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Meh, fuck 'em.

NOTHING's gonna ruin my mood tonight. Particularly the pouters calling in to CSPAN.

Yep. Gotta give it to her. This was VERY well done.

And if you compare it to last week, it was a world-class TRIUMPH. A total GRAND SLAM! She left us with a happy ending, for sure!

Re: the balloons

"Look at that pile of balloons! I can't believe there aren't people under there!" - Rachel Maddow

Well, it figures! They're against choice, so why wouldn't this be true, too?

Shit - I was all ready to get mad!

You got me!


I'm SO proud!


Look out, CONS. We're coming for you!!!!!



I'm just now catching my breath, and she finished speaking several minutes ago!!!!!!!


I am SOOOOOO with HER!!!!

Michael Grimm.

What a resume he has!


I just watched it all, took notes, blogged about it, and boiled inside. It was hard to watch.

I couldn't believe Helen Thomas was treated that way. I remember meeting her at one regional conference where she was the keynote speaker. I was so intimidated I could hardly shake her hand - that was ME shaking like a leaf! I knew people in the White House Press Corps in DC. NONE of them spoke up. It was really discouraging and tremendously disappointing.

I'm certainly no ultimate arbiter of all things news. But if I had been running a news department at that time, and had been shut out of the White House, or had my credentials yanked, or one of my people had been moved out of his/her seat because of something we printed or aired, seems to me THAT would have been the lead story.

Me too, skylucy!

I've watched a whole bunch of 'em in my life. Both sides. This one is by far the best I can ever remember seeing! And not only that, but it's an astounding contrast to last week's CONvention. Just astounding!

Just the viewing alone - the DNC's convention looks like a rainbow of humanity! The RNC's version looked like a frickin' Klan rally.
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