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Me too!

Same here! I would LOVE to see her back on Monday through Friday. Any daypart except overnights. Prime time would be fabulous, and she'd only get better and gain clout. I suspect the reason she was tapped for the Chris Matthews panel following the Williams/Maddow debate coverage was that there's been substantial favorable viewer reaction to her.

Notice that more of her colleagues and some of those on CNN are now STOPPING the CON motormouths mid-sentence when they spew nonsense or deliberate lies. More of them now get checked, at least modestly, when they butt in on somebody else's time, than before she came back on and was a ballsy interviewer who didn't let anybody get away with anything.

Samantha Bee also correctly observed they're the same folks who traded their balls for ratings!

MAN did they ever!

They ran a whole weekend of Star Trek to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

DAYUM that was wonderful! Saved me having to tune around to avoid Guy Fieri...

(Won't tell! I still protect my sources!)

Uh-oh... now I've got that little ditty stuck in my ear...

"Shimmy-shimmy-shimmy-shimmy HRC!"

I hope you're right!

I had a long lunch meeting so I got home 15 minutes before it ended. Hadn't planned to watch it anyway, though. I know enough about them to know never to vote for them. I don't trust Libertarians. Too many times I've discovered that someone who tells me he/she is a Libertarian is actually still a republi-CON, just ashamed to admit it out loud.


I did notice, though, that along the right-hand column a headline that said they preferred

Arpaio's opponent during the AZ primary a month ago. He won that one but his opponent in the general is evidently seen as a bigger challenge.


Results (from 8/30/16):

An independent poll in Arizona has Democratic challenger Paul Penzone up 3 percentage points on Arpaio. When undecided voters were asked to choose one of the two, they overwhelmingly sided with Penzone.

“It appears that the ‘toughest sheriff’ in America, Joe Arpaio, is in the toughest race of his career,” said Nathan Sproul, managing director of Lincoln Strategy Group, in a message accompanying the July 22 poll results.

“The voters may be saying it’s finally time for a change. He still has plenty of time to right the ship, but needs to define Penzone quickly or it may be too late.”


OY that's an image I won't be able to get outta my mind for awhile...

But it is accurate.

Meh, that's just another lie.

He doesn't give a shit if she's happy or not. He'd rather she be unhappy.

Mary POOPins!

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