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GREAT thread, Happyhippychick! Thank you for posting this!

I feel the same way. Staunch Hillary supporter here. I haven't posted much here in almost two months because of the acrimony here. And it hurt. Because I've loved this place since early 2001. It helped get me through the abysmal bush/cheney years. There are many people I respect and for whom I feel a lot of personal affection. And I miss them. And we're ALL on the same team, with the same goal - of keeping the White House in Democratic hands.

I've said many times, too, that I will happily vote for Bernie Sanders if he gets the nomination, but I like Hillary better, and have personally resonated with her since I first heard of her in 1992.

This thread is like balm for a wound, like big jugs of fresh clean water to the parched. It's hard to articulate how much I appreciate all the posts here - and the people here who wrote them. THIS is the DU I first fell in love with. And if there was still any doubt about who our real enemy is, yesterday's Benghazi inquisition made that clear. WE are not the enemy of each other. It's the CONs who are our real enemy. And JOB ONE is to keep them OUT of the White House.

Love you guys. And thank you!

Such a great post, Nance!

Out of bad comes SO MUCH good! And with the GOP, you know it was unintentional!

I would echo what Nance says here - if it were Bernie in the crosshairs, I'd be there yelling and screaming at them and posting all kinds of shit about how unsavory they are and idiotic they are and mean-spirited they are to persecute that poor man. That's how I felt about that committee (other than the Dems on there) when they were persecuting Hillary.

What I also liked, btw, was the language that various reporters have been using, either on camera or in print, to describe the hearing yesterday. Word choices like "inquisition" and "ordeal." GOOD. Good-good-good! Further to push the framing! Plant those seeds and let 'em take root! All the better for perception management.

Yes. Thank you!

Just another bedroom busybody. Typical CON.

That is all.

That was exquisite! BEST bite o' the night!

This ranks straight up there with "sick and tired of your damn emails!" BEST bite of the night. Bet both wind up in everybody's year-end reviews.

I would expect some more of this.

DUer Gloria described it as an "attempted gang rape."

Can't say I disagree.

More like Zippy the Pinhead.

Eleven hours.


DUer Gloria just called it an attempted gang rape.

I think that's a pretty good call, myself. They did everything to her but beat her up with baseball bats. And they didn't lay a finger on her. trey gowdy ended up looking physically worked over. She, on the other hand, remained cool, calm, and collected. And not a BIT sweaty.

A class act. I'm proud to be a supporter.

Thank you, Bernie folks, for your kind words. She certainly earned them today.
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