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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 40,377

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Thank you, Joe!

Sincerely appreciate that.

I'm sorry, I almost spit my tea all over your post!

"Maybe we should work on inter-species marriage, because, Rafael, your wife married a jackass!"


Wow - thank you, Still In Wisconsin!

Sincerely! That's mighty gracious of you. Hope we can all come together and keep the CONS OUT of the White House!!! We're so much stronger shoulder-to-shoulder together than when we turn on each other.

He may not be spending money on his wardrobe but he's sure keeping it for himself.

Paying NO attention to fundraising for other Dems in down-ticket races. NONE. He's keeping it all for himself.

Cute, 'eh?

Love you, great white snark.

Thank you for all your TREMENDOUS contributions - throughout. I hope you can somehow stick around, in the physical world, but otherwise, I wish for safe and gentle passage, into eternal Love, Peace, and the Light. Your presence in the world has left it a wee bit better than you found it.


This. ^^^^^

522nd Rec ....

I certainly have been!

I've been a fan of hers since 1992.

Love your story, EileenFB! Thank you!


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