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Welcome to DU, mb999!

Glad you're here! I think we should start calling them "hoarders" rather than "job creators." If they'd BEEN job creators all this time, if all those nice tax breaks had yielded new factories and new stores and new shipping centers and all the jobs that go with them, then I'd say okay. I'd say all that tax savings HAD gone into efforts that were indeed generating mass quantities of jobs. BUT THAT'S NOT WHAT HAPPENED!!!! A lot of that money got socked away in secret stashes overseas, tax shelters and other schemes that only benefited the direct beneficiaries of those massive tax cuts. It went to padding the stockholders' portfolios and the boards of directors salary packages and the sultan-level CEO pay and buyouts and golden parachute arrangements and buying and merging with other corporations. VERY little actually - um - pardon the pun - trickled down to those who REALLY needed it.

Only consolation: the fact that high-profile people like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are talking about it all the time AND getting media attention for it, and that articles and studies that support this are circulating, and we now even have a pope who's gotten behind the idea, I think the climate is changing in this regard also. It used to be nobody was talking about this. Income inequality and the lopsidedness of the money flow in this country and the whole 1% versus the 99% - all that used to be something you NEVER heard about. Now, it's being talked about almost everywhere. It's slowly seeping into the national consciousness.

Before you can begin to solve a problem, FIRST you have to recognize and/or admit that there IS one. We may now be in the recognition phase. At long last.

So do a lot of us.

That information was all out there for anybody who cared. We all saw it and we all knew it. From the get-go. So anything jebbie says about how they all saw the same info and they all got the same info and blah-blah-blah, is a LIE. That information was ALL out there and available. It was just muzzled, not given air time, not given column inches, nothing.

BUT WE KNEW THE TRUTH, AND WE STILL KNOW THE TRUTH. jebbie can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of us.

DAYUM - Again!!!

"When Democrats brought up the derailment during the debate, Idaho Republican Mike Simpson said, "You have no idea, no idea, what caused this accident. Donít use this tragedy in that way. It was beneath you." Because Republicans would never use a tragedy to advance their agendas, oh, no, they are as pure as yellow snow.

Republicans will say, "We're not cutting the budget on safety for passengers." Which is technically true, but if the budget is shit to begin with, then it's pretty hard to make the case that you are standing up for the railroads. If you are responsible for making sure that safety systems are funded to help save lives and you don't fund them properly, then you bear blame for the deaths that occur due to your failure. Of course Boehner wants to shut up questions about it. He has blood on his nicotine-dyed hands."

Dawgies!!! If that doesn't spell it out in hot burning coals, I don't know what does.

One of the many reasons I like such stuff is how quotable it is. If you're ever at a loss for how to put something, how to word something, how to explain something so somebody else can understand it - like when you're talking with wavering relatives who've heard too much from crazy Pox Noise-loving Uncle Harry. He may be a lost soul but THEY can still be reached - if you put it in a way they can more easily wrap their brains around. Stuff like this can spark good ideas - not to mention MEMORABLE one-liners!!! You want not only to plant a seed, but imbed it so it'll stick and take root.

Welcome to DU, nruthie!

Glad you're here! I don't think enough people realize what you pointed out - that God did not write the Bible - MAN DID. As in MEN. It was a bunch of dudes. Many of whom were loners, misanthropes, nomads, and sheep herders. It was mostly verbal because I doubt a lot of these early dudes had gone to any sort of school or knew how to read and write. Later on, it was written down - again, mainly by more dudes. The few gospels that were written by women were mostly and arbitrarily thrown out by another bunch of dudes many centuries later. And the messages therein are elastic and vague enough to be applicable to any situation and often to both sides of the same situation. For some it is indeed the Holy Bible. For others, it's the Buy-Bull.

Well whaddya know? So did I!

They're both gonna be on our money someday. Or they should be.

Women of history and honor and legend. How are we non-blacks supposed to come to understand what the black experience has been?

One of the basics of recovery, seems to me, is first to admit you have a problem. The denial we see - manifested in the white population's total misunderstanding of what blacks have gone through since the earliest days on this continent. It's just really shameful. Heck, there's denial all over the landscape on that proverbial other side of the aisle. Look at the science and climate change deniers. Look at the deniers of any wrongdoing in the Iraq War, and the effort to excuse and justify it. Notice - they're STILL trying to justify it, more than a decade later. Even with the shreds they have left to cling to - "I think the world is safer with Saddam gone" yeah, uh-huh. That's all they've got, and even that pretense is debatable. I'm not a total expert on all things Middle East but it seems to me Saddam kept the Iranians busy. He was no angel, certainly. But Iran seemed a lot more preoccupied with the war on its western border when he was in power, fighting them, depleting their economy, costing them many lives, and just generally making their lives miserable. Things, while far from optimum, were at least confined to a relatively small section of the Middle East.

Now, SHEESH the whole area is aflame.

THIS ^^^^^^

Starting with paul wolfowitz - who should be in JAIL for this. All those deaths are on YOUR conscience, wolfie. Assuming you have one, that is.

FUCK the PNAC. You couldn't be more spot-on, shraby. We DO INDEED know, MOST DEFINITELY, what jebbie would do if he were in the White House - especially with those little PNAC friends of his invited in to play every day...

You and me both, sweetie.

Awwwwww... Littles! Kona and Maui - soooooooo cute!

LOVE that wrestling shot!

I also just love the back of a kitten's head - with those big-ass oversized ears that don't quite fit yet. TOO CUTE!!! Thanks for posting these, ginnyinWI!

I'll kick this! And recommend it!

Wanna be able to find this later.
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