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Thank you.


Mine, too! Even though I'm a day late and a reliable computer short.

Thanks SCE! Great as usual!!!

Very good point.

Yes he can identify obvious problems, but I find myself tempted to call him a "Johnny One Note."

GRANTED - many of his declarations on the economy make some pretty good sense, but just boiling every problem down to economics simply doesn't cover it. I seriously doubt that the greatest job with the best pay and benefits and even job security would NOT help a Black mother whose precious teenage son came home to her in a box, thanks to police brutality or gun violence.

She just needs to get out there and slam 'em!

Hillary is a fighter, and I'm glad she's speaking up. Sometimes I find myself thinking she's been a little too quiet lately.

Make some NOISE, Hillary!!! Let's hear you ROAR!!!

That IS good news!

Thanks for posting, yallerdawg!

Indeed. The struggle continues.

HA! No kidding!

"...get past all that noise..."

Indeed. She connects with people. She's been given such a bad rap. She's been an absolute pin cushion for the far-wrong since the 90s nationally, and farther back than that locally in Arkansas. And somehow she's survived and stood up to all that and risen above it all. I want that in the White House!

Great shots!

Looks like people were having fun! MAN, I'll bet it's nuts all over Iowa these days!

VERY cool!

Show off the colors! Nice to see people celebrating the red, white, & blue!

Personal adornment is an international language. Kind of like math and music. Seems to me EVERYBODY everywhere speaks it in one way or other.

The only problem with a graphic like this one is - the low-information voter.

Too many dumb-asses out there among the undecided and apathetic will be swayed by cartoonish crap like this from all corners of the GOP. Especially dumb-asses who might not have bothered to vote.

Unfortunately (and unfairly), the word "socialist" has been so thoroughly peed on and pooped on and slandered and smeared over several generations by now. Look how long it's taking to rehabilitate the word "liberal", which has also been thoroughly trashed, although only in earnest as of the last 30+ years. The terms "socialist' and "socialism" have been veritable dirty words for almost a century by now. And the opposition is very good at pulling on people's fears with all manner of buzz phrases and frank luntz'd focus-tested propagandizing.

Whether anyone here likes it or not, or believes it or not, this IS going to be a factor. Because too many American voters A) don't think and B) scare easily. Fear is a tremendously powerful motivator. And all we Dems need is an opposition party's voters scared into being even MORE fired up to turn out at the polls and get their guy in, instead of ours.
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