no stinking Voting Rights Act anymore!" Yeah. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to the term "colorblind."

Beautiful and tragic photo essay, BainsBane.

Black Lives MATTER. It goes FAR beyond just economic issues. The best example I suppose would be Sandra Bland. She was on her way to a JOB when she was stopped, and we all know the rest of that story.

All I can do, as a white woman, is to try to relate most intensely and personally - as a mom. Every time I kiss my son goodbye, I don't have to worry as much about whether he'll come home safely at the end of the day. Shit happens, but ordinarily, that's not my inner terror. However, a black mother faces that EVERY SINGLE DAMN DAY!!! What would it feel like to have that running through the back of your mind every time you kissed YOUR kid goodbye for the day? What would it feel like to glance up at the clock multiple times a day while your boy is out, at school or a job or whatever - and you automatically start worrying about where he is, what's happened to him, is he okay, is he safe, will I see him again, ALIVE, by dinnertime tonight? I can't imagine what it's like to LIVE that. And a black mother does. Every minute of every day.

And I get that. MAN-OH-MAN do I get that.

Black fathers worry like that, too, I'm certain. But I'm not a dad so I'm gonna naturally identify more with another mom. And shit - the really awful thing there is - those black fathers are all in constant danger, too. To me, as a fairly sheltered white woman, that's a lot of what the Black Lives Matter imperative means to me. It goes WAAAAAAAAY beyond just economics.

Bank on it, lark. You are spot-on.

They WILL be scared by the "he's an a-VOWED SO-cialist..." I've already heard it, too. That meme is already off and running.

If anyone doubts me, just remember some of those ridiculous teabagger protest signs we have seen since 2010. The ones that screech about "SO-cialism!!!!" and then warn that nobody better touch their Medicare. They don't even understand what it is they're talking about or demanding or protesting or railing against. But they HAVE been systematically and strategically force-fed a hatred of Communism and Socialism as concepts - since forever. I can remember, personally, how - in kindergarten and more in first grade and onward, in my Catholic school, during open reading in history class. The propaganda had already started - "the COMMMunists! (were doing this)" and "The COMMMMMunists!!! were doing that" and all kinds of crap. "They were taking people hostage and poking chopsticks down deep into little children's ears to punish them!" I swear to God. "THE COMMMMMMMMunists!!!!!" Late '50s.

Well, that was when I was a little kid, in the Midwest, before we moved out to California. Early '60s. Then in a new school in California - BANG! there it was again. "The COMMMMMMMunists!!!!!" And we were having air raid drills at the time, too, every Friday morning. And we were taught to be scared that Fidel Castro was gonna boat himself over to the US mainland and take us over and make us - I dunno - eat rice all the time or something? Who even knew? But the hysteria was there. Definitely. it was so strong it made an impression on me as a little kid. Made me wonder why they were on this boogie man and pushing it so hard. It actually made me start questioning what I was being taught. Just like when the priest came over from the church across the street to pontificate to us in 5th grade about family life and all - and I just found myself sitting there wondering how the heck he could be dictating this stuff when he never married, never had a wife, never had children, never had a family to support, etc.

And if I was fed that in the late 50s and early 60s, in two very different states, you better believe there are MILLIONS more of Americans like that who got fed the same thing, and too many of them never questioned then, and certainly aren't questioning it now.

It's the same as what the bad guys have done to the word "Liberal." The word "COMMMMMMunism" has been totally perverted. Might as well be a swear word. And "COMMMMMunism!" and "SOOOOOOOOcialism!" were treated as two peas in a pod. Hell, george bush the 1st used to give speeches where, every time he spoke the WORD "Liberal," he did it with a verbal AND visual sneer - curled his damn lip when he uttered the very WORD. As though there were some bad smell attached to it. It's been PROGRAMMING. BRAINWASHING. FOR DECADES. Certainly was going on way before I can remember - through the '30s and '40s, when our parents were in school and being propagandized about the evil "Russian bear" and the COMMIES who were gonna overrun us at any moment and take our new cars and fancy new kitchen appliances away. And most people just swallowed it whole.

The whole concept of "socialist" has been thoroughly trashed, peed on and crapped on. Just as what's been done to the word "liberal". And unfortunately, Bernie Sanders is securely in the cross-hairs. I, too, have heard it from ted cruz and others of his ilk ALREADY. "He's an a-VOWed SO-cialist..." They like that word "avowed," too. Kinda sexes it up and gives it added "oomph." So they'll pair it with the word "socialist" and off to the races they go.

Let me just say - it's tremendously stupid and unfair. It's unfair to the whole notion of socialism or communism. The whole idea of spreading things around so the playing field is level, and SHARING THE WEALTH FOR THE SAKE OF THE COMMONS, for the sake of THE GREATER GOOD (forcibly, by government intervention, if necessary) has been crapped on. It's all been tied up. Rather neatly, too. They've done a VERY good and thorough and effective job on this, over the decades. They do have most of America brainwashed about this. So most of the low-info voters out there will only need to hear "a-VOWED SO-cialist" a few times and they're GONE. It's unfair and stupid. Because it's about redistribution of wealth - so that there aren't any obscenely rich, and conversely that there aren't any obscenely poor, either.

But Teabag America won't think that way and they sure won't hear it, either. They'll just see it as the Big Gummnnt stomping into their lives and kitchens and taking their stuff (and their money) away so that some vague, unidentified "lazy moocher" over there somewhere can take what YOU have without working for it. THAT'S the framing that's been relentlessly framed and pushed and planted and cultivated - for DECADES. Government intrusion into our private lives and all that (which ironically doesn't apply if a woman's reproductive system is involved. THAT kind of government intrusion into our private lives is somehow just fine!). And it works. It's already worked! And it's still working to this day. And all those years of brainwashing and very systematic and strategic propagandizing is gonna work against Bernie Sanders.

It's not fair and it's not accurate. Not one bit! And it does a great disservice to the message of people like Bernie Sanders. It does a great disservice to objective learning about political and societal systems with none of the bugaboo bad-guy emotional scare-tactics crap layered onto it - for DECADES. It's produced an America where capitalism is a god, and socialism is the devil, and one doesn't even have to think about it or reason it out anymore. Just don't even think about it. Cut 'n' dried. Good vs evil. One OR the other. You're with us or you're ag'in us. Black or white. Either/Or. Nothing in between. No shades of gray. Simplistic monochromatic thinking. Nuance is too hard, anyway (and it's probably just for sissies and all them highfalutin' elitist book-learnin' and "inty-leck-tual" types who are just un-American anyway). Just get down on your knees and worship the god of capitalism and think no more about it! Especially with hate radio on there for the last 25 years or so - telling America "you don't even have to think! I'LL do the thinking FOR you!" (I heard limbaugh actually say those words on the radio.) It's already DONE. And there are too many non-thinking people who are still scared, still gonna fall for it, and still gonna buy into it.



This is SO key.

"But here's the takeaway: White people aren't the core of the progressive movement in the US. Maybe once, but no longer. (Men either.)"

Angus Johnston ‏@studentactivism 21h21 hours ago

Wow. Nails it. Things change. Note the "(Men either.)" phrase. WOMEN'S issues cross EVERY demographic, EVERY boundary, EVERY issue, EVERY age, EVERY race, EVERY creed. I'm glad to see this is finally being recognized. Women do make up more than 50% of the population. Of this country and of this planet. I think our issues should carry more weight and be more of a priority for a change.
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