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As I understand it, the Feinstein bill called for anyone on the No-Fly list any time within the

last five years, whether they were/are on it now or not. That WOULD have stopped Omar Mateen. He would have satisfied that stipulation.

Not sure I get how it was disparaging. I didn't intend it that way.

I have a good friend who is STILL getting over a loss - 22 years later.

Hell, I'm certainly no angel. I'M still trying to get over Selection 2000 and not managing that anywhere nearly successfully. And it wasn't even MY own personal loss.

Well, hey, these things take time.

Nobody I know of has an "on/off switch", except for the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" android, Data.

I appreciate seeing this from Senator Sanders. Full disclosure - I've been hoping he'd start moving in that direction. He may be working through letting himself down, easy, too. After all, most of us deal with reversals in private. But it's gotta be murder to face this stuff when it's all over the front pages and leading every hour in round-the-clock cable news.

I'm in California. But he sure represents me!

Called his office and told them so.

John Lewis is a giant among men - and women, too, for that matter. The more I learn about him, the more in awe I am.

Happy to add - my Congressman, Ted Lieu, was there, too. I called his office and they told me that.

Let them know you have their back!

TOLL FREE Capitol Hill switchboard numbers conveniently located in my sig line.

Not to this Hillary supporter.

It sounded like Bernie was being realistic.

It sounded like he's actually taking some steps toward reconciliation, and helping his followers to assist with the biggest and most important job of all - making sure NO republi-CON takes the White House - whether it's Donald Trump or whoever the GOP refuseniks try to install as their nominee instead. It's realistic and wise. Perhaps he's just needed time to start coming to terms with things.

Whether some folks realize it or not, with the reality as it currently is, the best way to get Bernie's views flowing into real policy is to make sure the Democratic designated hitter, in this case HRC, is elected President.

Anybody think a President Trump would take any interest in that?

Ted Lieu of West L.A. is there! His office told me when I called in.

Mine's Feinstein - whose bill was one of those that failed yesterday.

Hers WOULD HAVE prevented the Orlando atrocity. Because hers was about keeping somebody WHO HAD BEEN ON the terrorist watch list ANY time in the past five years, from getting a gun, even if that person was presently NOT on that list. Which was the exact status of the mass murderer in Orlando at the very moment he opened fire.

We need to make sure that this impasse belongs TOTALLY to the CONS.

Totally. Like 100%. They're the ones who refuse to cooperate. Refuse to do their jobs. They're too chicken to stand up on days of courage like today. All they know how to do is stand in the way.

We need to try to reinforce that fact, any time an opportunity arises.

To the complete and absolute BULLSHIT and lazy-ass quip - "meh, they're all the same. Both parties the same. No difference between the two major parties blah-blah-blah because whateverthefuck..."

Let us examine this just a wee bit.

Who's out there, sitting in on the floor of the House of Reps to insist on a House vote on gun controls, even as this particular list was being compiled? CONS or Dems?

Who's out there, today, Wednesday June 22nd, putting their necks (and in some cases their jobs) on the line to push SOME sort of common sense gun restrictions toward becoming law?

Who insists climate change is just some stupid lie that some stupid liberal made up?

Who remains hellbent on denying, restricting, and just plain ol' taking AWAY a woman's right to choose?

Who's making every effort to legalize voter suppression?

Who's steadfastly in favor of more tax cuts for the rich?

Who's trying to roll back the clock on LGBT rights?

Who's lining up to support legislation that would divide families and screw innocent little kids (and build that nice wall) just because they might be undocumented?

Who's still turning a blind eye to the needs of African Americans?

Who's still pushing to take away affordable health insurance that some 20 million Americans DID NOT HAVE, until the Affordable Care Act changed that?

Who's the gang that seems to think the only way to deal with other nations is to bully them or shoot at them?

Who's busy trying to force one narrow brand of religion on this secular nation?

Who's actually tried to shut down the government?

Who's the gang that conspired - on the very NIGHT of Barack Obama's first inauguration - to block everything he might come up with to solve America's problems? Which party obstructed EVERYTHING? Even if President Obama were to tell everybody the way to do it is vote republi-CON, I'll bet they'd obstruct it. ONLY because he's the one suggesting it.

WHICH party is it - that declares its hatred for government and does everything it can to make sure government is so hamstrung that it can't do anything at all?

Who's got the nominee who says wages are too high?

And as long as we bring him up - Who's got the nominee who routinely behaves like a spoiled, coddled, snot-nosed five-year-old bully on the playground (despite the fact that he's now 70-years-old)?

Let's make sure we give credit where credit is due! It's NOT that "both sides do it" or that "both sides are the same." It's ONE SIDE ONLY. Let's not tar 'n' feather both parties when only one has done this.

Anybody here called - to say thank you?

TOLL FREE Capitol Hill switchboard numbers conveniently located in my sig line below.

I've been using them all morning. They do still work - although sometimes you have to wait on the line for awhile. Must be a lot of phone traffic jamming things up today...
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