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Hometown: MI
Home country: USA, for now
Member since: 2001
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So was Slappy Thomas

Both of these criminals should have been impeached while Pelosi was speaker. But Manny's point above about how the Dems keep the Repukes alive to cover their own rightward march is spot on.

Every time a right-winger commits another atrocity, we hear how it's going to backfire

it never does. This is just wishful thinking, BK.

Edit: Rec anyway, it's well-written

But we're all racists who never liked him

He's also evolved on state-sanctioned torture, cuts to SS and Medicare, endless wars and "defense" spending, Single payer Healthcare, environmental protections, support for organized labor, and some other issues. bvar22 has an entire playlist of his campaign BS. It should be posted every time one of the apologists wants to know why dem voters don't show up. Can you even imagine a Repuke president abandoning his voters like our supposed Dem president has?

Did you expect anything else from a "moderate Republican"?

The stages of denial among the Kool-Aid drinkers

1. Are you going to believe Fox "News"?
2. Are you going to believe the NY Times?
3. This is just an initial trial balloon - it has no chance of passing anyway
4. Politically astute - by swerving to the far right, the president is painting the Repukes into a corner. You just don't understand chess
5. It's the best we can do with this Congress
6. Fine, vote (R) next time

I am very happy for this person, and those who will survive, but...

I am really tired of having to choose between having the poor starve and reining in the oligarchs. Seriously, this is a terrible deal over the long haul, but we were forced into it by the ruling class just to keep people like the author alive. This is an absolutely awful way to run a country.

Let me put this very succinctly:

This was not a matter of the (R)'s and (D)'s battling each other before we hit the "cliff". It was a matter of the governing class pushing us working stiffs to the cliff. I expect such treachery from the Repukes; it is their nature. However, I expect the Dems, especially the leader of the party, to fight against the (R)'s, tooth and nail. They don't any more. They offer us a non-fatal alternative, but do nothing to get us out of the death spiral.

I am happy that those who are on the brink got some relief, but this deal is a bad one for the nation as a whole. Period.

DU Rec for "saving" the desperate, at least temporarily.

Pass the KoolAid please

1. The Republicans are losing.

Really? The president has offered to cut SS benefits, twice. Is that winning?

2. The Republicans war amongst themselves is careening out of control and is starting to leak into the press.

So is the Dems'. See Sanders and Harkin and the progressive caucus

4. Obama is partway through a chess match that I have not been able to figure out.

Yah, he's so smart that no one can figure it out. Edit: Don't be sad. Krugman can't figure it out either

5. Obama seems to be following out a well-planned strategy the results of which continue to push the Republicans farther and farther out on a limb just as they are busily sawing away at the limb they are sitting on.

A well-thought-out strategy that has changed three times in two weeks, thanks to begging from Dems in Congress and outrage among the voters.

6. Obama is winning...I just don't know what he is winning.

I think everyone agrees on this

7. The DU is swarming with very-thinly veiled hate towards the president.

I guess, if hating that a DEM president if offering completely uneccessary SS benefit cut = hate toward the president. Then yes.

8. Those right wing moles only come out in force like this on DU when they are trying like hell to undermine the President.

I am determined to undermine his attempt to cut benefits. Thankfully, so are a handful of real Dems in the Congress. I plead guilty, though if I am a right winger, then you as a "centrist" are probably a fascist. and why is it that when the president got trounced in 2010, we were, "the left" that didn't show up, but now we're right wing moles?

I do find the dance you're doing amusing though. "It's just in the newspaper - you can't believe it"..."He just said it to get the Repukes to react"..."He's offsetting the benefit cuts for the neediest"..."He never actually said that - Carney did"...

It sometimes makes me dizzy, but it's funny up until then.

About the same % of Americans support universal HC

which is why good governance is also good politics, except in a completely broken system like ours.

I thought we were done with Chris Christie threads until the primaries

The president disagrees with you

"But David, as you know, one of the proposals we made was something called Chain CPI, which sounds real technical but basically makes an adjustment in terms of how inflation is calculated on Social Security. Highly unpopular among Democrats. Not something supported by AARP. But in pursuit of strengthening Social Security for the long-term I'm willing to make those decisions."

- President Obama

So Obama says that Dems and seniors are not OK with benefit cuts, but he is willing to stand up to us and make them anyway.

Is English your 2nd or 3rd language or something?

To which the president responded, "No, david, I don't.

Seniors who depend on Social Security are American men & women who have worked hard for 4 decades to make this a better country, and now are collecting what we as a nation owe to them. They're plenty tough enough already. The ones I need to talk tough to are the billionaires who got rich, in large measure, off of the labor of SS recipients, and to people like yourself who amke a lot of money shilling for those same billionaires. And that tough talk is coming very soon, as soon as this current deal is finalized. Consider this a head's up".

Oh, well. A guy can dream
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