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There's always the old standby from the bush/cheney days.

How 'bout "Resident trump?" Because at least some of the time (assuming the Electoral College lemmings along and anoints him), he'll be residing in the White House.

That way, you can refer to his ill-gotten gain "title" in mixed company while still being true to your convictions, and the idiot contingent probably won't be paying that much attention, so they'll miss it.

Welcome to DU, ZoomBubba.

As much as I wish (and OH! How I wish!) you were wrong, you're not. Sometimes I have to fight really hard not to feel like giving up on this country for just such a reason as this.

One of the guys I was working with got into a shouting match with me in the middle of the newsroom

about it.

I was at NBC at the time. I said the loss of John Lennon was EPIC. Ranked up near or AT the top of the "loss of the century" category. This dude on the assignment desk vehemently disagreed. We were actually yelling at each other. And I have to admit - it affected how I regarded him, professionally, from then on. In the negative, that is.

I also felt the same toward the veteran newsman Edwin Newman, who had one of the daily one-minute featurettes that fed out to radio affiliates with the feature package that was made available several times a day. I remember sitting at my desk - and literally GAPING at the little closed-circuit monitor whose sound I had turned up, because I was listening for a couple of items I needed for my shift that day. Edwin Newman spent that day's 60-seconds complaining that too much had been made of John Lennon's murder, and questioned the reasoning for so much airtime given over on radio and TV to the death of the former Beatle. I'll NEVER forget it as long as I live. Somewhere in there, Newman opined that "granted, Lennon had SOME talent..."

"SOME talent?????" WHAT THE FUCKIN' FUCK???? "SOME talent?????????"

Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME?????? I remember just staring at the monitor, stunned, with my jaw falling toward the floor. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was literally in shock. And from Edwin Newman? Someone I'd watched covering the Kennedy assassination, the space program, all those political conventions at which he was one of the star floor reporters along with such legendary heavyweights as John Chancellor, Sander Vanocur, Cassie Mackin, and Frank McGee - and their anchors of eminence - Chet Huntley & David Brinkley? I idolized those people! Every last one of 'em. Wanted to grow up and be like them, and maybe even do that thing they were doing for the Nightly News every dinner hour! Edwin Newman was one of my idols - until that day. I never felt the same about him after that. All I could think of was "shame on you, Mr. Newman. SHAME on you!"

NO. We DO NOT Forget.

Welcome to DU, njcpa1978!

Don't forget that "Pizza-gate" idiot, taking his assault rifle into some pizza joint to "investigate" some stupid-ass completely made-up shit about Hillary and John Podesta somehow running some kiddie-sex-slave ring - out of a pizza parlor in Washington DC.

He saw it on the internet and fell for it hook, line, and sinker. And shit-for-brains like him get to vote... (which is even more nauseating)!

Dear God...


Don't forget that smug SOB Mark Halperin. He makes his distaste for Democrats and liberals visible as well as audible.

Don't forget Hillary-hater Andrea Mitchell, from whom NEVER is heard an encouraging word about Hillary. Not EVER.

Thanks for posting this. Terrific stuff!

I think she's spot-on. About ALL of it.

Welcome to DU, Rorey!

Glad people here were on it. I found out about it too late.

I can't either, Initech.

Anybody who lost the popular vote by MORE THAN 2.5 MILLION votes - can't possibly be my president.

Nope. Period.

Another great one, Nance!

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