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Color me surprised... NOT!!!!!!!

breitbart et al wouldn't know truth if it flipped them over on their stomachs and gave them enemas.

A keeper! Kicking this!

As if anybody had any doubts...

Yeah, no kidding, liberalhistorian!

I'll bet there are all kinds of near-misses going on out there. That icy surface underfoot is NOT to be trifled with!!! My boys are not out touring at the moment. I'm relieved! They've unfortunately had quite a taste of some of that misery on the road in past years. They were touring through the Northeast with another band during Storm Nemo. SHEESH!!!! There've been shows they actually could not get to because their little Sprinter was no match for the rough weather. They haven't yet reached the level of touring in one of those big tour buses with the licensed professional drivers onboard. One local promoter asked what they were driving when I called ahead to ascertain what they might be facing. He advised us to skip it altogether. I'll never forget what he said - "they MIGHT be able to get here. MAYBE. But even if they do, they WON'T be able to get back out."

Man, BrotherIvan, you worded it so well - "the agonizing death of my mother that still haunts me".

You worded that SO well. I went through that with my mom, my dad, AND my mother-in-law. That sweet, sweet lady. Watched her mind go before her body followed. It was just so - well, YOU put it perfectly, BrotherIvan - AGONIZING. Broke my heart to see her fade away like that - she sure didn't deserve it. It broke my heart to see my mom and my dad - in extreme physical deterioration by the time each of them died. You KNEW they didn't want to be there anymore. You KNEW they yearned for release. You could see it in their faces - and, before each of them lapsed into a comatose state, in their eyes. And there was NOTHING we could do, except watch them suffer.

Much love and sympathy to you, brooklynite. I know from bitter experience that YOU didn't deserve this either - this kind of parting. It's just so miserable having to watch that play out, with someone who's that close to you and about whom you care that much. I hope the "Death with Dignity" option spreads. I don't want ANYBODY to go through what I had to go through - and I was the lucky one who just watched and attended, and reached the point where I didn't know what to pray for anymore. I could only imagine what it was like for each of them as they faded slowly away. I kept wishing there was a way to relieve their pain. My mother-in-law's mind was so far gone by then that I'm guessing she just had no external awareness anymore. It's more than anyone should have to bear. I loved these people. Their cases were hopeless. There was nothing more that could be done to improve or reverse their doomed condition. They were each beyond hope. The last thing I wanted for them was to have their suffering needlessly prolonged.

BTW - everybody: if jeb bush goes all the way, you can certainly kiss any such options goodbye that might be possible or gaining ground in your state. Remember how he meddled and forcibly intruded into the Terri Schaivo drama and dictated how her husband's misery was to have no release - and certainly no release for her, either. So much for that CONservative "get the government off yer back" BS.

He earned every word of it.

"...a small man in search of a balcony"! I told my husband that and he said "hmmmm - sounds like Mussolini." Then he started trying to fit that into rudy giuliani's name. So far the best he's done is is "Il Rudy" or "Mussuliani."

Welcome to DU, Exhibit A!

Glad you're here! Really remarkable photos, aren't they! Kinda supports the idea that one should take Mother Nature somewhat seriously. She's bigger than we are.

Welcome to DU, erstickendarauf!

Great to have you join in! That is a VERY good question! That's a WHALE of a good question! And it just means more intriguing thoughts to kick around.

Welcome to DU, SweetAlicya!

Good to have you with us! That's a very cool story! This whole thread is great! I'm thoroughly enjoying it - whether it's true or not. Gives you something intriguing to think about, and some of the posts here are solid gold-pressed latinum!!!

OMG!!! DUzy!!!

Or maybe he's the First Divine Dude?
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