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I am, too! MAN, I don't know how I would withstand the criticism and the constant fault-finding and

avalanches of shit that have been thrown at him since he got to the White House. No - I take that back, it started when he was running for President the first time. How few people have cut him any slack. Hell, Dems wholesale ran away from him in 2010 and again in 2014. Maybe we should take a lesson from Al Gore - who's idiot campaign people advised him to run away from Bill Clinton. They were scared of The Monica. They should have farted at it and moved ahead - telling America about the great shape the country was being left in after the Clinton administration. SCREW the impeachment - which was a kangaroo court affair if ever there was one. THAT'S ALL THE BAD GUYS HAD. A stained blue dress. They investigated BOTH Bill and Hillary FOR YEARS, threw everything they had at them both, and came up with nothing. NOTHING. But The Monica. And the polls and everything else told the truth. He left with high ratings and his popularity has only grown. Al Gore was stupid to distance himself from that.

STAND UP AND BE DAMN PROUD OF WHAT WAS ACCOMPLISHED, DAMMIT! Don't run sniveling and weaseling away because you feel the need to play into the game the enemy has shaped and hopes you'll fall into it. Like that idiot Alex Sink did in Florida. All that crap she bought into about how "Obamacare" was "BAAAAAD" but... but... but... we'll fix it... And of course she got her ass handed to her on Election Night. Nobody votes for wishy-washy!!!! I don't know why she didn't grow some guts and stick her chin out and say "I'm DAMN PROUD of the Affordable Care Act. And HERE'S WHY!" And then go down the list of everything that's true and NOT hostile Pox Noise-spewed lies, distortions and oppositional propaganda. DON'T. BUY. INTO. THAT!!!!!! DO NOT REINFORCE IT!!!!!! Don't even use the wording they use on the other side.


What I've observed, also, is that voters like someone who stands for something. I remember when dubya was running for election in 2004. One of the key statements he repeated was - "you may not agree with me, but you know where I stand." That really was "the phrase that pays" that year. Even people who really did indeed disagree with him gave him points for the "but you know where I stand." People read honesty into that. People read certitude into that. It came across as standing for something. Strong. Certain. Assured. With conviction. Not spineless. Not wishy-washy. And America generally speaking, tends to admire those qualities. His policies may suck but at least he's STRONG in his beliefs! I wish people cared more about the "his policies" part than about the "he's STRONG in his beliefs" part.

If I could coin a Democratic Commandment I'd say - "Thou Shalt NOT buy into, or reinforce, ANY meme or framing that the enemy puts out there."

DAMN I get so pissed at my party sometimes. They're SO stupid!!!!! Who the hell is developing strategy for them? Bozo the Clown?

Now THAT is an excellent framing. EXCELLENT meme. Let's start spreading it.

They're not just out-of-control cops. They're RAGEoholics!!! Sure seems to fit, doesn't it!

GOOD one, Arugula Latte! Calling it that certainly connects the dots. Puts it in the proper light.

Very important story. VERY crucial realizations to start coming to terms with.

And there will of course be shitloads of denial about this. But I see it as being true. I wrote a column about it once, called "The Meaning of America" - as in, not what America "means" but how MEAN America has become. Just fucking MEAN. Mean-spirited. I put all the blame on the so-called "right" with their cold-heartedness, their IGMFU-"Sucks to be You" attitude toward everybody who doesn't qualify for country club membership, that is. The racists, the sexists, the jingoists, and worst of the lot - the religious extremists. They're the ones who plaster God onto the surface of all this, as if that'll somehow give it cover and wash away its sins.

Man, THERE's a poster boy for ill-gotten gain.

WHY is this man rich and famous? He's got about as much charisma as a pile of laundry.

I love how so many cartoonists are capturing the Brillo pad on top of rand paul's head!

The whiff of sulfur.

One of these days he'll finally return to the Hell from whence he first came.

And on that day I will raise a glass and toast. And then DANCE!!!!!!!!! Maybe during the inevitable coverage of his passing, that would the time to throw a big party, 'eh?

That's a good one, Fred Sanders!

"Debate, not vilify."

Otherwise known as human ostriches.

Me too! And three! And four - hundred million!

It's about time we had a politician at the highest levels saying these things. And articulating these attitudes. And reinforcing these themes. In public and out loud and on the record. It's long past time.


This is getting RIDICULOUS!!!! It's not going to stop until the CONS and religious extremists mandate chastity belts for all of us women. And burkas, too, probably. You think I'm kidding?????

We've gotta do something about this, my friends. Otherwise they're steadily and systematically going to take ALL our sovereignty away, as women. The most basic right - to own YOUR OWN BODY. And determine what happens to YOUR OWN BODY.

The GOP. The Body-Snatcher Party.

GUYS - we HAVE to fight this - loud, hard, nasty, relentless. What we're doing now is NOT working. We can sit here all day posting about how awful this is, but what are we going to DO about it????????????

HINT: One suggestion - DO NOT, under ANY circumstances, sit out the next election. Or the next. Or the one after that, OR the one after THAT! Do NOT pass up ANY opportunity to vote. They're counting on us sitting home and pouting or being lazy or figuring it won't do any good. They're COUNTING on it. And all we'll be doing is stepping away and giving them a free run - to run the table.

Think I'm kidding?
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