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STILL excellent!

Reminds me of this list of 100 #doublestandard items that asked - what if Hillary had done this shit?

I found it earlier this week on a Twitter feed of @Yashar and @johnstoehr . Like -

What if Hillary Clinton were anti-immigration but her immigrant husband was suspected of being in the US illegally?


What if Hillary Clinton mocked Americans with disability?


What if Hillary Clinton plagiarized?


What if Hillary Clinton had 5 kids with 3 husbands?

We once had dinner with some Chinese gents who sat back at the end of the meal my mom had cooked

and they burped! Out loud! Multiple times!

We soon learned that this is considered VERY good etiquette, particularly toward the host or chef or whoever prepared the meal. It's a compliment. It's a very loud and surprising way to tell your host how great you thought the food was! They were pretty good burpers, too, as I recall!

Only one itty bitty complaint. The print is blurry!

Otherwise, it's just utter perfection!!! I totally love John Fuglesang! If it were up to me, I'd give him a 2-hour show on MSNBC, Friday nights after Rachel or whoever ends the lineup before they "go to prison," and tell him to do whatever he wants. Comedy, music, studio audience, BUT it would have to be topical. I think he'd be FABULOUS! He's brilliant, tremendously quick-witted, and he photographs well, too. And they could rerun that at a couple of different times during the weekend. It would also cultivate him in the talent pool as a higher-profile personality.

Call it the "Friday Fugelshow" or some such.

Oh YEAH!!!

LOVE this! It's part of our heritage. I just noticed as I typed that - the proper spelling is indeed - HERitage!

Isn't that just lovely.

You defend your "right" to the 2nd Amendment by vowing to shoot people.

In some world, somewhere, I suppose that makes sense. Certainly not in this one, though.

Well, I suppose, on every beautiful face, a zit may appear.

Doesn't change the fact that it's still a beautiful face.

GOOD one!

EXEMPLARY! Keep it up!

Thanks, my friend!

It comes from a Blue Nation Review essay I saw earlier this month. Definitely bears repeating. I've kept it on an open tab for a couple of weeks now, ever since I first read it.


On edit - even though it's in my earlier post, it STILL bears repeating. It's probably my favorite of the now-increasing items I've seen basically excoriating the mass media for its anti-Hillary bias - or as I'd rather describe it, its outright PERSECUTION of Hillary.

What simply MUST be asked, and pointedly so, is

WHO THE HELL finds somebody like him fit to VOTE for???

WHO THE HELL stands with this asshole and elevates him into high office in their state?

I'm sorry. Truly I am. But it has to be asked. This has to be pinned directly onto the voters. WHO THE HELL votes for pieces-of-shit like this? WHY ON EARTH do they see a jerk like this guy as being fit to hold the governor's office in their state? HOW ON EARTH do they reach a conclusion like that?

It has to be asked. It has to be taken straight to the source.

In the case of his ex-wife, I would HOPE time heals.

Undoubtedly, even if her physical scars heal, the emotional ones probably won't, ever. As with most abuse victims, I'd guess.
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