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Even aside from this horrid disgusting mess, it's still beyond me why this family has been

held up as some sort of wunnnnnnnnderful all-American role model family - when the dad suffers from can't-keep-his-pants-zipped syndrome maybe with challenged-manhood issues, or overcompensating for something - in which he's either so damned self-involved or insecure that he feels the need to sire whole townsfull of kids, and mom is nothing but a human hatchery.

What kind of example is that? Is that single-family overpopulation problem something we're supposed to admire? Or emulate? What am I not getting here.

But this, on top of that - with that unapologetic repeat molester CRIMINAL (sorry, but that's what he is. A CRIMINAL) - and letting them get away with it and pass themselves off as this "saintly" "Godly" "wholesome" "family" - makes me wanna !!!!


I love The Alan Parsons Project! "Eye In The Sky" too. Used to play that one frequently on my radio show in college.

Let's call it what it is: CRIMINAL.

Oh it still is, cui bono! Didn't you get the memo? Corporations ARE people!

So that "of, by, and for THE PEOPLE" remains intact!

I hope she continues not backing down.

From everything I've heard and seen and read about, regarding this case, all six of those beasts indeed DID everything they're accused of doing.

Welcome to DU, 1HappyDemocrat!

Glad you're here. I wish I could help more significantly, but what I can do is keep this thread kicked so more people will see it.

Well, it depends on how you pronounce it. Now, if you say "infro-MED" I'm there!

Welcome to DU, CharlotteVale!

Glad you're here! Aren't they, though! Amazing how many that mama can carry on her back. Sometimes I feel like that with the band...

When a picture nails a thousand idiots...

Welcome to DU, Canoe52!

Glad you're here! We seem to see this "syndrome" exemplified again and again. Turn yer nose up at people in need, and call them names, reducing them to little more than "takers" and "lazy moochers." Until fate deals you a bad hand and then you become one, yourself.

The old sayings about knowing another completely when you've walked a mile in their shoes... those old sayings still apply. Remember the voices in the red states afflicted by severe weather including killer tornadoes and Hurricane Katrina? Remember how there were voices speaking up, begrudgingly admitting that - "uh, well, gee, I guess sometimes we actually DO need the federal government after all. I guess maybe it isn't such a bad thing..."

They won't learn - heck, they will ACTIVELY REFUSE to learn - until they're dragged kicking and screaming and scratching into the light. Wonder how miserable it was trying to teach these folks stuff in school?
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