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Member since: 2001
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Well, we're trying!

I've actually seen homes in some of the ritzier neighborhoods where the nice grassy lawn has been replaced by green astroturf. GOOD. Those are the folks who really need to step up - the ones who presume it doesn't really matter, or they're rich so they can pay the extra penalties. We need a whole new mindset out here - well, EVERYWHERE, really. I hope this is a sign that it's developing.


I'll break out the family's "Mom's Hot Rolls" recipe to add to the banquet!

This is good news! In an environment in which we don't get much good news anymore.

Yeah, me too.


And the children shall lead!

Hey, one of 'em might be President in another few decades! This is the ultimate training ground for those so inclined, seems to me!

Well, it's like they say in the addiction and recovery world.

"First, you have to admit you have a problem."

And it doesn't appear the NYTimes has any notion that they have a problem here. If they had, then another judith miller-esque episode would not happen. Could not happen. But the NYTimes didn't own up to it then, and they're not doing it now, either. I suspect that reporter, Michael J. Schmidt, or his editors (or both), had another agenda. They were already pre-disposed toward Hillary supposedly being "up to something." They had their conclusion already "written". And then they found something that looked like back-up, believed they finally had their long-wished-for "gotcha!" moment, and they ran with it.

Fair enough!

Double-standard perhaps?

It's absolutely a reasonable question.

No flame bait AT ALL. Totally fair. It's useful information to have - whether any candidate is living up to his or her rhetoric, or it's just another case of "do as I say, not as I do." It's a big issue at the moment anyway - across the board, raising the minimum wage. And any candidate who embraces that issue does indeed need to be able to answer about it for his or her own campaign.

One might be tempted to think, with all the attempts to cry foul here, that only Hillary should be confronted with serious questions like this, while Bernie Sanders should somehow get a free pass. Fair is fair. Since they're the two main choices for Democrats, I think they should both be asked the same questions about the same issues. Frankly, ALL the candidates stepping forward on our team should get the same questions. NOBODY is allowed to be dealt, OR play, some immunity card. Nobody's entitled to be an untouchable.

He is still on Truthout.org - so his writing and point of view can still be savored.

Maybe he felt he needed to step away. Many have. Several years he came out with this long piece listing the greatest hits of bush/cheney. It was an excellent reference piece. I actually printed it out and hung it up on my wall.

Awwww... I miss him!

A lot of great ones here. Got me through bush/cheney.

Thank you Skinner.

It must be nuts sometimes, keeping all of this straight. You may be the one who's really "herding cats"! It's been fun since 2001! At times this was about the only thing that kept me sane during bush/cheney.
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