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Sometimes it matters what they DO with the money.

Do they turn around and help people with it? Help people in various kinds of great need? Well, I'd daresay that money would not otherwise have gone toward helping people in need. But then I'm as Machiavellian as the next guy.

I LOVE the Rude Pundit!

Yet again! "Stop being such a cockknob..." OMG! That alone!

MAN the gems that spring from The Rude Keyboard! The other one I like, and have taken out for a walk multiple times by now, is "well fuck us all with a surprise stick."

"NASCAR tracks ask fans not to fly CONfederate flag" - MSNBC banner today, 7/2/15

Remarkable!!!!!!! I'm really rather tickled to see this!!! Surprised as hell, and equally as impressed!

GOOD for them!!!

So noted! Anybody speak up to refute that, within that tribe?

That kind of silence when there should very urgently be some sort of comment condemning the reprehensible statements and/or behavior. Somebody in that clown car actually does need to speak up.

The last time that really blew a trombone into my ear for me on this order was during one of the 2012 GOP debates. The format included having questions posed to the candidates by "regular-Joe" types. Live or Skyped or whatever. One of 'em was a soldier IN IRAQ. Live from center stage outside the Green Zone. In Ground Zero of a hot war. And he identified himself not only by his name and rank but also said he was gay. And he asked about changing policy as it affected gays. And guess what happened? As soon as he began to articulate the question, some people in the audience booed. They BOOED. You could hear it clearly. It was a disgusting, disgraceful, embarrassing, shameful, reprehensible moment. In public live on television in prime time. And then somebody onstage fumbled an answer that was entirely forgettable because A) you knew it was gonna be a bullshit answer and B) you were still damn near transfixed by having witnessed a bunch of selfish shits back home BOOING a soldier ON the battlefield, IN harm's way, IN an active, shooting war, LIVE from the field. How fucking DARE they.

But that wasn't the worst of it. "Shame On Them, The Sequel" coming right up.

The WORST and most galling and most repulsive thing about it was that not one of the candidates up there on that stage stopped and said - "hey, with all due respect to everyone here, I just have to say 'WAIT A MINUTE!' Since when do we boo our troops in the field who are out there with their butts on the line, in the line of fire, no matter WHAT subject they want to bring up??? I'm sorry, but SOMEBODY up here has to say something about that! You DO NOT BOO our troops who are out there risking their lives for our way of life back here at home. You do NOT blaspheme that level of sacrifice. Under ANY circumstances. We're always saying we support our troops. So why don't we prove it?"

NOBODY said that - or even anything remotely close to that. As a matter of fact, nobody said ANYTHING. Nobody stepped up. Nobody said Word-One about the detestable and utterly unconscionable booing of one of our troops. If our side did that, they'd be putting it on in the morning, trimming it with blinking neon lights and honking horns, and wearing it around all day, every day, for months. But not in this case. The debate moved on. To other matters of great consequence.

And to this very day, I have yet to hear, find, or read any concession of fault or apology, no admission of guilt, no expression of remorse, no appeal for forgiveness. Nobody brings it up. No former candidates. No members of that audience - either that night in "post-game show" coverage or since. No columnists or TV panelists or anybody. Or if they have, it's been so minimal or consistently low-profile for so long that I haven't seen anything. If one were to ask any of them at this late date, I'd expect they'd mostly claim they don't remember.

I'm wondering if this qualifies, from Catholic school anyway, as a sin of omission. You didn't speak up when you should have. NOBODY spoke up then - or since. Frankly, that fact alone tells me all I need to know about that side of the aisle. All I need to know. And none of it good.

Either that, or jeb winds up with the nomination and Trump's caused so much damage with

Latino voters that jeb will never be able to stanch the bleeding, even if he chooses his Latina wife as his running mate.

But it's far more important that Trump trashes the brand.

BECAUSE he's running (shit - I can't believe I'm even saying that. It's like - a clown gets into the Oval Office - . Oh wait.), the very fact, exquisite as it is, that he's running with the professional political pack rather than just sitting on the sidelines with the cameras and glitz and bombastic, carnival-barker showmanship! The very fact! Is just freakin' GOBSMACKING. FLABBERGASTING. CHIN-ON-THE-FLOOR. Barnum, Bailey, & Bullshit! Okay, I've seen a few presidential campaigns in my 62 years. This - DAYUM - sorry for the shouting but sometimes it makes me explode! I'm just marveling at it all with mouth agape. Just agape.

I hope he SHITS the brand.

Keep it up, Donald!

Good guys with guns? Or bad guys with guns?

Hard to tell anymore.

That's what I said about the Fort Hood shooting, too.

Shit - and then I looked in Wikipedia and - WHICH Fort Hood shooting? CRIMINY. There were TWO. in 2009 and 2014.

How much more of this? Seriously. HOW MUCH MORE???

Don't forget this part!

Further - from the original article:

The brewery still has some leftover beer from the collaboration with Rebar, however. So 5 Rabbit Cerveceria has renamed its summer golden ale "Chinga Tu Pelo," which translates to "Fuck Your Hair" in English, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Chinga Tu Pelo!!! OMG!!!!

Totally. Wonder if that kind of thing could be reversed?

Could that be removed from your "ledger", as it were?

Then maybe the best thing to do is just come here - to threads (and groups) like this.

The Lounge is good, too. Takes yer mind off things, and sometimes there's a lot of fun random stuff in there.

Try not to get in a pissing war. Sometimes I've found that whenever I dare voice my opinion on the whole gun issue. There erupts such a pile-on from the 2nd Amendment crowd here that it's just not worth it. No explanation or defense on my part seems to hold water with them and the almighty fucking 2nd Amendment. So I just don't even bother engaging on it anymore. Fuck it. Let 'em get the last word and think they won. They didn't. And nothing any of 'em said to try to change my mind and show me how wrong and unfair and unreasonable and ignorant and (the name-calling and insults continue of course) I am - worked. NONE of it.

Just don't engage. I happen to like the low blood pressure I seem to have been born with. And I intend to keep it that way. AND continue opposing guns and the 2nd Amendment. AND voting for Hillary - in the CA primary AND in the general.
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