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Member since: 2001
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Welcome to DU, Edina!

Absolutely! = Division = Destruction = Absolutely!

If ANYONE isn't convinced of that, just look at the results we ALL are already seeing with our own eyes, and hearing with our own ears, from "Presidents" Bannon and trump. Fucking Steve Bannon wants to deconstruct the entire administrative construct. Great. Doesn't that sound wonderful. Hello anarchy!

Oh dear...

Awwww... that's our Pope!

Sometimes he just flat-out amazes me. Hits another one out of the ballpark. He's fascinating and impressive, and inspires such hope. Makes me feel proud to be a Catholic, how-ever screwed-up I am.

It's the White House Correspondents Association, of which all the Washington DC-based press people

are members. I remember when the AP's Mark Smith was president. During bush/cheney. I used to work with him - well, long-distance anyway, my being based in L.A. But it was kinda cool - "hey! How 'bout that? Someone I know!" And there he is, sitting up there on the dais in a prime seat next to the president, and emcee'ing the whole show!

Its prevailing nickname is "the Nerd Prom."

And maybe he can have Scott Baio or the Duck Dynasty guy emcee.

With Ted Nugent providing the musical entertainment.

I'm LOVING this! What a burn! All the cool kids will be hanging out with Samantha Bee!

And he probably doesn't even realize it.

Remember, this government stuff is not like anything he's been used to, over his entire very long life.

I've tried to explain to various friends how you DON'T run the government like a business. It sounds great - THE solution of solutions. Simple, too! But MAN are we ever talking two separate and very different planets - on opposite ends of the galaxy from each other! It just doesn't work. It's not supposed to. Government isn't set up to work like the business world is. But that's all Agent Orange knows, and has ever known. And he's made sure to surround himself with other people from the business world, who ALSO have no experience whatsoever in the public sector.

It's easy to be king when you own your own private little fiefdom, and you can just wave your hand and decree what's what, and who's hired and promoted or fired. Hell, he's got that TV show background to reinforce it all, for fun and profit and heavy on the ego. Unfortunately for him, government is about as far from that construct as it's possible to get. It's just not the same thing.

And I doubt there's a man or woman alive today who's able to teach this old dog a new trick. Especially when he's going to refuse to listen, because - well, why should he? Those old ways and behaviors that he's used to, have worked so well for him in business and allowed him to get away with so much, and dominate so unilaterally throughout his life. So I'm sure he figures this presidentin' stuff now is just more of the same. NONE of that works in a government construct.

And if he's ever gonna learn that, I suspect he's gonna have to learn it the hard way.

Here's all you EVER have to know about republi-CONS:

They DON'T want to help you.


They DON'T want to help you.


They DON'T want to help you.

They don't want to have to help you. They don't want to be (or feel) obligated to help you. They don't want to be told they have to help you. And they certainly don't want to be compelled to help you.

This is the IGMFU party. Don't ever forget it. IGMFU stands for "I Got Mine, F-U."

This is the "You're on yer own" party. "You're on yer own. Personal responsibility dontchaknow. Small government. Get the government off yer back. You're on yer own. Boot yerself up by yer own bootstraps (yeah! Like WE GOPers all did!). Don't be a lazy moocher! Do it yourself! You're on yer own, pal. But don't forget to vote for me again next time, okay?"

They DON'T want to help you.

Those six words give you everything you ever need to know about the GOP. Everything about the GOP can be summed up by those six little words. That's all you EVER need to know about ANYTHING GOP and ALL THINGS GOP.

They DON'T want to help you.

Welcome to DU, Merrigay!

I was noticing the post above yours, by Trust Buster, referencing "Chump" as the current illegitimate squatter in OUR White House. The last time we had a CON in there (to some of us an equally illegitimate squatter in OUR White House), he was referred to as "Chimp."

Chimp and then Chump. The GOP just keeps on reachin' for the top, don't they.

At this rate, the next time one of theirs takes a round in OUR White House, what's it gonna be? A republi-CON foodie (or maybe one who grinds his teeth)? Then we'd have Chimp, Chump, and Chomp!

Yes indeedy! Sure looks like obstruction of justice to me.

This makes Watergate look like a kiddie party.

LOVE this!!!

I took a screen shot of it and am using it for my Oscar night Facebook party. This one is bound to be a real rip-snorter! And besides, I sit and watch and "gong the gowns." GREAT fun!
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