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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 35,587

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ROFL!!!!!!! DUzy!!!!

Oh man... that made me laugh rather loudly!

Gee, Mr. Hastings, ya THINK?????

Didn't listen when we tried to warn you. WOULDN'T listen when we tried to warn you. You like that stale, moldy, bug-infested warmed-over reagan crap that those in the real world rejected the first time it came around - but I'm sure you remember it differently.

Way to go, brownback! Stunk up the joint too bad even for some of your own. When you suck with KANSAS republi-CONS, you really and truly and UTTERLY suck.

It's amazing how many versions of this message are out there!

Must mean something, 'eh?

"What goes around, comes around" is another.

One I heard when I was first working was "you see the same people on the way up as you do on the way down." An admonition to be nice to EVERYBODY.

A really fascinating photo collection!

Thanks for posting it, oneshooter! Back in the day, indeed.

What's so fascinating is how these black & white photos are SO richly expressive.

So much moreso than color photos.

Hmmm... gee, is there a metaphor in there somewhere?

Yeah, no kidding.

Well, I woulda brought in a cream pie with his name on it. Bernie has more class than that,

of course! I thought he was most patient with his little prick student.

Indeed - which means they're attempting to become fluent in TWO languages, not just their

mother tongue. I'd wonder how many languages the asshole who started it knows how to speak, fluently.

Not at all! The hottest and sexiest men I know are sweet and gentle around little animals!

And what still galls me is chuck todd's introduction: "in his FIRST appearance on Meet the Press..."

UNBELIEVABLE!!! john fucking mccain and lindsey fucking graham and bill fucking kristol on damn near EVERY FUCKING WEEK, and last Sunday was Bernie Sanders' FIRST TIME EVER on "Meet the Press."

As I said the first time I posted about this - "WELL, THERE'S YER PROBLEM, RIGHT THERE!"

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