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Perhaps so.

I once produced a report called "Guns in L.A." in one of my radio jobs. One of the people I interviewed was this guy who ran a shooting range out in the San Fernando Valley. He showed me his gun and declared "what this is - is an 'attitude adjustment device.'" As in - owning it could and would control and change another person's attitude.

Being in control. Very likely IT, exactly. And I'm guessing that maybe if one is a paranoiac or conspiracy nut, the perception that one is up against some big megalithic enemy thing that has at its desposal all the biggest and baddest guns and ammo devised by the human mind, having even some of it yourself might give you a sense of taking back some of that control. I guess. I'm just not wired that way, so I'm just guessing, and I'm certainly no certified psychologist or anything. But it seems like a reasonable explanation to me. I do feel that, these days, we're being held hostage in this country by small bands of paranoiacs and other assorted loose cannons - unfortunately WITH loose cannons. I don't feel one bit safe in the knowledge that people around me might be carrying. It doesn't make me feel one bit safe, or safer! Just one hot-head with a bone to pick or some crazy imagined score to settle is all it would take. It does NOT make me feel safe - AT ALL. It makes me feel like I'm living in the frickin' OK Corral.

Maybe they just assume they'll get away with it?

After all, they've got their guns. Or they'll go out in some stupid-ass idiotic "blaze of glory" or something and become some kind of bizarro folk hero?

Beats me. I don't get it. Doesn't make sense. But what these folks like and regard as somehow "patriotic" doesn't make sense to me either. Same thing with their love of guns. Makes no sense to me. Guess I'm just not wired that way.


Death panels, anyone? They DO exist. Populated by republi-CON governors and their enablers.

Frankly I think Democrats are missing the boat here (AGAIN). I don't know why they don't just baldly hijack the term "death panels" and use it to describe EVERY statehouse and/or legislature in the country that's dominated by the GOP. As broadly and repeatedly as possible. EVERY one of 'em. Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Maine, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, etc… etc… etc… EVERY ONE OF THEM. Because that's exactly what they ARE. The willful, deliberate, mean-spirited, selfish, short-sighted, cheapskate, spiteful, heartless, ideology-driven determination of republi-CONS in power at the state level to deny people in need the HELP they need - for partisan, purely ideological purposes. They are killing people. These assholes are responsible for the absolute literal death of their poor constituents. Because these assholes don't believe in government or they don't believe in government as a force for contributing to or furthering or benefiting the greater good. Anarchists ALL. And they should be called out on, and called, that very thing. Specifically. Labeled it. Have it laminated onto them. Hung around their miserable non-compassionate necks like signs with big fat scarlet letters on them. These so-called "leaders" are hurting and causing the untimely, premature death - indeed, wrongful death, of the people they purportedly govern, solely for the sake of their precious stupid, miserly, utterly un-Christian ideology and ayn radian worldview. THEY ARE the "death panels"!

And they need to be widely and repeatedly and relentlessly framed as such.

…and the whores you both rode in on.

Welcome to DU, 12kbush!

Glad you're here. And you make a good point. The fact that Barack Obama is black - and also duly-elected President of the United States - just rips the veneer off. We have a clear track record since the Clinton days of ANY Democrat getting it in the shorts by the Sore Losermen on the other side who believe, deep down, in all that unfettered free market crap and a rather twisted notion of what true patriotism is - and that THEIR side has the exclusive rights to it. I call it the "World's Biggest Entitlement Program" - which is the GOP/CONservative wing in politics believing it has the exclusive rights to rule. They believe THEY are the ones "entitled" to rule, "entitled" to own and occupy the White House, "entitled" to control all of the government they hate, "entitled" to tell the rest of us what to do and how to live and what to believe, even while professing they're all about freedom-freedom.

Because freedom!

Freedom to pollute.
Freedom to price-gouge.
Freedom to cheat.
Freedom to steal.
Freedom to game the system.
Freedom to tilt the playing field.
Freedom to hate.
Freedom to intrude into people's privacy (just ask any woman in a gynecologist's office).
Freedom to dictate.
Freedom to impose your will upon others, regardless.
Freedom to impose your god (God?) on others, regardless.
Freedom to arm to the teeth with total disregard for safety or reason.
Freedom to distort and lie and slander and libel and otherwise misrepresent on the air and in campaign ads.
Freedom to flout whatever law you damn well feel like flouting.
Freedom to stand yer ground.
Freedom to mooch off the taxpayer with your cattle wherever the hell you feel like it, laws be damned.
Freedom to act like a douchbag.
Freedom to be selfish.
Freedom to be greedy.
Freedom to discriminate.
Freedom to trample and/or screw over your neighbor as YOU define whatever weird-ass threat there might allegedly be.
Freedom to go for the gold no matter who else gets hurt or cheated or robbed as a result.
Freedom to curtail other people's freedoms based on any fool thing you decide, say, or perceive.
Freedom to be stupid and willfully ignorant.
Freedom to deny facts.
Freedom to construct and inhabit another reality that reflects your own distorted world-view.

I could go on...

But also, remember, one of the slogans proudly adopted by Bill Clinton and the Clinton campaign was

that he was "the first black President." Because of his record of efforts on behalf of the African American community.

Maybe not leopards or lions, but hyenas yes.

In this day and age, they're called republi-CONS. LOL (- sort of.)

Cool experiment, though.


Does that make me a wolf-ette? A wolf-erine? Whatever the case, it damn sure makes me somebody who wants to overturn Citizens United!!!

It wouldn't surprise me if they did more than that.

I have a suspicious mind when it comes to the GOP. They'll stop at nothing. They did their best to keep on stealing elections after bush v Gore, especially since that one actually worked. It wouldn't surprise me at all if we found out later on that the glitches in the rollout of the ACA last fall were bugs deliberately hacked into the system by GOP nogoodniks. Just remember - they VERY BADLY, VERY ARDENTLY, wanted this to fail. And they were determined to help that along, at whatever the cost, whatever it took. Why would they not try to sneak a few kinks into the programming? I'm sure they have a team of hackers busily trying to fuck with it even now.

I don't put ANYTHING past this bunch. They'll stop at nothing. Certainly no ethics or morals or truth-telling or conscience-bothering will get in the way. I think we have ample evidence of that.

#37 @ LA. Yep. The ratings are down at the bottom of the list.

They changed formats on what used to be KTLK with Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, David Cruz, and folks like Bill Press in the overnights. For awhile they even had Mike Malloy on there - which was VERY exhilarating! But no - it had to be messed with, and vile turds like limbaugh, that-guy-whose-name-rhymes-with-Vanity, and other gas giants were slotted in and the whole branding of the station was changed to - - "The Patriot."

The station is STILL at the bottom of the list. As a matter of fact, in the latest ratings, the March Neilsens, they dropped another tenth of a point. I believe it was from .6 to .5 so they don't have much left to lose. Lots of blapping and flapping about how corralling all these wrong-wing hate-mongers together would finally up the ratings. Yeah, so much for THAT! Working like a charm! (NOT!!!) The top station on the list here in L.A. was a Top-40-type FM station with a 5.1 and even that was down several tenths. The limbaugh station is securely in the basement. Crappy signal to start with and now crappy programming to go with it. That's the only consolation - he used to be on a clear channel AM station - NOT the name of the megacorporation in this case but in signal strength. Nobody else on that frequency for hundreds and hundreds of miles. You could hear it at the very least from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border and at night - just about anywhere in the West. Now limbaugh and fiends are on a station you can't even hear in parts of Los Angeles.
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