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That is FANTASTIC, brooklynite!

Can you take some notes? We'll want a full report!

Welcome to DU, Mamajami!

We have some pretty amazing people here, 'eh? This is SO cool!

It's really infuriating to see how much the media panders.

MAN - when the Washington Post got its credentials yanked by the Trump campaign, the thing to do was for the rest of the press corps (or is that corpse) to say was - "Okay pal, if you ban one of us, you're gonna get NONE of us. Let WaPo back in or none of us will cover you anymore."

That would have fixed things, I think. Yeah, sure, Pox Noise wouldn't have gone along with it, but what if every other media outlet DID? Get the White House Correspondents Association involved. Make a huge stink out of it.

But all they did was reward the bad behavior by NOT doing anything corrective. And they thereby reinforced and encouraged MORE bad behavior. The press corps should have responded with threats of a total news blackout.

But they don't. A few of us tried it in radio years ago - when studios locked us out of the big interviews because we were "only" radio. We started pushing for a press boycott. NOBODY else responded, much less joined in. So it went nowhere. Nobody was willing to risk their precious fucking ACCESS.

bush/cheney did that to keep the press corps on its knees - by insinuating they'd lose access at those fancy cocktail parties and VIP events. So nobody wanted to rock the boat. Can't lose that precious fucking ACCESS! Same thing when the Washington CD GOP people complained about "The Young Turks" on MSNBC because they were "being mean to them" - asking tough questions and putting them on the grill. They complained to the network brass that they wouldn't come on for interviews if they weren't treated "better" - and it was Cenk and company that was sent packing. Shoulda been the CONS. But the MSNBC folks blinked. Whoever was in charge should have told schooled those spoiled brats that "you don't tell the press what to do. If you don't like it, go ahead and stay home. Do you know how many people want to get on our airwaves? Do you know how many people out there are clamoring, even begging, for some face time on one of our shows? Do you have any idea how many people, experts, VIPs, authors, analysts, and pols would give ANYTHING to be interviewed on one of our programs? Now we'll be able to oblige them. There's more fish in the sea than just YOU. We don't need you! You DO need US, though."

But no. White House Press CORPSE is what they are.

I hope the parents among them don't raise their kids that way...

GOOD one.

Yeah, makes me think of all that crap the wrong-wingers spun about how Hillary somehow had Vince Foster killed, or killed him herself, or had an army of little green men go after him and zap him to death or whatever the crappola-du-jour was. In Laura Bush, we actually did have a First Lady who killed somebody.

Reminds me of something I heard about him.

Some female pundit, awhile ago, I forget where, said the thing about Trump that's a detriment as far as women voters is - he reminds them of their ex-husbands.

Welcome to DU, ANOIS!

You're right! It does remind me of African fabrics, too. It's really lovely. So intricate. Solid yet delicate.

I'm actually surprised that it's Isikoff.

Fuck! Michael Isikoff??? Michael Isikoff is out there digging up dirt on a republi-CON?????? Hell just froze over.

I swear - I used to damn-near throw things at my TV when he was on, "reporting" on the Monica Lewinsky business almost as though he was wearing a bib, he was slobbering so badly. He'd be on camera with this snicker on his face, his delivery almost orgasmic with lascivious delight, going on and on about the sex scandal - I bet he found it hard to stand up after they'd go to commercial. I used to think, and say about him, that he couldn't investigate his way out of a paper bag unless there was a stained blue dress in there.

And then, after the Clinton administration ended, and we got the non-stop crimes (and WAR CRIMES) of bush/cheney, Michael Isikoff was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. NOWHERE. It's like he disappeared. I felt such outrage - what, you only bother with sex scandals, asshole? You can't investigate anything unless it gets you all hard or something? You write your stories with your penis instead of pen-to-paper? You only investigate Democrats? Where were you when Newt was discarding one wife for a better-looking one, or when John McCain was discarding a damaged wife (from a car accident - who loyally waited for him throughout his POW days) for a prettier younger blonder one? Or when Dan Scumbag Burton was doing his high 'n' mighty thing against Bill Clinton while simultaneously banging some bimbo on the side AND getting her knocked up WHILE he was married to his wife? Or Mr. Holier-Than-Thou Henry Hyde and Bob Livingson and others were noodling around on their wives and leaving strings of broken marriages, children-born-out-of-wedlock, and multiple ruined lives behind them? Not a WORD about THEM??? No. You spent it all on Bill Clinton, you schmuck.

I'm really surprised that Michael Isikoff bothered with ANYTHING on Donald Trump. Seriously? He's been digging dirt on Donald Trump? Guess he must have run out of Democrats on whom to go snooping around...

I just lost all respect for Michael Isikoff. He'd sit there, on the air, and even his posture gave him away. He'd deliver his shit while looking kinda sidelong at the camera the way TV gossip queen Rona Barrett used to do. Sit slightly sideways so you're facing at an angle to the camera. But your EYES look back, straight to the camera, while your face is still aiming slightly sideways. So your body language conveys the REAL story - "hey, guys, guess what dirt I just found out sneaky-sneaky-winky-winky-rumor-rumor-gossip-gossip-scandal-scandal."

Drove me nuts. So Michael Isikoff actually decided to do his actual job for a change and investigate ACTUAL international skullduggery that a republi-CON nogoodnik is up to. Well, I'll be doggone...

Hell did indeed just freeze over.


SUPERB!!!!! So delighted to hear this! We slept in this morning and didn't turn on the news for awhile. We caught what I'm guessing is the last half of President Obama's remarks, and we saw the ringing of the bell.

Patti LaBelle is WUNNNNNNNNNNNNderful. And has been so for a long time!

Hot diggity-dog!


I'm always gobsmacked when I see some major news outlet echoing my own feelings (and the view of so many others, including those here). Sometimes I find myself thinking that we're just shouting into a thunderstorm and nobody can hear us. Write-ups like this tell me that sometimes WE can be - and have been - HEARD above that thunderstorm.

MOST gratifying.


That experiment should be played out in everybody's mind. OR if not, the media should be POINTING THAT OUT.

Let's play a game, folks! Imagine if it was Hillary doing and saying all these things, surrounding herself with aides and associates who were neck-deep in shady money dealings with foreign operatives, some of those operatives NOT our friends. What would you think if Hillary was up to this shit, these Ponzi schemes, these "business deals," with these sketchy people. What if she were dealing routinely with crooks and international manipulators and money-launderers? What if the Russians were into HER, financially, up to her neck?

Oh the roars of outrage! Oh, the calls for her her on a pike! Oh, the calls to start building a gallows with her name on it in the middle of the Washington Mall! But somehow nobody minds it when The Donald has done these things, and been in bed with some pretty funky folks.


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