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Good compilation. INFURIATING. But good.

We should all be reminded of this on a regular and frequent basis.


LOVE this! Welcome to DU, Nevada Blue!

Glad you're here! LOVE this song! I saw them do this one live, and they had the stage spotlights aimed out at the crowd during the chorus - like searchlights. VERY cool! Gave you the sense that they were searching - for YOU! GREAT effect!!!

The best! LOVE these guys!

Sadly, yes. And soon we're likely to be paying for it by creating MORE

damaged war veterans. Not to mention the troops who'll be paying for it with their lives. While smirky stays home in safety and comfort, and smirks some more.

Won't work, though, unless OUR SIDE GETS OUT AND VOTES!!!!!!!!

For Pete's Sake, WE have the numbers! The NUMBERS! They're on OUR side! All we have to do is GET UP OFF OUR APATHETIC ASSES AND START CARING, and GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!!!!!

Otherwise, we give it away to the enemy without even putting up a fight.

And for anyone who has morans to deal with "Oh, Both Parties Alike!" "They're All the SAAAAAAME...."

Just ask:

Who's trying to take away the right to vote? Since when do we have to make it harder to vote? Voting is a RIGHT! NOT a privilege!

Who's trying to take away women's rights?

Who claims they want small government but can't wait to shove the government into your doctors office examining room and up your vagina?

Who wants to get rid of all environmental regulations - screw the environment! Money's far more important.

Who doesn't believe in income equality and doesn't see the need to do anything about it?

Who wants to take your affordable health care away? Hell, who wants to take ALL your prospects for affordable health care away, or make sure they never happen if you live in a red state where they see no need to help you?

Who refuses to believe the FACT of climate change? Who's digging in their heels and denying it and refusing to deal with it? WHICH PARTY IS KILLING THIS PLANET????

Which party is that thinks kids should go ahead and start working as janitors in their schools?

Who's against workers getting a fair shake and a livable wage? WHICH side is fighting this?

Which side wants guns in every pot and guns in every garage and guns in every coffee shop and guns in every school and guns in every theater and guns in every mall and guns in every church and...?

Which side is more likely to oppose your access to medical marijuana (doesn't matter if you need it and can prove it helps)?

Which side always wants to help those who don't need any help, at the expense of those who do?

Which side is desperately fighting to turn back the clock on ALL the progress our society has made, and in denial of all the problems that still plague us?

Which party is in full denial about the evolving population statistics - as America turns more brown. It's a FACT, okay? Things CHANGE. You can't undo it. This ISN'T a whites-only country, regardless how much ONE of the political tribes wants it to be.

I could go on...

Sadly, I suspect that's exactly it.

AWFUL. Just awful! Nobody cares. It's just Africa.

Sad. Disgraceful. Frickin' AWFUL!


Some of these just got me all weepy-eyed.

Especially the dad with the two little teensy preemies inside his shirt. God. Just hits yer heart!!!

Hey, that's the best way to get a LOT of good accomplished for the vast majority of Americans.

GET RID OF THE republi-CONS - not just in Congress, though. But EVERYWHERE. ESPECIALLY at the state level!!!!

Yep. He fiddled with it throughout the entirety of her speech. And he kept looking over

"there" - to his left and slightly downward - DIRECTLY at her ass. Tried to sneak his looking. I watched HIM for about 97% of that speech, just glancing at her occasionally. But for me, he might as well have been dressed as a neon fire truck with disco balls spinning on his shoulders and baton twirlers dancing on his head. It was THAT obvious. Smacked me full in the face like a big fat cream pie.

I kept mumbling to myself - "AAAAAASSHOOOOOOOLE! YOUR WIFE IS STANDING RIGHT THERE!!!! On the OTHER SIDE OF THE PODIUM, YOU FUCKING CAD!!!! She couldn't be more than six feet away from you, forcryingoutloud!!!! W.T.F.??????"

What a disgrace. As usual. That's all he is. Just another dumb asshole thinking only with his little head.
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